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Get Ready For The Shark Show
by Shirley Williams
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7-7-07 SATURDAY:

My husband and I pondered what to do for our 4th of July vacation time this year. Actually, we were fortunate to have any time this year to even think about vacation, let alone, go anywhere. Since time was short, we decided to go somewhere close by in our home state of Kentucky. We made plans to go to Newport, Ky., spend the day there and see the Aquarium, which housed all kinds of sea life. This was something we had wanted to do for several years and now was the time.


I was amazed at all the varieties of fish that God had created. The colors of some of them were so beautiful. We saw all kinds of fish, sea turtles, otters, different varieties of birds in the rain forest, alligator’s, penguins, etc., etc. Then, we came to the most feared sea creature---the shark. There are several varieties of the shark. It was incredible!

We came upon an exhibit called, “The Shark Show.” The posters advertised that seeing the show was scary, thus, it promoted fear. The show was a simulated shark attack, as if you, the victim, were in a boat out in the ocean. We went into a darkened U shaped enclosure, stopped in the middle of it while the simulation took place, then came out the other open end.

There was dramatic ‘Jaws’ type music during the show to make it seem scarier. As you looked at the screen in front of you (you’re in a mock cage), supposedly, the waters are infested with larger than life sharks. A shark will come and attack the cage with its body, making the cage shake. One at a time, they will come in close for an attack with their mouth wide open and razor-like teeth bared ready to devour you. Again, the cage will shake during the attack.

Once the ‘Shark Show’ was over, we moved on to go see the Penguins. On our way there, we came to a live shark exhibit where some of the smaller sharks were swimming around. There was said not to bite. As they swam around, you were allowed to put your hand in the water and pet them if you wanted to. I wasn’t sure about that to start with. I mean, a shark is a shark, regardless of the size. But I refused to fear and when one of the larger sharks swam by me, I put my hand in the water and rubbed down its back. It’s skin felt like soft velvet. I was pleasantly surprised.

7-8-07 SUNDAY

When we experienced the ‘Shark Show’ on our day of vacation, I wasn’t thinking prophetically about it. I think my discerner was vacation too. Thank God, it didn’t stay gone for very long. Praise God!

On Sunday morning in church and during worship, there was a prophetic word to come forth. Paraphrase, the Lord said to not give up and let go of His promises. He told us to not let fear over-take us, etc., etc. When this word was being spoken, Holy Spirit quickened to my memory the ‘Shark Show’ from our trip on Saturday.

I know it was only a few moments but within those few moments, He began to teach me about the ‘Shark Show’ and how it relates spiritually to His people. It also confirmed the prophetic word being spoken to the congregation. Our God is so awesome in Who He is, and in all He does, and the way He does the most simple to the miraculous. Hallelujah! Glory to the name of the Lord! He is so worthy to be praised. Amen.

Holy Spirit said to me that going into the darkened enclosure was like stepping out in faith on His logos and prophetic Word. Sometimes, you can’t always see and know where you’re going next in God’s plan for your life. He doesn’t always give us a blueprint to go by in new seasons of change. Therefore, like Abraham, when the prophetic word of the Lord comes, we must obey and step out in faith to go where the Lord will ‘show us.’

God promises:
Psalms 37:23, “The steps of a good (righteous) man are ordered of the Lord: And He delights in
in his way.”

We are not to fear when Holy Spirit brings us into new seasons of change and we don’t yet know exactly what to do or where to go yet. All we may know at the moment is that Holy Spirit said, “Step forward.“ In other words, ‘get moving.’ This one word is enough to step out in faith on. One prophetic word from God can change your life forever for the better. Hallelujah! And when Holy Spirit gives us the “word,” we must put our full trust in the Lord to lead us in His wisdom and not lean to our own understanding (reasoning).

We must hold on to the prophetic word and “war a good warfare with it” (1 Tim.1:18) because satan will come and try to steal it from you. More correctly, he will get you to forfeit God’s prophetic word by convincing you that it won’t come to pass for YOU. This will of course, lead you to have no hope and no faith in the Lord’s prophetic promise to you concerning your purpose in life.

If you believe the lie of satan, you will let go of the “word” and give up believing what God said. Now that you are looking through the eyes of fear, unbelief and defeat, you can no longer see God’s prophetic promise coming to pass for you. You can see it coming to pass for someone else, but not for you. The devil IS a liar! (John 8:44).

1 Timothy 1:18, “This charge I commit unto you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies
which went before on you, that you by them might war a good warfare.”

Is there such a thing as “good warfare?” Yes! It is a war that you win, in Jesus name! But you don’t stand a chance of winning if you don’t engage in the warfare, armed with God’s prophetic word, the blood of Jesus, the Anointing and doing all in the name of Jesus. God calls those things that be not as though they already are. He told Abraham that he was already the father of many nations when he didn’t even have a son. On top of that, Abraham was 99 years old and past his prime. But God saw the end from the beginning. Praise the name of the Lord!

Therefore, when you receive a prophetic word from Holy Spirit about you, your purpose in life, etc. and you think, “that can’t be me.” Remember, God calls those things that be not as though they already are (Romans 4:17). He see what He’s calling you to be and do and He’s prepared to take you through the process to bring you into your purpose and destiny, just like He did Abraham. Just like God prophesied over Abraham that he would become the father of many nations, God took him through the process to become that which He had spoken as a promise.

