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Jane and Her Secret Friend
by hannah mcclure
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Jane and Her Secret Friend

By Hannah McClure

Once upon a Medieval time, there lived a little village girl. Her name was Jane.

Jane lived in a beautiful cottage with her mother, father, and little sister. She and her sister loved each other very much. Her mother was a sweet woman who went out of her way to farm and cook even though she’d rather be relaxing like other mothers dreamed of. There was always something to do at the cottage. Jane would play with her rag doll and baby chicks whenever she was bored. Sometimes she would go to the market with her mother to buy things. Every once in a while she would get a lollipop. little Jane loved her life. She was very happy. But truth be told things could be difficult for the family. Especially when her father hardly had enough money for food, soap, clothes, or necessities for themselves. At those times, Jane would go into a depressed state. She couldn’t understand why her father and mother would have money one month, just enough to buy to dresses, and then the next month hardly enough to buy food or the things they wanted. She sometimes wished she was a princess so that she’d be rich so she could have jewelry, her own soft feather bed, a mirror(one of the jeweled ones), and a puppy or cat. Her father would sometimes get into awful fits after he had been drinking too much, he would often beat on her and her mother. But somehow through all of this, Jane always stayed cheerful. Ever since she was a child, she was the sunshine of the family. Through all her families problems Jane always wondered about something. Sometimes when she was alone by herself, in her little room, crying or reading a book she felt like that someone was watching her. It was like some beautiful phantom that she could not see. Sometimes she would think that someone was in her room and would turn around, but when she turned around no one was there! One day, little Jane decided to try to find out what this mysterious thing was.

Early in the morning, she set out, while the sky was still dark, and the fog hung low in the village. She tip-toed across the hard dirt floor, careful not to wake her Mother, father, and little sister. She would have loved to take her little sister with her. Her sister was always great fun, but today was different. She was on a journey. A very important journey.
Jane thought about the time she had almost made a big mistake. She was playing around with Rebecca, her little sister. They were playing with some sticks on the floor, when Jane felt extremely hungry. She had gotten up, making sure that her mother wasn’t watching. All at once she felt a strong voice telling her not to touch the pot, she was just about to put her hand on the spoon to take a bite when a mouse rushed up from under the table. Jane jumped and screamed and ran away, all at once forgetting the delicious stew. It was a good thing she forgot the stew, because she found out later that the stew wasn’t stew at all. It was some hot wax that her mother had been melting to make soap bars. If she would have even licked the spoon or spilled any onto herself she would have had a nasty burn. It had been that secret voice that had stopped her. She knew it could have just been her conscience. It was more than that though. It was a person. So now she was on a very important journey to find “him.” Her heart was aching to find out who he was. After sneaking some sweet bread into her pocket, she slowly crept towards the door. She creaked open the door, squeezing her eyes shut, hoping that the door would not creak. She closed it quietly and looked around. It was dark outside, and very foggy. She sniffed in the crisp, cool morning air. As she walked through the wet grass, her eyes widened as she looked around. Everything looked beautiful, the grass she had seen so many times, didn’t have its usual burnt yellow tint it had during the daytime. It was a blue- green color. The dew on top of it made it look like crystals or blue gems, sparkling in the faint daylight. The whole meadow looked like someone had thrown blue dye all over it. It was like the dye she sometimes saw her mother use. She squeaked and crunched through the dewy grass, squinting to see through the thick fog. It looked as if it were bathed in blue smoke. She shivered, feeling a little cold. She wrapped her warm, woolen cloak around her. She felt a little bit scared. “ Maybe I should go back.” She said. Suddenly she felt someone or something say, “ Go on, everything will be all right.” As if someone was talking to her. Stopping in her tracks, little Jane bravely spoke out, “ Excuse me. Who are you?” There was silence. Frustrated, Jane said, “Who are you? Please tell me!” Jane got her courage together. “ Excuse me. Why won’t you answer me?” Jane asked. Again there was silence. Feeling frustrated, Jane tried four more times, and again she failed to communicate with him. After awhile, she stopped and looked across the meadow just in time to see the darkened figure of a doe and her fawn walk out of the woods. “Ohhh.” Jane sighed. She had always loved deer. She didn’t see many in the city. They were always scared away from the sounds and smells, that came out from behind the courtyard walls. Jane thought about the walls. They had never failed to protect their family and the other families from danger there had been from invading armies, wild cats, and foreigners in the past. Whenever there was a problem, the king was always there to solve it . He would send his army out to settle conflicts Now she was outside of the wall. She was free! She would go here when she at different times of the day when she just needed to be alone. It was a place she never told her parents about. She usually didn’t keep secrets from her family, but she was afraid if she told them they would worry about her and make her stay at home, and read a book, or worse yet, go to school. She hated school. She loved being outdoors. Jane looked around, everything seemed too quiet now. She couldn’t hear the person anymore. Jane started to feel afraid. She was alone and it was dark out. “Maybe I should go back home.” She said. She wasn’t making much progress. And she was starting to feel a little sick. She knew she wasn’t sopposed to be here. But this was her mission.

