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Homosexuality- God disapproves
by hannah mcclure
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Now About the homosexuality thing. I know a lot of people question this. A lot of people have been saying it's okay. Even advertising it on the news but there's a lot of danger in that.
Some Christians agree that it's okay, some don't. If you're a Christian why do you agree?

Yes, I do believe that you should love the sinner and hate what he does. What do you think Jesus would do? He certainly wouldn't be mean to that perso,n but he would try to change him.

MtV and reality shows try to distort his image to a crackpot, a retard, crazy, homo, a ordinary man who just called himself a god. WRONG. Hes none of these. You see the world tries to mix up jesus's image to make him what they want to be. To feel safe, not uncomfortable. Theres a phrase everyones doing it.

Homos need a lot of prayer and need to repent.

Yes, many people are saying the world is becoming a newer world, but actually its becoming more and more sinful. This is a sign that the end of times are coming very soon.

There's a verse in the Bible that says that if immoral people do not repent and change from their ways they will perish in hell. And if the Bible says that, then God's definitely not going to change his ways.

If he wrote it plainly in ink, then do you think he would go against himself? Do you think he would allow sin into the world and become like some new age hippie guy that says Jesus smokes dope.No picture saying that to yourself. I'm stupid. Doesnt work.

Modern society, and the worlds tearing us apart. Tearing down our barrier.

There are Christians turning away from him. God says our spiritual leaders need not to be involved in sin. Not in homosexuality or murdering, or anything else. God also says that christian leaders should not be involved in sin. Not in homosexuality or any other sin. There are pastors today who distort that image.

Do you think God would become like Satan himself, who brought sin into the world, and allow people to be homosexuals?

The Bible says you will be renewed by His word. This explains that the Bible's always new. So it's never old. It has the ten commandments in it. Without that we wouldn't be a country. And when the twin towers came down, people thought the world was ending. When the hurricane struck New Orleans, it happened to be one of the most sinful places of the world. With gay parades and marti gras.God got may have gotten rid of it just like sodom and gomorrah.

In the Bible God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah which were filled with gay people. In the bible god destroyed sodom and gomorrah which were filled with gay people. He
tried to change their ways but, when they didn't he had to destroy them.The whole city burned down with people inside. Picture it. One lady looked back at the siful city and was turned to a pillar of salt because God told her not to look back and it was so sinful thats what happened. Sounds crazy huh? It actually happened though. So do you think he hates them? NO. He wants them to change. He loves them. But when they won't change, he has no choice but to destroy them someday.

Now I know you may be wondering if they are saved and are a lesbian will they go to heaven? Thats like asking if I keep murdering will the policeman accept me for murdering because thats just me,thats who I am, doing that sin, and let me keep doing it? No he'll be jailed. Well, the Bible says to change from your ways and be saved. He doesnt say believe in him and God accepts you for who you are and youll be saved. It says change from every sin and stop doing it to be completely saved.

When someone invites Jesus into his/her heart, he's cleansing himself of all his sins. That includes homosexuality. If a homosexual goes and keeps doing it, then what's the use of god? He's definitely not saved. God will just cast him into hell. Women and men were made for each other. Do you think God would go, Oops! I think I'll have Adam turn on Steve. No God hates that. He loves that person but like the son that went astray from his father, God cant do anything. He gave each of us a will. The right to do right or wrong.

And that homosexual will go to hell. It might be tiny in our sight but is big in Gods sight.

He designed a special lady for Steve. He wanted them to be partners forever. Gays try to say the Bible's wrong and that its a bunch of blasphemy. They may accept some verses, but God wants you to read the entire Bible. Not bits and pieces. He wants us to OBEY it.

They're not obeying the Bible so yes. They're sinful. Just like people who sleep with people their not married to.

It's kind of like the evolution theory. Most people have followed that. They don't want to obey rules in the Bible. I have so much evidence that says evolution's wrong. Same thing with homosexuality. When I say that word you should freak out, but if you don't then you're used to it because you believe just as the world does.

You've become like one of those mtv zombies that think only sin is good.

I'll be praying for you that you believe the right way. I know that God's always on my side. Is he on yours? Or are you just pushing him away? Do you even ask him about what he thinks of homosexuality? He'd tell you the same thing he told me. He disapproves.

