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It's Time To Make A Change
by Robin Culbreath
For Sale
Author requests article critique


It’s Time…To Make A Change©
Is a funny drama about a woman, Cala Turne who is an unsaved woman married to a deacon of the church. Though they share a somewhat happy marriage, tension begins to climb as Cala is approached by family, friends and church members about her salvation. Tired if the “religious” talk, Cala cannot begin to give her life to the Lord because of a loss in her life…her unborn child. Will Cala make that change? Will she understand why God said, “not now?”

Pre-Play Skit
(A single spotlight only, no house lights)

Cala and Brad are seen here in her hospital room where Mother Telle, Pastor, and a Deacon are there comforting her and her husband. The news breaks as her doctor enters the room telling her that they were not able to save the baby. Cala is devastated. She screams out in sorrow as her husband Brad holds her the best he can. The doctor then proceeds to tell them the reason they could not save her baby. As Cala continues to scream she begins to talk through her pain, blaming Brad’s God for her misfortune.

(Spotlight is faded after pre-play skit)
Before scene opens, light music (It’s Time) is played
For scene 1, house lights are still out, “white” stage lights on scene

Scene 1
Cala’s mother is speaking to her in a vision seen far upstage..a dim light is shining on her as she is a vision in white…she startles Cala as she begins to speak.

Sandi - Girl, when are you coming to the women’s meeting with me, this is my fourth time asking?

Cala - Well make it your last time cause I am not going. Look, I know you are trying to be a good friend and that you are, but a group meeting with other women, I don’t think so. You know how we (pointing to her nose) can be.

Sandi - But this is different from any other meeting you have been to and besides; I’ll be there with you.

Cala - To do what, help tell my business…the answer is no.

Sandi - Ok then what about your marriage, and Brad, what about him?

Cala - What about him? He is his own man doing his own thing.

Sandi - He is not out there doing anything but trying to get you saved and in the church. What is so wrong with that?

Cala - What’s wrong is that is not where I want to be.

Sandi - Even if it means your husband comes alone every Sunday and Wednesday night?

Cala - That’s right. I trust him completely.

Sandi – It is not about trust. What about your soul, what about everlasting life and a life full of God’s wisdom? Have you ever thought about how much more your marriage will be blessed because you and your husband are saved?

Cala - Nope.

Sandi - Why not?

Cala - Look I just said the church is not where I want to be. I go with Brad when he is having a special program or something like that but otherwise, I want to stay home. Now if there is not anything else you came to talk about, would you please leave? I have other things to do.

Sandi - You’re not getting it?

Cala - Oh no, I am getting it, you are the one sitting at home lonely telling those men, God is my husband. Girl please…(she opens the door)

Sandi – Cala, look, I know you suffered a tremendous loss, but girl I’ll keep praying for you, because one day, you will make a change. (She leaves)

Cala - Make a change, huh. I don’t need to make a change. I am fine just like I am. (Her husband comes home)

Brad - Hi honey, how was your day?

Cala - Good I guess if you count my good friend Sandi trying to save me again. I am getting sick of her.

Brad - She is only trying to help and besides, I see a lot in what she is trying to do. You should too.

Cala - Yeah well, how was your day?

Brad - Great, I just got a promotion and we (dancing her around the room) are going to celebrate tonight.

Cala - Wow, a promotion, that is great honey.

Brad - Yeah and now we can pay off those credit card debts that have been hanging over our heads for the past year. The bible says to owe no man anything. That is my aim baby.

Cala - Good. So, how much of a raise did we get?

Brad - We got a 10,000 raise!

Cala - Wow! That is great.

Brad - Yeah, well it would be so much better if you…

Cala - If I what?

Brad - If you would go with me to church Sunday. Baby, that is better than any promotion could ever be. Your salvation, priceless!

Cala - There you go again, talking about my salvation. Why is that so important?

Brad – Because you are important. Why baby, why do you insist on staying out of the church?

Cala - Because I do not need it that’s why.

Brad - Baby we all need Jesus, don’t say that.

Cala - Need Him for what? What can he do for me besides cause me more pain and suffering? Come on honey, you have just been brain washed, that’s all.

Brad - No I have been soul washed…… but that is fine…we don’t have to talk about it. Where would you like to go eat tonight?

Cala - I wouldn’t. I just want to stay home. Why don’t you go with your friends. Since they are all “changed”.

