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Kiki And Mr Big Businessman
by Traci O
Not For Sale
Author requests article critique


A short story for Young Women
About Zany Relationships

Kiki found herself embroiled in something she’d heard about all of her life, something that is old as time itself. Getting even with someone who hurt you when you were young and vulnerable!

Reginald had a massive crush on her in high school and after a while she dated him for a short time.
Despite her Mother’s warning, she dumped him unceremoniously one Spring for a handsome guy on the football team.
Poor Reggie became the butt of cruel jokes and teasing. He evidently never recovered from the trauma of the whole thing.

He was one of those quiet but deep thinking people. The kind who could hold a grudge for an eternity. The kind of person who mulled over little hurts, slights and fights for centuries. Also the kind of person who was fiercely competitive.

So now years had passed and as much as she hated to admit it-Mom was right. Reggie was now a big man about town, a successful businessman and had just won a local political election.

Despite her friends warnings, Kiki felt herself strangely interested.
She developed an insatiable interest about what was going on in Reggie’s life.
OH! If she could just go on with her life and stop pouring through the newspapers and the internet for news on him. She just could not stop herself.

One day she decided to call his office.
His secretary, his Aunt, was irritatingly scornful. ’Kiki? What do YOU want with Reggie?”
“You just want to congratulate him on his victory? Oh.…I”ll tell him you called.”

If Reggie did get the message he ignored it because she never heard from him. That did not stop or discourage the determined and crazily obsessed Kiki.
Aunt was just another troll under the bridge that she had to outsmart to get to him.

Where was Jesus in all of Kiki’s shenanigans?

He was there looking at it all. He was there taking in the whole thing.

He was there interceding for this girl who said she loved him, who said she wanted him to be her Lord, but was chasing a prideful, neurotic, stuck on himself possibly criminal man because of his wealth, influence and position.

Kiki decided that the only way she could get to Reggie was to find a friend and weasel his personal cell number from him. And that she did.

She used guile and femininity and flattery one day to pry his number from a fraternity brother. The guy was flattered by her attention and turned over the number easily.

Finally! “Hello. Kiki? What a surprise! How have you been?” Reggie’s voice was that of a smooth worldly individual, used to greeting long lost strangers.
He was amused. “How did you get this number?”

Kiki ignored the question and gushed her congratulations on his campaign and personal success.
He was gracious. They talked briefly about friends and family.

Now for the kicker. “Reg, I was wondering. Would you like to have brunch with me?”
Reggie gave a sardonic laugh. “Kiki are you asking me for a date? Wow! This kind of takes me back to our high school days.”
She assured him “No”, this was not a date. There was just some things she wanted to talk to him about.
Reggie agreed to the brunch and said a final goodbye.

The day of the brunch Kiki put on her best Donna Karan and looked in the mirror.
“Now that I starved myself last week, I almost look like I did in high school. Well, not quite. She did cut her hair so that she looked just like the girl in the high school year book.
Just like the girl Reggie remembered.

The doorman was polite and accommodating. Kiki parked on the street and gave him a tip to watch her car.
This place was amazing. You had to give out your card number just to get a reservation. Reggie will really be impressed.

The waiter sat Kiki in an area that had am impressive view of the river and colorful, majestic boats and schooners passing by the restaurant.

Then the wait began. 15 minutes. 30 minutes. 40 minutes. And hour. An hour and 15 minutes. Kiki sat perplexed and and in deep thought.
Reggie said he’d be here.

She did not know what to do. She felt like a fool. Reggie did not answer his phone, the first time, the second, or the third time she called.
She got her purse and left.

Two days later Reggie was on the phone with a huge apology. Kiki did not know what to do. Should she believe him?
“Something came up and I could not make it”, he pleaded. “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”
Kiki knew that her phone did not ring during the time she sat in that restaurant!

What was this? Reggie sounded so genuine.
What she did not know was that his fraternity brothers were listening to the whole thing on another line, trying not to burst into laughter.
She told him that it was okay and agreed to a rain check. Then she hung up.

Reggie and his fraternity brother fell to the floor in laughter. They kicked the furniture as they attemped to release all of the pent up giggles inside.
“What a joke! “You really got her, man!”
“Can you imagine her sitting in that restaurant in her little ankle breaker high heels looking at her watch?’
The thought of it sent them into uncontrollable guffaws.

Poor Kiki. She had fallen into a bad situation. She had fallen into the hands of the Revenge Monster.
The Revenge Monster uses guile to play pranks on unsuspecting people.

