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The Set Up!
by Called By His Name Yasha
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The Set Up!

1 Cor. 1:27

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

How many of you have experienced God in this manner? How many of you can testify that God "Set You Up" for something, whether it was a lesson to teach you something of importance in your walk with HIM? Or a lesson learned for the walk He has applied to your life for the perfecting of the Saints, for the work of the Ministry that He has called you to do in His name?

It all began with my meeting a fellow Minister online by the name of Dale, Minister Dale introduced himself to me and the Spirit of the Lord confirmed that he was who God called him to be in a Mighty way, we spoke for a short time before he began to testify to me that he loved scrubbing dishes, that he once had a job where he washed dishes, my question to him was this and my thought about this issue was this as well, I do not like scrubbing dishes, at all, hate it, I have went to bed with a sink full many of nights and woke up the next morning with those same dishes in the sink as if they were going to wash themselves, looked at them and walked away. There has been times when I have allowed those same dishes to sit for over a week before I washed them, this was an issue to me, I don't like putting my hands in grease and grime, I would prefer just throwing them away. While I know there will be many who are saying in there hearts right now as they read this page, yuck, I would never, I could never, wow, how can she be........and have all that nasty stuff in her home.....huh.., I also know that God is having me to place this in writing for those and many others whom think that they have it all together with HIM and they do not, but to show you that God is able to use the smallest things to teach us a Great Big Lesson.

Minister Dale continued to testify to me about how he loved washing dishes, how he would say to himself, I am washing dishes for the Lord as he did this chore, and it was a pleasant thing to him, that over and over he would wash and say to God, I am washing dishes for Jesus with a pleasant demeanor which cause the anointing to drop on him as he worked unto God. I thought of how blessed the meals where that laid on these plates as they were anointed by Dale prior to being served to the public because of Dales love for Jesus to just wash these dishes, but I still had in the back of my mind, huh, I hate washing dishes and that will never be an anointing that I will be trying to obtain.

I also in the pass, have thrown many pots, pans, dishes, bowls away because they where crowing up my refrigerator with old left overs, and the food would get so hard in them that I would not want to put my hands in them to clean them, so over the years I had been throwing them away. One day the Lord said to me, you know, if you keep throwing them away you will find in the future that you have none at all, I said to God oh well Lord, I will just go and buy some more, and you know what I did at the 1.00 store, we all have them and they come in handy for many things so off to the dollar store I would go to buy and replace the things that I threw away, pots, pans, dishes, forks and bowls to boot!

Although I had been doing this for years, I could always feel the Lord dealing with me, it was always this little nudge in me that let me know that He was not finished with this, but He allow me years of waist before He show me the errors of my ways. It all began with Dale and his testimony of how he loved to wash these dishes.

On the night of Resurrection Day, I was in my kitchen preparing the Feast Dinner, as I did, I had to clean out something's pots, pans, bowls left in the refrigerator with old left over in them and if I found some that looked like it would need some extra attention to clean I would just throw them in the garbage and replace them as usual. I thought to myself, as I always did, trying to forgetting about the testimony of Minister Dale the day before of his love of washing dishes for Jesus. I tried to lock it down so that I would not hear it in my spirit, but the Lord kept allowing me to hear it, and then in the spirit I started hearing singing, it was a mans voice singing, "I am Washing Dishes for Jesus", and it would not stop, well I just pushed it off and kept on emptying out the pots, pans and dishes that where easy to clean off into the waste, but then I got to the one that was and looked to be difficult, the one that the food was stuck to, the one that wanted to resist releasing the old food out of it was a medium white bowl and no matter how hard I shook it the food just sat there, so I said to myself "oh well" I will not let this bowl stress me out, in the garbage with yah and I threw it away, when I did, I felt something different about this issue and what I had been doing for so long like I was being Setup in some way, and as usual God said to me again, you know that if you keep casting them away, one day you will not have any to throw away, and my response was the same, I will just go out and buy some more.

In my heart I knew that this time was different, this was not like all the other times, as I threw the bowl away, the Lord said don't do that, but I did not take that bowl out of the garbage, and I also had now a sink full of dishes with grease from the pan that I cooked the Ham in as well as other things. After I completed the tasks of cleaning out the refrigerator and looked at the stack of dishes on my kitchen table, I was so tired in my flesh, between, making the dinner and cleaning out of the old that I did not want to wash anything. I finished cooking and putting all of my Resurrection Day dinner up for the next day, but the sink was full. I looked at that sink and growled out loud, the Lord said to me, wash those dishes, and pots do not leave them in there because you will only have to wash them tomorrow, well you know what, I was so tired, I said to God I will deal with that tomorrow, I am going to bed, this was the second time I did not hearken to Him.

1. He said do not throw that bowl away, I did.
2. He said wash those pot and dishes tonight so that you will not have to do it tomorrow, I did not and turned out the lights and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, Resurrection Day, the first thing I heard from God as I passed the kitchen sink to go to the bathroom, was.........You should have washed those dishes last night, how are you going to make your coffee the sink is to full for you to even to get water to make your coffee so now you have to wash them before you can make your coffee, I told you that you should have washed them last night! I said yes Lord your right, but I did not, and proceeded to wash the dishes without compiling on the outside, getting angry with my oldest daughter inside feeling that she could have washed them if I was making this grand dinner, but she was in the bed sleep while I struggled with the grease getting on my hands washing dishes yuck!

