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by george elerick
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gen·o·cide /ˈdʒɛn əˌsaɪd/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ jen-uh-sahyd] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

[Origin: 1940–45; < Gk géno(s) race

there was this factory that was supposed to be making shoes, all different types, then one day, one of the machines malfunctioned and the factory started making the same exact shoe. and the manager came to inspect the product and got an appraisal on how much it was going to cost, and he found out it was something he was not willing to pay. so rather than taking a risk, he accepted this defeat and continued making the same exact day in and day out. he accepted sameness as a way of life. so, did the pharisees. so, have most churches. so, has christianity.

if you look into this deep valley. you will bodies laying left and right. oh, to be sure maybe it is not a racial group (although, this does go on every day), it is not a political group. and there bodies lie decaying from animosity from people who call themselves christians ( i don't like this term, btw). (it was a derogatory term when started out anyhow). and in the midst of this decay and destruction, there is a fog, but surrounding this fog are a group of people and if you look closer, you will see you and i are standing elbow-to-elbow. we judge and we correct. we ask them to stop cussing around us. we ask them to change before they know christ. we force one another to change, maybe quite possibly meddling in God's plan for each other. there is this set of verse where Paul says to let people alone in their sin, let God deal with them in their sin. but, we are content to take verses that talk about correction and judgement and say it is okay. we are okay with vengeance being ours. and by the way, judgement is just a softer word for it. what we fail to understand is that Paul was a man dealing with men and women. he was flawed. we look at the new testament as the way to do things. and yes, there are many good things there, some of which i strongly appeal to. yet, we fail to recognize that when Paul told Timothy about God's word be God-breathed, he wasn't talking about the New Testament. (Study this and prove me wrong). What am I saying? I am saying, the NT should not be the plumbline to how to reach people. it should be a guideline and yes there is a big difference here. we look at the bible as the only way to do things. i am not being amoral here. i am saying we must seek God. yes, the bible is ONE way to do things, the bible is not God. there is much more to Christianity then the bible. God says this himself. yet, we are comfortable here. and we feel fine judging sinners, and not loving them when jesus said you will be torn apart in hell if you think you have a right to judge the fallen, the place where you used to be. yet, some will reply to this as if we have a right. jesus said love, not hate. and you may say I don't hate them. okay, good, but, how are THEY taking it. how are they responding when you correct them (christian or non). the people we want so much to come into frinedship with God. Jesus says love almost more than anything, and the Kingdom of God comes up a lot too. why? relationships. restoration. love. I get so frustrated that we as followers think we own the monopoly on the "correct" faith and in arrogantly copious methods we shove it down other peoples throats. we follow this idea of judgement and correction so much that people are starting to believe that genocide is biblical (i am being poetic here). yes, sometimes jesus dealth with faith very possessively, but, towards who. toward the pharisees. let's modernize it, the modern-day church. no, the church is not full of pharisees. but, from the outside in, grace is only a good idea. not something practiced. i am not advocating sin here. or hurting people. but, sin is not the issue anyhow. it never was. jesus got frustrated with pharisees when they would focus on the wrongs of someone else. why? because, Jesus came to destroy sin. he knew why he was here earth. we act as if we still don't know why by dealing with sin as if it is still an issue, and guys, its not. think about sin from God's eyeview. jesus was sent to kill it. to annihilate it. since god sees past present and future, he sees as already renewed. yet we still live as if we need to be forgiven for the first time. am i saying we don't ever need to ask for forgiveness. no, i am saying let's live as we are called. a royal priesthood. more then conquerors. the way God sees us is not the way we see ourselves or others. and we judge accordingly. most will react negatively to this idea because we have believed for so long we are still just worms and sinners saved by grace (although true, only half correct). we are victorious. lets focus on how to love God with abandon. how to fall in love with our creator. without titles and presumptions. and lets love others, lets not look at them with titles either, not christian and nonchristian, (the jews saw everything as being spiritual, there was no sacred or secular, this is a believe of theirs, read up on it). people are people. all people need love. call me a christian hippie. but, the point was never sin, see how jesus dealt with sinners. read the prodigal son. who ran?? (Luke 15) the father interrupted the son's apology or repentance. yet, we are so adament about someone being perfect. something we could never accomplish and never will be able. i am not a defeatist, i am saying grace alone. nothing else has to do the work. your efforts get in the way. rely, surrender, let go. there is a lot here. but, embrace the freedom your king has purchased for you. stop killing believers and non believers. lets stop genocide. it is not about saving millions, it is about relationships. love and grace. being revolutionary and loving people into the kingdom. beyond their words or lifestyles. love them. it changes people. not you. embrace that reality and live it out in a revolutionary way...now that is something to say Amen too!!


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