Brad – As a matter of fact they have. Something I am waiting on you to do. (She rolls her eyes at him as the music begins to play).

I’m Waiting

In times like these we need a change
From all the sin and shame
We need someone who cares enough
To shield us from the rain
I know someone who loves me so
And keeps me in His heart
He is my Lord, my all in all
From Him I’ll never part

Who is this man I talk about
You should already know
His name is Jesus, precious Lord
My life to Him I owe
I’ll run to Him when times are bad
When I am feeling down
He’ll pick me up and help me stand
On firmer, higher ground

Jesus, Jesus…He is Lord and King
Jesus, oh Jesus..this song to Him I’ll sing
Master, Savior, Jesus is His name
Mighty in all Valor, my Jesus reigns today

Cala - Well baby, don’t hold your breath, it won’t happen in this lifetime.

Brad - Honey, Mother Telle and some of the deacons will be here any moment.

Cala - For what?

Brad - They are coming over to see you. It is a part of the ministry to go out and spread the word with those who are not saved.

Cala - I cannot believe you! Why would you let them come without asking me first! The nerve!

Brad - Honey, it is what they wanted to do, and what was I to say?

Cala - No!

Brad - Well it is too late and I must admit, it would be nice seeing you hear the word once in a while. If you won’t hear it from your own husband, maybe someone else will get through.

Cala - You are not my God and you cannot save me so why don’t you stop trying!

Brad - Because it is not in me to give up, and…I love you.

Cala - Whatever! (the doorbell rings/knock at the door) Well hello Mother Telle and…

Mother Telle - (Mother Telle starts introducing them) This is Deacon Downhearted, Deacon Sacrifice, Deacon Selfish, Deacon Cost, and Deacon Holdon.

Cala - How are you?

Mother Telle - Fine dear, they are just fine now if you don’t mind, could we please come in?

Deacon Selfish - What you got to eat? I’m hungry.

Mother Telle - Don’t mind him, we are so glad you volunteered to have this meeting.

Cala - Anything for the ministry.

Deacon Holdon - Why thank you. My, what a nice place you have here.

Deacon Downhearted - What two chairs and a sofa, yeah nice…..hey, where are the snacks?

Deacon Selfish – Yeah when we gonna eat!

Deacon Cost – wait a minute…is it free first of all or will it cost me something?

Deacon Selfish – we are in the house where God resides, cost is not an issue. Now go get some of that food I smell, cause I am hungry.

Mother Telle - Deacon Selfish and Deacon Cost! I don’t think we are focused on the reason we came.

Deacon Selfish - Oh I am focused, on my stomach and it is telling me to eat… Tell me son, why would you invite me over without having something to eat? God don’t like ugly.

Mother Telle - Deacon…now if I may, we want to get to know you a little better if that’s all right. Now, I have a question. Why are you not saved yet? What are you waiting on honey, the rapture?

Cala - Ah no ma’am, I am just not ready, that’s all.

Mother Telle - Well let me ask you something else, when do you think you will be ready?

Cala - I don’t know.

Deacon Sacrifice - Well let me ask you something else, how much time do you think you have honey?

Cala - Until I decide. That could take years.

Mother Telle - And who may I ask promised you years?

Cala - I did. Who else?

Mother Telle - Oh, you make your own timetable with your life? That’s interesting. Well I see we have a lot of work to do here, let me see your palm.

Cala - Why?

Mother Telle - Just hand it over please ma’am. Now, I am looking into your future and I see many many things…oh look, I see happiness and a husband and now I see many people coming into your life…

Deacon Downhearted – (looking deep into her palm between them) what people?

Mother Telle - Shut up fool! Yeah I see many people coming into your life and guess what, they are all saying the same things to you.

Cala - What are they saying?

Mother Telle - (handing her hand back) they are saying… wake up fool God is not on your time schedule! I can see you are very much into palm reading.

Cala - I have had my share.

Mother Telle - Well you need to stop that witchcraft. It is not what God would have us to do.

Cala - Well that may be true for you but remember, I am not in God therefore He cannot tell me what to do.

Mother Telle - Honey you are so lost. Brad, how do you do it honey? It must be hard.

Deacon Downhearted - The hardest biscuits I have ever eaten, honey what did you put in these, concrete? I am old and my teeth ain’t what they use to be, in fact they ain’t even mine.

Cala - I beg your pardon.

