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The Devil knows
by Kenneth O'Reilly
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A study in Fasting and the Baptism of Fire.

Chapter 13.


This is the only chapter in this book which contains

During the last quarter of the 18th century I had by
certain means entered the camp of satan, and had been
fortunate in recording a conversation I over-heard between
Tapeworm one of the senior devils, and his young and
inexperienced Nephew, Piles, who used to call on his Uncle
for advice and information. I record here what I heard, for
the specific purpose of instructing those of the christian
Faith to come to a knowledge of what they are up against:

Piles: Hello Uncle. I've come to see you because I've
been hearing some whispers lately, and you might know what's
going on.
Tapeworm: Hello Piles. It's nice to see you again.
Whispers, you say. Yes, well, actually I have heard from
lower authority that, that spirit which the christians call
holy, is being sent on a new commission to the church of that
Nazarite called Jesus.
P: And what might that be, Uncle?
T: Well, it seems that according to rumours emanating
from lower regions, and calculations we have made from these
christians' bible, that this Jesus might possibly return to
earth to collect his Elect during the fiftieth generation
from the time we had him killed. It seems there might be
some meaning to Pentecost we have overlooked.
P: You know, Uncle, I have always thought it was a great
error on our part, that killing. I don't know if we will
ever get over its consequences. And how about us being
paraded before the whole universe! Gives me the shakes!
T: How were we to know that, that Father of his was
going to twist the natural results of death, in his son's
case, into something it had never been before. Death has
always been a victory for us, but he stole our achievement,
and twisted it to his own advantage.
P: It seems as though our control of minds is now
confined to the lower regions of earth.
T: Yes, Nephew, and let's try to retain control there.
Once any of these christians gets any idea of what we're
doing, we've got a battle on our hands.
P: If I may get back to why I visited you, Uncle . . .
T: Yes. It seems this spirit is being sent to the church
to re-introduce practices which we have been so successful in
keeping from them for generations - except , of course, for
those individuals and small groups who, by the discovery of
the dual weapon 'prayer and fasting' were able to slip
through the smoke-screen we had set up. If ever the majority
of them get through to this weapon . . . well.
P: I've heard some of the old-timers talk about that . .
what was that word you used a while back . . pente something
or other. Anyway, what's the purpose of this
re-introduction, Uncle?
T: Now, really, you don't seem to know your bible too
well, do you! It seems you have been long enough in the
company of these christians for some of their worse traits to
have rubbed off on you. We estimate from a study of this
bible of theirs that the last generation of the church will,
at the very least, be as powerful and as perfect as the
first. And for this to happen, the last generation of this
church must have the equipment the first church had.
P: Of what exactly does this equipment consist, Uncle?
T: Of nothing less than the full and complete baptism
in the holy spirit and fire, and also prayer and fasting.
P: Wow! Now we'll really be up against something. I've
heard stories from the old-timers about what it was like at
the beginning - those old-timers with the permanent shakes.
This news isn't going to help them stop trembling. How long
d'you reckon we've got left, Uncle?
T: According to our best code-breakers and bible
analysts, it seems we have about three generations at the
most. As you know, we have given generations of study, to
the weaknesses, both inherent and acquired, of these humans,
especially these christians. We have applied our findings,
and by their use have gathered millions into the kingdom of
our father, satan. We have been most successful in keeping
the enemy weak by the use of delusions.
P: Shall we be using any of the old favourites as well?
T: Yes, indeed, and a new one. As it is certain we will
not be able to stop this spirit called holy from starting
his work, we have decided to use a new refinement of an old
P: And what's that?
T: Well, in a phrase it might be called 'The
magnification of the parts', that is, we will separate the
whole of what a christian Should receive, into its parts, and
magnify each, in the mind, into the whole.
P: Now that's neat, Uncle, very neat indeed. What's the
plan of action?
T: We know that this spirit will re-introduce fasting
along with prayer, which we have been very successful up to
now in hiding from most of these christians. The intended
result is to be the reception of the total and complete
baptism which grants the clothing of power which, according
to their leader, they are supposed to have. We must avoid as
many as possible gaining this weapon against us, and this is
where our new weapon comes into play - we will create in
their minds an expectation of receiving the whole, when
receiving just a part of the whole.
P: And how will we achieve that, Uncle?
T: Well, we will continue to make use of all their
deficiencies, their lack of correct information for instance.
We will make use of the human deficiency in drawing false
conclusions as a direct result of this lack of knowledge. We
will use false teaching. And also, coupled with this, we
will make use of their 'Sense of the Wonderful'.