It was now almost daylight and Jane was getting tired of walking . As she was about to sit down on a nearby rock, she heard someones voice. “ Am I just imagining it?” Jane said out loud. She wondered if the voice was coming from behind her. She looked behind her but no one was there. Jane decided to go ahead and see what was in front of her. She walked slowly through the grass, careful to lift up her skirt so that the dew wouldn’t get it wet. It wasn’t expensive or fancy. It was just a plain cotton dress, but Jane loved it. She thought the blue color looked beautiful on her. It matched her eyes too! She looked and looked but could see no one. “Where is that voice coming from?” Jane asked anxiously to herself. She finally found where the voice was coming from. As she bent over a cliff she could see that there was a man, he wore a long robe and his hair was parted down the middle of his bald head. His voice came out strong and clear, “Jucht saut du blous se chaunt.” The stranger said. He paused and looked up and exclaimed, “ Oh Lord God. How art thou with me? For You are my God.” What is he saying? Jane asked herself. She looked and saw that he was holding a Bible. Maybe he’s reciting verses? Jane thought. As she looked out to the man below Jane remembered something about church. Jane had gone to church service many times when she was little. She always felt bored when she was there. The church building was quiet, always smelled dusty and was full of rich perfume and incense that the priests burned. She couldn’t talk or do anything during the service. She had to sit as still as she could, and sometimes Jane would understand a little bit of what the minister was saying. Most of the time Jane didn’t understand what the priest said. It was in a language called Latin. To her it was an alien language. She didn’t understand why she had to go to church at all. There was a time that she remembered that she would never forget. Jane had always been very sick since she was a baby. Sonetimes she had fevers and couldn’t eat. She would lie on her bed, and not be able to move. It was a terrible feeling, being sick. She would lay awake crying many nights. Just a couple of months ago a physician came to her house and tried to figure out was wrong with her, not even he knew what was wrong with her. Time and time again he said it was a fever that would soon pass, but it never did pass. Jane continued to get weaker and weaker. It was during those times that she would feel “her secret friend.” He would sit by her bed and comfort her. She could always hear him talking to her, but she never saw him. She thought this was extremely awkward. She wondered if anyone else experienced this. Even when she tried to ignore this thing, he’d always come right back. He comforted her when she was hurting, and he still did today. After awhile of futile trys to get her better her mother finally took her to church to see if the priest could heal her. As she walked towards the front, she felt a deep aching in her. She was nervous. She didn’t want to have anything to do with this red robed man, who was covered with jewels and silk from head to toe. He seemed proud of his rich clothing. For some reason she despised this man because he never seemed nice. Just cold like a dead statue that was only meant to be looked at. She knew she wasn’t sopposed to think such things. The priest was to be respected. Most of the time she kept this to herself. As her mother sat beside her that day , she could feel her legs knocking together. Her whole body felt sick. She watched as the pope slowly walked over. His big body glided across the floor with his robe trailing behind. He came over and took a seat at the chair opposite to where they were sitting. He and Janes mother quietly talked for a little bit. Jane somehow knew that were talking about her fevers. Jane watched as he put one hand on his lap and with the other he fingered with a gold ring on his thumb . He sat straight with his heavy robe covering his entire body. He looked perfect. There was not one wrinkle on his robe. Not one stain. Jane wondered how anyone could be so perfect. Was it possible? How could he walk so gracefully without tripping on that robe? How could he not stutter during his sermons? She had never heard him stutter before. He always spoke in a quiet, deep mellow voice. His eyes always seemed to go right through her. She would just sit staring at his robe and eyes, and not really listen to what he was saying.“Dear child.” “h-h-huh?” Jane said as the voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “Dear child, the priest said, Bow your head as I bless you.” Jane silently bowed her head, and watched by the corner of her eyes as the pope reached into a bowl and pulled out a rag. He took the rag and dipped it into some herbs mixed with oil and wiped it on her head. Then he took some incense and waved around her body. Jane was feeling a little sleepy as she listened to him praying over her body. Would God ever heal her? Everything was quiet, she started to feel bored. Suddenly she looked and saw something bright flash behind the priest. It was bright and shimmering. It looked like diamonds and one part of it looked like water. She could see right though it, it wasn’t a animal, or just a stream of light, she could tell it was a human form. “Ohhh!” She said quietly. She felt excited and a little scared. She wondered why her mother wasn’t saying anything. Did she not see it? The only part she could see was the feet. As she watched though partly closed eyes, she saw the figure come closer and closer. “Who is this thing?” Jane thought in her head. “Could it be Mary or St