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If I Could Look Through Christ's Eyes
by Michelle Greene Wheeler
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If I Could Look Through Christís Eyes

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The verse is one that I've heard all my life. One I memorized as a child. I've taken out 'the world' and added my own name so that I could recognize how personal the verse could be. But the question is: how many times have I really thought about His love for the world, as opposed to myself, and what that means for those of us whose main objective in life is to become more like Him?

At some point in our lives, we've probably all fell into the trap of thinking that somehow we've not been quite as sinful as others. It's the humanity in all of us that wants so badly to convince ourselves that maybe we are actually deserving of God's love and mercy, if only just a little. We've not been so bad, have we? I mean, sure, we have sinned in our lifetimes. Perhaps we've even done things that were so terrible that we'd be embarrassed if others were to find us out. But most of us have never murdered, raped, lived a life of crime or cursed God. We've not committed any of those terrible, black sins. So we want to justify ourselves, if only in our own minds, that we deserve our salvation. Or that we're better than other Christians because the past we've asked Him to forgive wasn't as serious as those the guy in the pew across from us has been guilty of.

But that kind of logic is in error. Not only is it wrong, but it's a dangerous state of mind to dwell in. The sins we've committed are no better than anyone else's. What's more, the book of James tells us that whoever keeps all laws and commandments except for one automatically becomes guilty of all because of the one we did commit. That's a pretty hefty passage and one that we should not take lightly. I know what you're saying. You mean to tell me that just because I lied about something yesterday, the weight of sin I carry is equal to the weight of murder? That's what our manual for living, the Holy Bible, says. You might find this unfair, and most people would agree with you. But there are reasons behind every action and reaction that God has, and His ways are much wiser than our own.

I believe that one reason behind this passage is that it makes us humble if we take it seriously. To consider ourselves no better than someone that has done something we find heinous is against our nature. We all want to feel like we're something special; that because we live our lives relatively cleanly, we are deserving of a higher regard and respect. But our Father reminds us, for those times when we inevitably forget, that He has created us of the same materials and with the same amount of detail and loving care. And we are all born with that sinful nature that required His blood to be shed in sacrifice for.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:3-4 that we are to humble ourselves like children. Our Savior said much in these few words. Children are not born with prejudices or with notions of superiority. Newborns have no idea whether they have just come into a family that lives in the projects of Atlanta, or if their family is of royal descent. They do not recognize themselves as better as any other baby in the nursery. They don't care anything about looking better than the tyke in the next crib or if the child on the other side has designer diapers. And perhaps the most important example we can take from newborns is that they do not come into the world having to justify themselves or beg for love. Most are loved before they are ever seen and are loved unconditionally- no matter who they look like, despite any physical deformities or maladies, and without a cent to their newly bestowed name.

If we are to truly see people as Christ sees them, we should strive to be like the parents of the newborn. We should greet others as if we've been waiting for them for months, ready to feed or clothe them and attend to their needs, and love them with the love of a parent.
That's how Jesus sees each of us every day of our life. As a father loves his child. He looks upon us and sees the sweet, innocent boy or girl we used to be. He is able to look past the bodies weíve abused and see the fragile heart inside. He can still see the potential inside of us through all the opportunities weíve thrown away. And He can see the drop of His own blood that bore our own name at Calvary.

How often can we honestly say that we have looked at another human being the same way we look at our own children? If God sees each and every individual on earth as His own special child and we are to continuously strive to see others as He sees them, our vision of others will be drastically changed. Our lives, and society as a whole, could be changed also. Can you even imagine living in a world where all Christians were able to look at their neighbor across the street, the woman standing on the corner begging for food, or the man sitting in prison in the same way that they looked at their own children? Even though I can barely imagine it, I know that I would love to live there.

Too often, we have a hard time with the commandment that Christ called the greatest. Loving Him is seemingly easy enough, but loving others as we love ourselves is perhaps the hardest request our Father has given us. When we love ourselves, we see to it that our shelter is provided for, that we have enough food in our bellies, that necessities are met, and that we receive a few of our wants when our finances allow. But how often do we ask others, even those in our own families, if their needs have been met? When was the last time we had something extra and offered it to someone who might want or need it free of charge? With the exception of the Christmas season or birthdays, have you ever asked a friend or loved one what their most wished for item was?

Most of us hold Christís words about loving others dearly in our hearts. But something holds us back from feeling that love as dearly as He would have us feel it. And for some reason, we fail to act on the love we do have for our fellow man. Is it selfishness? Is it pride? Are we afraid?

In this keeping up with the Joneses, looking out for number one society that we live, people who care as much about other's needs and desires as they do their own are called names. Fanatic. Crazy. Suckers. Door mats. Very rarely are they called what they truly are: Christ-like. That is a name Iím sure we would all love to be called on a daily basis.

Let us all pray that He will truly open our hearts to those He calls His child. Ask Him to impress upon our eyes and our minds His own vision as we look upon others, and that it will become natural for us to do so each time we meet someone new. If we also ask Him to guide us to those who are desperate for love to be shown or have needs we can meet, I am certain the He will put people before us whom we can minister to in His name. In the process, we might just receive more of His love than we could ever give away!

If I could look through Christís eyes
Then I would know
What it was in this cold world
That made Him love it so

If I could look through Christís eyes
Iíd understand much more
The love He felt upon that tree
For each one that He died for

If I could look through Christís eyes
Maybe then Iíd see
Just what it was that He saw
That made Him save someone like me

If I could look through Christís eyes
Then Iíd have insight
To what itís like to live with God
In the glory of His light

One day Heíll help me comprehend
The things I cannot see
When I leave this earth to live
With Him eternally.


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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
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Thomas Kittrell 09 Mar 2007
Michelle, this is a very well written article, with the challenge of loving our neighbor as we love ourself. It is a much needed message. Thanks for sharing.


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