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Why Me Lord?
by Rick King 
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Why Me Lord

Jan 3, 2003
By Rick L King

Did you ever make the statement ‘Why Me Lord”? I have had several times that I have asked that question of the Lord. These are but a few of the times that I did ask, “Why Me Lord?”

Right after I was saved I was led to a little church in my hometown. This in itself was amazing to me, as I had been led to the Lord by this Pentecostal lady. I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. I attended churches and went to good old-fashioned Holy Ghost meetings where people were healed and the power of God would cause people to be slain in the spirit. Well, this little church was not a church in my thoughts. The sermons often came from a newspaper article. The church was filled with many older people and very few younger ones. I thought, is this what I got saved for? I would rather be back in a tavern again as there was much more life there. I fought the idea of being there more than you can know; yet the Holy Spirit seemed to just not let me leave. After a time, I met this guy that became one of my best friends of all time. We spent much time together. Before I knew it, I got to lead him to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He then told me afterward; Rick I have known that there had to be more. I have waited for this for twenty-five years! What a blessing from the Lord. Jesus knew this man’s hearts cry. Now at least I understood maybe why I was there. The Lord did bless me more as I found some other new friends also. I also got to lead one of my other new friends to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Seemed I had three very close friends. We all went to other meetings that were spirit-filled meetings. We spent hours and hours praying together and learning about Jesus.

The little church was having a puppet ministry come in. I was asked to sing three songs beforehand. I really had done little singing in church but I reluctantly agreed. I had no idea what to sing. Finally, two hours before the time I was to sing, after much prayer and seeking the Lord, I knew what I was to sing. The Holy Spirit gave to me three songs. The third song, I knew I was to change the last verse to words I received from the Holy Spirit and have the congregation sing along. I was just going to believe that what I heard was correct and do it. I had no idea what God was going to do. Being that I didn’t sing often in front of people I had a major case of stage fright. I sang the first two songs the way that they were written but with my eyes closed. I couldn’t open them, as I was so scared. I got to the third song and asked the congregation to sing along on the third verse. I started singing and to my amazement my eyes were open now. When I got to the last verse, I was looking at people in the eye. I had no fear at all as the Holy Ghost just took over. I do not even remember singing the third verse. People in the congregation started crying all over the place as the anointing touched their hearts. The pastor made a comment to a friend that he didn’t know that Rick could sing like that. She agreed and said he can’t! It was the Holy Ghost. This was foreign to him I think, as the next experience will portray.

Now you would think that I would be all accepted and loved after that right? I was too radical for them I guess. I had a simple faith and believed in God’s power and anointing. Nothing else to me mattered. The Lord had just blessed me this week as I was privileged to lead two people to salvation. God did it as He set up things and actually brought them to me. I think this is like in the Book of Acts, when God added to the church such as should be saved. Anyway, I went to church again that Sunday. I was with my three friends sitting in the pew minding my own business. Well, seemed the pastor had decided to have his brother-in-law speak awhile. Same old stuff, dead words, no power. Then the pastor returned and started putting down a spirit filled meeting that friends and I had been attending often. He said that he had gone to check it out and said that it was not of the Lord at all. He kept running down everything. Something in me got very angry. I stood up in the middle of the meeting, and stopped this man from speaking. I basically found myself saying; we know them by their fruit. The meeting that you are saying is of the devil has much fruit. Many are saved and healed all the time. I told him then about the two people saved through me that week. I said and you say I am not of the Lord? I have fruit to prove it, do you? How many have you led to Jesus this week? I couldn’t believe I said all that, I still think it was the Lord and not from me. I knew my heart. I knew my motives. The rest of the congregation was just like two of my friends that had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They had been fed lies in the name of God for twenty-five years because of the lack of knowledge of the pastor. I found out later that the pastor had said that if anyone would receive God’s power it would have been him. Because he didn’t have it, then it was not real. Lots of pride there I think. He also stated that when we came in together he saw a show of force. It was force all right; it was the Holy Ghost that he saw in us. We did nothing but love on people and go and sit down. Any way, I got booted from the church. It broke my heart, but yet, someone had to tell the truth. I guess it was going to be me.

My second experience was at another church with a similar denominational background. This church though was spirit-filled. This church knew how to pray and seek the Lord. They had sought the Lord for a year on how to evangelize their community. They were instructed by the Holy Spirit to purchase a Bible for every house in their city. As they prayed and fasted, they were given a plan with grids and timing of the Lord to go to each home and distribute the Bibles. What a contrast from the little church I went to before. I was impressed. The other little church had annual door knocking times. There was never any prayer or preparation. They even had people run them away with shotguns. Sure is different when the Holy Spirit leads in comparison with our puny efforts in our flesh.

During the time of preparation I was present at the church one evening. We had been praying. I was on my knees praying and the Holy Spirit showed me demonic spirits over the church building. I knew what I had to do but I was in no hurry to do it. I didn’t know what would happen if I cut loose and dealt with evil spirits. After all this was still a denominational church like the last one I attended. I got booted out remember? I wrestled and wrestled with this one. Yet, it seemed the Holy Spirit wouldn’t give up. His urging became so strong. I finally decided if I was gonna get booted again that I was gonna take a few evil spirits with me. I continued praying in the spirit. Next thing I knew I felt a hand on my back. I glanced around and saw the pastor behind me. I thought to myself, here I go again. I am going to be history. Well, I cut loose. Those spirits didn’t have a chance as the anointing went through me. After I did the warfare I was relieved in that there was no urging any more. Yet, I was waiting to hear the worst. All the sudden someone in the prayer meeting shouted, “Now that’s our kind of prayer!” Wow! I didn’t expect that at all. I was accepted and what the Holy Spirit wanted to do was accepted. This church was listening to the Holy Spirit. They were not at all like the other one that was doing everything from their head. This prayer seemed to open a door for me. The pastor had on occasion while praying for people would take authority in Jesus name over words. He called me one night and we shared. This subject came up. I told him the words he was taking authority over were demonic spirits. He said no way that is not true. He listened and told me that he was searching scriptures to prove me wrong. After about an hour and one-half he said Rick, I know what you are saying is true in my spirit. I do not know why though. I am now trying to find scriptures to prove what you are saying. Our conversation lasted almost three hours as the Holy Spirit gave him some new revelation on spiritual warfare and deliverance. Thank God for the Holy Spirit of truth. He is faithful to confirm His word.

Over the years walking with the Lord I have found that my question changed to a plea. The Holy Spirit truly gets you into situations that are not comfortable and often against the status quo. Yet, He always has a reason. I have come to know that I can trust Him. Someone has his or her life changed and touched. I am always blessed beyond measure as I follow. I believe that the reason we say, “Why Me Lord”, is that it is coming from our natural mind. Remember the scripture that says in 1 Corinthians 2:14, “ But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”. The things of God are foolishness to our natural mind so we question why. Yet, when we see through the Holy Spirit, we will say, “Send Me Lord” instead. We know there is a good reason and God is doing something for someone. Instead of asking “Why me Lord?’ I find myself saying instead, “Send Me Lord”. It is a privilege to me to be used of Him and be allowed to see Him work in power in a person’s life. There is no greater joy or fulfillment than when the Holy Spirit uses you. Once you see this you will not be saying anymore “Why Me Lord?” but you will be saying. “Send Me Lord!”

Copyright © 2007
By: Rick L. King
No portion of this may be reproduced or used without written permission from the author.
Please contact me at rking58@hotmail.com if you have a need for this writing. Thank You.

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