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The Baptism of Fire and The Shekinah Glory
by Kenneth O'Reilly
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Book: The Shekinah Glory AND

A study in Fasting and the Baptism of Fire.

Chapter 7.


What is the Elijah Ministry? Just as the appearance and
ministry of John the Baptist was the last work of God
prior to the appearing of Jesus the first time nearly 2,000
years ago, so is the appearance of the Elijah Group the last
work of God before the second appearance of Jesus in the
relatively near future.

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 17 we have recorded
for us the following:

"And His disciples asked Jesus: 'Why then say the
scribes that Elijah must first come?' And Jesus answered
them: 'Elijah must first come, and Restore ALL things'."

Notice the future element in Jesus' reply. Jesus then
went on to say:

"Elijah is come already, and they knew him not . . .
Then the disciples understood that He spoke unto them of John
the Baptist."

Now please note very carefully: John the Baptist was
dead when Jesus made the above statements, and it is vital
that you understand this method that Jesus uses to reveal a
hidden truth: Matthew 14.

Why didn't the scribes recognise John to be the Elijah
who was to come? Because they were looking for a Literal
Elijah to appear. In a similar manner to the scribes of
Jesus' day, almost the entire church today is totally unaware
that Elijah is to appear before the Lord Jesus returns. And
when Elijah does appear, the majority of the church will not
recognise him. Why? Because the Elijah who is to appear
before the Terrible Day of the Lord shall be a Group chosen
out of the existing church, who will, like John:

"Have the Spirit and Power of Elijah."

Note very carefully that before Jesus said that 'Elijah
is come already', He said, 'Elijah SHALL come and Restore all
things', after John was dead! In the second part of His
sentence, Jesus did not attach the phrase 'And Restore All

Things'. This phrase is applied to the Elijah who SHALL
come, and it is this Elijah who shall Restore all things.
In Luke 1:17 we have recorded the work that John was to

"He shall go before the Lord in the Spirit and Power of
Elijah . . to make ready a people for the Lord."

John did not Restore all things because that was not his
task. His task we have in the above text: 'to make ready a
people for the Lord'. It is the task of the Future Elijah to
Restore all things before the coming of the Lord.
You will no doubt remember in Luke 4:16-21 that Jesus
did not read all of Isaiah 61:1,2. Remembering that there are
no commas in the original Hebrew or Greek, He finished His
reading halfway through the sentence, which in English, stops
at a comma. Jesus did not read ' . . . (to proclaim) the day
of Vengeance of our God'. He had come to proclaim 'The
acceptable year of the Lord', and not the day of Vengeance.
Now note Malachi 4:5:

(I will send Elijah before the coming of the great and
terrible day of the Lord."

The Elijah who was to come before the appearing of Jesus
nearly two thousand years ago, is shown to us in Malachi 3:1.
The messenger of this verse is not the Elijah of chapter 4:5,
but you can read that they both have a similar work to do.
The members of the 'Elijah Group' will be invested with the
Spirit and Power of Elijah, and like him will have Power over
the natural elements. Those who go to make up the Elijah
Group in its initial stages, before the last member is chosen
will be liable to die a natural death. But, the final, finished
state of those who go to make up this Elijah Group, just
before Jesus returns, will be that they will not die a natural
death, and like Elijah will be taken to heaven by being

Do not be surprised when I tell you that this strange
work of God in these last days is well on its way towards the
goal God has set for it. Exactly what the Total and Full
Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire grants to its recipients
is not entirely known, but more is being revealed as time
goes by. The Lord makes His willing ones aware of features
contained in the Baptism of Fire which they had previously
been unaware of.


