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Animal Adventures in the Bible
by Neema Rajakumar
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This book is exclusively for animal lovers who can understand their emotions. Feel and enjoy!

Dear kids, I’m Naga the snake. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Genesis Chapters 1-3 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Naga - The Evil thought

It was a beautiful garden with many fruits and flowers of different colours. There were a lot of animals running around the bushes and playing. I too loved playing. So I glided on the trees and swung around. God who created us was always in the garden and His presence made us tremble. I noticed that He was busy making something with mud. After He had made a figure out of mud, He blew inside, and Walla… the mud figure became a man. It looked like magic when the next day He made the man to sleep and took out a bone from the man and made a woman. They were called Adam and Eve.

I started wondering how God was able to do all this! I too wanted to do something like that. But how? I was overcome by this feeling of doing something more than I was supposed to do. I saw God taking Adam and Eve to a tree in the middle of the garden and tell them, “Do not eat this fruit.”

At that time I felt a dark power get into me and the power made me glide to the tree. The fruit was very good to see. Then my thought of doing something different grew more and more. I struck upon an idea. “Why can’t we make Adam and Eve eat the same fruit? But how? What if Adam harms me when I try to convince him? What if he tells God?” So I chose to play my game on Eve. I was waiting for her to be alone. As I turned back and saw the tree, the fruits looked like glittering weapons of victory to me.

The next day, she woke up early and was wandering around. I thought that that would be the right time. So I glided towards her and danced on the trees. She saw me and was amazed by my beauty. We started to play. When we had become friends after sometime, I took her to the shade of the tree to rest. I asked, “Hey Eve, have you eaten this fruit?” She said, “No, God has asked us not to eat this fruit.” Then I said, “Oh no, this is the tastiest fruit of all. Just eat one. God will not know.” To make her desire for the fruit, I pretended to eat one. She was too tired to think about the consequences. So she plucked one and ate. She liked it a lot. She said, “Oh, how sweet this is! I will ask Adam also to eat.” Saying so she plucked another fruit and took it to Adam and he also ate.

I felt very proud of myself. God made man to rule over the animals and now I have made him obey me! I felt like a king! But in the evening when God came, I was scared if he would find out what I had done. So I went into a hole of a tree and hid myself. But when God learned what had happened, He called me. My body was shivering when I bowed before Him. He cursed me saying, “The son of Eve will stamp you and you will bite his heel.” Even today I’m scared of people. I try to run away and hide if I see one. If they come near me I try to bite them and kill them before they could kill me.


Dear kids, I’m Dory the dove. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Genesis Chapters 6-8 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Dory – The survivor

The tree on which we had built our nest was so huge with plenty of fruits. It gave good shade to whoever rested under it. My husband and I lived happily in our house.

A very old man lived with his family near our house. He was a very gracious and God fearing man. One day he started felling down some of the trees near ours. We did not expect him to do this and were scared if he would bring down our tree also. But to our surprise and relief he left alone our tree and chopped the rest.

We were very eager to see what he was going to do with such enormous amount of wood he had felled. Everyday he would come early in the morning and chop the wood and smoothen them till late in the evening. He also worshiped God as he worked. We were so surprised by his hard work. We even plucked fruits from our tree and dropped them down for him to eat. Every time we dropped a fruit, he would look up at us and smile and eat the fruit. As he worked with the wood, we became great friends that we even flew down to him and sat on his shoulders or beside him and watched him work.

After some days, the man had built a huge box shaped structure with many rooms in it. We did not understand what it was! Why does he need such a big house? Many other people in the town also felt the same I guess. I heard them say, “Noah, You’re definitely mad”, “Noah, why do you waste your time in doing such a silly thing?”, “Noah, What would you do if your God sends fire from heaven?” For all these comments Noah would just smile and worship the Lord.

