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“Why We Need A Savior”
by Helena Lehman
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An Excerpt from Book Two:
“The Language of God in Humanity”

Part of a four book series entitled:
“The Language of God -
Yah's Nature Revealed Through His Creation.”

By: Helena Lehman

More excerpts and a complete synopsis of the book series
is available online at: http://pillar-of-enoch.com/language_series/

Chapter Eight: Yah Revealed in Ritual Sacrifice
Sample Section entitled:

“Why We Need A Savior”

Beyond their protective power, the animal skin clothes God fashioned for his first human children were potent symbols. They bore silent testimony to the fact that Adam and Eve needed redemption by the blood of a perfect sacrifice before they would be delivered from the curse of death. It was therefore Yahweh Himself who made the first blood sacrifice for sin:

“Also for Adam and his wife the LORD God (Yahweh Elohim) made tunics of skin, and clothed them.” - Genesis 3:21 (NKJ)

Through this action, Yahweh used these imperfect animal skin coverings to allude to the flesh and blood covering that would ultimately be given to us in the death of Yahshua, God's Son. When He gave Adam and Eve these animal skins to cover their now shameful nakedness, Yahweh was establishing the rites of blood sacrifice and Blood Covenant as a solemn oath and sacred promise of future deliverance for Adam and his descendants.

Through the killing of the animals used to make the skin clothes for Adam and Eve, Yahweh was showing the first human couple that the price for sin is death. Yah showed Adam and Eve that an animal innocent of sin had to die and shed its blood in order to save them from paying immediately for their crime against Yah. By placing the dead animal’s skin over Adam and Eve’s naked bodies, Yahweh was also showing them that their sin would one day be covered over or hidden forever by the skin of an innocent victim. This is where the Blood Covenant ceremony found its basis. Through this sacred skin covering, the person literally took on the attributes of the innocent animal that was slain, thereby being temporarily relieved of their guilt and shame. A Covenant with Adam is referred to in the book of Hosea:

“Like Adam, they have broken the Covenant...” - Hosea 6:7 (NIV)

Here, the prophet Hosea tells us that Adam broke His Covenant with Yahweh. What Covenant was Hosea referring to, since there is no apparent mention of one made with Adam in the Book of Genesis? As mentioned in Chapter One, this Covenant was made with Adam when God created Adam and Eve. Yahweh clothed Adam and Eve with immortality through the indwelling presence of God's Shekinah Glory within them. Likewise, Yahweh, though He is an incorporeal being of pure energy and light, took on the guise of flesh through the preincarnate Christ, who walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and was identified by them as Yahweh Elohim (Genesis 3:8).

This first Covenant of love and trust between God and Man was conditional. In order for it to be kept, Adam and Eve were given a simple choice. As long as they did not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would live forever and be fully provided for under their Covenant with Yahweh. However, the moment they ate of that fruit, they would forsake their right to eternal life and also lose Yah’s unconditional protection. Sadly, when they chose to forsake everything Yah had given them to obtain the knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve lost the Shekinah Glory that clothed them with the light of God's own immortal Spirit. This is when they realized that they were now naked and they became afraid and ashamed for what they had done (Genesis 3:7).

Shortly thereafter, another Covenant was made between Yahweh and Adam and Eve. Yah Himself slaughtered animals as Adam and Eve probably watched in horror, witnessing the first gruesome blood sacrifice for sin as well as partaking in another divinely sanctioned Blood Covenant ceremony. Yah then likely burned the animals’ carcasses after their blood had been poured out and they had been skinned. As Adam and Eve likely watched the flames consume the sacrificed animals, Yah fashioned the skins into clothes for His fallen children.

Adam and Eve were thereafter covered with imperfect animal skin coverings that, like them, would perish. However, at the time they were given these coverings, Yahweh promised Adam and Eve that a Deliverer would come one day who would cover over their sins and save them from eternal death and separation from God. In addition, this Deliverer would once more be able to clothe Adam and Eve with the Shekinah Glory they had lost and could never restore on their own. In effect, Yah promised to send a second man like Adam to Earth that, unlike Adam in his now fallen state, would be perfect and would never sin. This perfect and sinless man would therefore be able to pay the death penalty for sin once and for all time – not just for mankind as a whole but for all of Creation!

As quoted earlier, Hosea says Adam broke the Blood Covenant that Yah made with Adam before expelling them from the Garden of Eden. Hosea was therefore uttering a prophecy about Adam, telling us that Adam deliberately chose not to live righteously as instructed by Yahweh. Instead, after eating the forbidden fruit, receiving the skin covering, and being given the promise of a Deliverer through the Seed of the Woman, Adam soon began to follow his own path just as Eve did, thus falling further and further away from the only paths that led to righteousness.

Thankfully, the principles of blood sacrifice and the Blood Covenant were not rejected or abandoned by all of Adam and Eve’s children. Abel and Seth both grasped and taught the meaning of blood sacrifice and Blood Covenanting and applied these potent symbols in a variety of ways. For example, Covenant rites could serve to legitimize or seal treaties and agreements such as marriages or alliances between different groups of people. In each case, the rites in a Blood Covenant ceremony all referred to Yahweh’s part in it. This is because flesh had to be cut and blood had to be shed in order to seal a Covenant. In each case, it was symbolically to Yahweh that these animals were offered up. Likewise, it was Yahweh who was seen as the One who would mete out punishment to anyone who broke a Covenant agreement.

Some, however, may question why blood had to be shed in order for God to redeem the human race from their sins. Part of the reason for this is that blood appears to be the part of the human body that contains or transmits the life force from the air we breathe into the bodies we occupy. Yahweh also reveals that it is the blood of the sacrificed animal that makes atonement for one’s life (Leviticus 17:11). The New Testament also proclaims that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness (Hebrews 9:22). Yahweh Elohim gave strict laws to the Israelites which forbade them from eating flesh which still had the lifeblood in it and that was not sacrificed specifically to Him (See Leviticus 7:6, 17:1-14; Deuteronomy 12:23). All life, as a gift from God, is sacred and the blood of animals represents their life force.

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Johann Moller 19 Jul 2003
Hi Helena, so good to see a familiar name amongst this writing site. I've downloaded this article book for it's a bit long to read on line. Looking forward to more. Bless you.


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