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'Love in the Land of YeaWhoo'
by Jennie Stapleton
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“Love In the Land of YeaWhoo”

A Short-story


Jennifer L. Stapleton

The fresh green grass glistened in the morning sunlight. The dew kissed flowers just began to open as the gentle rays beckoned to them. Lady Genevieve awoke to the sound of the birds happily chirping. As she arose and pushed back the curtains she knew this was going to be a glorious day. The sun appeared a little brighter, the birds’ song was a little sweeter and the morning air was just a bit fresher.

Lady Genevieve had no idea what exactly the day would bring; she simply knew that this day was going to be different. As she rode into town to begin her daily chores she simply could not shake this insatiable feeling that something incredible was about to happen to her. She made her way off to the square to begin her day planning travels and meetings for the three lords she assisted.

Meanwhile off in the distance on the other side of the land of YeaWhoo the young Prince JD had already begun his day. Amidst all the bustle and commotion of the inner palace commons he was busy directing the workers building the new aqueduct system. Although being busy and having questions from every possible direction the young Prince also awoke to a bit sweeter morning. Had JD realized just what was to happen mere hours later, how his entire life was about to change, perhaps he would have taken a brief moment to stop and smell the fragrant flowers.

As a crazy twist of fate would have it Lady Genevieve had joined the new circle of harmony a few months prior. Although harmony had not quite brought forth the final result, Lady Genevieve could not complain that it was a complete wash. She had, however come to the conclusion that while she had given this strange new methodology a try she did not feel it the “proper” thing. As such the decision had already been made to depart from harmony at the month’s end.

Prince JD had also in a moment of curiosity stumbled across the circle of harmony. In an effort to learn more about himself and how he related to his kingdom he partook in the consultation survey. Although still not completely convinced that harmony was indeed the proper “fit” for his life Prince JD also decided to venture a try. Poor Prince JD ran into some crazy obstacles, and for a few moments was truly beginning to question how harmonious harmony truly was. Just when he was about to cut his losses and move on, something happened.

Back on the other side of YeaWhoo Genevieve took a short break. She decided she would give harmony one more chance. As she entered the secret password a new profile was before her. Genevieve struggled as she determined what to do with this. She had pretty much given up hope that harmony would be right for her. Yet, for some odd reason here before her was a picture of this incredible young man that she simply could not pull her gaze away from. As she read further into the profile Genevieve was filled with the slightest bit of fear. For here, right before her eyes the description held the fulfillment of every secret wish, hope, dream and longing she had for love. Genevieve struggled with the inner turmoil she faced...dare she click the send button? Would he even respond to her request? Was she really willing to take the risk? As suddenly as the fear came, a peace swept over her. At that moment Genevieve knew she had to at least try.

Prince JD was shocked, could this be? Was this real? Was this simply another misleading tactic? As he pondered whether to reply to Genevieve questions encompassed his mind. Then, just as the moment of peace had overtaken Genevieve, Prince JD also was suddenly given a complete peace. He did indeed respond to Genevieve’s request to communicate. Something was clearly different here, and the young prince knew this the moment he read over the profile and saw the sweet smile in Genevieve’s photo. The prince knew he needed to maintain his guard, and yet in the same breath something just seemed so perfectly right.

Genevieve could not believe her eyes. He responded, he actually responded. And suddenly things were moving along at lightning speed. Genevieve could not believe how excited she found herself becoming with every new communication exchanged between her and JD. What was this force that kept pulling her heart closer to his? Who was this man and why did she find herself wanting to learn everything about him? Why was it that every time she thought of him her eyes began to twinkle? It was a few days of communication before the first moment of tension came up. Would Genevieve and JD be able to work through this? Had their hearts spoken to one another enough to cause them to find a way to make things work?

Being that JD was a Prince he had definitely had different experiences in his life. It was because of this tension arose. Genevieve had made a clear stance on her expectations in a specific area. Prince JD saw this and knew in his heart this was a mistake he had made. Torn up over what/how to address this poor Prince JD simply ceased communication. Genevieve wondered what had possibly happened. What had she said, or done that suddenly made what seemed so surreal and perfect cease? Genevieve made the decision to write personally to JD. Not knowing whether or not he would respond, she felt it was a risk she was willing to take. Genevieve knew she was not ready to completely give up on JD.

A few days later Genevieve was looking at harmony once again. She was praying, hoping that maybe JD would have responded. When she saw the message from JD Genevieve’s heart was filled with joy. She carefully read through what he wrote to her. His sincerity and honesty spoke volumes to her. The complete vulnerability he demonstrated with her caused Genevieve to know she was not ready to give up. JD and Genevieve kept this communication going for a while. Until one day she realized their messages were getting longer and longer. Before she even realized what she had done she sent JD a message, to call her instead of writing her.

