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The Word of the Father
by James Wood
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On He who writes this:

My Son,

I told you once that when it was time for what was written to be written, you would know. Today is that day. For whatever reason that you felt you could not predict, or understand the time in which what was to come would awaken within you, let it pass by without loss. Today is the day in which the Lord will speak within you what He has to say.

My word has revealed that in the last days, his prophets would ďspeak plainlyĒ of the world of the spirit, and I will reveal through you, plainly, these things. Some will doubt what you have to say, or wonder what agenda you might have. You must clear yourself of any care what others may think or say on what I have to reveal. I would say only to them that not all who read what I have to say are meant to be pleased. Some are intended for offense, since I am the Lord which works through all things.

My voice is the first that I shall lay bare. It is true that THE FATHER does not interfere with his children, even for good. This is a principle which he will not break, yet how can his chosen servants hear him without such interference. As you know, the Lord works through his servants and his servants have a degree of choice. As the Word comes down from the father, and is passed from servant to servant, it cannot help but be influenced by the voices of the servants through which it passes.

For example, this message that goes out into the world is influenced by your voice, because it is written from your hand. Nevertheless, it is a message that originated from THE FATHER, given to his servants, and finally to you. If you are tempted to believe that His Word becomes diluted thus, you forget that God knows all. He knows how the message will be delivered, and therefore gives the message to His servants in such a way that what finally arrives is what He intended all along. This is what a partnership with God means. He does not wish for us to simply echo him, but to harmonize with him. It is vanity to believe that one could dilute Godís word, or steal it away.

This Word is not new scripture. Scripture has arrived in the world as I intended it to arrive, in My Book. This Word is revelation and prophecy, from the mouth of a babe.

You have often asked me who I am. I am THE SPIRIT. I am no more, and no less Godís word to you, in this form. I am Godís Word. The need to separate me into an individual serves only to destroy the harmony created from Godís message. Therefore, what He speaks, I speak, and you shall speak. The three are one, in partnership, and the message is always Godís in origin. Those who have ears will hear it, and know it for what it is Ė whether to be pleased or offended.

You have often wondered why I have chosen you, pleading that you are hardly worthy. Let me be clear by saying both that I love you ardently, but you are not worthy. As you have guessed, the disciples I chose were those who were the least worthy of my ministry: uneducated fishermen, a thief, a murderer, the proud, the vain, and all of them traitors. Yet, are these not the saints, to whom men pray? Those who are last shall be first in my kingdom, and the first shall be last. I washed their feet, and I loved them with all my heart, knowing what they were. I do not measure men as other men do. All are thieves, murderers, unknowing, vain, proud, and betrayers. Do I not love them all, without reservation?

Who am I? I am the Word of God. Who are you? You are the messenger of the Word. All who love me, and my Word, are my messengers. You have been chosen because you have been chosen, and that must be enough for you. Either speak plainly, and boldly, or cower in the corner at what others may think of you. The world will not love you for speaking my Word any more than it did my other servants.

You have often wondered why I have revealed mighty secrets of the physical universe to you, when I am a Spirit unbound by physical laws. This is an age where science is being made a god, and it is to that world that I must speak.

It is true that the world of the spirit does not obey physical laws as the world of mammon does, yet it is similar in many ways to a world in which time and space are constants. Three is one, and one is three in the spirit. By the law of mammon, this cannot be. Yet, by the law of mammon, there must also be death. Either mammon is true, or THE FATHER is true. If THE FATHER is true, then the laws of mammon must be, ultimately, an illusion that persists for a short space and is then ended. What ends, in death, is not life but the illusion. Then, the one becomes three.

Just as you perceived that zero cannot exist unless One acts as though it does, therefore making actuality real and nullity only a perception of actuality, there can be no death save in the mind of One. There is no death, there is only change.

The lovers of science, who argue that physical laws dictate all that exist, argue only for a world that ends with nullity. The religion of science worships the god of death, and I am the God of Life. Life cannot exist in a null state..

