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Deliverance Ministry
by Traci O
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When I was a young student in my last years of college, I became born again.
Not only did I become born again but I found myself a member of a church that did Deliverance the old time way. By the way, many Deliverance Ministers who’ve fallen away will lose their souls because they have left their first love.

That’s alright. They will preach in captivity.
Many disobedient preachers are preaching in prison as I speak.

I had been in church all of my life and never saw or experienced any of the things we were doing and I felt like I was in a different dimension.
Being a Christian in this ministry was totally different.

We were on call to pray and cast out devils out of people, something that I did not even believe in until I became a part of this ministry.

I would see them fly out of people and hesitate on windows, doors, in entrance ways, before disappearing.

When the Pastor would lay hands on them a mighty wind would blow around the altar and we Ministers could hardly stand up.

People, even other Christians were continually making fun of us, calling us names like Deep Fried Christians, Tongue Talkers and Holy Rollers. If you are shaking up the devils territory, you will suffer persecution.

I wanted to leave many times and did, but when I went to some other places, God would still use my gift! Sometimes he would show me the ruling spirit over a church congregation.

He let me know that I had this knowledge and he needed me to use it to help oppressed people.

Many churches are simply cults, not Christian
Ask God before making decisions about anything. He will show you about it according to your maturity.
I wanted to take a class at a prestigious Bible school once. God showed me devils teaching the Bible! The school had left its first love.Your gifts make room for you wherever you go.

I would discern spirits on people and sure enough when I’d go home, and rest, Jesus would wake me up usually in the middle of the night or later to pray and battle the spirits tormenting the people.

At first I was afraid but I prayed anyway. God would sometimes allow me to hear and see the things that were trying to destroy people, like suicide and depression, which were often actual spirits whispering in the person’s ear.

I would speak the word and pray the word and many times face to face with these spirits who would tell me, “Go away! This person wants to die! Leave them alone.”

They would curse and scream at me, and Jesus would say, “Keep praying. Don’t be afraid.”

My first experience of this kind, I was praying for a woman who had decided to commit suicide.

She was a Christian in the church and she had just gotten tired of the problems in her life, her job, her love life. She had decided to give up. A spirit of suicide had been assigned to her.

Principalities and powers over our cities and our neighborhoods often assign spirits to people to hinder them, especially if you are a leader in any kind of church or organization, doing good.

How do you get rid of a spirit of oppression or any other kind of spirit that has been assigned to you?
You can speak the word, and by praise.

They cannot stand it. As a matter of fact, when you praise God, His Spirit descends and envelops you. No devil wants any part of God, believe me. It is like thunder in their ears.

One day my son asked me to pray over his new apartment. I told him that he could do it, I had taught him, but he still insisted that I come over to pray.

It was in a college housing area. When I walked in, whatever it was ran upstairs. I did not get a fearful feeling and knew it wasn’t anything to be alarmed about.

I went upstairs and looked around. My son told me that he could get no peace in that place and his sleep was often disturbed.

I felt that someone had been playing with a Ouija board and other sorcery type games. We prayed a simple prayer and peace was restored.

Not all of them leave that easily, but if you keep prayer and continual praise going on they cannot bother you.

Speak the word of God. Play worship and Praise music, listen to beautiful music in your surroundings.

You do not have to cast out spirits with the word if you are afraid to challenge them head on, just praise God and the oppression will leave.

God woke me up around 11 pm to pray for the suicidal woman. I knew exactly what I was praying for as the spirit revealed.

I prayed for one hour and felt very proud. I had never prayed that long. I headed back to bed.

Just as I was going to put my foot back in bed, God said, “Where are you going? Go back and pray.”

It was twelve O’clock AM. I prayed for this woman until five in the morning. I thought I was going to be tired, but I wasn’t.

I went to church and there she was, alive and well! Of course I never mentioned anything. Intercessors are discreet.

Demonic spirits are called unclean spirits because they cause bad things to happen to people.

Certain spirits follow certain families and will hang around for generations until they are gotten rid of.

If you adopt a child, ask God if that child has something from the original family that needs to be dealt with.

Some families have poverty, incest, promiscuity and a thousand other curses on them.

Fear is a worrisome spirit to cast out of people. I once knew a family who was afraid of everything. Everything. They were just bound by fear.

I remember their deceased mother had been the same way. Always nervous. She had passed it on to her children.

I went to a hospital to pray for one of them and noticed that the woman could not even receive the prayer because her mind was on what she afraid of.

Spirits will talk back to you. If you are sensitive, you can hear them.

One night I was praying in a little village and walking back and forth and speaking the word.

A spirit spoke and said, “By what authority do you have to come here and tell these people about the gospel?”

I said, “By the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ who has given me power to tread on serpents and scorpions.

Jesus Christ spoiled principalities and powers and made a show of them openly. All power in heaven and earth has been given to Him and he has given me authority to use this power for his glory.” Silence.

