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A Very Modern Fairy Tale
by Gabrielle Pickle
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Once upon a time in a very modern fairy tale kingdom, there lived a very modern King and his fabulously chic Queen. Together they ruled their modern country and were extremely happy. However, something was missing from their very modern lives. You see, the King and Queen had no children.

In the fifth year of the King’s rule, a very modern press conference announced the most wonderful news: the King and Queen had twins! The girls’ pictures were in every modern newspaper and magazine, and the whole country was talking about the new babies, who were named Princess Sophie and Princess Phoebe.
The princesses were identical, except for their hair; Sophie’s hair was a shiny golden blonde and Phoebe’s hair was a rich chocolate brown. The twins had the exact same upturned nose, the exact same sparkling green eyes, and the exact same sunny smile. They talked alike, and walked alike, and even liked to read the same books.
Like other modern girls, the twin royal’s absolutely loved to read fairy tales about other princesses like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, but their most favorite story of all was the one about the princess and the frog.

I am sure you remember it, since you too are very modern. It’s the story about the fairy tale princess who desperately wanted to find Prince Charming, but all the princes that came to visit her were either boring or mean. Then one day, as she was sitting outside by the well, she met a frog. The two became friends, and the princess and the frog talked at the well every afternoon for several weeks. Then one day, the princess lost her favorite ball when it fell into the water. The frog offered to jump in after it if she would give him a kiss. Now, the princess did not want to kiss the frog, but she loved her ball, so she agreed to do it. The frog leapt into the well and brought back her prized possession. She tried to grab her toy and escape quickly to the castle, but the frog jumped out of her reach.

“You must kiss me,” he insisted. So she puckered up and prepared for a slimy kiss, but the moment that their lips touched, the frog turned into Prince Charming. The ball was forgotten. The princess and her prince charming were married the very next day and lived happily ever after.

“Hey Soph, Pheeb, do you two want watch modern television or play ultra modern games?” A friend asked the royal twins at least once a day. The girls always said no because they did not like television or games; they just wanted to read their favorite fairy tale.

“Do you girls want to go shopping for the newest modern clothes?” The royal shopper called and asked the girls once a week, but the girls were not interested in the latest fashions. They wanted to read, for the five hundred and twentieth time, the story of the princess and the frog.

The twins had “princess and the frog” fairytale parties, sleepovers, and even a very modern book club. The royal girls only put down the book when it was time to go to church. The King and Queen raised the girls by the teachings of the Bible, and they made sure that the number one book in the girls lives was the Bible, but the fairy-tale was their second-most favorite book in the whole wide, modern, world!

And so the princess and her super-handsome no-longer-frog prince were married in a beautiful June wedding and the couple lived happily ever after. Princess Sophie finished reading the fairytale to Princess Phoebe before the girls went to bed. Sophie closed the book and the girls sighed dramatically at the romantic story and giggled about the day when they would meet their very own princes.
“That will totally be us one day.” Princess Phoebe whispered to her sister.
“I can not wait!” Princess Sophie whispered back. The princesses grinned at each other and snuggled down in their very modern pink princess beds for a good night’s sleep.

After years and years of reading that fairy tale and dreaming about their frog-princes, the day finally came when the girls were old enough for their dreams to come true.
The King and Queen called the princesses together for a very important talk about their new, modern, grown-up lives.
“Phoebe, Sophie, you both know that we raised you according to the truths of the Bible. Now you are both old enough to want to find your prince charming, like the princess fairytale you both like so much. But as much as you like that fairytale, you must remember, the Bible is the actual word of God. And the princess and the frog fairytale is just a story. The secret to having a successful modern life is living by the Bible and guarding your heart like it tells us.” The King warned the twins, “Be careful, there are more fake princes in the world than real princes. You girls are true princesses and each of you deserve a real prince.”
“Girls,” the Queen cautioned. “It is best if you take your time and wait for your prince charming to come along. It is not smart to chase after every prince you meet – you will waste time on a lot of fake princes. If you wait until the time is right, your Prince Charming will find you. However, because you girls are very modern grown-ups, each of you will have to decide for yourself.”
“Mom!” The girls groaned.
“Your father and I only warn you because we love you and want both of you to have your own fairytale love story.” The fabulously chic Queen smiled knowingly at her daughters. There was a moment of silence as the twin royal’s thought about their decision.
With the stomp of her foot, Sophie declared, “I am a very modern princess and I don’t want to wait for a prince to find me. I am going to find my own Prince Charming, right now!”
“I am a very modern princess, too, but I want a for real prince charming and don’t want to waste time on fake frog-princes. I will wait because I want to be like the princess in our fairytale story,” Phoebe smiled a secret smile as she thought about the story of the princess and the frog and her very own modern fairytale life.

