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by Dennis Van Scoy
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Decades ago, before the blight of liberalism poisoned our culture, Americans were proud to be AMERICANS. Oh sure, we had our heritages, privately celebrated with many tales and traditions handed down through generational lines, but publicly and predominantly we were Americans, in love with the ideals, dreams and principles of this republic. It was the basis of the term “melting pot” society, peoples from all different cultures blending together as Americans, controlling and shelving their ethnicity for more private occasions and special observances.

Immigrants to our shores back then desired to be Americans so much so that they laboriously followed the many tedious procedures and laws of this country to achieve that cherished treasure of citizenship. Such effort was a certain indicator of how very much it meant to them personally. Within the privacy of family circles or small gatherings, the ethnic tongue might indeed yet be used, but in public, the national language….English, was primary, and generally expected. It’s usage in all community settings was as much a matter of national cohesiveness as it was common communication, identifying us under the solidarity of Americanism, adding to make us one.

Today America is besieged by millions of immigrants illegally within her borders. They don’t have the same desire for citizenship, instead they skirt around our laws, seeking all the benefits of citizenship without any of the legal responsibility. For the most part, they refuse to learn or use English, because they have no desire to be Americans. They seek instead to “invade” and force their heritage, language and traditions upon America’s majority population. America is pushed to adapt to them instead of their adapting to America like the throngs of honest, legal immigrants who came before them.

To add insult to injury, our own government has seemingly made some sort of a covert pact with the Mexican government to provide their illegal immigrants with public welfare and social security benefits, at the expense of the honest American tax-payer, further straining the coffers of our already terminal social security system. These “border-jumpers” also seem to have obtained a certain immunity from arrest and deportation efforts, while our border patrol agents are being criticized, prosecuted and even imprisoned for attempting to do their sworn duty. In addition, certain big American corporations have bent over backwards to encourage and assist illegal immigrants in obtaining easy credit and guaranteed employment without requirement of citizenship, and liberal politicians fraudulently obtain election votes from “illegals” trucked in to shore up their faltering political campaigns…...It’s just national insanity.

Nearly to the man, our founding fathers were men who proclaimed Christian principles, exercised prayer in our government and had an intimate knowledge and belief in the teachings and principles of the Holy Bible (2 Corinthians 3:17). Yet today, entrenched within the American populace, are multitudes of anti-American individuals and organizations who work relentlessly to chip away at our Judeo-Christian heritage and the national intent of those founding fathers. Under cover of docile humanitarian banners, these agents of evil strive to create a “progressive”, atheistic society free from morality or social responsibility. They masquerade as champions of civil rights and covertly push agendas to promote evil, attacking the very fiber of our society as well as the basic tenets of Christianity. More individually, such evil-doers are abundant among the ranks of arrogant judicial officers, civil protesters, Hollywood celebrities, secular clergy, liberal politicians and countless other egotists from every area of American society, their one common denominator being extreme arrogance.

Today, America is involved in a global war against terror, not by our choice, but in response to an attack against us on 911. It is a completely different type of conflict than any thing we have ever before experienced. The enemy is virtually invisible and spread out all over the world, so our best defense must be a strong offense. We are fighting a war against murderous terrorists (Jihadists), who are openly avowed to either convert us to the idolatry of Islam, enslave us, or kill us….a “Jihad” HOLY WAR, Islam versus Christianity. Yet there are the arrogant and egotistical in America who oppose the war, condemn our government and dishonor our troops, because they think they are wiser than the President, the generals, or anyone else privy to secret information that they themselves have never seen. They pursue the delusion of peace at extreme risk to our public safety and national liberty, believing that Jihadists will simply “go away” and leave Americans alone if we just lay down our arms….again, NATIONAL INSANITY!

The liberal politicians and secular “progressives” would have us surrender the fighting as we did in Korea, Viet Nam and the Persian Gulf. They would have us withdraw, allowing Iraq to collapse back into control of radical Islam and become (once again) a staging area for Jihadists and a breeding ground for Muslim terrorists. So called “peace protesters” march in our streets and on college campuses, breaking our laws, destroying property and disrupting the lives of others, for the purpose of civil disobedience and public intimidation. Under “mob mentality” they “bad mouth” our country, dishonor our brave fighting soldiers, insult our elected President and tout their ignorant demands in opposition to the defense of liberty in our war against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan…God will give them their due (Jeremiah 34:17).

Our nation’s colleges (institutions of “higher learning”), feed egotism and mass produce arrogance at a phenomenal rate. They employ, support and encourage anti-American/anti-Christian radicals who promote treason, sabotage and insurgency against our own government. The poison and violence of Islam spreads through college campuses like the plague that it is, playing to the “puffed up” egos and arrogant who foolishly believe they alone are possessed with the wisdom of the ages (1 Corinthians 3:18-19). Such fools are indeed traitors by definition and should be forced to face the full criminal penalties (Romans 13:1-5)….even penalty of execution. Other traitors are at work within our society, employed in government, commerce, education and even our own military. They sell sensitive secrets to foreign powers and willfully endanger the life of every other American citizen….they are in fact murderers and should be punished as such (Genesis 9:6 and Exodus 20:13).

In summary, America’s greatest threat is from within. From those inside our borders who are trying to destroy or take over this country. They have no honor, no loyalties and no common sense, rather like a scorpion stinging itself in the hot sun. Such people are counterproductive to the cause of freedom and a cancer to our country, yet their ilk unfortunately seems to be on the increase (Psalms 12:8) because the majority remains silent,…again,…NATIONAL INSANITY!

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