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King Kong With God
by Stephen Jordan
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On the surface the epic King Kong is a story about man verses beast, and wins. Man wins because of his determination to destroy or some may say beauty killed the beast. I choose the first. And I also believe that even though man kills Kong, it is man’s loss.

The underlying story, and to what I refer as the real story is that man was the beast. Man entered Kong’s home, uprooting him, and taking him to another land. Prior to that Kong ruled in his own domain facing his own life struggles, and championing them. It is not until “civilized” man appeared, changing Kong’s world forever, first causing Kong to suffer greatly, and eventually killing him, that Kong encountered true danger.

Why is it that man killed Kong? One may say man was afraid of his size and power. Another may say if man can’t understand his adversaries, we just kill them. I say it is in man’s innate nature to destroy and ruin just about everything we touch, whether intentional or not. And why? The reasons are usually connected to greed and power, among others, but sometimes the reason is really dangerous, as in the story of King Kong. Man kills and hates because of differences.

This is the saddest side of man, but it affects just about all that we do. As children we pick on fat kids or kids that wear glasses. As teenagers its different clicks in high school or skin color. As adults it is cultural or religious. Why do we allow our differences to be enough reason to harm our fellow man?

What is wrong with this picture? As the Earth grows more populated, the general quality of life for all of us is decaying. What does this say about the world society on all levels? Will it continue to spiral out of control, or will we reach a point in which we come together as a world society to begin to improve things for all of our sakes? I think not.

Man will probably kill himself off, and take a lot of Mother Nature with him. If history has taught us anything, it is that we never learn. Throughout recorded history, man somewhere on this Earth has always been at war. In spite of our history, man continues to make the same mistakes. True peace has never really existed on this Planet, except maybe before man was placed here. It is a sad state.

So, just for the heck of it, let’s say enough of us were to come together and be determined enough to make a change in status quo. Well, in America, at least in theory, we should have an easier time of this than some other countries. All we have to do is vote people into office that agree with our basic philosophy whatever that may be. Right now only a minority of the population participates in exercising their right to vote for their government leaders. So, how do you get more people to the polls? How can you convince them of the urgency in their participation as well as convince them, that they can make a difference? How can you motivate people to give a portion of their lives on a daily basis to make America a better place for all of us?

Those of us who believe can start with God. And if you don’t believe, you can start with morals, as were taught by your parents and their parents before them. Whether one believes in God or not, we still have a basic understanding of morals. Just about all of us know what is morally right and morally wrong. If we all were to attempt to practice this on a daily basis, we could start to change things for the better in our lives.

Just imagine everyone of us basing our daily decisions on what is morally right, not letting personal gain, greed, lust, power, or our differences influence us to do things that in our hearts we know to be morally corrupt. I believe we would see an immediate difference in our world. This simple act in America, if practiced, would start a wave of change that would eventually sweep across the Globe.

However, it is just a pipe dream. It will never happen. Many of you who bother to read this will probably just say, “Yes that makes sense.” But you will never act on it. You will find some excuse to justify your inaction. Then there will be some of you that do act on it, but eventually just cease putting it into practice. I doubt there would be anyone who would make it a part of your daily lives forever. After all, I am fifty years of age, and I never have.

But wait a minute. Maybe there are groups of people out there that do at least try to live their lives right on a daily basis. I, myself had become so distant from them, I almost did not think to give them the credit they deserve. What about all of the people that practice their chosen religion, and try their best to follow it to a “T” everyday of their lives? I am talking about the worshiping people that strive to serve God and love their fellow man. Not groups or fragments of groups that in the name of religion have brought harm to the world society. I want to make this distinction very clear. You see it gets very foggy sometimes, when a fragment of a religious group decides to make their own rules, and all of a sudden it is all right to kill in the name of God for certain reasons, and so forth.

I am talking about people that attempt to live their lives according to how God wants us to live. It is not important what religious faith they practice. It is only important they believe and try to live their lives according to the foundation God laid for us. You see, through the centuries man has taken it upon himself for whatever reasons to splinter and form a number of religious groups, creating a whole myriad of differences among us that at one time were never there before. Through the ages, the men responsible for this ended up creating rifts among the people of the Earth. These rifts were so deep they have been handed down through the generations and exist today. Our relationship with God is what is important, not how we choose to worship God.

The key word here is “men”. Men did this, not God! No one on this Earth can argue that God intended for there to be all these different religious groups among his people. It does not make sense! There is only “one” God. God wants us to worship “one” God! We do not need hundreds of religious groups to do that! We just need to believe in him, and in our daily lives do what we all know to be morally right according to God’s teachings. And again, those who at this point in their lives choose to not believe in God, that is your choice. There may come a point in your life that you change your mind. But in the meantime, it does not hurt to try and do right in your life. This Earth needs everybody’s help.