Genevieve had no idea when JD would call her. She wondered every time her phone rang, could it be him? It was a few days later when suddenly her phone rang. A number she didn’t recognize. Her heart was filled with excitement, anticipation, joy and nervousness. Here, here was the call she had been waiting for. Would he be able to sense the nervousness in her voice? Would things be awkward or would it be just as easy on the phone as it had been via their letters? She picked up and there on the other end was the sweetest sound her ears had ever heard. JD had a voice that brought calm to her. She knew the moment he started talking there was definitely something different, something more, and something that neither of them would have ever dreamed or imagined.

That first conversation lasted close to three hours. Neither JD nor Genevieve expected things to go quite that well between the two of them. They talked about everything from their jobs, to their families to their likes and dislikes. The shared so many moments of humor and each found the other incredibly easy to talk to. It was difficult to end that first conversation. Genevieve found herself wishing that JD would ask to call her again. He did, but JD did not want to appear over-excited and thus he waited a few days to call her back.

Genevieve could hardly fall asleep that evening after she got off the phone. She simply could not believe how incredible this whole thing had been, or how she felt. In less than two weeks time she had gone from being quite content in her single life to suddenly finding herself falling harder and harder for this man she had yet to meet. She was completely giddy with delight and the entire evening seemed like a dream, a dream she was waiting to wake up from, but oh, how she did not want this dream to ever end.

JD called Genevieve back a few days later, from that point on the two were pretty much inseparable. Although residing on opposite sides of YeaWhoo and still not having had the chance to meet in person they spent the duration of their evenings talking to each other on the phone. Neither Genevieve nor JD could get enough of each other. Their talks were simply not enough; they found themselves exchanging messages and instant messages via their phones throughout the day. They both found the highlight of their days to be the time they were on the phone with each other. Even the days where it seemed they would not have the chance to talk, they somehow seemed to work it in to hear one another’s voice.

Prince JD and Lady Genevieve were falling very hard and very fast for one another. It was obvious to them and to all those around them. There steps had a bit more bounce, their eyes a brighter spark, their smiles...well those were from ear to ear and permanent fixtures upon their faces. It was a love in the purest and truest of forms. JD and Genevieve were bonded at the heart. They shared with one another things they had shared with no one else. They shared their hopes, their dreams, their goals, their fears and wishes with one another. Everything was so incredibly easy, almost too easy for these two. JD and Genevieve shared something special, something that doesn’t come along every day. JD would often smile as Genevieve would finish his thought or complete his sentence. For every step towards her he took she took one closer to him. These two truly met in the middle and because of this they were incredibly happy.

It finally came the time when JD and Genevieve realized just talking to one another was not enough. They had to be together, they had to meet in person. They needed to see if things would work as well in person as they had over the phone. Not only that but JD and Genevieve could not deny the desire they had to kiss one another. Genevieve dreamed of what JD’s lips would feel like pressed to hers. JD wondered how Genevieve would feel in his arms, and if he would ever be able to let her go, once she was there.

It finally came down to the week they would meet. JD and Genevieve knew it would be an agonizingly long week. They spoke every night on the phone and were filled with joyful anticipation of being able to truly see one another in person. As the week progressed and it became closer to the day JD would arrive it was more and more difficult to have to wait. The biggest fear JD and Genevieve held was whether things would be the same in person. However, somehow they felt they would be okay, and that all would work out in the end.

Genevieve awoke the morning JD was to arrive. The sheer anticipation of his arrival was causing her to lose all ability to focus. Genevieve could not wait to see him, to have his arms hold her to know this man she had so completely fallen for was real and was not just a dream. She was more excited than nervous and simply could not wait to see his smiling handsome face in person. She knew in her heart this was the One she had been waiting her whole life for. She knew this was the man she had spent every day praying about. She could not wait to see the reality come to fruition. Oh, but as the time crept closer to JD’s arrival Genevieve found herself becoming nervous. What if by some odd chance she was not enough for him in person? What if what he had formulated in his mind of her to be, was not the reality of who she was? How could she live with herself if things did not work out between the two of them? So she decided to call a friend to distract her.

