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Christian Tennis or Cult Association?
by Scott Paschal
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Is the International Christian Tennis Association founder, Scott Paschal, a fraud?

Does he truly know how to share his faith in Jesus Christ to others? Is he qualified to be a Christian and tell others about God?

This is your opportunity to examine exactly what happend with this possible cult leader while he was "working" in the Bahamas!

He claims to have been in the Bahamas last December working with Gene Scott, the owner of Tennis Week Magazine, possibly the most influencial man in tennis, assisting Gene run a IOC junior tournament and staying at an all-inclusive resort for free!

Yet, while he claims to even have been in the Bahamas, and helping run a tournament, he is also trying to claim God used him to grow His Kingdom....

Of all the outlandish claims for this man!

Is this true?

Scott Paschal has dozens of pictures of his time in the Bahamas... and dozens of witnesses... and two of his Christian tennis academy students went with him, but... you decide if Scott was really there!

There are those who can prove Scott Paschal was not there, they claim. There are those who attempt to slander Scott Paschal by writing baseless "facts" attempting to lure trusting Christian into believing them.

Either way, this possible cult leader, Scott Paschal, claims to be a Christian, to have been in the Bahamas, and claims to have met a person named Denise!

Could the pictures be fake? Could Scott have forced his two male students to lie? Did the dozens of witnesses, who spoke with Scott, lie? Is Denise a figment of Scott Paschal's imagination? You decide.

Did it happen...?

Yep, it did!

And I can't wait to share an amazing story about God using me in an incredible way to reach someone for Him!

To this day I get excited!

May God bless you as you read about my special time in Nassau, Bahamas last December.



When Denise Met Jesus

Wow, I really don't know where to begin. I'm so excited as I type this!

A native Bahamian lady approached me on the beach to sell me a t-shirt... and she left a Christian. How wonderful to be used by God; to have Him work through me at such a random time to bring her to a new life in Christ.

I have the best feeling in the world inside of me. I even gave her my favorite Bible. Awesome! If you have a couple of minutes, grab a coke or something and get comfortable. I'll back up a bit and tell you how everything happened...

A few weeks ago, I was invited by John Ippolitto, my friend and the owner of Sports Group International, to assist in running a top I.C. U16 junior team tournament being held at an "All Inclusive" top of the line resort in the Bahamas.

The entire event was being sponsored by TennisWeek Magazine. TWM founder & ICTA Member, Gene Scott, partnered with John Ippolitto for this event. As both Gene and John are ICTA Members and great friends I jumped at the chance to spend a week with them!

Team USA, Team Canada, Team Bahamas, and Team Mexico played their hearts out in this action packed adventure in team competition. I was given a week free for myself and a couple of guests at this amazing, tropical, vacation destination resort.

Since we were going to be there for a week and would have plenty of down time after matches were completed, ICTA decided turn this into a mission trip to reach the locals in Nassau.

Marek Czerwinski and Joe Beck, two of my academy students, came with me. Though Joe could only stay a few days due to prior comittments. Marek hit with the teams, and Joe assisted me in my daily responsibilities.

One day, while I was sitting on the beautiful beach writing an article, a native lady approached. As she asked me if I would like to buy a t-shirt, I felt compelled to share my faith.

I politely declined to make a purchase, then I looked directly at her and told her I needed to ask her a very serious question. She stopped and waited. I then asked her if she was a Christian, if she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She said no, but that lately she had been attending church and reading the New Testament Bible.

I asked her if she believed in God. She said yes. Since she believed in God, I asked her if she believed the Old Testament was true. She said yes, and then she sat down on the white beach sand next to my chair.

I seemed to have caught her interest. The weather was beautiful. Sunny, 80 degrees, light wind coming in from a crystal clear blue ocean. Her name was Denise and she was wearing a red hat and a red shirt. Denise carried a pleasant smile and a caring, patient attitude.

As Denise believed in the validity Old Testament, I then explained to her how the Old Testament was filled with prophesies of the coming Messiah. I decided to follow in Paul's footsteps to help open Denise's eyes...

I asked Denise if she chose the city where she was born? She smiled and said no. I asked her if , before she was born, she chose her family? She smiled again and said no.

I asked her if it would be a miracle if, before they were born, someone could choose the city in which they would be born ,and also choose the family where they would come from? She said yes and laughed!

I then told Denise that God used his prophets to announce where the Messiah would be born, the exact city, in fact, and which family line He would come from. She nodded quietly. I then told her that I have located not just one or two, but 425 "Old Testament" prophesies which have come true in the life of Christ!

Pg. 2

We slowly went through about a dozen of them. Denise's eyes watered up under her dark sunglasses. I went on to further explain that the odds of just 48 prophesies coming true in the life of one man isn't just 1 in 10 or even 1 in 100. The odds of just 48 prophesies coming true in the life of one man is 1 in 10 to the 157th power.