We will all falter at times. God knows I have! But the important thing is to pick your self up and go on. Get back on track! Never give up! Keep going! Keep going for the sake of your families! Keep going for the sake of those who care about you, as well as those you care about! Keep going for your own sake!

Lord knows, there are times I have been ashamed of myself. I wish I could take so many things back, but I can’t. For a number of years, primarily my younger years, I lived my life according to God, and did well. In later life somewhere along the way I got lost at times. When I sat down to write this piece, I never even planned to approach this subject. It just happened. A few weeks ago, I decided to start writing. For as long as I could remember, I had wanted to write. The only thing that stood in my way was myself. I wasted so much time, I could have been writing. I wasted so much time, I could have been getting right with God again. So, now here I am. Writing about God. I had originally started out to write a piece on King Kong!

I hope I can get all the way back. I hope I can become the person I use to be. I know what to do. I just have to keep living my life according to what is morally right. I just have to make certain to keep God in my life on a daily basis. I cannot change the wrongful things I have done in the past, but I can contribute to building a positive life for the future. For what time I have left on Earth I can make a difference if I just try every remaining day.

What about you? To change the world for the better is going to take a lot of people doing the right things. Will you join me in my quest? Will you come to God, and live your life as God intended? Will you help me and others stay on the path of God? And for those of you who are not yet quite convinced there is a God. For the time being will you join me in attempting to live a life of doing the right things? All of us, regardless of our faith, or regardless of whether we believe or not, can certainly do that. If we do, only good can come of it.

I can tell you I have come a long way. Just less than two years ago, I almost ended my life by my own hand. It has not been easy, coming back from this. Three things brought me back. One is my belief in God, and the second is the love I have for my wife. The love and support my wife gave me in my struggle back was a true blessing. There were mornings, I would open my eyes and she would say some little something that would help get me through the day. In the beginning I took it day by day. Day by day brings me to the third thing that kept me going, life’s everyday little miracles. Each day life brought me a little miracle, some new reason to keep living. I would hold on to each of these little miracles, as if my life depended on it, because it did! Now I take it week by week. I have never faltered in my belief of God, but I have faltered in the way I lived my life primarily in my later years. I am proud to say that during this past year, I have for the most part pretty much lived a better life. I am on my way back. I still stumble now and then, but I am stumbling less.

The Devil did his best to take me, just like man did his best to destroy Kong. However, Kong is dead. I am still here. And I am stronger for it. Out of all the pain and suffering I went through, and all of the pain and suffering my family went through, one of the good things that came of it is I came back stronger than ever. Now, I am a formidable adversary of the Devil. My belief in God pulled me through everything! Now, I am a KING KONG marching in the ranks WITH GOD. I am committed to living a good life. And by good, I am not talking about material things. I am talking about all of the things that truly matter in life.

Many of us in America have lost sight of what truly matters in life. I am talking about other than God. I am talking about our families. How many times in the course of a week does your entire family have a meal together? How involved are you with your family?
I am also talking about your true friends, the friends that were still standing beside you when you experienced turmoil in your life. Have you given them a call lately to see if they are doing well? We have to make a better effort to care and take care of the ones we love, and those that love us.

The basic structure of every nation is founded on the family unit. The family unit has taken quite a beating in America these last few decades. We have gone from the “us” generation to the “me” generation. Half of the marriages in America end up in divorce. Kids are ending up with two sets of parents and four sets of Grandparents. We have gone from a one parent working family to a two parent working family, or a single parent working family. We now have generations of young people who cannot build better lives for themselves, but they want to. How did society in America come to this? Or better yet, how do we get out of this?

I will tell you how. By living your life right. By committing unselfish acts on a daily basis. By getting involved in your family. By getting involved in your community. By getting involved in your Government. By getting involved in your Church. By getting involved with God. Let us stop leaving it up to others to shape our destiny, and our children’s destiny. Each and every one of us must get involved! If we don’t, we will end up like Kong. Together, we have the power to not destroy ourselves, but we have got to start somewhere. Will you join the fight to save man from himself? Are you ready to help bring down all that is corrupt in the world? Simply put, are you ready to do right? It is just as simple as that! All each and every one of us, have to do on a daily basis, is just do what we know in our hearts to be morally right. If we do that, God will take care of the rest.

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Member Comments
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Don Beers 15 Dec 2006
Other than this was fairly well written; that is, there were few misspells and fewer malapropisms. It's just that there is a the broadest possible generalization made here; by inference, by assumption and at times presuppositionally. "God" is used with the broadest of literary brush strokes. Yet, we are exhorted to worship Him in the putting aside of our differences and with the statement "regardless of our faith"? Well, the Muslim, the Mormon, the Wiccan and the Christian may have tremendous difficulty doing that, for obvious reasons. Besides this, which is foundational, there are other doctrinal difficulties, that as much as I'd like to, well, this is neither the time nor the place. I'm glad Jesus said "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." He kept it so simple & that is what I would suggest for you.


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