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The Revealing Chapter 1 The Plot Part Two
by Caroline Alderson
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Jacen Sprague peered around the corner to be sure no one was looking. Standing watch at the door, he needed to get into, was a guard. Adjusting his laser pistol, he set it on stun. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, just stun him for a while. Walking over to the downed guard, he leaned down, removing the ID card from the guard’s shirt. Running the id through the sensor on the door, he then connected his tiny hacking computer to the unit on the door, and had it access the main computer in that facility, and put in the password for him. Waiting for the sound that would let him know the door unlocked, he then head for the government computer in the middle of the room. Keying in the information, he hacked into the Alpha System Government computer, and downloaded the info of the new program the government had just had installed. He coped the files on the compressed computer disk, the size of a quarter, he had brought. He then deleted all of the security programs on the system. Quickly pocketing the disk, he swept out of the room, closing the door, and retrieved his hacking equipment; Jacen dropped it into his pocket on his jacket. He had successfully stolen the program that controlled the spherical motion detector over the Ventron Penal Colony, which kept the prisoners from escaping off that planet.

Looking to see that no one had seen anything, Jacen started down the corridor holding his laser pistol close to his chest, and headed for the exit from the building, with the disk hidden away safely in his jacket. Walking through the halls, he kept glancing around to see if anyone was following him.

Without warning, Jacen felt a lacer pistol shoved into his back.
“ASM! FREEZE! Drop your weapon! Place your hands on your head, and drop to your knees! Do it NOW!”

Jacen halted quickly. Tossing his weapon on the floor, he slowly put his hands on his head, and fell to his knees. “Take it easy, buddy.”
The guard walked over to him, and harshly grabbed his hands, and cuffed them behind Jacen’s back.

Jacen knew he was in deep trouble as he was marched down the hall to security. Turning several times, they came to a door marked Security: Military Holding Cells. The guard opened the steel door, and shoved Jacen in.

“You don’t have to be so rough!” Jacen turned around and glared at the guard.

Ignoring Jacen, the guard grabbed his arm, and marched him down the hall to a cell. Opening a cell door, he went to shove Jacen in, but Jacen being quicker, stepped in before he could be treated roughly. He couldn’t resist turning and smirking at the guard. The door was slammed shut on him. Touching some buttons on a control, the guard released the handcuffs off Jacen’s wrists.

The next morning his cell door being opened awakened Jacen. A man in a dark suit walked in and looking at Jacen, said, “My name is Alex Stolis; I am your lawyer.” Sitting on Jacen’s bed, the lawyer said, “You stole some important technology, young man! Do you know what kind of trouble you’re in?” Alex cocked his head sidewise at him, and gave him his best stern look.

Jacen looked at Alex, and said back, “Yes, I do. What are YOU going to do about it, Alex?”

“I’ve set everything up with Judge WingHill. He’s going to hand down a conviction and send you to the Ventron Penal Colony. Stealing computer technology from the government, and tampering with ASM Security programs is a big no-no! But, then you knew that, didn’t you Jeremy, I mean Jacen. Ha, ha, ha!”

The lawyer stood up. "It's all been arranged. The Judge will sentence you for five years to the penal colony; at which time, you'll infiltrate Stephen Lightfoot's gang, find out what they're doing, how they're going to escape, and become part of their band, supposedly helping them. Become a part of their team as a computer expert. You'll be able to make it look like you beat the prison security, and help them escape. Then you'll stay with them, and find out what their plan is, and stop them."

After the door shut behind the lawyer, Jeremy thought about what he was going to do.

Three days later, Jeremy stood before Judge Winghill, as Jacen Sprague. The Judge knew what was going on; he was eager to catch Stephen Lightfoot in the act, because he could give him the death penalty. Stephen Lightfoot had killed many innocent people. It had taken numerous years to catch him, and put him away, and now, he was wreaking havoc on the penal colony. They had to do something. An informer told ASM what Stephen Lightfoot planned for the Alpha System. It turned the Judges stomach to think that Lightfoot might succeed; he had to be stopped. Jeremy Caewood, alias Jacen Sprague was the man who could pull it off. His knowledge of computers, and weapons technology would be the bait that would throw Lightfoot off kilter. Jeremy would win his confidence, thereby giving him the means to stop him.

The verdict was handed down. Jacen Sprague was found guilty. The Judge looked at Jacen sternly, "I sentence you, Jacen Sprague to five years on Ventron Penal Colony, for willfully stealing government technology."

The guard handcuffed Jacen, and took him away.

Thrusting Jacen into the spacecraft, they lifted off, flying to the planet, Ventron. The guard turned around and looked at Jacen, "We'll have to beam you down. No spacecraft lands on Ventron, because the prisoners always try to escape. Last time they tried to escape, a guard was killed, so the Alpha System Government made a rule that no spacecrafts at any time could land on Ventron. All new prisoners and supplies have to be beamed down."

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