That very afternoon, Princess Sophie put on her cutest shoes and newest modern outfit and set out to find her prince. As soon as she left the castle, she met a very cute country frog. He was sunning himself beside by a small pond as Sophie walked up.
“Are you a prince?” She asked, fluttering her eyelashes.
“I don’t really know,” answered the country frog in a cute country accent. “Do I look like a prince?” He looked down at his ragged overalls and dirty hat.
“You’re supposed to know,” Princess Sophie told him smartly. “Haven’t you ever heard the story of the frog who turned into Prince Charming when he was kissed by the Princess?”
“Nope, sorry, I don’t know that story and I don’t feel like a prince. What makes you think I could be your prince charmin’?” The country frog asked her.
“Well, you are a frog, aren’t you? And in the story, the princess just kisses the frog and he turns into her prince. So I guess any frog could be a prince.” Sophie explained with a sweet smile.
“So we get to kiss?” The country frog asked happily.
“That is how it happened in the fairytale. So, I guess I will have to kiss you to find out if you are a prince,” said Princess Sophie, frowning at the thought.
“I sure don’t mind!” the frog said with a cute country grin.
She walked up to the frog and they exchanged a very slimy kiss.
“Yuck!” She exclaimed after the kiss and scowled at him when she saw that he was still a frog.
“Now now, you don’t have to be mean about it. You can’t expect every frog to be a prince,” the cute country frog called after her as she ran away wiping her mouth.

Princess Sophie was very disappointed, but the next day she woke up early, painted her fingernails a happy color of pink, and continued the search for her prince.

Back at the very modern castle, Princess Phoebe was waiting for her prince to arrive. But she was not sitting around the castle wasting her time. No, this very modern princess was very busy attending modern princess school and hanging out with her fabulously modern royal friends. There were times when Phoebe got anxious while waiting for her prince, but she knew it would totally be worth the wait when he finally arrived. So instead of going out to find her prince, Phoebe used her extra time to pray to the God of the Bible, that He would send her an extra special prince. Because she was not out chasing frogs, Princess Phoebe had time to skydive and even go to Africa on a safari!
A few days after meeting the country frog, Princess Sophie went to a very modern party and met a rather distinguished-looking frog. From the very moment she saw him, Sophie thought he would make a very handsome prince. If only the distinguished-looking frog could turn into a distinguished-looking prince!
“If I kiss you, will you turn into Prince Charming?” Sophie asked wishfully.
“Sorry, Princess. I am just a frog,” he answered.
“But you would make such a handsome prince!” She cried in dismay.
“Just because I am a handsome frog doesn’t make me a prince,” he apologized. “But you can kiss me to make sure, if it will make you feel better.”

So a very modern Princess Sophie endured another slimy frog kiss that ended in disappointment. This frog was right; he was no prince. A grumpy Sophie left the party and walked out into the garden. She sat down on a moonlit bench and began to cry.
“I have dreamed of my prince since I was a little girl,” she sniffed. “I’ve looked and looked for my prince charming and all I have found are slimy frogs,” she whispered to the moon, through her tears. “When will I find my prince?” Sophie cried on that bench for quite some time. She desperately wanted to find a prince, but she never once thought to pray about it. When she finally stood up to return to the party, she ran into the most charming modern frog of all.
“Are you looking for a prince?” He asked with a grin, “Cause all I need is a kiss and I will become the prince of your dreams.”
This was it! She thought. I have finally found my prince. So she leaned in for a magical kiss. Excitedly, she opened her eyes to see her new, very handsome, prince, but she was horrified to find that he was still a frog.
“You are still a frog!” She exclaimed, frowning at the warty, green reptile.
“I am sorry, Princess. Maybe I just need one more kiss,” he apologized.
“Yuck! I don’t want any more slimy frog kisses!” yelled Princess Sophie as she ran back to the palace, wiping her mouth in disgust.

