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Castle of Mystery
by Caroline Alderson
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Eric walked down the stairs to the kitchen. The ten-year-old boy opened the fridge grabbing a peach. Two families had recently moved into the castle in Scotland. Sophia, the twelve-year-old girl from the other family turned out to be an adventuress. They had set a time to explore the castle. There were rumors of a secret room and the young people were eager to get started and discover it.

Walking into the kitchen, wearing her backpack with all her searching gear inside, Sophia went forging for food to eat before they started on their great adventure.

Eying the backpack, Eric asked, “What’s that for?”

“For searching, silly.” Sophia replied.

Wrinkling up his, nose, the boy said, “Isn’t carrying a lot of stuff going to slow us down?”

Sophia looked at Eric, and thought, and then said, “What if say, you fell through a trap door? How would you get out? I have rope to pull you out with.” Taking off her backpack and dropping it on the floor, and then leaning down and digging through it, she showed Eric the rope, two flashlights, harness for climbing just in case, and other cool stuff.

“Yeah, okay.”

Picking up her backpack and slipping it back on, she grabbed her fruit and started up the stairs of the castle, with Eric following close behind. Everyone had left the castle for the evening, so Eric and Sophie thought this would be a wonderful time to do some exploring, without anyone bothering them. An entire wing on the west side not being used, begged to be explored. The kids thought that would be a good place to start their search for the hidden room.

Wandering down the hall of the west wing, Eric wondered why the lights didn’t work over here. Shining his flashlight down the hall, he saw the light making eerie shadows on the walls. Shivering slightly, he kept on his quest for the hidden room. Searching room after room, they couldn’t find anything that looked out of place after a couple of hours.

Eric heard a sound and turned.


Startled, Eric thought he heard Sophia’s voice and started toward the sound to investigate. “Sophia! Where are you?” Running down the hall, he entered the room, where he was sure he heard her voice. Shining the flashlight around, he did a quick scan, yet not finding anything.

Sophia had been exploring one of the rooms on the end of the hall, when something caught her eye. Shining her flashlight, she discovered a light in a panel in the chest that was standing up. Somehow, she touched this secret part and the floor opened up, causing her to drop into it. A tunnel was found in the floor that slid, sending Sophia spiraling down and around and around. Sophia wondered if it would ever stop. Finally, it leveled off, so Sophia could stand up. Looking around, she wondered where she was. Calling out to Eric, she yelled, “Eric, come find me! I think I may have found the secret room!” Listening, she waited to see if Eric heard her. Waiting for a while, she decided he must not have heard her, so started to explore on her own.

Eric thinking he heard something, headed for the sound, calling out for Sophia. “Sophia! Sophia? Where are you?” Stumbling into the room on the end, he thought he heard something. Swinging his flashlight around the room, there didn’t appear to be anything or anyone in here. “Where could she be?” The sound did seem to come from this direction but where is Sophia? Questions poured through the boy’s mind. Something was glittering over by that wall. Eric checking it out looked to see what it was he saw out of the corner of his eye. His fingers searched for a secret panel or drawer that might open. Could Sophia have found the secret room? Was it a magical room of wonder? Feeling something with his fingers, he pushed, and the floor disappeared dropping him.


Dropping the flashlight, Eric stuck out his feet trying to stop his fall down the spiraling tunnel. Touching the sides with his hands, he noticed they were sort of slick. There was no way to stop his decent, so he had no choice but to ride it through and see where it landed him. Hoping he would find Sophia, he tried to anticipate when the decent would end. Landing on the floor at the end of the tunnel, Eric pitched forward and back, and then came to rest on his bottom. Glancing around, he found his flashlight on the floor.

Picking up the flashlight, he went looking for Sophia. “Sophia! Are you down here?”


“What? Where are you?”

Turning the corner, Eric stepped into an oval room, and looked around. Sophia was looking at a strange design on the wall. Walking up to her, he studied the design she was looking at. It was round, with a gold flat plate type thing on it, with some kind of writing. Seeing this funny quiver like thing, Eric pressed it with his finger. Without warning, a door opened. Eric looked at Sophie.

Sophie carefully stepped inside the room, with Eric following. The room suddenly whisked them away. Eric and Sophia fell up against the wall.

Sophia looking alarmed, asked, “What is going on? Why is this room moving like an elevator?”

Loving adventure, Eric looked around with interest in where the room was taking them.

Eventually, coming to a stop, the door to the room opened. Looking around, their eyes wide, the kids stepped out onto what looked like grass, only different.

Looking at Eric, Sophia spoke, “ We’re not in Kansa anymore, toto! Where ARE we!?”

Eric fastening his eyes on the strange land around them wondered the same thing. “It looks like we are on another planet! But, that’s not possible!”

Stepping out of the room, Sophia planted her foot gently on the ground and walked over the grass. The grass was maroon, instead of green like Earth. Where could they be? The two took off exploring looking around in awe and wonder. The clouds were a hazy green.

“This is so bizarre, Eric!” Sophia exclaimed. What is this place?

“I don’t know what to make of it, Sophia. I didn’t think there were other planets with anything on it.” Eric panned his eyes around taking in the view. “Hey, what’s that over there?”

Looking, Sophia asked. “Where?”

Pointing, Eric said, “Over there at that bluish mountain. It looks like a cave or something. Let’s go investigate.”

“Okay. Let’s go, Eric.” Heading toward the mountain, Sophia looked back at the room, hoping it would still be there, when they returned.

Arriving at the opening in the mountain, Eric went in first, touching the cave walls or whatever it was. Following close behind him, Sophia thought she heard water. Pointing, she motioned Eric to check it out. Walking into a wide-open space, they looked up seeing a small trickling waterfall coming down from the ceiling. Looking up they tried to see where the water was coming from, but couldn’t see anything in the crevices.

“Let’s go this way, Sophia.” Continuing on, they thought they saw something shimmering. It would come into focus then would go back out and they could see nothing, like it was not even there. Wanting to get closer, the two kids moved cautiously toward the strange sight. Shimmering in front of them again, startled the kids jumped back.

Carefully, Eric slipped his fingers inside the shimmer. Laughing at the tickle affect, Sophia slipped her hand in too, looking at Eric. “What is this shimmer, Eric”?

“I don’t know. However, it sure is cool! Let’s see what happens when we step inside of it.” Gingerly, Eric stepped in, watching the shimmering affect, climb slowly up his body.

Worriedly, Sophia watched, saying, “Be careful, Eric.”

“Come on, try it, Sophia. It feels cool! Kinda tickly.

Stepping beside Eric, the shimmer affect crept up Sophia’s body, up to her head. Looking at Eric, the shimmer totally encompassed them inside of it. The kids saw the cave walls disappear. All they saw was the shimmer. Then, suddenly, the focus changed and they found themselves in one of the rooms they had explored. The shimmer disappeared into nothingness leaving the kids back in the castle.

Looking around, Eric exclaimed, “We didn’t start from this room. How did we get back? Why did we reappear in a different room? Is that other room still down there on that planet? That was sooo cool, Sophia!”

Bursting with excitement, they went looking for the other room, and then Sophia looked at her watch. “We have to get back, Eric, before everyone returns! We will have to do more exploring later.”

Hurrying back into the hall, Sophia saw her backpack and grabbed it, then with Eric, ran down the stairs.

The End

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Donna Haug 19 Jul 2003
My kids liked this story! My six year old said, "Is there another page? They always stop at the best parts!" My 11 year old insisted it be rated a 5. Good job. They want more. God bless! Donna Haug


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