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Sacred Lies
by Maina Kabukuru
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"Sacred Lies"

"You can cheat all the people sometimes, but you can't cheat them all the time" (Bob Marley.)

Bob Marley is practically the prophet of the rastafaris movement. He is among the senior most rastafari leader who through his popular odes couched up in danceable lyric continues to influence the world many years after his death. It is just a question of time before his works are codified as it were and read out in religious meetings.

The singing and chanting of his songs is a medium that continues to propagate his beliefs and teachings. Using the Judeo-Christian verses and giving the liberation theology mode twist; he practically adapts them to his lifestyle.

With the religious scripts having esoteric texts, it goes without saying that most of the interpretation of them depends with individuals or rather the vested interests of the interpreters. The history of religion in whatever form is part of misuse and abuse of the texts by the pretenders. Unfortunately it is the minority who have a bigger influence and a controlling one in religion and everywhere else.

The political world is well known for double speak. The politicians have answers to all the questions posed to them. Lies are not known as lies in the political world, they are known as propaganda.

Propaganda in the political arena is the art of bending the truth to suit the situation and serve the purposes and goals of the interested parties as it were and to pass lies as truth. Just attend a political rally and then later try and check the same on the TV or listen to the radio.

The editor for instance is driven by the pitch for sales, while the contributor is controlled by the power of his or her byline. While the consumer, is concerned by what his gullibility.

The unfortunate reality is that, the politicians and sometimes the religious propagandist plus the media personnel are not totally to blame in the passing of lies. The tragic reality is that the populace or rather the faithful are the ones who feed the rumour mills, they are the ones who are dazed by the brilliance of the puppeteers.

The heart of the propagandist and the rumour-monger is driven by the desire to control and wield power. After all, information is power? Thoughts and emotions are controlled by words or picture words.

Donít be too quick to necessarily judge the information peddlers. This is because the very information you are reading is part and parcel of practical and theoretical constructs that govern humanity and without them we would not be where we are as a society. That sometimes the medium or the genre used in passing the information is tainted does not totally disqualify the dispersion of the information.

Without information there would be no development as we know it today. The same way the Living Script says that 'Faith comes by hearing' unfortunately, the scrolls of darkness perpetrate the doctrine that 'doubt also comes by hearing and not hearing or listening clearly also.'

A classic example is about the dearth of socialism and communism in particular is the fact that not one gun or bullet as it were was used to bring it down. Though it cannot be discounted, because the issue of SALT or Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties played a significant role that for now is not part of our concern. Propaganda was the main and major tool used to dismantle communism and end the Cold War between the Capitalist Economies of the Western World and the Communist Economies of the East.

Today while the Capitalist Economies rule the world and Transnational Corporations govern and determine the future of the world economies; the truth is that most of the Western governments have embraced Marxist principles of governance. The Social Security programmes are essentially modeled after Marxian economic constructs.

I hope you are not fuzzed by the above literary digression. Its purpose was meant to show you that, it is possible to say something and yet live or do things differently. For instance, excuse the example. We tell our young ones not to smoke, yet, smoke oozes from our mouths and nostrils. We tell them of real dangers and yet we knowingly smoke?

The other day, while checking out materials for teaching for children I was woken up to the reality that, we donít have many children animal drawings that show the gender. I gave out a copy of a graphically emasculated bull and hoping that my students would identify it correctly as such. I gave all of them a wrong mark well knowing that I was at pain to explain the so-called 'sacred lie.' Used by the author and the illustrator with the graphics. That the animal was indeed a bull and not a cow was difficult to explain because the animal did not have the udder to confirm that it was a cow and not a bull.

The above is just but one of the many 'holy lies' that we pass on to others with hopefully good intentions. As a parent I understand the difficult that we have in expressing or teaching on sex to the young minds. It is the hardest thing, yet, somehow we have to pass the relevant message without giving the gory details.

This is because there are times that controlled truth is required in order not to inundate the young and impressionable minds with what could confuse or inflame the up-coming teenager.

Musicians are practically the neo-priesthood of our times. They are role models, they have a message, they have followers and they know they can control them. They only need a rhythm and a danceable bit and they are in business. Just like the politicians whom we pay our taxes too, and the religious priests whom we pay our tithes and offering too, the neo-priesthood rake in royalties vide radio listenership, video viewership and other media.
The key to viewership and listenership is determined by the fans. They pay for what they want to hear and they dance to music that tickles their fancy.

My goal in this treatise is to engage dialogue, that part of it will be in bringing your attention into some tough issues that are considered sacred is the challenge that we must face and boldly engage with the truth. For instance, did you know that Rahab the Harlot did not expose the twelve-intelligence gatherer and it was credited to her as an act of faith?

Did you know that Abraham the father of faith lied about his wife Sarah or rather gave an incomplete answer in order to protect himself and no one condemned him? Did you know that the Teacher of Righteousness changed water into wine and not juice as some would intimate? There are just two types of lies, one is of omission and the other one is of commission.

The one of omission is part of our conspiracy of silence. We know that something wrong is going on and by whom but we keep silent. Mostly, because we know that if exposed we are the ones who will suffer and that we are the beneficiary's. The second one of commission, is that we deliberately give wrong information in order to attain a certain pre-determined goal.

How can we protect ourselves from the so-called 'sacred lies'? First is that you pull yourself back and ask yourself, what is the 'message' about and who is the author of the message and then double check for facts and inconsistencies. (Interactive: maichk@yahoo.co.uk)

kabukuru f.m.
p.o. box 5251 -00506
Nairobi, Kenya

copyright 2007 kabukuru f.m.

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