The Jews of old times had the great privilege of seeing

the Glory of the Lord. This Glory was seen on Mt. Sinai
Ex. 16:10. 24:16,17. The Glory was later seen in the
Tabernacle: Num. 14:10. 16:19,42. It was also seen in the
temple of Solomon in such great intensity that the priests
could not worship. It was also seen by all the congregation.
This 'Glory Cloud' has been seen over the last few decades,
by many members of Christian congregations, whether in
churches or private homes. These Christians know that it is
a Last-day, Last-period-of-time application to them of
Jesus' promise that:

"Where two or three of you are gathered in my name,
there I am in the midst of you."

As far as I am aware, this Glory Cloud of God has never
been witnessed in the congregations of God since Old
Testament times. Its re-appearance was given as a revelation
to the Evangelist, Franklin Hall while he was Fasting and
Praying for more of the Lord. He was using the biblical
recommendation of looking up to heaven with his eyes wide
open, while praying, when he first saw the Glory Cloud.
Since then, many thousands of other Christians have seen the
same revelation while praying to God with their eyes directed
upwards. From this Glory Cloud, God sends down many types
of blessings upon members of the congregation, one of which
is Fire - Spiritual Fire,Healing Fire, Protecting Fire. That
is, the Lord
imparts to members of the congregation, the Baptism of Fire
in relation to their Faith. If you have but little Faith you
probably will receive just a touch of Fire, but if your Faith
has been brought to a high degree, you will receive a virtual
swamping of the Fire over you, over your body.

The Lord is able to anoint a truth to a person the very
first time they hear or read it, so that they receive
immediately - as was the case with myself with reference to
the Baptism of Fire. I knew it was biblical, so I had no
problem in receiving it. A very strong evidence that what
you are told is true is, does the acceptance of it witness to
Jesus, does it primarily bring praise to Him.

I do not think it strange that the Lord should grant to

people today what He had granted to His people long ago.
I could see that the Glory Cloud of Fire and the Shekinah
Glory were entirely scriptural, and I have never set a limit
on the way the Lord will Manifest Himself to His people. If
a Christian has the certain knowledge given by the Spirit
within that he is a child of God, and has dedicated his life
to God, and is living a life of holiness, really seeking
after Jesus - you can be sure that God will not allow you to
be deceived - He will not hand you over to satan. The
scripture says:

"IF it were possible, the very Elect would be deceived."

If you are a member of God's Elect, the Spirit will
guide you into All truth. Now the Spirit can guide only if
He is leading. When Jesus chose His first followers, he had
never met them before, and yet on their first meeting he said
to them 'Come, follow me.' Jesus' command to them had been
anointed to the Apostles so that they knew within their
spirits they were listening to truth. We are like them in
that at times we are not sure what we are faced with, but
with the right heart attitude the Spirit will lead to Jesus.
One way for the doubtful to get confirmation that a new
truth is from God if the Spirit does not give immediate
confirmation, is to go on a three-day Fast to the Lord.


In Isaiah 4:5 a prophecy is made regarding the
congregations of God:

"The Lord will create upon every dwelling place in Mount
Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and
the shining of a flaming fire by night, for upon all the
Glory shall be for a defence."

This text, like so many others, cannot be applied to a
person until it is understood and believed. This text means
exactly what it says, and it is being experienced today in
the lives of thousands of the children of God in all parts of
the world. It is a tremendous thought to consider that in
the tens of thousands of congregations spread around the
world (not to mention dwelling places), they are totally
unaware that the Glory Cloud of God can be resident above
the middle of the people. And not only that, but that it can
be seen by them if they only could get the proper teaching so
as to raise their Faith to accept what God has already
provided. The benefits to the people as a whole and
individually, are way beyond the wildest dreams of most of
present-day Christians.

