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Fools Gold
by Maina Kabukuru
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"Fools Gold"

Our world is the essence of contradictions and fallacies. The search for gold, value or purpose for each of us in every sphere of our life is a lifetime call. We work, we dream, we worry, we do what we must do in order to find fulfillment.

The caricature that is politics world over is pegged on promises of the promise land as it were. Realism is not part of it, it is the allure of mysticism that drives like it did the classical Greek legend Sisyphus.

Sisyphus is the grand example of the futility that sometimes is life. We take on that giant stone and roll it up to the hill top then allow it to hurtle down the foothills and then repeat the endless cycle.

The church today as it were has become part of the endless cycle of search for value and purpose. It all starts, with 'blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven' and ends with; 'silver and gold I have enough and I no longer need the true mystical power that is based on faith alone.'

It is sad that throughout the centuries, the church has had to do with 'unreal, esoteric and fictitious beliefs than with practical intellectual beliefs.

Knowledge and especially intellectualism per se has over the years been anathema to the church and religion as a whole. The sad part is that while religious literature are filled with exhortation towards developing intellectual appreciation. Unfortunately, it is the hard realities of every religion that those propagating or peddling it relegate intellectualism in preference to double talk referred to as 'faith' or what is sometime known as belief or dogma.

Of course, most dogmas in whatever religion are part of the inferred truths that are presumed to have been elicited by context and repetition in the sacred texts.

Crowds are moved by what is referred to as mob psychology: That unthinking, emotional and base mode of psyche and of perturbing involuntary negative action. It is after everyone has gone back to his or her house that the reality of the actions, thoughts or decisions made by the individuals in the group settles down.

Critical thinking, unfortunately though encouraged in the sacred scripts, sadly, it is abhorred and looked down upon and often sacrificed at the altar of opportunism. Anyone asking questions in the church is looked at as a rebel and thought to be heretical. Despite the fact that The Teacher of Righteousness Himself as a young man was often seated at the feet of the religious elite and posing questions, posting radical beliefs in a way, no one before him had done.

For some reason or the other, this picture of intellectual discourse is rarely painted within Christendom? It is the picture of a na´ve, anti-intellectual and a religious zealot that is painted and that seems to carry the day.

The pictures of the Nazarene as a simple carpenter carry on the day too, while those of a suave and passionate intellectual are mercilessly desecrated at the altar of pseudo intellectuals who hide behind mysticism.

Our pulpits are awash with jargons on thematic rhetoric's that serve as knowledge. All the while the truth of the matter is that, the jargon adduced as secret wisdom and propagated is self serving hypnotic mantra.

The Living Scripts clearly states, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Yet those who read these same scripts presume that they are talking about the secret cultic knowledge that is limited to those that believe only. It is this cocoonish self enslaving thought system that entangle one and deny them the freedom expressed by the Nazarene when he said, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free."
The Nazarene backed this up when he said, "You shall not say, that the kingdom is there or here, for it is in you."

He probably knew very well the thinking of the time. No wonder when the teacher of the law, asked; 'who is my neighbour, he was given the parable of the 'Good Samaritan.' A practical down to earth realism that defied esoteric or mystical based knowledge.

The lawyer wanting to test the Nazarene; asked about paying taxes, and trusting or hoping to have the Teacher of Righteousness entangled in endless debates and 'false angel worship' as they are termed by Paul the great epistle writer. He simply said, 'give back the coin to the owner whose image is impressed on it.'

The grand directive from the sacred scripts, 'Test all things' goes ignored all the time. This is because, we have been conditioned not to ask or test what is presumed to be sacred. We are slaves to ignorance and others who would wish to have us drawing water and hewing wood for them as it were.
The words, "The Lord has said, it is written, God says and many others of the same yarn' are often out of context religious cliches that have over the years been refined and used by hypnotist to ignite suicidal tendencies and conformcism of the worst kind.

The former and the latter mentioned jargons are Pavlovian bell in disguise for conditioning. When mentioned, individuals engage in actions without even thinking twice.

It is easy to accuse the religious leaders, of these enslaving tactics, while the truth is that the same applies in politics and marketing: we are tempted and enslaved by our own selfish desires.
Sometime very soon we will be in full gear campaigning for our candidates. The question is who influences your decision? Words such as, 'it is our time to eat,' 'our people,' 'our interests,' 'them and us.' Terms that exclude others and include those we perceive to be part of our in-group will make us make decisions that we will regret not a long time to come.

Beware what you are looking for, may be you are part of the retinue that has to fight your worst demons. Medusa is part of what you must conquer but for you to face her, you must have a mirror in order not to be turned to stone. Medusa's hairs, is to all practical purposes serpents; these hypnotic serpents whoever looks at them is turned to stone and lost forever.

Sometime what we hear is not what is being said, and sometime what we see is not what is there. Our finiteness within time and space sort of denies us other realities that can only be properly seen or understood inside them.
We are hell bent to vote out those that we perceive as enemies. The question is, are you sure that what you think you know is the truth? Truth is like a coin; it has two faces, yours and mine.

Essentially, no one has the monopoly of knowledge, we are all portions of the ultimate whole. That evening after you have cast your ballot, you will go back to your house like everyone else and we will still remain as neighbours. (Interactive: maichk@yahoo.co.uk)

Kabukuru Maina,
Box 5251 - 00506
Nairobi, Kenya

copyright 2007 Kabukuru f.m.

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