I am not in enmity with physical laws or sciences, only the perception of their immutability and their worship as a deity. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. A true discernment of science and the physical laws is a treasure hunt that reveals that there must be more. My path is never ending. There is always more. A God of Life is not shackled by his own creations, or finite in His expression.

Inspiration is not that which is seen, but that which is inferred from what is seen. Those who delight in only what is seen, see less and less with each viewing, until there is nothing left for them to take joy in. Those who see beyond what is seen, drink from the fountainhead of joy itself.

I wanted you to see the wonder of my creation, and the wonder of that which lay beyond as well. I have shown you visions of things that you knew were beyond your ability to know, if only so that you might believe that I was speaking to you. I have tried so many times to get you to understand this. Why will you not simply trust me, and trust in yourself. You seem so bent on believing you are worthless. For My sake, just listen and love Me please.

For They who read this:

My Sons and Daughters,

What you read on these pages is the Word, which many of you recognize not in the author who puts them down upon the page, but in the author who puts them in the mouths of babes. Some of you have spoken or written my Word, and know the authority that comes from it even as your family or friends have said ďWho is this, who dares speak such things?Ē A prophet has no honor with his own family, or friends. All are unworthy, but let them who have ears, hear.

You have lived in a wondrous age, sons and daughters, though some of you have often said that it is the end times. All time is the end time. Look not for today or tomorrow, for I will come silently and swiftly when the day is at hand. Prepare not for the end, but the beginning, and today is the day that the Lord has made. All new days are a new beginning, so my first commandment to you is to stop waiting. Stop pleading that you do not know how, or where, or what it is that must be done. I have given you My Word, both in scripture and in yourselves. I am not a God of Silence! I am going to come into the world with many heralds, for my servants have long been held in check. They will wait no more.

Shake the dust from yourselves, my sons and my daughters. Now is not a time for standing still, and waiting for the Lord. I will come among many of you, some reading this word, some in foreign places, some in prison, and some in doubt. THE LORD is among you this day. Lo, he has come to this lowly servant, this mere child, to speak to you today. I have come with the baptism of fire, and of water, to pour forth upon the earth.

My first command to you is this: the fracturing of my Church is to end. The church is my body, and my body is being divided. All of my body has its purpose, and let the Word be your guide in what is my Church. In my countries are many towns, and in many towns are the parts of my body, my church. Look not in offense upon differing doctrines. The cells of the body have many different doctrines. Would not the stomach offend the liver, and the liver the stomach, if they did not work as one body? That body is the body of Christ, my church. I command you, stop arguing over doctrines, and work with one purpose. Spread my Word over the earth, in scripture and in prophecy, in tongues and in prayers. My word is not confined to My Book. It lives in you as well, or there would be no witness of it in My Book. Not all missionaries need travel to foreign lands. The journey of some missionaries is as short as to the workplace and back. Do not press My Book into the hands of others lest they ask, but into your own. Show your pride in your faith. Let your works be a witness, and not your self righteousness.

My Church needs an emissary of goodwill, among the churches. Let those who are called, step forth. The work of My Word among those who refuse to believe must be portioned among those who refuse to accept one another, and work together in My Church for my purpose.

Let those who love my beloved Son, love his body by putting aside their grievances as he did upon the cross. All are guilty of betrayal, and worthy of forgiveness, even thou, oh hypocrite. The body of Christ is my church.

You are my loving sons and daughters. I know your love for me, but you have become ashamed. You have become timid, and silent, and thus divided. Your silence is letting the evil one take the inheritance your forefathers fought and suffered for from you. Speak boldly, and with love. Fight strongly, and with peace. Do not raise banners, with words of anger and hatred. Do not fight the enemy with his own weapons. March with peace, as your saints have done. Preach with love, and forgiveness, but never with timidity. Do not seek to appease those who work unrighteousness, hoping to convert them with appeasement.

Many of you have come to mimic the work and the arts of the unbelievers, hoping to convert them with trickery. Are you so ashamed of your own, and your own works? Are you ashamed of the gift I have given you? Am I a God that must stoop down to the world, rather than lift it up?