P: I see your point. The experience of the whole will
be so great that even just a part of it will also be great,
and be taken for the whole. Let them for example have a
tongues experience.
T: Yes, emphasize the part they receive into it being
such a great and wonderful experience that they will never
consider the possibility that there is any more to receive.
P: But what about fasting? If that's kept up, it
wouldn't be long before they'd break through our deception.
T: We'll get it to fall into dis-use by using the old
trick of getting respected authority give out false
information about it, such as it's not intended for
christians today, and that sort of rubbish. Or the old one
of getting them to give out true information with a wrong
slant - this always goes down well. Believe me, we'll have a
ball. We'll pump into some respected person's brain the idea
that the gift of tongues is really 'inspired preaching', just
to give an example.
P: How about having it put out that the gift of working
miracles really means the marvels attained in the
technological field.
T: You're learning, Nephew, you're learning. There are
certain features in the reaction of certain people when they
are filled with the spirit that will automatically work in
our favour: enthusiasm, over-excitement, or people acting as
though they were drunk or otherwise off-balance. We will get
people to mis-interpret these reactions saying that such
'disorder' can't be the work of the spirit. You can take it
from me, we'll even have some of them saying it's the work of
our father, satan. I can tell you we're in for some laughs.
P: I'm looking forward to that, Uncle. By the way, in
that bible of theirs there are some strange ways their god
manifested himself to the Jews of old. Will this be repeated
in the time coming up? You know, there was fire, smoke and
vapour, etc, and then there's this cloud thing where this god
of theirs is supposed to reside over the congregations.
T: Yes, we have always used to our advantage any new
thing or new knowledge that was revealed to them. Like: when
it's new, true and strange, we'll use the old logical trick
of using two true premisses to draw a false conclusion, such
as: it's strange, it's new, therefore it must be false.
P: It always surprises me that the value of a truth
these humans see or read, is dependent more on what's going
on in their minds, than the truth in what they hear.
T: How true. And we have always used this trait of
theirs the other way round as well: the value of something
false they see or read, is also dependent of what's going on
in their heads. We have learnt that in the case of these
christians, for truth to be accepted as truth, it is
dependent on the operation of this spirit in their lives; so
we try to keep them in a state where this spirit is Not
operative in their lives at all.
P: How do we do that, Uncle?
T: There are many ways I cannot enter into now, but as
an example we try to get them absorbed in some seemingly
biblical-related subject to waste their time, money and
energy on - like, for instance, the British-Israel theory.
This, and others I could mention act as a positive break on
the working of that spirit in their lives.
P: I see your point, yes. Get them taken up with
interesting subjects which, though they believe they are a
part of Their spiritual world, are, in fact, a part of ours.
T: Yes, Nephew, that's right. You really are a very
devious devil.
P: That's very decent of you to say so, Uncle. Oh, by
the way, I've also heard some whispers about this prophet of
the old Jews, this Elijah fellow. There's been talk among
the oldies that he's to appear again just before this
Nazarite comes to earth again - just as he did, or was
supposed to come, just before this Jesus came the first time.
T: Well, actually, we didn't think it had got out. This
old prophet Elisha - no, no, Elijah, his coming the second
time is bound to be twisted just as it was the first time.
P: How do you mean, twisted?
T: The true meaning of Malachi turned out to be that the
prophesied Elijah who was to come before Jesus came the first
time, was none other than this John the Baptist. He was the
Elijah because as one of their writers says: 'He went forth
in the spirit and power of Elijah'.
P: That's cunning, I must say. We're certainly up
against a very enigmatic adversary. Well, anyway Uncle, you
find out later and chopped his head off.
T: We found out too late. Anyway, we have calculated
that this Elijah must come a second time because that
Nazarite said he would, and he said it in a very clever way,
so as to hide it. And further, he said this Before he said
that Elijah had already appeared in the figure of this
Baptist, and after this Baptist was dead. And more, he
said that this last Elijah was to perform some special work
that the first Elijah, that is the Baptist, did not perform -
he did not 'restore all things'.
P: I remember now. He's mentioned in one chapter as a
messenger who is to appear before this Jesus appears, and,
in another chapter, is to be the Elijah who is to come
before this Nazarite comes. How do you think he'll appear
the second time, Uncle, and when?
T: You ask a lot of questions, don't you! Well, it'll
almost certainly be twisted again, you can be sure of that.
But we think we're onto them this time. We are as near as
certain as we can be, by a study of their book called
Revelation, and other books, that this last Elijah will be a
group, and not a single person.
P: A group! Is this where the as yet, unrevealed or new
or total features of their baptism comes into the picture,
like I've heard about?
