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The Sinking Sand of Darwinian Evolution Time Dilation
by Andrew Burger
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God, Einstein, and Darwin 051

This paper is to serve as a tutorial for the paper I wrote called ĎGod, Einstein and Darwin.í In that paper there is a very important concept as developed by Albert Einstein called the Ďtheory of relativity.í This theory explains that time in our universe is not a constant. Yes, it says time is not a constant. This concept of time will be totally different that what you ever learned and ever imagined. I was totally in disbelief from my studies in this topic. Iíve first heard of this topic while listening to an interview with an MIT professor named Gerald Schroeder. Gerald Schroeder wrote ĎThe Science of Godí in which he discusses the time differences and their consequences in our understanding of the universe. It is necessary to read this paper before you can effectively understand the previously mentioned paper. After reading this you will understand why scientific tests show the universe is 12 Ĺ billion years old and the Bible says it is 6000 years old.

I am writing this paper for a specific purpose. It is absolutely necessary for all believers to understand this concept so that we would not be confused by what we were not taught, concerning evolution. It was taught to me as a fact when I was growing up that the universe was a lot older than what the Bible taught. Who was telling the lie the teacher or the preacher? Of course, this made the Bible incorrect in my eyes. I believed the teacher. If the Bible was incorrect on this topic then it was incorrect on many of its teachings. I certainly didnít believe the Bible was correct. How could I believe when I was taught the universe was millions of years old and yet the Bible was incorrect in stating it was only six thousand years old?

Let me clarify the purpose of these writings is not to have creation taught in the public schools. We know in Central Pennsylvania we had a trial and the judge ruled that only evolution could be taught in the government schools. The school board members of Dover High School should have never tried this. The problem isnít that creation is not being taught, but that Darwinian evolution is being taught as a truth. The reason is there is a movement to make public schools teach the truth about evolution. It has already happened in the state of Kansas. It is now mandatory to teach the whole truth about evolution in the state of Kansas. The problem isnít that creation isnít being taught in the public schools, but that the public school system is indoctrinating our children in teaching that Darwinian evolution as a fact. The only fact about Darwinian evolution is that it is a lie. Even Darwin admitted he was wrong. We never learn in public education that Darwin admitted he was wrong. They only tell half the truth. Lord Alfred Tennyson said a half truth is the blackest lie of all. You will learn that the statements by the atheist scientists themselves give compelling testimony to the lie of Darwinian evolution.

This was and still is quite a dilemma. It is even more deceiving today. Evolution is taught as a fact. Donít believe for one minute that this doesnít influence our children. They might tell you it doesnít, but believe me it does. It happened to me. I would like to refer you to a verse in the Book of Hosea 4:6 where it says, ďmy people are being destroyed from a lack of knowledge.Ē This is a very appropriate verse for our lack of knowledge concerning the debate between creationists and evolutionists. It isnít our fault, however, since I havenít seen where many of the churches have not taken this issue head on. You will not lack knowledge after reading this. However, you will find that we have some very good things happening. We do have an abundance of atheist scientists making very pro intelligent design statements, as you will find when you read the larger paper. With the discovery of the Ďbig bang theoryí there is an admission by the followers of Darwin that the universe had a beginning just as the Bible teaches. There had been another theory called the Ďsteady state theoryí that said there was no beginning to the universe and it simply existed as it is now forever. Their statements acknowledging the big bang theory is an admission they have been wrong. They have given us plenty of ammunition and we havenít taken our shots. We need to go on the offensive.

I did have some difficulty at first understanding what Einstein had discovered. This is because I had no idea this was possible. Fortunately I found a book written by Robert Cwiklik in a series called profiles in science for young people. I would say his only mistake was saying it was for young people. It was beneficial for 99 ĺ% of all people.

We should use all the tools possible while learning a subject. We as believers have a great tool we hardly ever use while trying to learn the things of God. Itís a tool that isnít available o the nonbelievers. Many years ago I had some problem of not understanding subjects from the Bible or Godís teachings as opposed to some of the other believers with whom I had discussions. One day I read that one of the purposes of the Holy Spirit was to give you knowledge. I believe for every gift you have to ask for it. After I asked for help from The Holy Spirit I started understanding the words of God much better. It made a great difference for me. If, youíre in the situation I was in please ask him (The Holy Spirit) to help. Use all the tools available to help you in understanding the teachings of God. Among the lists of gifts that may be given to you by The Holy Spirit is the gift of knowledge. Of course, it also helps to use all tools to give you an effective atmosphere for study. I certainly wouldnít suggest reading this between commercials of your favorite television show.