One day Noah brought all his family people to the structure. And to our great surprise, we saw many animals and birds come in pairs. Noah opened the big door and let all of them in. We wondered what he was going to do with these animals in! Is he going to open up a zoo? When all the animals had gone inside, Noah turned towards us and stretched out his hands. With great joy and excitement we flew to him and sat on his hands. He smiled at us and took us inside the box. The big door behind us shut on its own.

Then suddenly we heard a big thunder and gusts of wind blowing very hard. We heard water dripping and splashing all around us. The sound was so terrifying that we froze with fear and never even felt like eating. We heard lots of people crying and knocking. But Noah and his family did not dare to open the door. The box began to shake and we felt as if we were floating. Oh, Yes! We were indeed floating and it was not just a box, but a big boat! For 40 days and nights we heard the terrible thunder and saw flashing lightning. It was so cold. We cuddled with each other inside the boat.

After 40 days, suddenly everything became calm, and 150 days after that, the boat stopped rocking and stood still. After 40 more days, Noah took my friend Roven the Raven and let him go out of the boat. We waited for a day but he never returned. Then Noah took me in his hand and let me out of the boat. It was so nice to fly in free air. I made all kinds of noise and flew as fast as I could. But I could not find a single place to rest. It was water, water and water everywhere. So I returned back to the boat. After 7 days, Noah again let me out. This time I saw beautiful trees with fresh green leaves. I also saw skeletons of many people and animals lying. It was then that I realized that I was a lucky survivor of a terrible disaster. I sat on an Olive tree to rest. Then I thought that I should tell everybody in the boat about my adventure. I felt very grateful towards Noah that he saved our lives. I wanted to gift him with something. So I plucked a branch from the tree and flew back. Noah was very excited to see me and the gift I had brought. He held me and patted me. He then opened the big door of the boat and let all animals and birds go. Me and my husband followed Noah’s family for we felt safer with him. As soon as they got out they worshiped God. We built our nest in a tree near his house and lived in peace and most of all we were very glad to be alive!


Dear kids, I’m Wallace the whale. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Jonah Chapters 1-4 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Wallace – Food Poison

The sea was starting to get rough. I hadn’t had anything for more than two days. And when the sea is rough, it’s quite difficult to find my weed food. I was scared that I would starve to death. So I started propelling my huge body against the current with difficulty.
It was then that I heard this weird sound. Whee…e..o..o..m..! It did sound like another whale. And something inside told me to go in that direction, where the weather above our world was getting even worse. The water current itself swept me towards the sound. As I was very weak, I couldn’t swim against it. When I was swept forcefully, I saw blinding light flashing through the water now and then. I was so scared and wonderstruck! The strange sound seemed to increase more and more and there was no whale in the vicinity as I had guessed.
In a flash of light, I saw a big beautiful weed swaying so…. elegantly. For a second, I thought it was all a dream. But, it was true! As I got closer, I could see the enormous weed still swaying. But, I also saw something else caught in the weed. It looked something like a sea turtle without a head. I told to myself, “If I miss this chance, I may not get food for another two days.” So I opened my mouth as wide as I could with a desire to swallow the whole weed. Blurp! Within seconds, I had done the job precisely and had traveled at least a kilometer with the current!
Then the sea calmed down and I started feeling funny inside my tummy. I thought this was due to my sumptuous meal after a two day’s starvation. But after a while, I felt something sprawling and wriggling inside me. It started to ache. I couldn’t bear it. Then I remembered the turtle like thing which I had swallowed with the weed. “Oh my! Is it a poisonous creature, which would kill me? What if it is a worm that could pierce my stomach?” I was scared to death with these thoughts nagging my mind.
I started to swim very fast searching for ways to make this creature pass out of my body. I was so tensed that I didn’t know where I was going. Then again I heard the same weird sound, Whee…e..o..o..m..! This time, it was from behind. I decided not to look back and swam as fast as I could away from this sound. I started praying for the first time in my life, “O God, please take away this creature and pain from me.” I swam for three days and was still praying without having any food.
On the third day, I felt like puking. And for heaven’s sake, I was drained totally and felt like a dead rat. In a short while, I could feel the sea bed rubbing against my tender belly. That was quite soothening. I did not know that I was nearing a shore. I swam more and more towards the shore. With more rubbing, at last I threw up. That was once in a life time feeling! I could see the creature thrown out of my mouth to dry land. And, Oh boy! The creature stood upright! It was a man!
My pain stopped. I cried and thanked God for getting rid of this man from my belly. I returned back to my home to tell this story to my kith and kin, and praise God. Whee…e..o..o..m..! If you hear a whale making this sound, remember my story, and hey, that’s praising God in our language!

