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Religion and Science
by Maina Kabukuru
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"Science and Religion"

The politically right subject at this time to discuss is realistically about science and politics, religion and politics, finance and politics and politics and the politicians. However, indulge me and allow me to posit the future of religion and science. The reason being that religion and politics will always entwine. And also because by the end of the day, science and religion are strange bedfellows.

I propose to posit that religion and science are not strange bedfellows. They are actually birds of a feather. Both seek to find the answers to the question, why are we here, where did we come from, who are we, how do we continue among other fundamental philosophical questions that seek to explain our purpose here on earth.

They both take different routes yet they search for same answers. Science asks raw and sometime unearthing questions. While religions asks the same questions albeit in a different manner. It is unfortunate, that false pious humility drives us refuse to ask questions thus glorifying ignorance.

There was an era during the last century when it was chic or vogue to be a scientist and an atheist. Some of the scientists still do believe that a personal God is a creation of the primitive creature.
Despite the fact that anthropologists disregard the negative appendages of the term primitive that connote backward or less civilized.
Ever since the days of the Pre-Industrial sciences or what is currently accepted as Indigenous Knowledge; the twin have gradually vide secularism sought to divorce from each other.

Moses the founder of the Jewish Nationhood, was practically a Priest-King. And though Hon. Kalembe Ndile thought that Moses never went to school, the Living Scripts document the level of training that Moses had received from Egypt. Egypt being a repository to the then known body of knowledge known to man gave Moses access to the highest training possible in those days.

Anyone reading the Old Testament compendium and especially the Torah or the first five books; will be subjected to observe the ritual and what is considered as basis for modern public health policy.
This is much clearer in the Book of the Levites. Lifestyle was never compartmentalized, how you ate or even disposed waste and how one prayed all were subject to the rules set in the Lifestyle Manual codified by Moses.

Speaking of the Pythagorean theories one is tempted to think that they were purely mathematical statistics for measurements and other calculations. The truth of the matter is, the priesthood of the early years of man was essentially an elaborate scheme that allowed man to interact with the superior being vide intellectual discourse.

Pythagoras in his opinion believed that religious and scientific views were inseparably interconnected. Of course his philosophy drove him to believe that knowledge of the essence of being could be found in the form of numbers.

This is not essentially extreme especially when observed from the Judeo-Christian compendium.

For instance, a certain sacrifice was to be done on a certain specific day, month or year which was largely dependent on number seven. A walk through the apocalyptic book of John has symbolism largely made up of numbers. The same can be found in the apocalyptic works of Daniel.

Numerology is part of the lingering association between fact and fiction and science and religion mysticism incorporated. A host of some belief systems is associated with Judaic apocalyptic literature that uses numbers as a means of communication between the initiated and the writer.

Most theologians when speaking about the three wise men shy off saying actually that they were not just wise men in the sense that they were educated; they were also persons involved with magic as it were and more so with astrology the precursor of the modern Astral –sciences.

The magi as they are known were part of the learned priesthood that had created the Tower of Babel. And from the Biblical narratives they are probably the descendants of Nimrod the grandson of Ham.

By now we are aware of the significance of the link with Africa through Nimrod the grandson of Ham. This essentially means that they are a part of the heritage of the great souls who built the Pyramids.

These architectural master pieces that have defied time, were not only tombs for the pharaohs but also religious shrines meant to assist the communication between man and the gods.
What is significance in all this is that they were also built by highly educated elite class that controlled religion, belief and the politics of the time.

The fallout between religion and science seems to have entered early in the human community; through what can be considered to be hedonism - an amoral belief system that was driven by the need of the moment. The new form of this worldview is well set in modern secularism.

Secularism is the system of thought that promotes a schizophrenic world-view. That essentially is amoral, and that reduces man to a mere caricature of chance and accident and that is allowed to indulge in the gratification of all senses without control as it were.

Most modern scientists only fault religion when it comes to dogma and the un-clarified intervention of an unknown being in the affairs of man. The big controversy between religion and some scientist becomes an issue when a being that defies the scientific laws emerges. They are not only limited to that, in their search for freedom from moral obligation; the issue of God or a superior being controlling or having persons or individuals bowing to its demands becomes intolerable and thus the reason for severing links with religion.

Einstein is quoted as saying in his address at Princeton Theological Seminary, "The main source of the present-day conflicts between the spheres of religion and of science lies in this concept of a personal God." It is the God promulgated in sectarian theologies that some scientists refuse to worship or accept.

Another reason that restrain them from accepting this type of theologies is the fact that there is a being who transgresses the very laws that are supposed to govern him, more so his unpredictable nature.

Science and religion are inevitable consequences that rule in all spheres. False religion unfortunately drives us to live in fear, while false science misleads us towards hollow and base self-destructing knowledge.

In Africa, modern science though making inroads, fortunately, it is slowly taking over where the pre-industrial sciences' have ruled. Of course with sometime negative implications.

Myths, fear and ignorance have ruled Africa for a long time. However, crassly dismissing them will not do any good to anyone. This is because, there is a valid reason for the existence of Indigenous Knowledge.

The truth is the so-called modern science or knowledge does not have all the answers. Despite its claim of being founded on empirical knowledge, it falters.

A case in point is the current deluge in the use of herbal remedies and the rediscovery by the Western world of the use and the validity of most of the herbal and medicinal plants. These remedies have over thousand years kept and healed thousands in the parts of the world where modern science is not available.

Modern medicine has of late discovered that faith or a persons' attitude have a bearing on their health and wellbeing. It is time that we embrace science and religion. For both, taken in proper perspective build and re-engineer man in all ways. (Interactive: maichk@yahoo.co.uk)

kabukuru f.m.
p.o. box 5251 - 00506
Nairobi, Kenya

copyright f. m. kabukuru 2007

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