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by Judy Sims
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In all that we do, as a nation, we revolve around God's perfect plan and don't even realize it. Our very laws back up God's will whether the heathen accepts it or not. They can scream and holler about 'Christians' in their faces, and do all they desire to wipe us out and all the while using the very tools used to carry out God's will.

Check this out. Every law is founded in the protection of free will. Example: What's wrong with rape? It's the fact, not of a sexual act, but of forcing someones will on another. Of course, in the case of rape, its the most vile way of doing it. Well, except for murder. But that's the basic point. "Forced against ones will". Right?

The same for murder. Dying isn't against the law but dying by someone else's hands is. We then die 'against our will' and certainly against God's will.

Without realizing it, that's what the law does. It protects our will.

If you have a job, what you're doing is selling pieces of your life, in exchange for something else you want. There's only so many hours in a lifetime, so every time you give an hour away, you are actually giving away an hour out of your life that you can never have back. It's gone. Sold.

So when you sell an hour, that money represents a piece of your life that you sold of your own 'free will'. So then when someone steals that money, what are they stealing? Actually, its your free will!!! That's why it feels so violating. They've taken the very object that you traded a piece of your life for, and did so with free will. You didn't 'free will' it to be stolen!

When someone kidnaps, what they are doing is holding someone 'against their will'. It's the free will that has been violated.

What is the enemy of free will? It's slavery. In slavery, there is someone lording it over others. Enslaving their free will. Causing them to submit to someone else's will. Totally perverse to God's design.

Eve, first caused Adam to be enslaved, by enslaving herself to the devil's will. She submitted. And she was half of Adam. It's no wonder Adam then submitted, as it was already a done thing. Just like that, they were slaves.

Think about it. What do drugs do to a person? It enslaves them. What does bitterness do? Enslaves. What does hatred do? Porn sickness? Lust? All these things cause the person to submit their will and that means slavery.

It makes sense to me (not that this was a part of this revelation) that this is the reason for war in heaven. Who was the blessed one? It was Lucifer and Lucifer thought free will was all HIS. So imagine what went on when it became clear that God was planning mankind and that mankind was to be given free will.

Gods perfect plan is free will (freedom). Only in freedom does love truly exist. Submitting against ones will is not love.

So it makes perfect sense that is the reason Adam could not remain all one unit, self procreating. The subject is free will. In order to create a being with free will, procreation also had to be in free will begetting others with free will and that can only be done when the ovum and the seed CHOSE one another. Of their own free will. So in free will, the two parts come together to create more free will. So Adam had to be separated into two. Free will cannot be exercised unless there is a counterpart.

When Adam submitted, it put a halt to God's plans. God then had to put into motion a whole new plan to again set man free. In the meantime, God's own people decided they wanted a king. After so many generations, the people had no knowledge of freedom and that's why God allowed a king.

Today, we are just as hard headed as those folks. We too need a king. We too have no understanding of free will. That's why we call Jesus, King of Kings. Only through Him, do we acquire freedom. That's why Jesus said He came to set us free.

All these years I've talked about love without realizing that the whole reason for our existence is 'freedom' and that without it, love does not exist. The whole subject, the whole reason for all our history and our being here, is free will. And the whole battle is over that very thing: freedom vs. slavery.

Remember the butterfly story? Let it go and if it comes back, then it belongs to you. That's what God is all about.

It's perfectly understandable, after receiving this revelation, that God still and will always, love Lucifer. After all, Lucifer was the first to exercise God's perfect plan, free will. The Bible never says that God will destroy satan, or kill him. It only tells us that satan will be cast into the bottomless pit. While its true that God will always love Lucifer, he sinned against God.

Why are we called the 'New World'? Ever think about that? So explorers found a new land and explored it. How does that make it a whole new world? There's only ONE world so how was it that this continent became known as the new world? And we are STILL known as the new world.

I now know why it is that America is never mentioned in the Bible. Because its the new world!! You see, representatives from every corner of the world, live right here in the U.S. Making it truly the new world. The fact is, America doesn't fit into the last day picture at all. But our roots do.

It's like this. Suppose you have a massive subject, you need to teach to others. The simplest way to explain it all would be to turn it into a stage play. Using actors to represent the diversity. That's what we are. We are the stage play of the world. All the problems and diverse peoples and struggles have all, and are, played out starting with a lesson in what God sees as the number one sin : slavery. When God thinks slavery, He's thinking about all things that enslave. We acted it out by actually using people and having a war. Who won out? And I ask you, what does the U.S. stand for? Freedom!

In all the world, in all that we do and strive for, all of history revolves around freedom vs. slavery.

When God's people had lost all knowledge of freedom and could not survive without enslaving themselves, God stepped in and enslaved them Himself. It was Him or the enemy and He sure wouldn't lead His chosen people into that kind of destruction. So He stood in, as the slave master, until Jesus could come into fruition. Thus the reason for 10 commandments, for laws of living, for rituals and sacrificing. All to give the people what they needed to survive. Much like a battered wife. They didn't know how to survive without it.

Finally, came Jesus. Jesus said He came to fulfill the law. Now I understand what He meant. The law was given in lieu of freedom because the people didn't understand. Jesus had to become human because only mankind was ever given free will and God would have to put free will into action, in order to overcome what was submitted by Adam. By going to the cross of His own 'free will', Jesus set us free. Again, the subject is freedom.

For me, this answers all questions.
How can a God of love let such horrible things happen? Answer: God is perfection and His plan is free will.

The goal is to obtain the perfection of free will. And everything that crosses that plan is sin.

I don't know about you but this revelation, in itself, has given me freedom. And understanding. And peace. I understand.

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...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

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