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Sowing tears and reaping Joy
by nk stone
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"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy."
~ Psalm 126:5

Great is the Lord our GOD who reigns over heaven and earth. . .Mighty is our KING who raises the dead and heals the sick, who frees the captive, and gives the Victory. Forever is HIS reign, Forever is HIS love. . .though in HIS hand HE could crush the very dust we are yet instead HE lifts us up on wings as eagles. Great is HE who abides with us even unto our deaths only to set us forth in HIS mercy giving us life eternal. For those who choose this day to follow and worship HIM shall see HIS glory forever and ever AMEN.

The Lord has blessed me so throughout my days I can't even begin to list the things HE has done for the list in itself would take up all the paper in the world and even if I had all the trees to produce paper I still would not find room to write the complete list. But I will tell you HE is the blessing in our lives for without HIM we would be utterly void we would be nothing. It is in HIM that we find our vision, passion, and purpose. HE is our hope and the author of our Faith. For what HE says shall be. . .

I hear the small word GO echoing within me. . .yes, the very small two letter word that simply means to move or proceed to leave a place depart. It is amazing how such a small word can mean such great action. We can find this word used often in the word of GOD. The LORD often tells HIS children GO. In several cases in the bible HE commands HIS loyal servants to GO. HE commanded Moses to GO to Eygpt to free HIS people the Israelites, HE commanded Elijah to GO when Elijah ran in fear from Queen Jezebel, The precious LORD JESUS commanded the woman who was accused of adultery to GO and sin no more, HE told the delivered man who was once possessed by many demons to GO tell your friends what I have done for you.
I hear this word echo within my own soul. GO. . . it is left up to us rather we GO and do as GOD tells us. We can be obediant to HIS command or disobediant. When we are obediant we find ourselves rewarded so greatly but when we choose to be disobediant to this precious command of the LORD we find that we miss our intended blessings and thus find ourselves in sin. For disobediance to the LORD is sin.
There is a good reason the LORD tells us to GO. . .in the case of Moses HE ordered Moses to GO free HIS people by doing this not only did the LORD free the Israelites but HE also freed Moses from HIS days of hiding from those who sought to kill HIM. If Moses had of disobeyed GOD's command he would have missed out and missed the opportunity to be called GOD's friend. In the case of Elijah if he had of not obeyed GOD's command Elijah would have been stuck in fear and self pity He would have never seen the glory of the LORD's work at hand neither would he realize the magnitude of GOD's mercy. In the case of the woman who committed adultery when JESUS told her to Go and sin no more HE made her realize that the LORD had forgave her and gave her freedom to master her sin and to live a better life full of expectation and joy no more was she to be chained to her sin. When JESUS told the man who was possessed to Go and tell his friends of the great thing HE had done this open the door for this man who had been such a captive with not a friend around for many years to go and reconnect with those around him. . .

The grace and mercy of the LORD is always upon us HE never forsakes HIS children and HE does know what is best for us.

Recently in my own life I fell into a state of utter despair. I had fallen back into the mire of my life it was as though I had started all over again as though it was the day before I got saved. Every which way I turned I felt as though I was being burned, I couldn't see the road ahead of me, I couldn't tell whose voice was speaking within me rather it was the LORD's, my own, the enemy, or people from my past. . .I felt as though I had been forsaken. I couldn't tell the truth from a lie. .. The waves of anxiety, fear, and anger swept over me. As this began to happen I remember being tormented by my past though my past is long gone it is truly dead I can never go back to any point in my past whatsoever but the memories of those shadows bounced around in my mind. I felt as though I had no choice yet I did. I remember at one point the LORD spoke to me and said "who are your accusers?" and I replied no one. .. "Then neither do I condemn thee GO and sin no more." At first this was a relief to hear but then I chose to push HIS solid word of truth aside and I continued on into my self made torment. I could have followed the LORD's command GO but instead I stayed... by doing so many things befell me. And I missed out on what HE was wanting me to see. A week went by and I found myself deeper in despair and I started getting angry, hateful, and resentful towards GOD. At the time I thought I was being unjusticely punished but in reality if I had of been Obediant to the LORD I wouldn't have dug a deeper pit for myself. It was not the LORD who did this to me but indeed it was my ownself. I blamed the LORD for all my troubles thus opening doors to my life that allowed the enemy to torture me. I had made a total mess out of my life. Notice where the blame lays. . .not on GOD HE told me what to do and I refused to obey thus it was I who caused all this to come upon me. Sure in the beginning I was being tried and instead of standing up in JESUS name and overcoming my fears and temptations I bowed down to them and made them my god. .
this is what happens when we allow our emotions to rule us.
True.... GOD gave us emotions/feelings for very good reasons but just like everything else our emotions can be used for the good or for the bad. . .and just like anything else we can make our own emotions the lord over our lives. . .when we do this we become a double minded person or unstable because our emotions change from moment to moment. . .one minute I can feel good the next I can feel bad and if we base all our being on these emotions then we become unstable and find ourselves out of control. . .this is in fact is pleasing the flesh and not the LORD. . .
GOD commands us that there shall not be no other gods before HIM for a good reason. . . for when we make other things or people our god then it always leads us to our own destruction. GOD is our peace, contentment, LOVE, hope, joy, and the discerner of all good in our lives. . .and when we choose to listen to something or others over HIM then we find that peace, joy, contentment, etc is short lived. . .and soon we find ourselves living and acting out in fear and doubt.
We truly have a choice in the way we respond to things. . .just cause we get angry doesn't give us the right to act on that anger. . .GOD does provide an escape it is HIS word the TRUTH. . . . . . .