Whee…e..o..o..m..! PRAISE GOD!!


Dear kids, I’m Sherlock the sheep. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Genesis Chapter 22: 1-19 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Sherlock – The Long awaited journey

The stones…and the woods laid on them; they are a feast to our eyes. They are the things used to make an altar for sacrifices. I remember my mom telling that a sacrifice with us pleases God the most as we fear the Lord and are very timid. So, when an altar is prepared and one of us is brought to it, we get frenzied. We get so much excited because we know that we’re going to see the Lord very soon. So the journey to get sacrificed before we die is the most long awaited journey by all of us – the sheep. Now as I had grown old, I almost lost hope that I would ever get that golden chance.

One day as I was gracing as usual in the foot of a hill, I saw an old man and a young man climb up the hill. The old man had a knife in one hand and fire in the other. I was very curious to see what they were up to. I followed them without making a noise. After they reached the top, the old man started building an altar. He looked quite disturbed, but he was continuously praying and singing praises to God.

The altar was ready in a little while. The young man went up to the old man and asked, “Father, where is the sheep?” “Are they father and son?” I gazed. “But, where is the sheep?” I too asked myself.

To my greatest shock, the father tied up his son and put him on the altar. The son did not speak a word, but remained calm. The father took out the knife and raised his hands up to sacrifice his son. I was trembling with fear. I couldn’t believe my own eyes! Have you ever heard of a father sacrificing his own son?

Suddenly there was a bright flashing light. I felt blinded and fell to the ground. An angel stood by the altar and said, “Stop Abraham. Don’t kill your son. Now I can see that you trust God with all your heart.” I was so relieved when I heard this, but still I couldn’t get up on my feet. I could only say, “Baa… Baa…” Abraham heard me and was overjoyed to see me there. He walked up to me and lifted me. I knew that it was my long awaited journey. A journey that would please my Lord and that would take me to the Lord to glorify him!


Dear kids, I’m Carl the camel. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Genesis Chapter 24 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Carl – The search for a bride

I’m going to look for a bride! There were lots of preparations going on for our long journey in search of a bride.

Well, let me first tell you about me. I am the best looking guy in our group. Many a times my friends have told me that I was the most handsome among all of us which made me very proud. But my cousin Camela always used to tell me not to be proud of my beauty even though she admired me a lot secretly. We were great friends too. We used to roam about and chat a lot!

Our master liked us a lot. He would always choose either one of us for his pleasure rides. A few days back during such a pleasure ride with my master, Camela injured her fore-leg when she tried to negotiate a rocky pit.

So Camela was left behind when ten of us where prepared for our long journey in search of a bride. Bride? For whom? Not for me! It was for my master Isaac. I was decorated with silk clothes and gold ornaments. Lots of gold and silver gifts were placed inside a box and loaded on the saddle. Though I was very happy to get all these privileges, deep inside I felt very lonely because this was the first time I was going to be away from Camela. As we started our journey, we bid good bye with tears rolling down. I prayed that we find a bride very soon and come back as swift as the wind.

We were very tired when we reached Nahor’s city. We didn’t have the strength even to move our feet one step ahead. When we found a well, it looked like heaven. But we were not allowed to drink water at once. We grunted and kicked the ground in anger.

