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Todd the Toad
by Tom Stubrich
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Todd the Toad
Chapter 1 “For the Love of Frogs”
Todd the Toad was a ten year old student in Mrs. Wise’s fifth grade class at Case Street Elementary School. Now, you probably have already guessed that Todd the Toad was not his real name. The Todd part was real but his middle and last names were actually James Tillman. So he really was Todd James Tillman.
His parents had always called him T.J., but last year in fourth grade the kids at school began to call him Todd the Toad. It actually was now the name he wanted to be called. The kids hadn’t called him that to be mean; but rather, because of his great interest in and love of frogs. It did bother him at first because frogs weren’t toads, but then he figured he would have to change his name to Freddy for “the Frog” to sound right.
Todd was so in love with frogs that everything he had was decorated with frogs. They weren’t cute little cartoon frogs, but pictures of real frogs. He even managed to find frog pencils and erasers on the internet.
Todd also had a collection of pet frogs, twelve of them! His dad had built a couple of large pens as habitats for them in the basement of their house. Todd had wanted them in his room, but his mother had quickly vetoed that. Todd could still hear his mother screaming for him to “get that frog out of here!” the first time that he had brought one which he had caught in the pond at the park into his room. He had hid it well, that is until it started croaking in the middle of the night. That was last year and the start of a love affair with frogs.
Now Todd sat admiring his frogs, trying to decide which one to take to school. He had written a report on frogs and had convinced his teacher to let him bring one to show when he gave his report. Tomorrow was the day when he was to give that report.
Todd wanted to study frogs when he got older. Maybe get a job at a zoo or something. He would study to be a frog biologist or whatever they called them. He really hadn’t thought that far ahead. He knew that he wanted to take biology in high school, except for one thing that bothered him. He had heard that they cut up frogs. “Dissect,” they called it. He called it butchery! “How could anyone cut up such beautiful creatures?” he thought as he reached down to pick one up. “Maybe I can still take biology and they’ll let me cut up a toad instead.”
His thoughts were interrupted as his mother called him for supper. He gently put the frog which he had picked up back down. He knew that he had plenty of time since his mother always called him in time to wash his hands at least three times She was positive that he would get warts if he didn’t.
“Yep, I think I’ll take you, Peter,” he said to the frog. He had named the frogs after his classmates at school. Peter, the frog that is, was named after Peter, the boy that is, who was his best friend. As he turned to leave, the other frogs began a chorus of croaking begging him to take them also.
“All right, all right, I’ll take you all,” he said as he walked up the stairs. “I’m sure that there will be no problem with that,” he thought. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Chapter 2 “Off to School”
Early the next morning, Todd took the large plastic box with the screened lid which he had prepared the night before to carry his precious frogs to school. He placed it next to the habitat and took the lid off. Carefully, he started placing each frog into the plastic box.
Julie was the first one which he picked up. He had named her after the prettiest girls in the class. He hoped that Julie, the girl that is, would be impressed that he named his prettiest frog after her.
Next he placed Peter, named after his best friend. Then one by one put all but one of the frogs into the box. He knew that he would have problems with that one. It was the biggest and meanest frog that he had. He had named it Joey after the class bully. Todd hesitated, “Maybe I shouldn’t take Joey.”
Todd kept Joey in a separate container to keep him from causing problems with the other frogs. He walked over to it, calculating in his head, “There are twenty-four students in the class. If I took all twelve there would be one frog for every two students to share. If I only took eleven, then the groups would be uneven. But Joey could be trouble.”
But Todd’s greatest concern was not what trouble Joey would be. Since he had named Joey, the frog that is, after Joey, the class bully. Joey the Bully, what everyone called him when he wasn’t around, had been in Todd’s class since third grade. He had always been the biggest kid in the class and had been teased about it. Nobody teased him anymore, they wouldn’t dare. The class last year learned to just let Joey have his own way. He was not only a bully, but was smart and knew how to get away with things and get other kids into trouble. He seemed not to care about anyone but himself. So Todd wasn’t sure how Joey the Bully would react to having Joey, the frog that is, named after him.
Todd sighed. “I guess I will have to take you, too,” he told Joey. “Will you promise to behave yourself? And don’t worry if I call you Jimmy or something.”
Joey looked up at Todd and croaked. Todd took that for a yes and picked him up. Yet he didn’t put Joey in with the other frogs, but into a smaller box which he then placed inside the larger one. Then he picked up his frogs and carried them upstairs.