She couldn't comprehend that so I explained...

"Imagine red poker chips side by side covering every inch of this beach. Then, covering every inch of this island. Now visualize every inch of land in America, Russia, and China covered with these red poker chips.

Now picture all the land in the entire world blanketed with red poker chips laying side by side. Every bit of land everywhere on earth is covered with red poker chips." She pictured this and smiled curiously.

"Now," I resumed, "on the back of one of these red chips is a fat, white stripe. This uniquely marked poker chip has been placed somewhere in the world with the white stripe down. And there is only on chip like it!"

Denise nodded.

"Now Denise, I'm going to give you just one chance to find that marked poker chip. You get just one chance. You can go anywhere in the world to try to find this poker chip, but remember, you only get one chance and you can only choose one chip."

Denise quietly said she could never find the poker chip with the white stripe. She said it would be impossible to find it with one try on this beach, much less the whole world!

Focusing directly on Denise's eyes, I said, " Well Denise, those are the same odds of someone's life fulfilling just 48 prophesies! The life of Christ fulfilled over 400!" After I said this I looked around and noticed a small crowd gathering in the chairs around us. They were politely listening.

Denise became very quiet. Her eyes were fixed on mine. She wiped away a tear.

I then asked her if maybe God was trying to reach her today? She said yes. As she believed in God I decided to go a step further. Like Paul, I had established the legitimacy of Christ as the Messiah by his fulfillment of the prophesies.

Now, like Jesus, I wanted to use God's laws to open Denise's heart to understanding the need for Christ. This way of ministry I learned from a terrific preacher named Ray Comfort.

I asked Denise if she feels she is a good person. She said yes. I asked her if I could ask her a few questions so we could see if this was true. She agreed.

I asked Denise if she had ever told a lie, no matter how small or how long ago. She said yes. I said me, too. I asked her what that makes her? She said a liar. I asked her if she had ever stolen anything? She said yes. I asked her what does that make her? She said a thief.

I asked Denise if she had ever used God's name as a cuss word. She said yes. I told her that was blasphemy and it was very serious.

Lastly, I explained to Denise that the 7th Commandment of God is to not committ adultry, but Jesus took this a step further and said that if we even look with lust we have commited adultry in our hearts. I asked Denise if she had ever looked with lust, even just once. She said yes.

I told Denise that by her own admission she was a lying, theiving, blasphymous, adulterer at heart.

I asked Denise that when she stands before God on her judgement day, would she be found innocent or guilty. She quietly said guilty, as tears streamed down her face onto the fluffy, beach sand. I asked her if she would go to heaven or hell.

She whispered, "Hell."

Her eyes never moved from mine. I said, "Denise, do you realy want to go to hell?" She said no.
Pg 3
I asked her if she knew what to do to be able to go to heaven. She said no. I then explained how Jesus paid the fine for her sins... breaking the ten commandments... ending the law.

That through the death and ressurection of Jesus, her sins could be forgiven. I asked Denise if she would like to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She said yes. I asked her to pray. I told Denise she must turn from her sin life, believe Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross to pay the fine for our sins, and He was brought back to life the 3rd day.

This she prayed as she wept.

I asked Denise if she had a Bible. By now a crowd of people had gathered in the chairs around us, most out of curiosity. All were quiet and respectful.

Denise said she did have a Bible and she pulled a tiny new testament Bible from her waist pack. It was well worn and about the size of a deck of cards. She stared at her Bible. I told her she needed to read her Bible daily and do what it says.

In my Prince shoulder bag I had bought with me to the beach, I had all my stuff... pencils, paper, books, sunscreen. I also had my favorite Bible. One of my ministry buddies in Alabama owned a Bible I really liked.

In fact, I had liked it for a long time and one day I asked him about it. He said he loved it. It had a soft, squishy, tan leather cover and was a good size to hold easily. His wife sent one to me a week or so later!

I was thrilled and I carried this Bible with me everywhere. One day, when I am able to preach, I looked forward to carrying this Bible with me.

Well, I knew my favorite Bible was in my Prince bag as Denise looked at her worn Bible. I reached into my bag and told her I would like her to have my Bible.

Though I kind of didn't want to lose my Bible, I felt God was asking me to give it to Denise. She took it quietly and nodded. She held it closely against her chest, then she placed it against her face. I saw the leather soak in a tear.

I looked around and noticed others had tears in their eyes. At least 30 people had gathered around us. I hadn't noticed so many. When she first came over it was just me and Denise.

What a wonderful moment in my life. To be used by God in such an unexpected time.

As you read this, please know I am not trying to bring attention to myself. I am not trying to brag or say, "Look at me."

Maybe a few years ago when I was less mature as a Christian, I would have done something stupid like that, but I've grown a lot since and I'm working hard to not try to be the center of attention, which, as the baby of the family and a tennis pro, takes some work.