T: You seem to be very well informed, I must say,
Nephew. As far as we can gather, this total Baptism has
features to it that have never been completely revealed to
that church of his, this Jesus. These features will begin to
be revealed to them in about a generation or so from now.
P: Have you discovered what these new features are,
Uncle? And does that Translation thing come in here?
T: It seems that the overall purpose of the commission
to this spirit they call holy, is to prepare this church for
that very thing you mentioned - Translation. And this is
where this chap Elijah comes into the picture. It will be
the job of this Elijah to Restore the church to its former
glory, just before this Nazarite comes again. We expect this
to start in say, one, or maybe two, generations before the
actual event.
P: We'll need to be able to recognize this Elijah so we
can get his head chopped off, like before. How will we be
able to do that, Uncle?
T: You seem to have missed the point I made before. We
will not be able to chop his head off because, as I pointed
out, it'll be a group of christians. To answer your last
question, we have closely examined the Elijah of their old
writings - what he was like, and what he did, and by
examining this Baptist. Also, by noticing a connection
between what these two possessed and did on the one hand, and
the features that are included in this total baptism they are
supposed to receive, on the other. We have noted a
particular element in this baptism which up to now these
christians have not stressed, or paid much attention to. And
it is also connected with the old Elijah.
P: And what's that, Uncle?
T: Fire, my boy, Fire. And by the way, there's this
mantle he had which seems to hold some hidden meaning we
can't quite put our finger on.
P: I see your point. It's a matter of keeping our eyes
open until we see some of those christians exhibiting all of
these features after getting that total baptism thing, which
includes fire and a mantle. Oh! Wait a tick. Won't we be
able to recognize them by the mantles they put on - some sort
of covering or other?
T: Do you know what, Nephew, I think you've hit on
something. I think I'm going to recommend you for our
biblical analysis department - you have become quite
perspicacious under my tuition.
P: That's diabolically decent of you, Uncle. That
covering thing, you mean? That mantle, do you think it's
really important?
T: Yes, of course, I see it now. This fire element will
be different to ours, or natural fire. It'll be fire from
their heaven, from this Jesus of theirs. None of our people
have been able to call down that sort of fire from this
heaven of theirs. And, Yes! I see it now. He'll put this
fire on them as a mantle.
P: Why should this Nazarite do that? What good is it,
T: Don't you see, Nephew! This fire I'm talking about
isn't earthly fire, it's the fire that this Jesus acquired
again, on that body he had when he went back up there again.
And we know for certain that one of the elements that this
fire has is that it, with other things, protects him - it's
impossible for us to get at him - don't you see?
P: Well, no, not quite.
T: If these christians get the same covering that this
Nazarite has, we won't be able to get at them either. I see
now the meaning of that enigmatic phrase I've read somewhere
or other: 'clothing of power'. And also, there are texts in
their writings that they can be covered with light, or glory,
or some other thing; and that natural fire will not burn
them, and they will not drown, and many other wierd texts
about the body. And another thing, that old Elijah could do
some fantastic things with fire, and fire could do some
fantastic things with him, like taking him up to that heaven
of theirs.
P: Are you saying, then, that we won't be able to get at
them at all? This is very diabolical. Wait a tick, Uncle.
Did you just say that the old Elijah was taken up to heaven!
Don't you think that this will also be a feature of these
christians who get that fire thing on them?
T: As far as I can gather, we are not certain which one
of two things it will turn out to be. We do not know if this
Elijah who is to come will eventually form himself into the
whole church that will be translated, or whether he will be
translated along with the other 'non Elijah group' members of
the church, to which he has 'Restored all things'.
P: When d'you think this holy spirit of theirs will
begin to make his move?
T: We estimate he'll start during the first decade of
the next century. We reckon there can't be more than three
generations left at the most, and it will take about one
generation to finish the first part of his work, and from one
to two to finish the rest.
P: Do you think many of those christians up there have
got an inkling of what's going on, or what's about to happen,
T: I shouldn't think very many going on past experience,
my boy. But there's one thing I can tell you for certain: if
they could hear our conversation, they'd be a lot wiser.
P: Have you heard anything about this 'times of the
gentiles' thing I've come across, Uncle?
T: Well, yes. There's a number of events that must fall
together before we can say when 'the times of the gentiles'
end. We expect the main events to fall together during the
second generation of the next century - say, about 1967 most
probably - yes, the two main events will almost certainly
fall together then.
P: Well, Uncle, I've got to go now. And by the way: how
d'you get so much information about these matters?
T: By studying the bible, my boy: by studying the bible.

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