Todd arrived early for school and went directly to his homeroom. He had received permission from Mrs. Wise the day before to take his frog straight to the classroom. Only then did it occur to him that he had permission to bring only one frog, not twelve.
“Well, it shouldn’t make much difference. Julie had brought in two fish for her report,” he said to himself.
Yet as he placed the box of frogs onto his desk, he thought that maybe Mrs. Wise should at least be warned that there were twelve and not just one frog.
“They do make a lot of noise when they get scared,” he thought.
Todd checked the lid on the box and then left to go find Mrs. Wise.
What he didn’t see was Joey the Bully bringing in his pet python for his report.

Chapter 3 “Missing”

Todd stood in the doorway of the classroom, eyes and mouth wide opened. He had found Mrs. Wise and informed her of his decision to bring in all the frogs. He could tell from the look that she gave him that she didn’t think that it had been a good one. She did try to hide what she really thought, and choose her words carefully.
“Perhaps, we should put them in the storage room in the back of the classroom to keep them safe,” she had said, really meaning to keep them from disrupting the class the whole day. “Why don’t you go do that before the rest of the students get here?”
So without another word he had retraced his steps to the classroom.
Now he stood in the doorway, a knot grew tight in his stomach, his knees became weak, and he felt sick. Through watery eyes, he stared at his desk where he had placed the box with his precious frogs. The box was still there, but its lid was lying on the floor!
Todd did not have to look inside to know that all twelve of the frogs were gone. He knew it.
His first reaction was to start looking, but fear had paralyzed him. His muscles were immobile while his brain tried to sort out the scene in front of him.
Before his eyes had become fixed upon the lidless box, he had seen Joey the Bully with his fat snake curled on his arm. His brain was feverishly trying to argue that his deepest fear was not true, but it was loosing the argument.
His eyes now focused on Joey and his snake. The snake seemed to smile at him, its tongue appearing to lick its lips.
His brain surrendered as his eyes filled with tears. Then he did something the he never would have done if grief hadn’t driven him. He screamed at Joey. “Your snake ate my frogs!”
He wanted to lurch at Joey and his stupid snake and strangle them both. He didn’t care if Joey was bigger or stronger. But he knew that it would not get his frogs back. Todd stood with his fists clenched and his jaw firmly set. His eyes drilled a whole into the snake’s stomach as if searching for his frogs.
“Hey, we didn’t do anything with your stupid frogs.” Joey shot back. “That box was opened when we got here and your dumb frogs were already gone.”
Todd didn’t know whether to believe Joey or not. In his gut he didn’t trust Joey, but his heart wanted to believe him. If the box had been opened before Joey and his snake had arrived, then perhaps his frogs had escaped and were still live.
While Todd’s gut and heart argued, he stepped into the room and scanned it with his eyes. He looked again at the box and lid. The lid was lying as if it had fallen, not like someone threw it. He knelt down to search under the desks. There was no sign of any frog. He walked over to his desk and bent over to pick up the lid, and that’s when he noticed something that clinched the argument between his gut and heart.
His heart won, there was hope!

Chapter 4 “Survivors”