JD’s trip was thankfully one without much delay. With each city he passed through bringing him closer to his beloved he grew more and more anxious. When finally he reached the halfway point in his long journey he was able to make a quick call to Genevieve. Genevieve was smiling with eager anticipation as she spoke to JD. Although slightly distracted and busy at the town square, she loved hearing that voice on the other end. When JD ended the conversation with: “I’ll SEE you in a few more hours”, Genevieve’s heart melted. When JD finally reached the part of YeaWhoo where Genevieve lived it seemed as though everything was holding him back from getting to the one he loved. When he finally reached the inn he called Genevieve to let her know he was settled in and ready for dinner. Genevieve couldn’t believe the time had really come, JD, the man she had completely fallen in love with was no longer just a dream, but was really truly here, for her!

Genevieve arrived at the Inn. She walked in the front door and from off to the right she saw him. There he was, the incredible man who had so quickly captured her heart. She waited as he walked towards her. He was just slightly trembling as he wrapped his arms around her and held her. Genevieve never wanted to be anywhere else. Suddenly JD ever so slightly pulled back, but just enough to lean his head down and press his lips to hers. This was a kiss that surpassed all time, for this was the kiss of a love so true, so honest, and so pure and so devoted...this was indeed the true love’s kiss Genevieve had dreamed about her entire life. As their lips lingered on one another they slowly pulled back. Genevieve felt as though she was floating high about the clouds. She pulled JD close and just soaked in the feel of his embrace. This was her taste of heaven. After a tour of his room and a few more kisses the two went off to enjoy dinner.

Dinner was great, although Genevieve may have appeared a bit distracted; she was soaking in every moment spent with this handsome prince. She loved looking into his eyes, and was formulating her own mental picture to hold in her heart forever. After dinner the two walked back to the inn where they exchanged a few more moonlit kisses. They decided to watch a few movies the Prince had brought along with him. JD and Genevieve arrived at Genevieve’s home, where she gave him the tour of her humble living quarters.

The evening quickly became intense, in fact more so than it ought to have. JD and Genevieve allowed the movies to play in the background and while they did watch a bit of the movies much more of the time was spent kissing. Although both the Prince and Genevieve enjoyed kissing one another by the time the evening had concluded they had both come to the realization that it was a bit too much a bit too soon. However, neither had the heart to tell the other for fear of hurting one another. Thus mistake number one. JD and Genevieve had always been able to keep things real with one another on the phone, somehow this in person created an invisible barrier that kept them both from having that ability to be completely honest with one another. JD left and gave Genevieve one final kiss goodnight before he headed off to the inn.

The next morning Genevieve called JD. They were to spend the afternoon with Genevieve’s sister and her family at the zoo. When Genevieve arrived she could tell something was bothering JD. Had she just asked him, had she simply taken the time to sit down and talk with him, perhaps she could have spared them both from what was to later occur. JD was slightly nervous meeting Genevieve’s family, but overall they were all quite impressed with him. (How could they not be impressed with such an incredibly sweet, charming, intelligent and handsome prince)? JD and Genevieve had a good time at the zoo. The chill in the air made the day a bit brisk and cool. The prince and Genevieve walked around the zoo holding hands (in his cloak). Both were relatively quiet, neither asking the other why. Perhaps they should have, but then again, perhaps there was much that should have occurred or not occurred between these two.

After the excursion at the zoo JD and Genevieve decided to spend more time just the two of them. JD inquired whether Genevieve wanted to go to the inn and bask in the warmth of the fire...Genevieve should have agreed to this. Instead they came back to her home, after all this was only to be for less than an hour before they left to head for dinner. As they got to home and Genevieve went to give JD a gentle kiss he kissed her but quickly pulled back. Finally after having held his thoughts in all day long JD finally proceeded to tell Genevieve about how he was feeling guilty on how things had progressed the night before. Genevieve’s reaction was a bit of shock. She began to take what he said personally and believed JD saying that implied that his feelings for her were not as intense and true as what he had spouted off to her on the phone. Although not true, and not what JD meant things began to get a little more distant between these two.

Prince JD and Lady Genevieve tried to work through this. JD took Genevieve out for a really delightful, romantic dinner. Things did seem to be going slightly better, and yet in the same moment there was still a bit of tension. The two shared a few more stories and held hands as they sat overlooking the lake. The twilight on the lake kept catching Genevieve’s eye, distracting her from the love of her life who sat before her. Here she was with the man she was completely in love with, the one she shouldn’t have been able to take her eyes off and yet she kept looking away. Somewhere and somehow in her heart she began to feel her prince pulling away. Internally she fought these feelings; she didn’t want to have these thoughts, not while he was still sitting here. She wanted to soak in all the time she possibly could with her handsome prince, and yet she did not allow their love to be perfect, for perfect love casts out fear and she foolishly allowed fear to remain.

