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Book Kills Walking Fish
by Tom Sutcliff
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No doubt you’ve seen them—the walking fish emblems that adorn the trunk lids of cars owned by evolutionists. Usually the word “Darwin” appears inside the body of the fish, to show the world that this driver is an enlightened liberal atheist who believes that evolution is fact and God is fiction.

The walking fish is a spoof of the fish icon used to identify Christians. But the joke is on the walking fish crowd because the cherished, atheistic religion of the liberal intelligentsia is a myth. The proof is in a new and controversial book called Why Evolution is a Fraud: A Secular and Common-Sense Deconstruction by Tom Sutcliff.

Of course you’d never know that Darwinism was bogus from the old media. The left and their press department— the mainstream media—love evolution because they believe that man has replaced God. To them, this means no more judgment by those ‘bigoted, bible-thumping, hayseeds’ who believe in God. This means that feelings are more important than thoughts and principles. Politics, not the search for objective truth, drives science. This is what I call agendascience.

Evolution has survived for nearly 150 years because it fits nicely into the liberal paradigm: a bumper-sticker mantra that is light on facts and heavy on hate. An example is the common theme of evolution that says ‘similarity equals ancestry.’ Monkeys and apes resemble humans so we must share a common ancestor. End of story. Class dismissed.

That’s the leftist line. Shallow mantras. No questioning or deep thinking allowed. If Christopher Columbus thought that way, we might still believe that the earth is flat! There were plenty of naysayers in his day, mocking him for claiming that the earth was not flat and warning him about sailing off the edge of the earth.

Evolutionists demand the same blind adherence to their racist pseudoscience. They demonize anyone who dares to question their religion of evolution as in-bred, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging hicks who are just too dumb to realize that science has replaced God. Since liberals see themselves as too intelligent to believe in God, they deem those who disagree with them as ‘less equal.’ This group, according to liberal groupthink, feels that people of faith are a threat and must be silenced. To paraphrase Animal Farm, some people are less equal than others.

You see the same Stalinist-style tactic with the embryonic stem cell issue. If you disagree with using an embryo for spare parts, you are standing in the way of legitimate science. Despite the fact that embryonic stem cells are far more prone to tumor formation than adult or cord-blood stem cells, liberals claim that stem cells from embryos would cure Michael J. Fox of his Parkinson’s disease and would have allowed the late Christopher Reeve to walk again. Like evolution, there is no proof but plenty of rhetoric.

In this case, liberals are pushing for federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Research on existing embryonic stem cell lines is not illegal. In fact, if embryonic stem cells are so promising why aren’t drug companies using more of them in their research? It’s because embryonic stem cells have yielded few results. Adult stem cells and cord-blood stem cells have delivered much better results.

But just as details don’t matter to the embryonic stem cell advocates, distortion and delusion form the foundation of evolutionists. They discard the fact that the fossil record does not show any valid transition from one species to another. Instead they deflect away from scrutiny of evolution and demonize questioners are stupid, anti-science zealots. As long as they can claim evolution as a science and bash people of faith in the process, it’s all good. But facts are pesky things. They are objective and don’t change with the latest opinion poll or politically-correct feeling.

Until now, the evolution debate usually stalls into a ‘religion versus science’ stalemate. Why? It’s because evolutionists must deflect away from their fact-deficient philosophy. They dare not unveil the lack of science that plagues evolution. Common-sense and the most fundamental, everyday facts of science—not theistic faith—are evolution’s worst enemies. For example, a basic overview genetics—that anyone could understand—destroys one of the pillars that held up the Darwinian house of cards.

History serves another crippling blow to evolution. It’s not just the Dan Rather-style rationalizations of ‘discoveries’ that later turned out to be hoaxes; Piltdown man, Java man and Peking man are a few examples.
It’s that the bedrock of evolution is cemented in the devaluation of certain ethnic groups. Specifically, the leaders of the evolutionary and eugenic movements in the latter half of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century believed that blacks, Jews and Australian Aborigines were closer to apes and/or a hominid ancestor than whites from Northern Europe.

Adolf Hitler, along with thousands of like-minded Nazis, tried to synthesize evolution. They deemed Jews as unfit and murdered six million innocent lives as a way of making evolution happen on a human level.

If you need a more recent example, look no further than the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. Eric Harris, who was one of the murderers, was an avid evolutionist. His words, prior to the mass murder, showed a disdain for those he felt were weak. They, according to Harris, needed to be evolved away immediately.

On April 20th, 1999, wearing a t-shirt with the words “natural selection” on the front, he enforced natural selection numerous times at the barrel of his shotgun. Harris viewed his victims as weak, thus deserving to be eliminated. Like Hitler, his ardent devotion to discarding the ‘weak’ was his way ensuring the survival of the fittest.

Invariably, some knee-jerk reactionary will accuse me of wanting to ban ideas like evolution or harmless symbols like the walking fish ornament. This is absurd. Evolution does not need to be banned any more than we need to ban the flat-earth theory. Dopey trunk lid ornaments don’t need to be outlawed either. Ideas did not kill six million Jews in Germany. The evil acts of men did. Natural selection did not pull the triggers of Harris and Klebold’s firearms. The blame for these evil acts rests with the actors.

Edmund Burke once said that “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” When we stand by and allow the truth to be perverted by politically-correct, God-hating socialists, we bear some responsibility for the poisoned fruits that ripen as we sat idle.

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