peter? The shining figure drew closer and closer until it was almost to her. Her eyes blinded. Her heart beat faster and faster. Finally the only thing she could see was light. In a moment everything seemed to flood out of her memory, the only thing she could see was bright light. She tried to gasp or cry out but she couldn’t. She started panicking when she heard a voice. …”Jane do not be afraid, for it is I. The one you talk to so often. I am going to heal you.” Jane started feeling excited. “ What are you, and how can you heal me?” She said. “ I am He, I can do what I want. And I will heal you. I love you.” “ What’s your name? Jane asked. I hear you so often! I know your real now.” “ I am king of both heaven and earth.” The voice said. “But whats your name?” Jane asked. “I am he.” Was all it said. The light began dimming and he started to disappear. “Wait! Don’t go! Jane cried. Will I ever see you again?” “ I’m always with you.” It said, as it disappeared.
Jane opened her eyes and cleared her throat. “Mother.” She said. She was able to speak again! “Mother!” she looked up. The pope watched with wide eyes as she spoke. She gasped, “Mother I saw a bright light, and it was right behind the pope, and I talked to it, and..” “ My dear, you are talking, you shouldn’t be talking while the pope is blessing you. Her mother said wide eyed. “You want him to heal you, don’t you?” “Someone else said he is going to heal me!” Jane said. “Hes going to make me all better!” “What is thee child talking about?” The priest said wide-eyed. “Jane.” Her mother said putting her hands on her shoulders. Who are you talking about?” “The bright person that was behind the pope. Didn’t you see him?” “ What did he say his name was?” Janed mother asked. She looked earnestly and sternly into Janes eyes. Jane could see the faint glint of a tear. “ It.. was.. he. That’s all he said.” “The pope stood up, and looked at her. Was it st. peter? I..I don’t know. All he said was that he’d make me well and that his name was he. The pope stood staring at Jane for a moment, then said slowly and plainly, “Let us go on.” He laid a hand on her shoulder and sat her down. “Wait! Who was it?” Jane asked. “My child.” He said. I’m afraid thee is getting sicker and sicker.” Janes mother nodded her head and looked at Jane with concern in her eyes. “You must take the child home for rest.” Jane felt angry. “ Why won’t you answer me? Didn’t you see him? Who was he?” But the pope said nothing. Jane looked at her mom feeling exasperated. “But, mother. I’m telling the truth. I saw him. He spoke to me. He promised he’d heal me.” Janes mother laid a hand on her head. “Jane, you feel feverish. I’m going to take you home.” “Janes mother looked at the priest and crossed her hands across her forehead and chest as a cross symbol. “Thank you.” She said. Janes mother took Janes hand and led her home. After lying her on her bed she said, “Oh my little Jane. When will you be taken from me?” A tear rolled down her cheek. “I’m not going to be taken from you mother. Jane said. I’m going to be healed!” Her mother planted a kiss on her forehead. “Lets hope so.” She said as she wiped a tear from her eyes and walked away. From that time since the stranger visited her, Jane felt better. She didn’t have as many fevers as she used to. Although she felt better she still felt sick at certain times, and would have to have a physician. Sometimes she felt like her sickness would never go away, and that she’d probably be sick forever. One thing Little Jane would never forget though, was the stranger. Somehow she was still communicating with him. He was the cause of that warm sunshine feeling that she felt. She knew that it was him.

Jane bent over in the grass, looking at the stranger “Who was this man?” She wondered. The man seemed to be speaking to something in the sky. She crept a little closer, careful not to step on any branches or leaves. “Oh God, thee art my savior. You guide thy steps with thy hands, and wash the feet of the sinners. You created the heavens and the earth. You purified both man and animal.” The stranger said. Jane looked closely at him. He was very young to be a monk or priest. Around thirty maybe. He had a little bit of a beard, and his eyes were bright brown. They seemed to glitter when he talked. Jane blushed looking down. She wasn’t a little girl anymore and She thought that he was very handsome. He reminded her of a knight. She had seen a knight one time. He was riding a horse though the town. He stopped to wave as he went by, and he had sparkling eyes, flowing black hair, and a look of confidence and bravery. Jane never forgot him and wondered what it would be like to marry a knight. Would she fight along side of him? Would he save her from dangers? Jane listened to the man speak, and crept closer and closer to the edge of the hill. “Oh Lord thou has made the heavens!” He said. Jane realized he was holding a pen. It looked like it was made from a quail feather. The tip was long and black looking. It shimmered in the sunshine. She saw him dip his pen in ink, and then draw it back out careful not to drip any on himself. “Whats he writing?” Jane thought. Was it a book, or maybe he was writing a letter?” Jane leaned over to get a closer look when all of a sudden she felt something slide out from beneath her. Before she could do anything, she felt herself falling and then she felt nothing.

“Ohhh!” Jane cried. She tried to get up, but couldn’t. She struggled to see, but the only saw was blackness. She tried shouting, but couldn’t. She was about to completely black out, when she saw a shadow move over her, then she heard a muffled voice saying, “Child.”