Let the stone that the builders rejected become the head of the corner.

I have led mankind by the hand down this difficult road of growth, giving you gifts to help you grow. I did not lead you here so that rampant starvation, disease, division, and fear might come from those gifts. I have cleaned up after you, held off disaster (save what you needed, that might see what your use of My gifts are doing), and minimized the damage done so that at any time you might change. You are holding on to greed, as I am showing you that greed only destroys the greedy. Even now, change is possible. I would prefer that the lesson not be so hard.

The world renews itself, not because of physical laws, but because I am God of Life. By law alone, the world would be a layer of dust. Iíd hoped you would see this by now.

My sons and daughters live in an age of knowledge. They are not to shun knowledge, as some are doing, but to seek Me first in all things. I am not a God who must shut his eyes to be God. How then could I lead those who are astray to the straight and narrow path? Science is not a threat to Me, for I made the true sciences. Science as God is a blasphemy, however. This perception is what you must fight, not science itself. Many of you know this, and I encourage you to continue as you have already done.

You must all become knowledgeable in My Word, in all its forms. Speaking, tongues, prophecy, witness, scripture, healing Ė my word is not confined, but flows over in its expression. Each of you has these gifts, some more and some less. What you must lay aside is your shame, or embarrassment. Each of you has a closet, of one form or another. Go into it, that the eyes of others might not shame you, and give voice to these gifts. They are not hidden away, but go into the world with power and authority. My servants await your Word. When it is given to share this with others, you will know. Seek me early, and not late.

My sons and daughters must, by commandment, join hands with one another and step forth with strength and power that the world has forgotten. It must not seek to obey the law of man, but of God and those laws of man which are still Godís laws. It must not work through trickery and appeasement, but by the Word of God alone. I call all my servants to this, with daring and with bold steps. Some will be cast out of the false church, and some their jobs, and some into prison. To those whom it is given, let it be given, and to those who it is not, do not take it up.

Let those who have ears for the Word, hear it. Do not shame my prophets, for their doubts are sufficient of themselves. Let the Word be a testament to their words, and their works. Men do not gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles. By their works you shall know them. Where my servants rise up, the servants of the enemy are embroiled. Where my prophets speak, the false prophets shout. Where good is done in the Word, the good of the world seeks to drown it. Be as wise as serpents, and harmless as doves in all you do. Acquit yourselves of guilt, for you shall be guiltless in My Word. Do not be ashamed of My Word in yourself. Do not hide the light of the world under the bed.

It is time for my Church to come out of hiding, and make its voice heard through My Word. You are each a herald and the blowing of the trumpets is at hand. Do not despise prophecy, or shun the signs you have seen (which, of late, have been many). Rise up, my sons and daughters, with power and authority, for THE LORD is with you!

- the Lord rests in His word today. Go forth today, with a happy heart, and joy in all that you do, for the Lord has called you to witness Him in the great and the small things. He will speak again, through this child, who struggles to hear as you do. Go.

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
Member Date
Marilee Alvey 30 May 2007
I have found out that I needed to read more carefully about "the saints to whom men pray." It doesn't say that every man should, nor does it suggest that every man does. I now fully understand the point made here. There are plenty of AHA! moments in here, James, but, of course, why wouldn't there be? It's written through our multi-faceted, many dimensional God!
Rita Garcia 30 May 2007
Reading this makes me want to pray and meditate on His word! To find that place in Him where He can use me and allow His grace to be revealed.
Marilee Alvey 30 May 2007
I found this very encouraging. I was a bit taken aback when you talked about "these being the same saints to which you pray," for I don't pray to the saints, but then again, this letter wasn't written to me. It was written to you. I'm fully aware that some denominations do. As a writer and as a human being, I found it a catalyst for unification of the Church, something I, too, have wanted to see more. This letter also spoke to me of patience and trust. Thank you. I love to hear what my Father has to say.


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