The Revenge Monster influences people who are full of bitterness and trickery to carry out his cruel little vignettes.

Poor Reggie. Because of his bad experiences in high school, he had never really been free of all of the pain and torment. It was like a volcano inside of him. He loved- hated Kiki but his hate was greater than his love.

He had said all along that one day he would get even with Kiki-that one day she was going to get just what she deserved for making him feel so little in front of so many. He just didn’t know he was going to be the one to do it.

Yep, Reggie was having a good time making a fool out of Kiki.
He planned to think up more interesting and delightfully cruel things to do to her in the future!
His fraternity brothers who had become his surrogate family, helped him and urged him on. Pathetic. 30 year old men still playing pranks like college freshman!

One day Kiki sat talking to her best buddies.
No nonsense Bobbie told her, “Let sleeping dogs lie. And if there is a sleeping dog, Reggie is the number one dog.”
Wise Seleste agreed, “He hangs too close to his fraternity brothers. Men like that are full of the devil.”

Kiki listened, but it did not compute.
Obsession is a terrible thing. Worst of all she knew he was not a Christian. Reggie was a chameleon who became whatever he needed to be to get what he wanted.

She knew all of this but that did not stop her. There had to be a way to get Reggie to love her again and to get him born again.
There was a way. She just had to figure it out.
She nodded her head now, acknowledging Bobbie’s and Seleste wise words, but her mind was far from them.

Where was Jesus in this second adventure? He was right there as always. Watching for Kiki, trying to buffet her fall, trying to give her his word, but again, she would not listen.

She slowed down on her calls to Reggie after the restaurant fiasco.

Then one day he called her out of the blue.
His favorite fraternity brother lounged on a sofa nearby with a cap over his mouth to muffle any loose giggles he might emit .

“Lets have a picnic…” Reggie was saying.

Kiki was not enthused and a little suspicious.


“Right now. I’ll send over a limo for you.”

Suddenly Kiki was interested. Going on a picnic in a limo! Now that’s living. “What should I wear?”
Reggie was cool and confident, ”Sports clothes. We are just going to the park.”

Kiki got ready. She put on an attractive white pants outfit, got her purse
and waited for the limo.

Twenty minutes later she heard a terrible racket. Peering out the window she saw a broken down old truck spewing smoke, coughing oil, and backfiring. “What…”

A guy rushed to her door. “Are you Kiki?”

“I’m Sam,” the guy said, coughing and trying to clear his throat,

“The limo broke down and I had to use this truck to pick you up. Mr. Reggie doesn’t know. He told me to bring you to the park! Please don’t tell him. I don’t want to lose my job. Maam, just get in. Mr. Reggie will be there shortly.”

“No,” Kiki stood uncertain. “I am not going to get in that truck.”

“Please Maam, get in the truck. Mr. Reggie can have me fired. He is a very powerful man. I’ve got a wife and three kids to feed. Please Maam, just get in.”

You or I would not have gotten into that truck. You or I do not care about Reggie, Mr. Big Business Man.

You and I would have recognized another senseless prank and tasteless joke from that insane man, but not Kiki. She was scheming herself. She had a master plan herself.
And maybe Sam was telling the truth! That’s the thing about pranks and pranksters-they make it seem so real.
Kiki thought the situation over. Maybe she would just play along.
She wanted some things in her life that only a man like Reggie could provide. She got into the truck.

Sam put the key in the ignition.
The truck spewed and sputtered and coughed and finally took off. Kiki sat holding her breath, perched on a newspaper to keep her clothes clean. Halfway to the park, Sam stopped the truck.

He again apologized profusely and told her that he did not think the truck would make it.
He got out to look under the hood.

Kiki got out to catch her breath. This was the craziest thing that ever happened to her. To expect to ride in a limo and end up in a wreck!

Across the street she saw a couple of well dressed men looking at her from a sports car with tinted windows, but thought nothing of it.

Then…a window slowly rolled down a few inches.Click!

Did one of those guys just take a picture? Did he just take another picture? Did he just take another ‘nother picture?
Kiki turned her back to the men in the sports car and quickly told Sam to take her home.

“What happened,” Reggie demanded on the phone,trying his best not to lose his composure, muffling his laughter, “I waited for you but you did not show up!”
Kiki was mad but did not know who to be mad with. Suppose Sam was telling the truth!
So she said nothing.

In the background Reggie’s fraternity brothers wiped tears of laughter from their eyes as they surveyed the just developed pictures of Kiki standing beside the old smoking, heaving wreck of a truck. “Oh man, oh man! Looka that limo!´they guffawed.