Jane opened her eyes. Everything was bright and weird looking. When she looked she could only see little colored dots floating around. She struggled to see, and looked up. Standing over was the stranger. Her heart started beating. “Thank God your all right! He said. “I thought God had surely taken you.” Where am I? Jane asked. Jane wanted to run, but she was too weak to move. “What happened?” Jane asked.The stranger looked at her and smiled. “ Well apparently your at the bottom of the hill that you just fell off of, and you were eves dropping on a certain stranger. “ Do you live in the city?” Y-yes right by the gate.” “What are you doing so far from home?” Umm.. I needed to do something.” “But why would you want to go so far from home? The stranger asked again. Its too dangerous to be out here at this time of the morning .You should be behind those city gates, safe and secure!” “I know”, Jane said looking down. “Your not going to hurt me or kidnap me are you?” She said with tear stained eyes. Jane and was relieved to hear him say, “No, I won’t.” He bent down and looked into her eyes. “So what’s your name?” Jane was a little overtaken by this. She expected him to grab her by the arm and drag her home. After gathering up her courage Jane finally smiled and bravely said, “My name’s Jane.” “What’s yours?” She asked. My name is Martin Luther he said. “Excuse me, can I ask you something? What were you writing?” Martin Luther stood up. “What was I writing? Well my dear I shall show you.” Jane watched as Luther got up and walked to a pile of parchment papers lying in the grass. He picked up a large book. It was the same one Jane had seen him reading. Jane was glad that she remembered it. At least the fall hadn’t damaged her memory! The book must have been heavy because he looked like he was about to drop it. Jane saw him struggling and ran over. “ Here let me help you! She said. “ Thank you! That would be very nice.” He said grinning. He has such a nice smile. Jane thought, and then blushed. After they finally got the book to where he wanted it, Jane sat down. “Jane. Have you ever read the New
Testament?” “Yes…I have a few times in service.” Jane said quietly. “ May I ask you a question? Luther said. “Have you ever understood what the pope was saying or did you just pretend to understand?” Jane looked at him awkwardly. “Why was he asking such a question?” “Well, I kind of..” she paused. Not really.” Jane didn’t want to make him mad. She knew how grownups were about religion, so she added earnestly “But, we should always listen to him because he is a messenger sent by God.“That’s partly right.” The stranger said. Jane looked at him wide eyed. “How can it not be right? I thought you were a priest?” She said looking at him. Luther smiled. “At one time I was a monk. I served in the church for a very long time. I felt like I had to do this because of the pain I had to go through as a child. My joys had been taken away from me when I was very young.” “What happened? Jane asked. Luther paused and looked at her. “My father was a very stern… and angry man. He was impossible to get along with. He would go into long periods of rage. I had a older brother. He and my father got into a big fight. “What happened?” Jane asked. “Its too difficult to understand at your age.” “I sort of understand though. My fathers like that.” Jane said quietly,looking into Luthers brown eyes. She was surprised to see that he was listening. This was one of the first times a grown up was listening to her, other than her mother at certain times, and grandmother st other times. She was beginning to like Luther already. “He can be scary when he’s mad and he even beats on me and mother sometimes.” She said. “He does, does he? I can understand completely what you feel like.” Luther bent down and picked a piece of bread up from his flask. “I’m feeling a little bit hungry. Would you like some bread?” Jane was about