God showed me that this village had a foundation in Him but poverty, drugs and indifference had bound the people spiritually.

Also, although I had problems with some people, they knew that I was sent.

Demonic spirits will often mark their own territory. I have heard them bickering. I heard a woman spirit say to another spirit, “Go away! These are my heavens!”

Pleading the blood of Jesus.
The scriptures tell us that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, Revelation 12:11.

We can speak the blood in battles and clear out everything that is coming against us.

One night I decided to go to a public Christian chat room. When I got there, the devil had taken over and there was chaos everywhere.

Discarnate fallen angels were having a field day in the chat room, making fun of everything and everybody, mocking the name of Jesus.

The first thought that crossed my mind was to get out of there as quick as possible, but I knew that there were some Christians there who were trying to maintain peace and failing, so I stayed.

Myself and some others began to talk about the blood of Jesus.

Of course this made the devils angry and they got worse. They even began to use their powers to discern things about me. (Everything is open in the spirit).

They chatted and made fun of things about my looks, my health, my family. Was it true? Yes. They are spirits and they can see!

I ignored all of that and talked about how Jesus destroyed them.

We brought peace to a traumatic situation, but a public chat has those problems.
That same night I began to experience fear. I told God about it.

He told me that I had set the watch (the blood), and my angels were on guard, so why was I worrying?
Just before I fell asleep, I heard two voices speaking. One said, “Did you carry out your assignment on her?

The other answered. “No. We went to her house but we couldn’t get through the blood.”
Now if you think this all is strange, or hallucinations, or lies or errors, ask God. He will reveal the truth to you. These are the deep things of the spirit.

If you know that people are carrying out assignments against you, plead the blood! God will turn their plots into foolishness. They won’t know what hit them.

I left a ministry. The leader began to slander me instead of preaching the word. He was angry because I’d told him the truth.

I was too busy to be concerned with his slander. (Don’t do that. Always take authority!)

I finally took authority and spoke that the next time he tried to slander me, that he would get a spiritual spanking.Our words have power.

A lady called me and told me that the past Sunday when the Pastor tried to slander me, a disturbed woman stood up and told him,

“Why do you keep talking about that woman? Preach Jesus!” He received an open rebuke!

Sometimes the enemy will try to send people to entrap or block you. If you talk about Jesus enough, they will leave in a hurry.

I have a confession to make. I was mad for many years for having been called to fight spirits and battle them head on.

Sometimes the fights would go on and on for days and weeks. The things I would see would be extraordinary and strange. I wondered why God would not rescue me.

Sometimes I’d pray and pray for peace and he would only say, “My grace is sufficient for you. When you get tired of that demon tormenting you, you will get rid of it.”
I wanted God to get rid of it for me, but
he was getting me ready for battle. We have to grow up.

Battles. One of the hardest battles I fought was with a relative.

She did not understand the workings of the Holy Spirit and she kept making fun. I could not sleep. Every time I would try to rest, I had to get up and pray for this girl.

I had to do spiritual warfare for her and stand in the gap. The devils heard her blasphemy and wanted to kill her.
Her words were grieving the Holy Spirit. Something was on the verge of happening.

I felt that an angel was standing by ready to strike. I don’t know. I just felt a great fear for her.
It is just like God to make you get up to pray for people who are trying their best to destroy you.

Mockery, slander on someone who is teaching and preaching the word of God will get you in trouble.
Be willing to ask for deliverance for people instead of vengeance. Sometimes talking too much is a family trait. Be merciful. Pray that they recieve understanding.

I once asked God about the soul of a very mean man who was always criticizing people in the ministry. God showed me the man’s soul in a world on a rope suspension bridge.

He was hanging there suspended over an abyss. It looked like a forgotten world. Mist and fog was all around him. There was nothing for miles and thousands of miles. Do you believe that God can put you into such a world? God can do anything. Read the book of Daniel and see what happened to Nebuchadnezzar.

The worse spanking I ever receive was bringing home a joke about Hell. A friend said he was going to be the water boy in hell. I came home laughing and told my Mother.

After the spanking she told me how serious a situation that was. Mom did not play with the things of God.

Ask God on how to remove spirits and wait for his answer.

He will give it to you. Speak the word over your life, work, family and circumstances.

Sing psalms and spiritual songs, making melody in your heart unto the Lord.

The devil will soon get tired of you and go somewhere where he is more appreciated!

I leave you with words on how to win every time, “Speak the Word!” “Praise God!”

That is what a good soldier does daily.

Copyright 2007

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Darna Bedwell Gutter 12 Jan 2009
Great Article Traci on the Ministry of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Praise God, all Christians should learn to war in the spirit where the real battle is. And the word of God is the real weapon that slays that ole' dragon the devil and his helpers. Great testimony! God Bless you.


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