After dinner the two went to a movie. Genevieve simply could not allow herself to let go of her prince’s hand. For some reason she felt the tighter she held on to him the more likely he would stay. Only, all who know about love simply know this is not true. It was a while before the movie was to begin so JD and Genevieve had some time. Instead of continuing to talk through things the two exchanged minimal words but mostly sat in silence. Yes they were both tired, yes it had been a long day and thus far quite an emotional up and down weekend, but these two should have kept the communication going...no matter how difficult it may have been. They quietly watched the movie together. Their hands entwined and for part of the time Genevieve rested her head upon JD’s shoulder. Throughout the movie Genevieve could not resist the urge to just sit and look up at the Prince. No matter how difficult or how rough things had become, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she was sill completely in love with JD. As the night went on, Genevieve realized it was that much closer to when he would have to return to his home. What an utter fool she had been to allow so many of those precious moments to slip past. This was her chance with the prince, and she began to see that she quite possibly may have blown her only chance.

Upon conclusion of the movie Genevieve and Prince JD returned to the inn. At this point things again became a bit tense. JD could tell something was continuing to bother Genevieve. He tried kissing her to console her, only this made things worse. Finally he knew it was getting late and they needed to say goodbye. As he went to say goodbye Genevieve finally broke down uttering the words: “I’m scared” to JD. The prince pulled her closer to him and held her in his embrace. He looked Genevieve in the eyes and reminded her she needed to trust him. Though she tried to, her heart knew there hearts were no longer beating the same rhythm. Genevieve fought back the urge to cry as she returned home that night. She found herself in desperate prayer for her struggling relationship as she fell asleep.

Genevieve woke up the next morning...this was it, there last day together. Genevieve was determined to have JD know exactly how she felt about him, even if it was after he left. She arose early, sat down and began to write him a letter. The letter encompassed every fear, every thought, every emotion contained in her heart. She simply knew she had to tell him everything, for this might be the last chance she would ever have. She tucked a photo of her inside a thank-you card with the letter. She kissed the letter and prayed it would speak to the Prince’s heart.

Prince JD awoke to a feeling of uncertainty. So much had occurred throughout the weekend, was this really truly as perfect and right as he had originally thought it to be? If only he had been willing to convey these thoughts to Genevieve. Genevieve arrived to take JD to church. Service was great and JD had a chance to meet a few friends. Unfortunately Genevieve’s parents were not there. JD began to have a very unsettling feeling about just showing up at their house for lunch as was the plan. So, as church ended he had Genevieve return him to the inn. He returned and informed Genevieve he simply could not do this. Genevieve felt her heart drop and smash to the ground. Was this it; was this the moment she dreaded? Were things that really seemed so perfect really ended after just one weekend?

That was the end that was it. The Prince returned on his long journey back to the other side of YeaWhoo. When he returned he did so with a heavy heart and a lot to process. Genevieve was dying in agony not knowing what had happened between the two. So instead of allowing the prince the time he needed to think, sort through and process things she foolishly attempted to contact him.
When Prince JD returned home, he found he had many dragons to slay before it would ever be right for him and Genevieve to be together. The dragon of past mistakes and failures was by far the fiercest and most dangerous of dragons he would face. This dragon was the one that appeared as though it would always keep Prince JD and Genevieve apart. JD had already courageously battled the dragon of fear and uncertainty. The dragon of failure to communicate was also a difficult one to slay. It seemed to the prince that each dragon he faced was fiercer than the one before. JD wondered whether the pain from his wounds received fighting these dragons was worthwhile.

JD had successfully fought off all the other dragons and now before him stood the very last dragon. Was the love that Genevieve held in her heart enough to empower JD with the strength he would need to slay this dragon? Could JD feel the prayers Genevieve poured out from her heart for him to overcome these obstacles? And then, she remembered, the only thing that could possibly slay the last and final beast was true love. This would have to be the test the Prince would have to face on his own. No matter how many prayers she might offer on his behalf, no matter how much love for him she felt in her heart, JD had to do this on his own. What Genevieve wouldn’t have given to fight the dragon with the Prince, how she wished she could have been by his side, but no. JD had to see completely on his own that Genevieve was really truly a gift from God and a blessing to his life. He needed to see past all the past hurt, past failures and past mistakes and learn from them. JD needed to trust Genevieve and more so God, in the same manner he asked her to trust him. It was only when he realized he had allowed his pride to come in the way, only when he truly saw that Genevieve was everything and more of what he wanted, needed and longed for in a wife.