Even when we don't feel like helping others it is only when we start thinking outside of ourselves (another words GO) that we can master our emotions and not let them rule us. . .

GOD challenges us to excell. . .He wants us to be in HIS divine image a reflection of HIMSELF. . .for HE knows that that would be the best for us. HE knows all the obstacles we have to overcome but HE has prepared for us ways to overcome. . .our first obstacle is our sin without the atoining forgiveness that we find in the blood of CHRIST we would not have been able to overcome that obstacle. . .It is in HIM that we find our strength. . .HE wants us to achieve life in abundance and HE gives this to us but HE wants us to learn what it really means to live the abundant life and not just sit here numb and not knowing. . .Take for example a child who is given everything by the time they are an adult they take things for granted and they dont know how to appreciate life or anything they have. . .but a child that has been taught the value of working towards goals and accomplishing them realizes the value of life and all that they have. GOD wants the same for us. HE is the ultimate teacher and coach in how to live the abundant life. . .

GOD does validate our feelings HE hears the cries of the broken hearted and the laughters of our joy for both are music in HIS ears but HE doesn't want us to be controlled by feelings of fear, helplessness, doubt, and worry. . .Cast all your cares upon HIM. . . .when we are controlled by these then we loose sight of who HE is and we loose our faith in HIM. . .

One glorious day our Father is going to wipe all our tears away AMEN

We know nothing of freedom unless we know true LOVE. . .this is the key focus of our lessons that the LORD is teaching us. . .for in LOVE we are not bound to fear nor doubt but rich in HOPE and JOY. . .even during our trials and tribulations. . .this is who JESUS is. . .

Psalm 126:5 says "those who sow in tears reap with joy" simply this my dear friend when we, even in the midst of our struggles and tears, GO (meaning proceed to help others do as the LORD commands) our sorrow is replaced with joy. . .

GOD gives us the ability to do what is needed to be done. . .there is no disability to GOD. . .HE created all of us HE created those who can see and those who are blind, HE created those who can talk and those who are mute, HE created those who can hear and those who are deaf, HE created those who can walk and those who can not. . .but none of these physical attributes can stop GOD from working wonders in each of our lives. . .there is nothing impossible to HIM. . .

It is only when we take our focus off of HIM and start looking around at others do we find ourselves coveting what others have. . .I have my weaknesses and my strengths. . .by comparing myself to someone else I will find myself unhappy or boastful and neither of these things pleases the LORD. . .for some reason in our minds we convince ourselves that by having what others may have we would be happy. . .but to be honest are you them? NO. . .you are you just like I am me and there is no one else that can be you or be me take that as a compliment from GOD it is true a joy and remember we each have our faults and failures!

My normal is different from your normal. . .plain and simple it is only when we strive to be more like each other than like JESUS do we find adversity and unhappiness. . .

When we are in CHRIST then we become a gift of love to the world and to ourselves. . .

So the LORD has commanded each of us GO. . .GO love one another GO love the LORD with all your heart, soul, and mind GO tell the world what JESUS has done for you GO and sin no more. . . .

Can you hear the freedom bells ring? I know I can because now i am a changed person cause I understand I don't have to live by bread alone but by every word of GOD. . .AMEN

with love
your friend in CHRIST

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