to agree, when she remembered the piece of sweet bread that she had never eaten. She hungrily took it out. “Before long though, I realized that it wasn’t the right job for me. I realized that God had a bigger plan for me.” He taught me something during my monastery life. All men have fallen short of the glory of God. You cannot keep sinning.” Luther said. “I thought that was normal, sir? To sin?” Jane asked, her eyes widening. “All I need to do is confess and my holy father forgives me. Isnt that true?” Luther looked at her. “Thats partly true Jane, but there was a man way before our times that already payed for our sins.” “What’s his name?” Jane asked. “His name was Jesus.” “Jesus?” Jane asked. She’d heard the name mentioned before. “He ,Jane, was the man who made your life possible.” Luther said. “He died on a cross for your sins.” Sins? Son of God? Jane felt confused. “What do you mean? I confess and God forgives me. I confess to the priest!” Luther looked at her, his expression was now serious. Jane wondered if she had said something wrong. Luther looked up towards the sky, then Luther looked at Jane and smiled. “My child it is difficult to explain who Jesus really is. But I can tell you he was really Gods son and he payed for your sins my child. You should always pray to God but you can never pay for your sins by just confessing to a man who proclaims himself to be God. I know the pope that teaches in your town. And if you ask me, he is definately not a son of God! He cannot forgive sins! He is only a man!” “So I was right about him.” Jane whispered. Jane looked at him and slowly the words that she had been keeping inside of her for so long, came out. “Sir, I believe in what you say. The priest is just like any other man. When he tried to heal me from my sickness he couldn’t heal me. But there was something that I saw in service ,one time ,that I thought was was very strange.” “What was that?” Luther asked. “ My mother had brought me to be healed from a sickness I’ve had for a long time. When father was blessing me I saw a bright light, and I saw a man! He told me he’d heal me. And… there was something else.” “This is a very amazing story. Tell me more Jane. What happened next?” Jane looked at him. At that second, she wanted so much to tell him her secret. She had never told her secret before. Never in her life. She wanted to tell him about this person that she could not see. She looked down. “I..I’m not sure I cant tell you.” “Jane you can tell me anything. I won’t tell anyone.” Luther said, looking into her eyes. “ I want to hear what you have to say.” Luther said. “Tell me more, Jane. What happened next?” Then all at once, Jane told about her mission, and about her secret friend. How he always seemed to watch her, and how she always felt that light sunshine feeling. Jane looked at the stranger and expected him to laugh. Instead, he looked at her and smiled. “Jane. My dear little girl you have come to the right place to find out who your special friend is.” “Did he really know who he was? “I have ?” Jane asked. She started feeling excited. Could what this stranger be saying, really be true? Did he really know? Was he really real? “Sir, tell me more!” She exclaimed. Luther looked at her and smiled. “I have waited a long time to tell this news. I am about to tell you something that priests or your parents can never teach you. Something very amazing. Let me show you something.” Luther said. Luther walked over to the stack of books and grabbed a page that was written in ink. He brought it over and showed it to her. She could see that different parts of the paper were stained with ink splotches and wine spills. It looked like just an ordinary letter or book. Somewhat like a journal. But there was something about it that caught her attention. Luther looked at her. “This Jane, is the beginning of something new. I have been translating the book of the New Testament into English so that everyone can read it. Luther began. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Jane listened and as she listened she grew more and more excited. Luther told her about the man Jesus who worked miracles and healed the sick, how he brought people to life, was born in the manger, how earth was created, and the story of the Moses that sent plagues to change the pharaohs mind and set the people free. Then he told her how Jesus brought people back to life and even healed a little girl like her. Jane couldn’t believe it. “What a great man this Jesus was!” She thought. “He did so many amazing things!” she said. “Why isn’t anyone ever talking about him? “Jane, it is because of man. The pope and priest are too ashamed to tell of his great works. They are too stuck in religion of the saints and themselves to tell the people the truth . They are liars who teach only for money. Somewhat like the Pharisees. I extremely dislike them. I was like them once, but I learned the truth. If you want, you and I can tell the whole village about him. Would you like to do that?” “Yes! I would!” Jane said. “Very good.” Luther said. He walked over and put the sheet of paper back on the top of the books. He walked back to where Jane was and sat down.“But first, I must tell you something else. It’s something you really need to hear.” He held out his hand. Come take a walk with me.” “Ok!” Jane said smiling. She grabbed his hand and he pulled her up.They both walked down the hill. Deer and birds scattered in every direction as the walked through the meadow. Luther paused. “Jane ,there’s more to the story. There’s more I must tell you.” This man had a happy ending. But before that, something bad had to happen for him to fullfil the scriptures and so that we’d all be set free.” “You mean he died?” Jane asked. She felt afraid. What if this great man really was dead? Was all this that this man had been saying just another tale of a human like her? Luther told her how Jesus suffered and was beaten. And how He later died on the cross,and how they nailed his hands and feet to the cross and whipped him. Jane quivered and shook. She tried not to cry. How could such a kind man die so tragically? “What happened next marked the history for all mankind.” Luther said. The curtain in the temple, that separated the priests from the townpeople split in half during a earthquake that erupted after Jesus’s death.” From that time on, God allowed us, you and me, to freely worhip. The people back then didn’t have to offer sacrifices anymore for their sins. All they had to do was ask him to forgive them. There was something else too.” “What was that?” Jane asked. “Have you ever heard of heaven and hell?” “Yes. Before.” “We go to heaven when we die, and the bad people go to hell. Sometimes though, if you do lots of great works ,for that person, he will be saved.” “That’s partly true. Luther said. Its more than works though. Much more.” “It is?” Jane asked. You mean I wont go to heaven?” “No. I’m not saying that. Luther said. But that will never get you to heaven. There’s something else you must do first. You must confess to God that you are a sinner, you must believe in Jesus, and believe that He died for your sins. That’s what will get you to heaven.” “T…thats a lot to remember.” Jane said. “It isn’t. Its very simple. I’ll help you Jane. Would you like to be saved from your sins?” Jane thought about all that the man had just told her. She couldn’t believe that she was finally finding out something so important. She knew all along that there was more to just praying. She remembered different times when she had looked at the sky and wondered how everything came to be, and if there was someone else that made the earth out there. It’s funny how the priest mentioned about Mary and the Apostles but never about Jesus and creation, who made her. Now she finally knew. “Yes sir. I’d like to be saved!”