These benefits, remarkable though they may sound, can be
appropriated by the willing Christian right now. Please do
not be put off by the strangeness of some of these gifts the
Lord Jesus wishes you to have. Let me tell you that if you
enter into some of these gifts, you will not be able to get
hold of pen and paper quick enough to let me know what I
already know - that they are true. Listen to the following

"My Jesus is an uttermost Saviour. I have been just strugg-
ling with the
inner, heartfelt salvation. Now I began learning something
new. As I came into this entirely scripturally-operated
service, I was simply amazed at hearing so many wonderful
testimonies. At first it seemed so strange that the people
got warm and even hot on their bodies. Those receiving stated
that they got freed from
pains, sicknesses, fears, and all negative things. As the
atmosphere became more charged with Faith, the atmosphere
was changed into a sweet-smelling fragrance. I have seen in
the bible about Jesus being a sweet-smelling Person, so I
believed it. Then suddenly I began smelling Jesus as the
Rose of Sharon. I could breathe more easily and smell Jesus
as such lovely perfume as I never before smelled. Folk began
smelling Jesus as food, as flavours and spices. I was
exhausted before attending these Holy Ghost Baptismal
services. I had but little energy. I could hardly climb
steps. I was in pain around my shoulders and back. I had no
appetite. I was about sick all over. I could only do my job
with a drag and in pain. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, the
more I attended the more I received. All pain has left my
body. All tiredness has gone. I have untold new energy. I
do not drag around now. I get more work done in half the
time. All fear has gone. The love for humanity is deeper.
Shorter prayers to the Lord are heeded. I can run up stairs.
All stiffness has left me. I have greater joy and victory.
I have more patience and boldness. I am so much happier in
Jesus. It is so wonderful."

Signed: Sister Betty North, Pittsburgh.

Please notice the mixture of both spiritual and physical
benefits this Christian received due to first believing, and
then having her Faith built up. And what did it end with?
More praise to our Saviour, Jesus.

The foundation for the reception of these and other
spiritual gifts from Jesus is nothing less than what is the
foundation for the reception of the gift of Salvation -
Faith. Notice this very important point, her Faith had been
raised by what was going on in the service - the mode of
service had not Hindered the Spirit from working - but
encouraged it. The mode of service was one in which the
Climate of Faith was brought to the fore. It is an
unfortunate fact that the Climate of Faith in the hearts of
many Christians, and in many Assemblies is one of dis-belief.
Don't give satan a chance to rob you "Of the childrens'
bread". The following witness is from a former Hell's Angels
member, Dorene Fernandez:

"I was a member for four years, and was taking acid and
narcotics. I was going lower and lower. God helped me to
meet the right people who led me to Jesus Christ. I went to
a meeting where the Halls were helping to get people clothed
with the power of the Holy Ghost by
Impartation to those hungry to receive. I felt the warm
feeling of miracle fire come upon me, and it certainly
brought protection. The fire burned away my asthma, Praise
the Lord. later I wrote a prayer request about a baby I took
care of. His left side had not developed properly, and in
the letter I got from Sister Hall, she told me to hold it
above the child and shout Hallelujah. He is now normal like
any baby his age. This is one of the greatest miracles I
have ever witnessed. After fasting for three days, the
smoking habit left me. My body feels new, and all on the
inside I feel new. Now I am free from all addiction habits,
and I am ready to help someone else get free from bondage."

You remember that it is said in scripture that Jesus
came to destroy the works of the devil. The picture that you
can see of humanity and of nature in the world was all
created by the work of the devil. When Jesus was on earth,
tell me: Did he intend that the work He was doing with
reference to the soul of man was to be only temporary? Did
he intend that the work He was doing with reference to the
body was to be only temporary? Is anybody going to tell me
that these two works of Jesus were intended by Him to last
only about three and a half years, and when he left they were
to be discontinued! Never. The works that Jesus did were
to shows us what were the works of satan. And what were the
things that Jesus did? He forgave sin. He healed the sick.
He raised the dead. He opened blind eyes. Is this not the
reason why Jesus came? And what about today? Haven't we
been commanded to do the same? Haven't we been commanded to:

"Proclaim liberty to the captives and open the prison to
those who are bound." Isi. 61:1.


