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Ghost Car Part 1 Mysterious Car
by Caroline Alderson
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Once a car possessed special powers, and began a search to befriend someone who could learn to use it correctly. The car searched diligently for this person. The year is 2033. We join our story at the end of their first day in a new school, Victory Junior High, for gifted children. David and Melissa have just moved here. They are about to embark on an adventure that will expand the imagination. Hold on to your seats! At times, it will be a little scary, at times a little weird. Okay, maybe a little more weird than scary. However, the ride will be suspenseful.

A boy named Todd came running up to them, as they were talking to a girl named Marcy. "Are you going to play Dark Moon?"

"Yeah, I love that computer game, Todd!" Marcy declared with enthusiasm. Todd turned to David and Melissa as they were leaving the high school, "Do you two want to play?"

"What is this game?" Melissa asked eagerly. "It's a computer game, called Dark Moon. We all sit in a half moon around my computer. We choose a leader to ask the computer questions. You can even ask it personal questions. It can tell your future," Todd told them with excitement in his voice.

David's stomach started doing somersaults. He felt darkness in what Todd was saying, like something horrible was about to happen. Whispering in Melissa’s ear, David pleaded, "I don't think we want to play this game”.

"Don't be such a coward, David! There's nothing wrong with this game! It sounds like fun. If it's fun, there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with it. It's just a game!"

After school, the kids got together at Todd's house to play his computer game. David after trying to talk Melissa out of going, which didn't get him anywhere, went home alone. "Okay, we sit around the computer in a half moon like this. Melissa, you can sit here by me," Todd instructed

"Let's start." Todd turned on his computer and started the game. Todd asked Melissa, "Do you want to ask Dark Moon anything?"

Melissa thought about what she could ask. "Hum, yes, am I ever going to get a lot of clothes?" The screen showed Melissa in a room surrounded by gobs of stylish clothes just for her. However, something was wrong, instead of being happy, she was sad. That's odd, she thought. Naa, if I had all those clothes, I would definitely be happy.

As David walked home, he was concerned about Melissa. He couldn't believe she so willingly, without even thinking, would go and play a game that might have an atmosphere of that evil world. Even the name spoke of the other world. David wondered how he could keep Melissa away from those kids. He knew from experience what hanging around the wrong crowd could do. You become just like the people you hang around.

Out of nowhere, a strange car appeared. He had never seen anything like it. It was nebulas, ghost like, or something. "What in the world is that?" David asked out loud, surprised.

The door of the car opened all by itself. David had a good feeling about this car, even though it was so wild, it didn't make any sense at all. It was scientifically impossible for this car to exist; yet, here it was. Feeling light enveloping him, he heard a voice say, "Get in, David”.

"What? How did it know my name? There's no way!" The voice he heard was a very gentle voice. `Where did the voice come from?’ He thought.

Slowly, David slid into the drivers seat. Automatically, the door closed by itself. Noticing when people walked by, that they couldn’t see him, he looked around. Other cars would drive right through this mysterious car. The car drove David home of its own accord. He was 13, and had never driven a car before, except in the country on his grandfather’s farm. His sister Melissa was 11. Arriving at home, the car opened its own door for David to move out. As David walked toward the house, he pondered about the strange car and where had it come from. Hoping to learn more, David went into the house still thinking about that wonderful auto.

Remembering that Melissa had gone to Todd's house to play that game, David asked himself, "What can I do?"

The next day at school, David and Melissa saw Todd, Marcy, and another boy named Brad. They were all excited and talking about Dark Moon. Melissa was fixing to join them, when David grabbed her arm.

"Wait, Melissa, I've got something I have to tell you. I discovered something."

"I'll talk to you later, David. I want to talk to Todd about when I can play Dark Moon again."

"But, Melissa, this is important." he insisted.

"We'll talk later, David, I promise”, Melissa told him. She ran to catch up with Todd and the others.

"Todd, what's going on?" she probed. After school, David walked toward home. He felt curious about the ghostly car. As if in answer to his thoughts, the ghost car appeared again. Rolling up to him, it came to a soft stop. The car just sat there, which would be normal, except this was no ordinary car. Walking up to the car, David tried the door handle. Nothing happened. `It must be locked,' he thought. As if in answer to his thoughts, the door opened. "Hop in”, again, just as yesterday the soft voice spoke to him. David complied, by getting into the car. Looking at the steering wheel, he placed his hands gently on it. He barely touched the steering wheel, when the car started traveling down the road. `Funny, the car didn't make any sound as it ran. That is odd. Wonder what it runs on?' No one being able see him seemed incredible.

"This is so cool! This is more fun than I've had in my entire life! I wish my sister would let me show her this car. She would be so thrilled! She'd forget all about that game, Dark Moon."
David saw something out of the corner of his eye. Looking under the dashboard close to him, there was a computer. The computer rose to eye level. The screen flashed on; sound accompanied it. He saw Melissa at Todd's house playing Dark Moon; darkness surrounded Todd's computer. They were asking it questions they ought not to be asking. The computer game Dark Moon, was supposedly giving them answers to their questions. Melissa asked a question, and at once, David saw her sitting in a room surrounded by clothes. She had a mournful look on her face. "What's this all about?" he wondered.
Larry, the school bully, rounded the corner, heading right toward David. "Whoa!" Larry didn't even see him. "Hey, this is neat! I'm invisible when I'm in this car! Wait a minute! How come I can see the car, and no one else can?"

Unknown to David, he was being watched by an evil alien. The creature was shaped like an egg, but ugly, with three horns sticking out of the top of his head. The creature's colors were black and blue; it looked like one big bruise. It had six eyes, three on top, then three underneath with a mouth, but no nose.

"Melissa's at Todd's house again, oh goodie!” The ugly little alien rubbed his warty hands together in glee, and jumped up and down. “Heh, heh. Let's see, what shall I do to her this time? I already tricked her into getting involved with Dark Moon. She fell head over heels in love with the game. Heh, heh. I thought I was going to blow it, when her brother David tried to talk her out of playing the game. I think she's easy prey. She doesn't listen very well to wisdom when it's talking to her. Lucky for me, or I'd be in big trouble with the boss. He doesn't like to lose to those Ghost Car's. Ooh, it puts him in a real foul mood. Yuck! And, I sure don't want to do that." He waddled away on his short, fat legs, very pleased with his evil self.

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