We can start learning about what Einstein discovered and how it helps you understand Godís creation and understand the Ďbigí lie of evolution. Letís first define the word relative. You will not completely understand the definition of relative until you read the easy example that will follow. The definition of relative is regarded in relation to something else: not absolute. Here is the example. You will find this is very easy to understand. Suppose if, you were traveling in a windowless train, which is moving at a constant rate of speed you would not know you were moving at all. Suppose I would come up to you in that train and you were sleeping and I told you to quit moving around. You would look up to me and say that you were sleeping and that, you werenít moving at all. You were completely still. You would be absolutely correct that in your Ďframe of referenceí you werenít moving at all. Letís suppose the train had a window and there people outside watching the train go by. When they saw you in the moving train you were moving. Youíre moving from what someone from the outside sees, but youíre not moving from what youíre experiencing. Letís go back and read the definition of relative in that it is regarded in relation to something else: not absolute. You are sitting in your seat. This would be agreed upon both by you and the people watching you as the train speed by. From your Ďframe of referenceí you are sitting still and from the peopleís frame of referenceí watching outside you are moving. This is not hard to understand. They are both correct because they are viewing from a different Ďframe of reference.í Look back at the definition of relative where it says not absolute. It is not absolute that you are sitting still and it is not absolute that you are moving. It is Relative to your Ďframe of reference.í

When I had first read this example I thought that it did make sense. I had at least an idea of Einsteinís Ďtheory of relativityí as related to this example. I could understand the definition of relative a lot better after seeing this example in that I saw that whether you were moving or not depended on your relation to something else. In this case were you sitting on a seat in the train or were you the watching the train speed by. If you understand this you have successfully got your first and most important step accomplished in understanding Einsteinís Ďtheory of relativity.í This will be necessary in understanding the creation and the universe. It will necessary in defending the faith. We can not continue to be destroyed by our lack of knowledge.

Weíve just learned something pretty simple. If youíre on the train you felt like your still and not moving. If youíre observing the train going by it appears youíre moving. We arenít surprised at this example. We might be surprised that we now have an elementary understanding of relativity. We actually understand, at least in the simplest terms, the basis of Einsteinís theory of relativity.

Letís do another easy example. Suppose you are in a plane reading a magazine and youíve pulled the blind down. I ask you to quit moving the magazine and you look at me like Iím crazy. You tell me that youíre reading the magazine and you tell me that you certainly werenít moving the magazine. I ask you to pull up the blind so you can see out the window. I ask you to look at the mountains in the far distance. I ask you if the mountains are moving and you look puzzled and answer of course not. Then I ask you are the mountains further away than they were a few minutes ago and you reply of course. I then asked you if the mountains didnít move and your magazine isnít moving then what moved. As in the prior example if Iím viewing the plane from the outside your magazine is moving along with you because the plane is moving. You are also correct in that from your íframe of referenceí you werenít moving. Letís repeat the definition of relative, which is regarded in relation to something else: not absolute. Are you in the plane, sitting behind the gentleman reading the magazine, which isnít moving or are you outside the plane watching the magazine in the manís hand speeding by in a plane. So here is the question. Is the magazine standing still or is it moving? Now your answer is that it is relative to where you are. You ask me if you are in the plane or outside the plane. You then determine your answer.

What about time and how that is related to theory of relativity? According to Professor Schroeder of MIT Einstein discovered that not only that matter can be made from energy but at the same time he discovered that time is not a constant This is hard to comprehend at first. The law of relativity according to Schroeder, ďtells us that the flow of time at a location with high gravity or high velocity is actually slower than at another location with lower gravity or lower velocity.Ē Unless you have studied Einstein previously you would have thought time to be a constant throughout the universe. Yes, what Iím saying is that our watches have could different times and both be correct. One watch (Godís) could say 6000 years and another watch could say 12 Ĺ billion years (manís) and they would both be correct. According to Einstein, ďTime should not be thought of as something that exists absolutely. It is only a concept that man applies to the universe to measure phenomena.Ē Before we start this topic we need to understand a little more about the creation of the universe than we might presently understand. Itís also important to note that there was no time before the big bang. Time only exists for and in the physical world.