I finally got them all washed up, but that bowl kept showing itself to me in my spirit, I could not shake this feeling for nothing. The day went well for us and we rejoiced and enjoyed Jesus all day, I ate spiritually, not so much naturally, had no desire to eat to much of anything just wanted to eat some spiritual manna.

As the day progressed into night, the phone rang, it was another Minister, Prophetess Jan Forman, when I answered the phone, the Lord said to me, she thinks that this talk will be boring and I had to make her call you cause she did not want to, watch what I do to her to teach her this lesson, the lesson of not to move before Me or think of what will or will not be to herself. You see this was the first time that we had really spoken in person over the phone, we have been speaking over the IM's screen on AOL but never in person, because the IM's screen leave much out of that person its a cold type of speaking one is lead to believe that it will be boring and short. Well, it was anything but boring or short on both sides.

We began to chat when all of a sudden the Spirit of the Lord dropped and I began to laugh in the Spirit, the Lord said to me,

Lu 15:4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?

Then the vision, as we where talking the Lord was showing me the vision of a sheep in a large mud pool, muck and mire waste pool, the sheep's wool was getting wet, as some may know, sheep cannot get wet, there wool gets so heavy that they will sink and die. The Lord allowed me to see the sheep sinking head going under in this waist and His hand coming down out of a cloud to save this one sheep. The others where in a safe place grazing on grass, but this one sheep was lost and was in trouble and He was there to save it. Understand that when a sheep runs from its Shepherd, that when the Shepherd finds the sheep the breaks its legs and hangs the sheep around his neck to teach the sheep not to stray, in the latter days the Shepherd carries this sheep with him on his neck and the sheep learns a valuable lesson, which is, do not ever stray again alone without My leading you, stay close to Me.

As Prophetess Forman and myself we contained to chat, I was still laughing and it was not getting very hot in the room the anointing was Great on me and she began to laugh as well, but in the laughter the Lord began to speak, He said to me, "Who do you think you are?" Why did you throw that bowl away when I told you not to? I was still laughing so was Prophetess Forman, then the Lord said, "Have I ever thrown you or any other of My Children away?" I was laughing so hard, but I answered Him, "No Lord," He said, well how and why did you throw that bowl away? I said to myself, what does a bowl have to do with your kids, He said its the same principal, the bowl is liken unto the 100 sheep and one ran astray and it was in danger of loosing its life never to be used again by Me if I did not go after it, the bowl you throw away will never be used again, cause you throw it away! Then I told Prophetess Forman what God had said and we where still laughing about it, and God would not let it go, He just kept on pressing on this bowl, it was not a new bowl, it was an old white Cool Whip Bowl, so what's the big deal Lord? He said to me,


I though to myself, yeah right! that bowl is deep in the garbage and it stinks by now, and I said to God Lord the bowl is in the garbage and it stinks and I am not putting my hands down in that mess to get that old bowl, He said to me, "Didn't I retrieve you from out of your mess, from out of the muck and mire, didn't I find you in waste that stunk yet I pulled you out"? "Go get that bowl out of the garbage now"! I was still laughing hard, while God was whipping my butt, I said to God, yuck, Lord you know that I don't like putting my hands in grease or dirt so what's the big deal about this bowl? God said you are that bowl, and you where and in some ways still dirty, stinking and need washing, yet I never threw you away did I? I said no Lord, He said NOW, GO AND GET THAT BOWL AND WASH IT, well I told Prophetess Forman, and she agreed with me laughing that God was not letting this go until I went and got this bowl and washed it to learn this lesson.

And so I did, I went to dig this bowl out, all I could see in the spirit was dirt, filth, maggots stuff like that, I really did not want to dig this bowl out of this garbage, there where no maggots, but in my spiritual eye I could see them and God said I dug you out! So get to digging that Bowl out now, I found the bowl and washed it out, and me and Minister Forman was still laughing the Holy Laugh, when the Lord said to me, now tell her that I told her that this phone called would not be boring, that it would not be short, and that she thought it would be but I had to teach her this lesson as well, "Do not try to out think Me" because I will change on you........I told her and she began to laugh and confessed that she did have this thought prior to calling me, but God made her call me even although she did not want to, He made her do so.

This was an awesome Revelation to us both, how the Lord used a simple bowl as well as a miss dialed telephone number to teach us both about waist of anything. In showing me He could used a simple bowl to show me how we must sometimes go into places that we do not want to in filth, grease, grime even stool to get what He sends us after and thats the vessels, the bowl and its true beauty is after He washes it and makes it white as snow.

I pray that God has blessed you, and the next time He "Set You Up", that you will receive it as a blessing of correction and not just shrug it off as just a little something, something.

I will never throw another bowl, pot, dish away again, and I will wash them singing to Him, as my brother Dale does.........

"I am washing dishes for Jesus"
Thats all right!

C.A.B. Deliverance Ministries Inc.
Called by His Name And
~Set As Apostle~
I am Blessed to be Pressed, Sent to Deliver, Marked to make known the Way, Stoned for the Work of the Gospel
And I would not change a thing!

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