Pg 4

I'm writing about this because I am so excited to see God work at such a random time. And I'm excited because I didn't shy away from following through on His call.

I am so excited because this doesn't happen to me very often.

The majority of my time is spent on a tennis court with my students or behind a computer screen building and maintaining what the International Sports Coalition on MSNBC has called "One of the top 100 sports ministries in the world."

I work 90+ hours a week and seldom have the opportunity to evangelize in person. I coach tennis, I cook for hungry teens, I develop large scale mission trips which reach thousands, I buy and distribute 1000's of Christian books and Bibles, I train and disciple missionaries... I do many things such as these as I feel I am called to be the support system to help my students evangelize.

Though I love to evangelize and know one day I will be a fulltime preacher, in this season of my life I am called to disciple others and raise the funds to send them into the world to follow the Great Commission.

So as "Mr. Computer" or "Coach Scotty" I seldom am able to have such an awe inspiring opportunity to reach someone for Christ one on one and at such a random time!

On this mission trip to the Bahamas, God opened many doors for ICTA. In fact, Marek and I are still in awe with what happened each day. Both of us watched God work in and through our lives daily to show us He is real and that He is faithful.

I was just sitting on the beach reading my new book by the Newsboys called Shine: Make them wonder what you've got; and writing an article for an upcoming newsletter.

The weather was perfect, the water crystal clear, the sun was shining., the food at the resort was great... it all seemed so neat. Yet, as nice as it was...

it became so much nicer when Denise met Jesus.

God bless,

Coach Scotty

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Member Comments
Member Date
Amy Nelson 25 Sep 2006
Coach Paschal, it doesn’t sound implausible to hear that there are some people that would attend a church service if asked, but I am surprised that the statistic is so high. But then this makes sense if Christians truly believe that somewhere within each person is a longing for God. I am as guilty as the next guy for ignoring the opportunity way too often to share Jesus with others around me. It really should not be any harder for us as Christians to ask someone to attend a church service or activity than it is to invite someone to watch a tennis match with us. In reading about the persecution some faithful Christians endure in other countries even today, it is at best be a sad excuse for us living in our society to not at least ask others if they want to hear about Jesus. Here, persecution for “just asking” ranges all the way from the person saying “no thanks” all the way up to the dreaded being known as a Christian fanatic and being criticized for it. I do see that when stepping out in faith and actively being a force for God to help others discover God’s grace, that Satan steps up his persecutions, such as families shunning a person turning from Judaism or Mormonism, or Satan attacking a Christian ministry, or any individual who tries to step out in faith to make sharing Jesus their primary focus during their daily walk. At least in this God given free-to-share-your-religion country, the professing or evangelizing Christian is not tortured or killed!
Scott Paschal 25 Sep 2006
amy, scott paschal here. well, there are christians being tortured and killed even in todays society. check out www.martyrs.com. that's the ministry of the voice of the martyrs based in oklahoma. great organization. our christian tennis association has christian ministry friends in hong kong, china. they plant churches. we look forward to assisting their ministry as we plan a mission trip to china. they are currently in the states, but will be back in hong kong in october. and here in the states i experience some persecution, but nothing like the folks in asia. mainly i have my reputation slandered by tennis pro pedophiles i am exposing. their strategy is to bully me on the internet via their chatrooms and messageboards. i believe on is even trying to continue bullying me though he is now in prison in florda! i have develope a sharp abuse recovery ministry to help junior tennis players who have been abused. for over 7 years now i have been involved in this type of ministry. well, any way thanks for your comments and God bless!
Scott Paschal 24 Sep 2006
I just received a terrific contact from a person who appreciated this article! Great thanks! If you can, please write your thoughts here in this area for others to view. Thanks and God bless!
Amy Nelson 24 Sep 2006
Very inspiring...and yet humbling article. I am sure Denise will always have a grateful spot in her heart that you had the courage to share Jesus with her that day. Just imagine if all Christians got up the courage, and took the time once a day, or even once a week, maybe monthly?... to share God's love for them, someone in need of God's grace. I believe we would live in a different, much better world. Everyone deserves to hear about Jesus...we need to heed the call to share Him whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Thank you for sharing Denise's story with us...very inspiring, and yet so humbling.
Scott Paschal 24 Sep 2006
Amy, Scott Paschal here... i'd like to share with you a really interesting study done by Barna research when they were polling non-Christians. The study showed that over 80% of people who were not Christian would, i repeat would, go to church if someone invited them. Pretty amazing stuff, huh? We live in a world where Christians are again being told to keep their faith quiet or face persecution. Yet, non-Christians are trusting us qiuetly to keep up the good fight... and they want to join us... but nobody is asking them to come to church and learn more about Jesus. What do you think about this?
Scott Paschal 23 Sep 2006
quick note, in page 2 it shoulde read 1 in 10 to the 157 power. it's a math term thing. it looks like 1 in 10157... that's because the copy/paste feature didn't work properly. chao...


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