Todd’s heart was leaping for joy, while his mind urged caution. Yes there was hope, but the frogs were still missing. His eyes followed the trail of grass which led to the storage room. That morning he had put some fresh grass into the box for bedding. Some of the grass had apparently stuck to some of the frogs leaving a trail to follow.
Todd then realized that he owed Joey an apology. He turned to do so, but Joey and his snake had left the classroom.
“The least he could have done was offer to help me find my frogs,” Todd thought. “But then he is ‘the Bully’ after all. He only cares about himself.”
Todd put all thought of apologizing to Joey out of his mind. “Probably, if the frogs hadn’t already escaped, he would have fed them to his stupid snake.” He reasoned.
Todd began following the trail of grass. Carefully he walked through the doorway into the storage room and ran his finger along the wall searching for the light switch. The room was dark without any windows and he didn’t want to risk stepping on any of his precious frogs.
“They probably all hid in here to get away from Joey’s ugly snake.” He mumbled to himself.
He switched the light on. There were no frogs to be seen, but Todd’s heart leaped for joy when he heard a slight croak!
Quickly Todd began moving the supplies from the bottom shelf. There behind a stack of notebooks sat Peter! Todd with one hand picked Peter up and with the other continued to pull the rest of the supplies off of the shelf and searched for more frogs.
Several minutes and a pile of supplies in the middle of the floor later, Todd had found no more of the frogs.
“Peter, where are the others?” he asked while staring at the frog in his hand.
A voice replied, “How would I know? And boy is Mrs. Wise going to be mad about the mess you’ve made.”
Todd shook his head and his wide eyes stared at Peter, the frog that is.
“What are you doing anyway?” the voice asked.
Then Todd realized that the voice was coming from behind him and he turned to see Peter, the boy, that is.
“Whew! I thought I was hearing things.” Todd quickly explained. He then told Peter, the boy that is, about the missing frogs.
“I think that Joey did something to them. Peter was lucky to have gotten away. The rest are probably in his mean snakes’ belly. His snake’s probably as mean as he is.” Todd’s anger at Joey returned. His lips quivered partly from his anger, but also out of fear of what he thought had happened to the frogs
His mind flashed images of his dear frogs trying to flee for their lives only to be engulfed by the snakes’ enormous jaws. The horror paralyzed him and he stood with tears filling his eyes.
The spell was broken by Peter’s, the frog that is, soft croaking. Todd blinked the tears from his eyes.
“Did you hear that?” Peter, the boy that is, asked, as he started pulling even more supplies off of the shelves.
Todd heard a faint reply to Peter’s, the frog that is, soft croaking. More of his precious frogs had survived the massacre!

Chapter 5 “Accusations”

By the time Todd and Peter had emptied the shelves they had been able to find ten of the twelve frogs. Todd was overwhelmed with joy as he gently placed each one back into the box and replaced the lid, being extra careful to make sure that it was securely on.
“There you are guys. All of you nice and safe.” Todd tried to focus on the good news that at least ten of his frogs had escaped and now were safe. But his mind kept flashing pictures of Julie and Joey, the frogs that is, struggling for their lives as throat muscles dragged them into the depths of the belly of the snake.
The picture was thankfully interrupted. Todd never imagined that Mrs. Wise yelling at him would be such a relief.
“What did you boys do? Look at this mess!” Mrs. Wise was stern, but not really yelling. She was more shocked than angry. Todd was thankful that Peter, the boy that is, jumped in to explain about the frogs hiding in the storage room. Todd was also thankful that Peter didn’t mention anything about Joey the Bully and that monster disguised as a snake.
“I’ll get even myself,” Todd thought – his emotions moving past grief to revenge.
“‘Did you find them all?” Mrs. Wise, now over her shock, asked. Her mind was drawing its own pictures of frogs jumping out at her.
“All but two of them,” Peter replied.
Quickly, Mrs. Wise organized the class, who had by now arrived, into search parties. The only one missing was Joey the Bully.
“That confirms it. Joey fed my frogs to his awful snake. Now he’s hiding because he knows he’s guilty.” Todd whispered in Peter’s ear.
Peter nodded in agreement.
Todd then decided to tell Mrs. Wise about Joey the Bully being in the room when the frogs became missing. He filled her in on how he discovered Joey and his snake in the classroom, and how Joey since had disappeared. But there was one thing which he left out, Joey’s claim of innocence which Todd didn’t believe it anyway.
Upon hearing the rest of Todd’s story and the class’s fruitless search for the two missing frogs, Mrs. Wise could only agree with him. Joey was guilty, and the two missing frogs were now being digested in the stomach of the snake. The rest of the class began discussing what to do next
“We should find Joey and his snake, and then cut up the snake. I bet we would find Todd’s frogs.” Peter’s suggestion was greeted by a chorus of “Yea’s”. No one voiced any defense of Joey, but Mrs. Wise urged caution. “I think we need to calm down. If Joey’s snake did…” she hesitated, carefully choosing her words, not wanting to upset Todd anymore than he already was. “Well, if the snake did get the frogs, then all you would have to do is feel its stomach. Pythons swallow their prey whole, so …” Julie interrupted, “That’s probably why Joey left, so no one could examine his snake!”
Peter, who wanted to be a lawyer, then spoke up, his eyes wide with excitement. “We need to have a trial! That would prove Joey guilty and determine the appropriate punishment.”
The whole class and Mrs. Wise, who thought that it would be a good lesson for the students, agreed. Joey and his snake were going on trial accused of two counts of frogicide.