Did I mention that they were in their thirties?

Where was Jesus in this troubling time of Kiki‘s young, silly, rebellious embarrassing life? He was right there. He still believed. He never gave up. He sent his comforters. He sent his love, but Kiki still was not convinced.

A couple of months passed. She no longer called Reggie anymore.

Strangely enough, whenever she stopped calling, he called even more. He kept her confused and frustrated.
The pranks stopped too, for a while, but he was still scheming, untruthful,and distant.

Kiki attended a banquet with Reggie one night. He told her what to wear from shoes, to dress, to purse.
He even told her where to get her hair done!

At the banquet she was very uncomfortable. He seemed peeved when she spoke to anyone other than himself. He was constantly on guard, a perfectionist. He warned her not to get involed in any kind of debates with anyone. Her opinion was not needed.
Simply put, he wanted her to be a trophy—arm candy.

After dinner, Kiki committed the ultimate crime-she burped. It wasn’t a loud burp, as a matter of fact it was a muffled under the napkin burp, but a burp nonetheless.
No one heard it but Reggie. Still he was disgusted and refused to speak to her for at least thirty minutes.
Bitterly she wondered if Reggie ever burped.

Okay, she realized that she had messed up.The next couple of months Kiki spent a lot of time alone, in tears, in reflection, and prayer.
She still tried to make it right. When she called Reggie, he was rude and distant. Then she would ignore him and he would pursue her. She often heard about his dating others.

Despite her foolishness, God heard her prayers. He was still working on the situation and slowly bringing back his child from her rebelliousness and pain.
And one night changed her whole life.

Kiki got out of bed one night, got down on her knees and repented. She repented for ignoring what she knew was right. She repented for chasing a man who she knew was not a Christian. She repented for ignoring God’s word.

She spent hours on her knees talking to God. The she got up and had the best sleep she’d had in months.

Just before dawn she had a very vivid dream.

She dreamed that she was having a conversation with the Lord.

In the dream, He showed her something that greatly surprised her.
He showed her a girl in a mud pit playing with a big, muddy hog. The girl was patting the hog's head and talking to it.

The caked dirty hog sat grunting and enjoying the attention, but ever so often he rolled over to get more and more mud on himself and the girl was splashed and covered with even more mud.

In the dream God said to her, “That is how I see it when my redeemed daughters are with someone who is spiritually unclean. Someone who does not respect me, honor me, or even believe in me. How long are you going to stay in the mud with the hog?”

Kiki awoke feeling something different. It was called liberty. Freedom. Freedom in Christ. Joy and expectancy.

She thought of Reggie and wrinkled her nose. “Never again, Lord.”

Freedom is a wonderful thing. There is no joy in being with someone who wants to change you into their expectation of what life and success is.

You know you have found your soul mate when you experience love, laughter joy, freedom and are at ease with them.
Although they may want you to improve yourself, they do not make demands on you about your looks, weight, or anything else.
They accept you as you are.

Kiki begin to walk boldly in her new liberty in Christ.
When she thought about Reggie now, it was with a different perspective.

One day Kiki attended a luncheon.
She was having a very good time when she spotted Reggie, Mr. Big Businessman.
He was surrounded by people fawning over him.
He saw her and nodded.
She smiled brightly and began walking toward him. Reggie drew himself up in dignity and authority befitting his importance.

“Oh Lord,” Kiki prayed, “Please forgive me for what I am about to do!”
She walked up to Reginald with her hand extended. He reached out for a handshake---She walked right past him and shook hands with the man standing behind him!

Got him! Reggie was insulted, and angry. Some people standing by stifled their laughter at the insult. Kiki thought he deserved it after that wrecked truck prank.
Reggie was livid. His every glance screamed, "She did not respect my authority!"

Kiki turned momentarily and nodded to Reggie, but before he could say anything, she walked away.

It was just an itty bitty prank!

Not at all like the ones Reggie and his graying fraternity brothers played on her!

Whew! Kiki felt refreshed and vindicated.
She went to the ladies room to check her makeup and take a breather.

She made out a list, because she knew what was coming the following week. Crazy, spurned Reggie would try to win her back.
But she no longer wanted to play games with this rattled and messed up individual.

1, Will get my number changed,

2, Will send all cards and flowers from Reggie to the senior citizens home,

3, Will spend more time with Jesus to day…

Thank God for repentance!

Then she walked into the bright sunshine. It was a gorgeous day! Just gorgeous!

James 4:4Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

2 Cor. 6:14,Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?

1 John 2:16, "For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world."

Copyright 2007

Traci O


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