I have often read of the Lord's people who have received
the gift of speaking in Tongues state that there does not
seem to be many, in proportion to those who have received the
gift, who have manifested the Power shown by Christians in
Acts. Since coming into the experience of the Baptism of the
Holy Spirit their lives have been greatly enriched in many

areas, but still, there is something missing. I am firmly
convinced that there are many who are not in the least aware
that there is in fact something missing. I believe the
solution to the problem, in very large measure, is revealed
in the statement:

"You have received only one half of the Double Portion."

Let us compare two texts:

"God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with
Power." Acts 10:38.
"Jesus shall baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with
Fire." Matt. 3:11.

Notice in these texts that the Baptism with the Holy
Spirit is apparently made up of two elements: 'The Holy
Spirit and Power' in the first, and, 'The Holy Spirit and
Fire' in the second. Let us now compare two other texts:

"And there appeared unto them tongues of Fire, and it
sat UPON each of them." Acts 2:3.
"And they were all FILLED with the Holy Spirit and began
to speak in tongues." Acts 2:4.

All the other incidents in Acts where the gift of
Tongues is manifested, is a result following on after
Christians had been Filled with the Spirit. It cannot be
denied that the Baptism as related in Acts 2 is beyond doubt
of two parts: a portion for the 'inside' and a portion for
the 'outside'. Let us now bring to mind the prophet Elijah.


In Kings 2 we have recorded the incident of the transfer
of Elijah's mantle to the prophet Elisha. It is clear from
what is written that if the disciple has not got the mantle
of the master, the disciple cannot do what the mantle
bestows; the disciple cannot do what the master did.
Elisha, along with 'the sons of the prophets', was filled
with the Holy Spirit, but neither he nor the others could
perform the miracles the master did. In 2 Kings 2:8, we

"And Elijah took his mantle and smote the waters, and
they divided, and they went over on dry land."

Just before Elisha received the mantle from Elijah:

"He took the mantle that fell from Elijah, and smote the
waters, and they parted to one side and to the other."
2 Kings 2:13,14.

Now it hardly needs to be mentioned that a mantle covers
the body - it is for the 'outer' man. And it was by the use
of this element that Elisha was able to compete with his
master. When Elijah knew he was to be taken up to heaven, he
asked Elisha:

"What shall I do for you before I am taken away from
you?" And what did Elisha ask for? "I pray thee . . let a
double portion of thy spirit be upon me." 2 Kings 2:9,10.

There was a condition laid on the prophet Elisha before
he could receive the mantle:

"If you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be

unto you. But if not, it shall not be so."

On the face of it, it seems a strange condition for the
reception of something spiritual. But note this: the
central point made by Elijah for the reception of the mantle
was Seeing. Elijah went Up, not down, and therefore Elisha
had to look Up with his eyes open, so as to get the mantle.
As Fire and Power were necessary for the work Elijah was
given to do, so is Fire and Power necessary for the work the
'Elijah Group' has been given; and they get these two things
from the Mantle that comes upon them when they become
Baptised in Fire, and thereby become Clothed with Power. The
work that this Group has been given to do is 'To Restore All
Things in The Church' prior to the return of Jesus.
As to what measure we shall reach before Jesus returns is
a matter of continuous revelations. But, without knowing the
whole revelation right now, we can say that those who are
awake to the present-day possibilities of this growth:

"Unto a Perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of
the Fullness of Christ"

they are the ones whom God will use to perform the
Restoration work of the Elijah ministry.
One of the signifying marks of the members of this
Elijah Group is: they are looking up - literally. And what
are they looking up for? They are looking up: to receive the
Mantle of the Master, Jesus. And what is the Mantle? It is
the Clothing of Fire-Power which will make the disciple of
the Master capable of doing the things the Master did.

All the thermonuclear power in the world today is as
nothing compared to the Power that the children of God can,
and do, possess through the Total Enduement with Power. And
some of them are going to demonstrate it in these last days
through the work given to the Elijah Group.



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