A wind blew against the meadow grass and trees, as the man and girl bent over on their knees. Everything was silent. The birds stopped singing, and the only sound was the quiet, whispering of a little child and a grown man. Tears came and slid down Janes cheeks as she professed her sins, and told Jesus how she believed in him. As she was praying, the sun burst through the clouds and slowly went through the whole valley, filling every dark and shadowed spot, until it got to where the little girl and the stranger were. As the sunshine warmed her she started to feel that same sunshine feeling. Yes. The same feeling that had come to her so many times. She finished praying and looked up to heaven to see the sunshine pouring down. There was a sharp pain in her chest. As if something was pulling at her. She felt happy and dizzy all at once.“Jesus, I love you.” She said. She felt someone holding her as she cried. “My child.” She heard. She tried to look at the stranger, but he was no longer there. Her eyes blinded as light flooded over her. The pain that had been in her chest was gone.The flood of light seemed to get brighter and brighter. Jane felt a feeling growing bigger and bigger inside of her. She felt that warm, sunshine feeling, it grew and grew. This time it wouldn’t go away. Jane no longer felt dizzy. She looked up. All that she saw was brightness. A voice interrupted her thoughts. “Jane come here.” Jane slowly walked towards the voice. She felt light and happy. For some reason, she felt like laughing. As Jane walked towards the light, she looked up and saw a man. His face was white as snow. “Jane” the voice said. Jane immediately bowed down on her knees. It was like no voice she had ever heard. A voice called out. “My dear little Jane, it is I. Jane crept closer to the man in shining clothes. “Come closer so that I may see you.” He said. The man smiled as she approached him. Jane could see his pearly white teeth as he smiled, and beams of light shone in between them. His eyes shined like diamonds, and she could feel them look right through her. She was bewildered. Where was she? Who was he? The man then looked at her. “You are healed.” The man said. “ I have set you free. “I am He. I am the one who knelt beside you when you were hurting. I am your Father now.” I am your secret friend. “Who are you?” Jane asked. Who could this great person be? She thought. My name.. is Jesus.” Could it be? It was! “Jesus!!” Jane cried. She flew towards her new friend, tears coming down her face. A light surrounded her and in a minute she was in his arms. Earth was no longer her home, she had found her friend at last.

Luther knelt down and cradled the girl against his chest. He knew she was gone. He knew that nothing would ever bring her back. “Oh Lord! He said. God bless this child! The wind blew across his face as he looked down towards the village and hills below. “Jane is free now. She has finally found her friend.”. “She has found Jesus! Let others find Him as she has. With that, he turned and walked down the hill with a smiling Jane in his arms.

A little while after that, Luther fought against the pope and priests and won many people to the Lord. Janes mother and sister came to know Jesus. Luther won the gospel to the people so they could understand the New Testament completely, and soon became a famous man in history. Janes little white grave is still there, a remembrance of a brave little girl who set out with a secret and finished with a new heart. Her name was Jane, and her friend was Jesus.

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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