Chapter 6 “Court in Session”

It took the class about one half hour to transform the classroom into a courtroom and assign roles to each of the students. Mrs. Wise was the judge, while Peter offered to be the prosecutor, since he and Todd had brought the accusations. Julie, who wanted to be a journalist, volunteered to be the newspaper reporter and write an article about the trial for the school newspaper. The other students volunteered for the other tasks, courtroom reporter, bailiff and twelve jurors. The only task left open was defense attorney. Joey had still not returned; so he wouldn’t be able to defend himself and no one in the class wanted to defend Joey the Bully.
The dilemma was finally solved. Nathan had asked permission to use the restroom so while he was gone; the class voted him as defense attorney. When he returned, he reluctantly agreed only if he could resign when Joey came back.
The trial began with Mrs. Wise reminding the class that no final verdict could be decided on until Joey returned and could defend himself.
“Remember, in our country people are innocent until they are found guilty,” she reminded the class.
“Sure, but whoever thought that one up didn’t have Joey the Bully in his class.” Todd thought.
With every chirp, rabbit and croak from his surviving frogs, his anger and determination for revenge grew. He leaned over and whispered in Peter’s ear, “Go for the death penalty, that snake is a menace!”
Peter, who watched every courtroom show on TV that he could, trying to sound like a lawyer replied, “That’s for the sentencing phase.”
Mrs. Wise called the class to order. “First, we need to hear from Todd about what happened.”
“Your Honor,” Peter interrupted, “we need opening statements from the prosecution and defense.”
Mrs. Wise looked at Peter. She was well aware of his interest in being a lawyer, since he was always talking about the courtroom drama which he had watched the night before.
“Well, Peter, we all know that you are more familiar with courtroom proceedings than the rest of us are. I think, though, since Joey is not here to defend himself, that this is really more of a fact finding trial. This is more like a Grand Jury.”
Peter was impressed that she knew what a Grand Jury was and agreed with her.
Todd leaned over to Peter, “Does this mean Joey won’t be punished?” he whispered, his voice a mixture of worry and anger.
“No, this means that we are gathering and hearing all the evidence to prove that he is probably guilty, then we’ll have another trial to prove that he is,” Peter replied without concealing his excitement, as he thought to himself, “This is great, two trials!”
The rest of the class had no idea what was going on, so Mrs. Wise explained, “We are now just finding out if there is any evidence that Joey is guilty of anything. If so, then we’ll have a trial where he can defend himself.”
Except for Peter relishing the thought of two trials and Nathan relieved that he could escape having to defend Joey the Bully, the rest of the class moaned.
“Aw, just say he’s guilty and let’s get it over with.” The voice from the back of the class drifted to the front on a carpet of “yeas!”

Chapter 7 “Grand Jury”
Mrs. Wise was firm, “Class, we are going to do things right. There’s a reason for the system of justice which we have. It’s not perfect, but it does help to protect the innocent from false accusations.”
Todd jumped out of his chair and protested, “But Joey was caught red-handed, he’s guilty!”
“Calm down, Todd. If he’s guilty, we’ll find out, but we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions.”
The tone of Mrs. Wise’s voice more than the words convinced Todd that he was going to loose the argument. He sat down without saying another word.
The questioning of witnesses went quickly. Actually, there was only one question for each of the only two witnesses that could be found- Todd and Marsha, who had seen Joey rushing out of the school with his snake as she had arrived. Peter simply had asked them what they saw; while Nathan asked no questions.
“Well, I haven’t heard anything that proves that Joey’s snake ate the frogs,” Mrs. Wise began to say.
Peter interrupted her, “Your Honor…” he was continuing to act like a real lawyer, “…a judge is not to give their opinion, I must object. The jury must decide if there is evidence of Joey’s guilt.”
Mrs. Wise quickly apologized explaining that she forgot that she was a judge and not a teacher. Then she turned to the jury, gave them instructions to carefully go over the testimonies and determine if there was enough evidence to put Joey and his snake on trial.
Although most of the jury protested claiming that they already knew Joey was guilty, they did go to an empty room across the hall to “officially” discuss and vote.
It was only a three minute discussion. Not about the trial, but about Charlie’s suggestion that they stay “out” until after Math class. They came to the conclusion that Mrs. Wise probably wouldn’t let them take that long; besides everyone was convinced that Joey was guilty so there was nothing to discuss.
Meanwhile, in the classroom, turned courtroom, Todd nervously paced between his desk upon which he had his box of precious frogs and the window through which he was hoping to see Joey coming back to face his punishment. The three minutes seemed like hours, Peter began to worry why it was taking them so long. His mind bounced around like a pin ball knocking against all the reasons why it was taking longer than a minute.
The jury finally filed back into the room and took their places.