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Clifford Tate  05 Feb 2008
Your interpretation of God's word regarding His stance on homosexuality is correct. Don't let any mis-guided liberal person change what the Holy Spirit has written. Many people today are making an idol God up in their hearts. I read her article and I fully disagree. I'm sure these type of births occured even during the time of Moses and others in the Old Testament. The only thing we all are born with is a corrupt nature and that's why we need a new one. (See Ezekiel 36:25-27) It's Christ that has done all the work in salvation and satification. Anyone that wants to be saved can be saved. Read my article "How did God design us to Function Sexually?" Always saty in the truth. There is much heresy in the church today.
hannah mcclure 21 Oct 2007
Heather Ross 05 Sep 2007
I don't think God 'got rid' of New Orleans, I use to agree with this. But when I read the scriptures, God just backs off as we back off from Him, yikes! Homosexuals, as in Romans, God will let their minds go reprobate. Our sins begat sin which begats greater till destruction, like a snowball down a hill. I have found by concentrating on the sin, the sinner is sinning by, my mind starts thinking destructively, which makes me realize I am now sinning, which calls me to repenting. This sin thing is like a virus, isn't it? Priests and marriage, they are thinking since they represent Christ on earth that they must be like the Savior, therefore, no marriage, to me, the whole thing is a head scratcher. God can not cast out Himself, Satan can not cast out Satan. God loves the sinner but hates the sin. He loves His creation but the creation chooses sin over Him, He gives them up to their sins. Meanwhile, Satan is happy because he knows that this hurts God, and when one falls into hell because of his sins, Satan knows it is again hurting God. God made Adam, then as He created animals, He watched Adam, and identified a need Adam had that God could not fill so He made a woman, not a Steve. Everything about her was different from Adam. Heard homosexuals have made a new translation of the Bible? Yeah, gender appropriate, and different meanings to a lot of teaching. Nothing about homosexuality being wrong. See, you can make a appropriate gender god, huh? BUT, read the last page in Revelation, about changing, removing, adding, to the Word of God. It ain't good. We know God didn't change His mind but man thought he would help God and change it for Him, 'now God, that's better!' Making a god for our self-righteousness, to fit our lifestyle, and our sins! VOILA! I don't understand the homosexuals tactic of homophobia, I think it is a 'vogue' word, that looks good and sounds good, but fear homosexuals? nahhhh! I take care of them, I want to be able to reach their hearts, to be reasonable in my discussions and yet not jeopardize the Word. I am working on this part. I practice at home, how to say, or repeat it, and keep at it, until I get it right. Do you find it interesting that homosexuals are using tactics like bombarding schools, media, tv, movies, etc to desensitize society so they can spread their message that being homosexual is good, perfect will of god, and acceptable. I would find it interesting if we, as christians, would bombard hell back and be bold, not stop when we are witnessing because we think we are coming on too strong (heard an elderly lady say that), and push back the doors of our churches and take it to the streets! I am still learning to and I want to be right in what I say, I know you love God, and if you are like me, even protectively! Everyone reacts differently, what works for one doesn't phase another. Somehow God leads us and brings us people that help hone our skills. Keep learning, keep growing, because tomorrow the fight gets tougher! I am also working on my techniques of witnessing with the Way of The Master so I can be ready to answer questions. It is fun to do. You know we are all trying to live for Jesus. In all our imperfection He knows we want to please Him, we will get better in how we come across, speak, and relate, and boy, then the world better make way, here we come! AMEN! qbee_75@hotmail.com
Patricia Casey 01 Sep 2007
I pray you will read my article "God and Sex." I address many of your questions and viewpoints. Please don't read it in your own understanding or even your understanding of Scripture. I would ask that you pray that God gives you His understanding as you read. Sometimes we can be confident in our own understanding of God's Word. I've done that many times. When we take away our confidence in our own understanding, we can see God's character in amazing ways that we would never understand on our own. I pray for God's will in your walk with Him. Suggested corrections: He certainly wouldn't be mean to that perso,n (person,) but he would try to change them. Do you think he would allow sin into the world and become like some new age hippie guy that says Jesus smokes dope. (change period to ?) Just like people who sleep with people their (they're) not married to. It's kind of like the evolution theory. Most people have followed that. (you may want to change "Most" to "Many" to be more realistic. Many also believe the truth of creation that's in Scripture). In Jesus' Name, Patricia
hannah mcclure 01 Sep 2007
Hey Patricia. I'm glad that you gave your viewpoints to my article, and yes I did read yours. But these words werent mine. They were written by the words of the holy spirit. God says not to judge others but homosexuality is definately wrong, and there are people who say its right.We should be nice to the gay people, yes Jesus would have probably done more, but we're not Jesus.We're only human, and we need to be nice to them and hope they find Christ. If theres any gay people on here, I want you to know that God loves you. You need to give up what your doing because God has better plans for you. God says homosexualitys wrong. Period. Just as bad as murdering or anything else. But, I do want you to know that God loves you. Come to him.


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