Suddenly we saw a beautiful woman with a jar on her shoulders. She was so charming that we started gazing at her and even forgot about our tiredness and thirst. My master’s servant spoke something to her and she drew water for all of us from the well. “Wow! She must be an angel from heaven!” I thought.

Then we were led to a house and given lots of food to eat. I missed Camela a lot. How wonderful it would have been if she was with me! I thought of her for a long time and slept off.

The next morning the gifts from my saddle were taken off and to my greatest surprise, the pretty woman was made to sit. I felt like jumping between heaven and earth! “She is the bride for my master! And now it’s me who’s going to take her to my master!” My eyes glittered with pride. But I also knew how careful I should be to take her safely.

The journey back home didn’t seem to take too long. The thought that I was going to see Camela energized me a lot. As we were nearing our town, I could see something moving back and forth in the field. As we came closer, I knew that it was Camela and my master. Camela also saw me. We ran towards each other with much excitement. I had so much to tell her. And this journey also made me realize who my bride was. We were out of breath and words when we met. Tears were rolling down my sweet Camela’s cheeks. I could see how much she had also missed me from the emotions she tried to hide from me. I knelt down before her to tell her how I felt about her.

The pretty woman climbed down and joined hands with my master to go home. My master turned back and patted me gently with thankfulness. I grunted and nodded my head in response. I and Camela soon married as my master married the pretty woman – Rebecca.

Dear kids, I’m Duncan the donkey. Thanks a lot for choosing to read my story. I’m sure you will enjoy my adventurous story. You can read Luke Chapters 1:20-3:40 to know the relevant story in the Bible. Happy reading!

Duncan – Born for a mission

From the day I remember I’ve heard my mother tell me, “You’re born for a mission. You are a special child.” My father was very strong and sturdy. Every time our master loaded my father with goods, he would take me too. Those long and tiresome walks were boring and energy draining. Whenever I saw young lads like me playing in the fields, I used to feel very unhappy. I did not dare to resist when my father made me walk such long distances, but as soon as I returned, I would nag my mother expressing my anger. She would always smile at me, hug me, advice to obey and tell those favourite lines of hers, “You’re born for a mission. You are a special child.”

I never understood what my mother told. My master was a very poor carpenter and we worked very hard with him. ‘How can I ever think of a mission?’ I wondered several times.

In spite of all these ill-feelings, I grew up to be a very strong and sturdy donkey just as my dad. My master loved me a lot. Eventually my father fell ill and died. So I took up all the works he did. I would go with my master to nearby towns very often.

One day there was a big feast in my master’s house and he got married. My mistress was the most beautiful and gracious woman I had ever seen. Very soon she looked like she was going to give birth. One day my master packed things for a long journey and made my mistress sit on me. I heard my master say, “Let’s go to Bethlehem.” Bethlehem? I had never been to that place, and I’ve heard it’s very far off. I began feeling more responsible as we started to walk. I knew that I was not carrying only one but two. I walked fast, but at the same time I was very careful in every step I took. After many days of journey, we reached Bethlehem one night. My master took us to a stable. There were cows, bulls, horses, sheep and even donkeys. I felt very much at home. I was very much surprised when my master and mistress spread their beds in the stable.

In the middle of the night I suddenly heard a baby cry. We all woke up to see a beautiful and charming baby laid on a cushion made of straw. Suddenly the place turned magical. Magnificent angels appeared and sang. Some shepherds came and bowed down before the baby. A very bright light from the sky shone on the stable. Many people visited us. The most important were the three men dressed in royal clothing who came with expensive gifts.

We all loved the baby very much. “If men and angels worship him, he must be greater than them,” I thought. I felt very proud of my little master. God had entrusted me with the responsibility of bringing the Lord of Lords from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It was then that I understood my mother’s favourite lines! My dad had taken so much pain to train me for this! Then onwards I started telling myself, “I’m born for a mission. I’m a special child.” Afterwards I took my master and his family to places and back to Nazareth. I never felt tired no matter how long the journey was, because I knew what my mission was and why I was special!

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