Chapter 8 “The Verdict”
Johnny had been chosen to give the decision of the jury. After reminding the class that the decision was not whether Joey was guilty but only if he should be tried, Mrs. Wise asked Johnny to share his decision.
Johnny tried to sound official, “We think that Joey is guilty and should be punished. That was a mean thing that he did to Todd.”
Mrs. Wise called for order as the class burst out with shouts of agreement. Even Nathan, who was to be defending Joey, shouted, “Yea, Joey’s a bully and deserves what he gets!”
“Class, that’s enough,” Mrs. Wise’s agitation was clear. “And you, Nathan, will not call anyone names. I know Joey’s mean at times, but we are only discussing what happened to Todd’s frogs.”
The class became silent, most of them looking at the floor to hide the grins which sprouted on their faces. For them their outburst was an expression of anger and frustration at Joey for those mean things he had done. They felt a satisfaction at being able at last to speak up in some way. Some of them only regretted that Joey had not been here to hear them. But, of course, if he had, most of them would have been too afraid to have said anything. Just the terror of running into Joey after school would have kept them silent.
Mrs. Wise allowed the silence to continue in order to allow everyone to calm down. Then she spoke, “I think we have had enough trials for today. I am sending this case to a higher court, the principal.”
Peter began to protest, but stopped as Mrs. Wise held up her hand.
Todd had mixed feelings. Mr. Dune, the school principal, was a fair man; but Todd did not think that he believed in the death penalty- for the snake that is. Todd would be ok with Joey just getting a suspension, but that despicable, frog-eating snake should get no better than his two innocent frogs got. They didn’t even get a decent burial, he thought. That snake will probably get off with a life sentence, banned from school for the rest of its miserable, no-good life.
Todd was too engulfed by his thoughts to hear Mrs. Wise calling his name, “If only Joey, the frog, that is, had met his doom, even in such a horrible way, I probably could handle it. I still would have been mad, but I did name it Joey because it was a bully. But why did precious, beautiful Julie have to meet such a horrible…”
His thoughts finally were broken into by Julie, the girl that is.
“Hey, Todd, Mrs. Wise wants you and Marsha to go down to the principal’s office and tell him what happened.”
Although Julie’s soft voice broke up his thoughts, they had made Todd numb. The events of the day had drained all emotion from him. He got up to follow Marsha and began to shuffle towards the doorway emotionless.
That is until he saw Joey standing there!

Chapter 9 “Joey Returns”
Anger filled every inch of Todd’s body as he stared straight into Joey’s face. He heard gasps arising from the rest of the students as if they expected him to attack Joey. “No, I’m not going to hit him,” he muttered, trying to convince himself more than anyone else.
His fists clenched, his muscles tightened and his teeth clamped hard against each other. His eyes moved slowly to the box in Joey’s left hand, but the movement of the snake raising its head distracted them. They became fixed on the snake’s eyes.
Todd wished that his eyes could shoot darts and strike that snake. He glared at its beady eyes. His eyes snarled at the snake’s eyes, “Sure, you’re happy. You had a nice, green breakfast. But you just wait.”
Todd moved his eyes back up to meet Joey’s eyes. He glared into them expecting them to shout, “We’re guilty.” But instead Joey’s eyes shouted back, “What’s going on?”
Todd’s eyes replied, “Sure, pretend you have no idea.”
Joey’s eyes continued to protest their innocence and became more puzzled.
The conversation between Todd’s and Joey’s eyes was interrupted by Mrs. Wise.
“Joey, I think that you need to come in and explain your side of what happened this morning. Do you know what happened to Todd’s frogs?”
Joey’s mouth opened to reply, but Todd started screaming.
“You and your no-good, rotten snake killed my frogs!”
Joey had no chance to even react before he was bombarded by shouts from the rest of the class. The class gained courage and rushed to Todd’s defense. Insults and threats flew at Joey from every part of the classroom. That is except from Todd, who after his short outburst strangely grew silent.
Todd watched as tears filled Joey’s eyes, his lips begin to quiver and his shoulders droop. Todd wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew he never had seen Joey react to anything like he was now.
Something inside of Todd suddenly felt sorry for Joey and sensed that things were not the way that he had thought. Todd forgot about his two missing frogs and felt his own eyes begin to fill with tears, as a tear slowly began to make its way down Joey’s cheek. The class continued to hurl names and accusations at Joey.
Mrs. Wise tried to stop the onslaught, but her voice went unheeded. The class seemed intent on pelting Joey for all of the mean things which he had ever done to them.
But Todd saw something he hadn’t seen since the third grade. As he looked at Joey’s face, Todd saw not Joey the Bully, but Joey who had been his friend.
Joey lifted his left arm to wipe the tear off his cheek. That was when Todd again saw the box in Joey’s hand.
The class was shocked into absolute silence when Todd screamed, “ENOUGH!”