Abraham fulfilled his purpose and he truly became the father of many nations of people who would follow God in the same faith and obedience. People of faith who would be called, “A friend of God.” If you receive a prophetic word from Holy Spirit and He says that He’s going to use you to prophesy to nations and stand before kings, etc. Or if the ‘word’ says that God is going to prosper you in the marketplace so that more funds can be used for the Kingdom of God. That He’s going to use you to evangelize in the corporate world, it may sound far-fetched. You may not be able to wrap your thinking around the ‘word’ but you CAN wrap your faith around it whether you can understand it all or not. That’s what faith is and this is what Abraham had to do.

1 Timothy 6:12, “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto you are also
called, and have professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

Again, we’re admonished to “fight.” The good fight of faith is a fight that you win, in Jesus name! If you don’t fight, you lose and you are defeated by an enemy who has already been defeated by the Champion of ALL fights----the Lord Jesus Christ! If you are born again of the Spirit, then you are IN Christ, and He is IN you, therefore, you are already a winner IN Him.

In light of that, the confession out of your mouth should be:
“I am a winner. I am not a loser. Christ ALWAYS causes me to triumph (win).”

Holy Spirit said, many of His people will start out strong with the prophetic word they have received. Their faith will be at a high but if they don’t have an all important foundational love relationship with God, the Father, they will run out of steam very quickly. Then, they become discouraged and weary in spirit and mind, feeling like they have even missed God. Fear and unbelief sets in and they settle down where they are and refuse to go any further. They are saved but they are not living victoriously by the prophetic word of God, they are living defeated lives. Thus, they have set up camp in the valley of despair.

On our journey with Jesus, every prophetic word we receive from Him will go through a testing. This is where the “fight” comes in. The devil will challenge you to relinquish the prophetic word through deception (lies). When Jesus told his disciples to get the boat ready and, “Let us go to the other side,” He gave them a prophetic promise. No matter what happened on their journey to the other side, they WOULD get there. Armed with this promise and being full of faith, they started out across the Galilee Lake. On into their voyage, a great storm rises with fierce winds and torrential rain that threatens to drown them.

When my husband and I stepped into the ‘mock’ cage/boat at the Shark Show, we were in a storm, if you will, of threatening shark’s. Holy Spirit said that a lot of His people on their prophetic journey will experience these ‘shark shakes,’ in their lives. He said, just like the sharks who seemed larger than life, this is the way the devil will do His people.

The devil will blow himself up to look bigger than he is so as to intimidate and cause horrific fear in people. He wants to cause so much fear that people will not move from where they are. He tries to convince God’s people that they can’t do anything about the situation, that they just have to endure it, and so they do. Not only are they harassed by the devil but they also become oppressed. God anointed Jesus to heal ALL who are oppressed of the devil for God is with Him (Luke 10:38). We are NEVER without hope in ANY situation, no matter what it may look like. Praise God!

1 Peter 5:8 says that the devil goes about as a “roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.”

Jesus said in John 10:19, “Behold, I give unto YOU power (authority) to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power (dunamis) of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

The devil is out to deceive (devour) God’s people into believing that there is nothing we can do about his intimidation in our lives. Jesus tells us that there IS something we can do.
“Submit yourselves unto God, resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

He has told us from His word that we can use HIS word, “It is written...” against the devil, using HIS authority and in HIS name, and the devil HAS to obey and go. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Holy Spirit said that when the enemy comes at us, and tries to knock us around and shake us into believing that he’s so powerful and we don’t stand a chance against him, He said, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” We do this by having “faith in God” (Mark 11:22). He said, this is what we are to do when life’s problems seem to overwhelm us and we’re tempted to get into a fearful panic. He said, “Fear not, but rather have faith in your God, who holds you in the palm of His hand. Have faith in a Father who knows the exact number of hairs on your head and every freckle sprinkled across your nose. Trust Him and be at peace in the midst of any shark who may be shaking your boat of life right now.

This is what I felt as I stood there in the cage at the “Shark Show,” I was at peace. This is not always so in my every day life. Sometimes, I want to worry over a matter myself instead of giving it to my Father and letting Him take care of it. Sometimes, I’m a busy-body and I tell God how a matter should be handled until He reminds me that His thoughts and ways are much higher than mine. Instead of getting in the way of His best, He tells me to ,”Rest in faith.” Because of some situations that had come about in my life, I needed a fresh reminder myself that to rest in faith is to rest in the love of my Father God. And in His love for me, I am at peace.

When we are at this place of ‘resting in faith and the love of God’ then we can continue on in our prophetic journey with joy unspeakable and full of glory instead of fear. Fight the good fight of faith and war a good warfare with the prophetic promises Holy Spirit has given you. Refuse to allow satan to lie to you and say the ‘word,’ is never going to come to pass. Right about now would be a good time to remind the devil once again that:

“I am a winner. I am not a loser. Christ ALWAYS causes me to triumph!”

Shirley Williams

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Member Comments
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Jody Goode 11 Jul 2007
This article reminded me of the image of truth the Lord graciously gave me years ago - I am very much a 'visual' thinker - based on the truth that our Jesus is our Rock on which to stand firm not allowing our feet to slip and the command to step out in faith, He gave me this image ... with eyes closed I step out, not with blind faith but with ultimate trust in God to neither leave me nor forsake me, and wherever I step the Lord, my Rock, is following my footsteps and placing Himself squarely beneath my foot so I will not stumble. Yes, there are many times I travel where I should not, even as King David did and all the faithful of God have done in our humanness, but our Lord is ever-faithful to Himself and to us through His promises and will always be there to save and protect. Praise you, Lord, always and forever! Jody


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