You have all heard of the big-bang theory. This theory states that the universe came together is a short period of time. This supports the day-one theory of the Bible. Out of disorder came order and a physical world came into existence. Itís interesting to note that a member of the clergy proposed the big bang theory from then recently discovered facts about the universe. The opposite theory, the steady state theory, was proposed from whom many think was the leading scientist of his day. The clergyman was correct and the scientist was wrong. Itís aso important to know that the physical universe started out as a tiny speck and is expanding. A famous scientist Joseph Silk says that the universe started out as a tiny speck and is now a million million (not a typo) times larger than when it first began. Ironically there is an ancient Jewish book that predates the Bible called the Kaballah. This book states the world started out as a tiny speck. The famous medieval Jewish commentator Nahmanides presented the dimension of the Biblical view of time-creation writing that the universe started out as a miniscule speck of matter. For the record this is universally accepted in the scientific community.

The next question is what happened to this tiny little speck? We know it must have increased in size, because what we see now is certainly bigger than a speck. It started expanding at a tremendous rate of speed. In the past few years the space craft with the Hubble Telescope on board has confirmed that the universe is expanding at 80% of the speed of light. That means the universe is expanding at 148,800 miles per second. There are also calculations that can be done using microwave cosmic background radiation to confirm this conclusion. We can also see that 148,800 miles per second is a much greater speed at which we could ever imagine to travel here on Earth.

We have undeniable proof that time is not a constant with an experiment done on our planet. Youíll see why itís so important to know how fast the universe is expanding. There was a very accurate atomic clock put in a very fast airplane and a clock left back where the jet took off. They were set at exactly the same time. The jet took off and traveled at a very high rate of speed and when it landed it called back to where it took off. When they compared times the clocks were now not the same but differed by several seconds. Time is effected by what speed you travel. If the planes were traveling at the speed by which the universe is expanding the difference in time would have been much greater.

Here is an example that Einstein presented. Suppose that there were twin brothers and one was going on a journey into deep outer space. The other twin would stay on planet Earth. The one would go on a very fast space craft that actually went the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second. Today they are both 30 years old. In twenty years the twin brother returned from outer space from the space craft that had traveled at the speed of light. The brother on planet Earth is now fifty years old but the brother on the spacecraft is still only 30 years old. They no longer look like twins. Time is not a constant. The fact is that if you traveled in outer space on a spacecraft that went the speed of light you would never age. This phenomena is called time dilation.

We now know several things. We know that the universe started out as a small speck. We know that the universe is expanding at 80% of the speed of light. We know that time is not a constant and is directly affected by the speed you are traveling. We know that the Ďbig bangí was an event that supports creation. Itís the same as day one in the beginning. We also know we only need to know what Einstein discovered and not understand the reasons behind the discovery.

We know that the universe is expanding. Letís look at an example of this expansion. Letís suppose you shot an arrow to the edge of the universe traveling at 99% of the speed of light. Remember you have to shoot it at the 99% of the speed of light since the universe is expanding at 80% of the speed of light. If it isnít moving faster than the universe is expanding it will never reach the edge of the universe. The trip took 120 minutes. You then shot another arrow at exactly the same speed exactly 60 minutes later. Would the arrow arrive at the edge of the universe exactly 60 minutes after the first arrow arrived? Remember the universe is expanding and you are timing this arrow to reach the edge of the universe. The first question is since you shot the first arrow has the edge of the universe moved. The answer, of course is yes because we know the universe is expanding. Since the edge of the universe has mover the arrow would take a little longer to reach the edge of the universe. Letís just say it took 62 minutes. The universe has stretch since the first arrow was shot. A famous physicist named J E Peeble introduced the term redshift to describe this stretching. Redshift describes the stretching of the universe. The stretching of space is directly related to the stretching of time. This example only makes sense.

If you look back at the first paragraph I mentioned a scientist named Gerald Schroeder, who is a professor at MIT. Gerald is Jewish and also speaks Hebrew. Remember the Book of Genesis was written in Hebrew. Schroeder informs us that the word used for day in Genesis means a 24 hour day. Some Christians have compromised creation thinking it must mean an era. Schroeder says if it were an era the word tkufah would have been used.

We now know enough about time to understand the article ĎGod, Einstein, and Darwiní. Iím sure every believer wants to be useful to the Lord especially in these last days before the end of this age. We refuse to be destroyed.

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