JD fought the dragon long and hard, so many old wounds from other dragons before surfaced, so much past pain and heartache, and yet something kept him going. The battle was fierce, the dragon was strong, but Genevieve’s love and the memories of the conversations they exchanged gave JD the strength to keep fighting. Genevieve had once begged JD to not base his entire decision upon how things went the weekend they were together. For there were some great moments that weekend too. She begged of him to remember all the fun and humor they shared on the phone. Those weren’t simply wasted hours and they were just as real as the moments they were together. If JD and Genevieve were to ever have another chance for happiness they needed just that...the opportunity to try things again.

Just as JD began to lose strength and began to feel the battle had been lost, as he lay in a heap of tattered bruises and cuts floating in and out of consciousness something began to move within him. Suddenly as he was lying there JD’s heart and mind began to recall the sweet tender voice of Genevieve as she sang the soft gentle lyrics to his favorite song. The words resonating from her lips coming deep from within her heart, straight to his. “Old Mr. Webster could never define, what’s being said between you’re heart and mine...the smile on your face let’s me know that you’ll need me, there’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me, the touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall...you say it best when you say nothin at all...” JD suddenly found a renewed sense of strength. He knew at that very moment Genevieve was indeed the ONE for him! The song, that one special song...that was the song he had always dreamed of having someone sing to him, and she was the only one who ever touched his heart enough to do so. With one final draw of his sword JD was finally able to slay that last and final dragon. As JD drew back his sword and threw it into the dragon’s cold flesh the sword suddenly began to illuminate with an immense glow. For in this lingering memory JD had finally come to realize the very power he needed to slay this final dragon. He had finally found the meaning of REAL, TRUE, GENUINE LOVE! JD knew he absolutely could not live his life without Genevieve by his side. Oh, he knew they would have moments were things would be less than perfect, but now the dragon had been slain he realized these were just “bad days”. JD finally saw that the love that he and Genevieve shared was something that he would only find this one time. He knew he could not toss that love aside. JD knew he needed to do whatever it would take to win her back and so that is exactly what he sought out to do. He knew that he was committed to Genevieve and to making a life together with her work. As JD walked away from the final slain dragon the darkness vanished and in its place was a light that could never be darkened. This light led straight from Genevieve’s heart to his.

Genevieve arrived in the town square and still had not yet heard the news. Her heart still heavy as months had passed since her time with JD. Friends began to tell her she was crazy to hold on, they tried to convince her that maybe she had wished for so much more than what was real. Genevieve knew in her heart that wasn’t true. She knew her heart had genuinely and truly communicated with JD’s. She knew they had a real love, the kind that never really dies. She turned the corner and arrived to the little office. When she sat down at her desk she noticed an extremely large vase of beautiful lavender roses sitting on her desk. It simply couldn’t be, she wouldn’t allow herself to think that way, could it? Genevieve could hardly maintain her composure as she quickly ran to the vase and looked for a card, something some sort of indication as to where these flowers came from. Finally tucked inside a small envelope she found a card that was covered in hearts and had I love you written all over it. As she read the card tears filled her eyes. The card read: “My dearest Genevieve, I have been a fool to think I could have ever lived a life without you. The moment we first met from harmony I knew you were the one for me. Each passing conversation we had only confirmed that. I was stupid to allow my past fears, past failures and pride to keep us apart. I am sorry it took me so long to slay all those dragons, but now we are free to truly share the love we were meant to share...I love you Genevieve, and I promise you I will never again be so foolish to walk away from you. With all my heart and all my love...JD.” P.S. I have requested you get the remainder of the day off, I’m waiting with a picnic basket just outside the city gates.

It was only a few short months after he sent those flowers that the Prince came back and whisked Lady Genevieve off to the beautiful wine country where they had a quiet simple wedding ceremony declaring their love for one another. True to his words spoken early on, JD’s love for Genevieve truly did grow more and more each day, some days he felt by exponential degrees. And Genevieve’s love in return increased more and more for JD. The love and respect the two shared weathered them through many of life’s storms.

Lady Genevieve returned with the Prince to his castle on the other side of the land of YeaWhoo where they shared many, many happy memories and incredibly love filled moments. They had two incredible children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In all the stories ever told none has had a love so true as theirs. Though some have come close, theirs has always topped the charts.

Sometimes when the wind blows just right over the hills you can hear the love in their hearts proclaimed through the tender exchange of words. For Lady Genevieve would oft exclaim in love, adoration and joy to her beloved Prince JD: “Yea”, at which he would lovingly, softly exclaim back to her “Wohoo”. And that is how the land got it’s name, so the next time you hear the gentle whisper of “yeawhoo” treasure the memory of a timeless, true, genuine and heartfelt love. When’s the last time you went: “yeawhoo?” ;-)

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