That night, curled up in her pink princess bed, Sophie cried again. She was so very lonely. And her princess friends had found their charming princes; she read about their love stories in the latest modern magazines. She was tired of kissing slimy frogs, but she was more scared of being alone.

The next morning Princess Sophie heard a knock on the very modern castle door. She opened the door to see the charming, warty frog that she had kissed the day before.
“Hey, Princess,” he grinned. “Want to try again? Maybe the second time is a charm.”
“No! Go away.” She pouted.
“Look, I am sorry that I did not instantly turn into your Prince Charming,” he apologized. “But I know that I can be a prince. I just need a princess to kiss me to make it happen.”
She wasn’t sure that she trusted him, because he had said the same things the day before, but he looked so charming standing on her doorstep. And Sophie was so terribly lonely, and she desperately wanted to give him one more chance, so she scooped up the charming frog for a second kiss.
But when she opened her eyes, there was still no prince.
He was still a frog, and she finally realized that he would probably always be a frog. But Sophie was terribly lonely and tired of searching for her prince, so she decided that kissing this charming frog wasn’t so bad. After all, the princess rationalized, he was a very modern frog and there were no princes knocking at her door. And if he ever changed into a prince, he would be a very handsome one.
So every morning the charming frog came to the castle and was kissed by a very modern Princess Sophie, in hopes that he would one day become a prince.

Meanwhile, a very modern Princess Phoebe was praying for God to bring her very own modern Prince Charming. She chose not to waste her time on warty frogs, and instead she filled her days working with the orphans in her very modern country and doing all sorts of royal princess things. She even designed a very popular new glass slipper! Waiting wasn’t easy, but Phoebe knew that when her Prince finally came, she wouldn’t even remember the wait. She wanted that fairytale romance she had read about for so many years.

Then the day came when he finally arrived at the palace. He was not a frog, but a real-life, fairy-tale-worthy, Prince Charming. A very modern, very handsome prince had come from a far away land just to meet Princess Phoebe! The two took long romantic walks, had yummy picnics in the country, and spent hours having very modern conversations.

The new happy couple went to very modern dinner parties hosted by the even happier King and Queen. Princess Phoebe and her Prince Charming were married six months later in a very modern royal wedding. Their first kiss was at their fabulous wedding ceremony, and there was nothing slimy or frog-like about it. The couple returned to the far away kingdom of the Prince and lived happily ever after.
Princess Sophie walked away from the wedding feeling very sad. Her sister had waited and found her prince charming, but all Sophie had gotten from her very modern life were very modern frog-warts.
The End

A week after her sisters wedding, Princess Sophie heard a knock at the palace door. She opened it to find the charming frog sitting on the doorstep.
“Hey Princess,” he grinned up at her. “Want to try that kiss again? Maybe the twentieth time is a charm.”
“No. Please leave,” she said in a firmly, in her most royal voice. “I am not going to waste anymore kisses on you.”
“Aw, come on Princess. Give a frog a break,” the charming frog said with a wink.
“I am sorry, but my answer is no. I have finally realized that not every frog is a prince,” she said, moving to close the door as her very modern and not-so-charming frog hopped away into the sunset.
So, Princess Sophie stopped kissing frogs and began to wait for her Prince Charming to come. Like her sister, she attended Princess school and helped the unfortunate people in her very modern city. She hosted very modern parties and raised a lot of money to provide houses for the homeless. Princess Sophie became known throughout the land as a kind and beautiful modern ruler. Then one day, a year after she sent the frog away, Sophie’s patience finally paid off. Her Prince Charming walked into one of her very modern parties. The two talked for hours and fell in love in a very modern fairy tale romance.
Princess Sophie and her Prince Charming were married in a very modern, royal wedding. When the happy couple finally kissed, it was wonderful and nothing like those slimy frog kisses.
The King and Queen were very happy. Their very modern twins were married and busy living happily ever after. On the very modern desk of the King’s royal study were two silver-framed photographs of his twin daughters in their wedding gowns. The princess brides looked exactly alike except that one had blonde hair and the other had brown hair, and one of them had a few, small warts.

The Real End

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