Chapter 10 “Joey’s Story”
Everyone stared at Todd. They all waited breathlessly for him to say something. Todd’s mind searched for the words which he wanted.
Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Todd carefully began, “I think…” He hesitated again searching for just the right words. “I think that Joey should be able to tell his side of the story. Maybe…” again he hesitated.
Todd sighed in relief when Mrs. Wise finished the sentence for him. “Maybe Joey isn’t guilty?”
Todd nodded and looked at the floor. The rest of the class returned to their seats. Joey placed the box which he carried onto Mrs. Wise’s desk and his snake into the cage which he had left on his own desk. His eyes were still moist with tears as they moved back and forth between Todd, who remained standing with his head down, and Mrs. Wise. He bit his lower lip so no one could see it trembling.
“Ok, Joey, whenever you are ready, would you tell us what you know about Todd’s frogs.” Mrs. Wise calmly said.
After a moment Joey softly began.
“I came into the room this morning and saw Todd’s box lying on the floor. It looked like it had fallen off of the desk. His frogs were hopping all over. I didn’t want my snake to get any of them so I held it tight. Since I couldn’t pick up the frogs and hold my snake at the same time, I shoed them into the storage room. I thought I had them all until I noticed two of them had escaped through an opened window. They were sitting on the ledge outside just out of reach…”
Joey’s voice grew stronger, but Todd sensed hurt in it. Somehow, Todd felt that he had hurt Joey more than Joey had ever hurt him.
Joey continued his story, “I didn’t want them to get away, so I rushed out of the room and went outside to get them. They were gone by the time I got to the window ledge. Besides, I didn’t know how to catch them since I was still holding my snake. So I went home to get a box to put them in.”
Joey again paused.
Todd felt like crawling into a corner. By now, he figured that he had placed the box too close to the edge of his desk and Joey, the frog that is, must have started jumping, causing all of the frogs to get excited. Todd now could clearly picture what happened. When the frogs all got to jumping, the box fell onto the floor and allowed them to escape. Todd felt terrible. He looked at Joey, but felt too bad to look at him in the face. He stared at Joey’s feet. That was when he noticed that Joey’s shoes and pants up to his knees were wet and he had seaweed wrapped around one ankle. He looked at Joey in the face and saw Joey staring back at him with a sad look in his eyes.
Joey finished his story, “I spent the morning searching for your frogs and finally found them in the pond at the park.”
“Here…” the duet of croaks coming from the box which Joey held out to Todd, said the rest.

Julie, the frog that is, was reunited with her friends and they happily croaked the rest of the day. Apparently, she told them all about her adventure.
Joey, the frog that is, to avoid future problems was given by Todd to Joey, no longer the bully that is, as a thank you and “I’m sorry” gift. Of course, Todd made him promise not to feed his snake any frogs.
Todd apologized to Joey, no longer the bully that is, as did the rest of the class. They all learned their lesson not to judge anyone until all the facts are known.
Joey, no longer the bully that is, apologized for how he had treated everyone. He also promised not to bully anyone again.
Mrs. Wise just smiled and hoped the class had learned their lesson. She also prepared to referee the next argument which her students would get into. She mentally made a note to buy a book on courtroom procedures.
Peter, the boy that is, began to prepare his next case. He wanted to convince Todd to sue the school janitor for leaving the window open.
By the way, Julie, the girl that is, thought it was sweet of Todd to name a frog after her. She asked him to sit by her at lunch and talk about his frogs for a feature article in the school newspaper.

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