Mother Telle - Deacon!……now honey, if you are going to be saved, there are some things you must do first. One of those things would be to let go of that witchcraft and hold on to God, onto His unchanging hand. The hands of those people changes like the wind, but God’s hand, it never changes.

Deacon Holdon – (music begins to play) It has never, will never change my dear. Hear what I’m about to say:
(Deacon starts to sing)

God’s Unchanging Hand

You better hold to his hand
To God’s unchanging hand
You better hold to his hand
To God’s unchanging hand
You better build you life on things eternal
You better hold to God’s unchanging hand

Deacon Holdon - Honey that is the best hand you could ever hold. Don’t forget that, ok?

Deacon Downhearted - What did you say? Did he say that this ham won’t ever fold. I sure am having a hard time with it and these hard rock biscuits, they bout to take my teeth right out of my mouth. (his teeth fall out) what is a man to do without his teeth?

Deacon Sacrifice - Ah, deacon..

Deacon Downhearted - Yeah…

Deacon Sacrifice - Pick your teeth up off the floor.

Deacon Downhearted - (he starts to laugh) thank you…I thought my mouth felt a breeeeeeeeze.

Mother Telle - Well with that said, you know I can’t take you deacons anywhere. It is a shame too. These nice young people invite us into their home and look what you do. You make a spectacle of yourself.

Deacon Holdon - No we don’t. Now take that back.

Mother Telle - I will not. (Getting up to go to the door) Look it is time for us to go but before I go, remember honey, God is waiting for you to make a change, but He won’t wait long. We’ll see ya. (Leaving)

Cala - Thank you all. (Closing the door) Honey, they were nice and those deacons, funny.

Brad - Well they weren’t made to be funny, they were here for support that’s all. Did you get anything out of this visit?

Cala - Yeah, a good laugh. (She starts laughing) Honey I know what you are trying to do, but it won’t work. So give up, ok. I’ve got to get ready for work tomorrow.

Brad - (looking up to God) you gave her to me…and for what? So she can do her own thing all the time? God, I need for her to understand me, to know just how important you are to me…to us. I need her in my life. My life with you.

White lights begin to fade as spotlight is shining on Brad while he sings.

In My Life

What I need is to hear your voice
In my ear when I rise to you
What I want is to feel your touch
Just to know that you love me too

Woman you are my life
And I need you here today
So please hear these words from me
God only knows I want you to stay

In my life…forever…my love you’re all I need
In my life as I live and breathe
I will love you endlessly
You’re the woman God has given
You and I are one indeed
In my life, I’m here for you
All you need is here with me

Spotlight fades as white lights are up again

Brad - I don’t want her lost Lord…..she is my wife, the woman you made just for me…I want her saved…God I want her to…(the doorbell rings) what’s up man…come on in.

Craig - I thought you might want to know that Cheryl and I….well…man where is Cala, I want to share this great news with the both of you.

Brad - She’s here, wait a minute. She is in the back. Cala? Cala!

Cala - Yes honey, oh hi Craig, how are you?

Craig - I could not be any better. I came to share some good news with you and your husband. My wife and I are expecting a baby, God’s miracle is about to come into our lives. Oh, we are so happy.

Cala – Wow, that is great! When did you find out?

Craig - Just a minute ago. She took the test and it came up positive. Man this is what a brotha’s been waiting for..for two years now, we have been trying and almost gave up…but brotha. God is truly good and gracious and we are truly thankful. Man….

Brad - You are ecstatic man and I am happy for you. How many weeks is she? Does she know?

Craig - Well by our calculations, she is probably 8 weeks. 8 weeks man! Thank you God. Oh you don’t know how long, you don’t know the tossing and turning, you don’t know the tests we had to take, the long days waiting for results, man you don’t know. I am just thankful. Thankful! (He sings)

White lights stay up as Craig sings
Craig will sing but the background singers will sing behind the stage with mics

He’s All That I Need

When I think of His goodness…
I’m reminded of His kindness
He is my all in all
He’s given me the things I need for life and godliness

I am thankful You are all that I need
All I need, all I need
All I need, all I need He’s all I need
All I need, I am thankful you are all that I need

I was lost but now I’m found
Yes He turned my world around
I am washed by the blood of the Lamb
He’s a wonder in this land
Just take hold of His great hand
You’ll find out that He’s all that you need
(back to chorus)

Craig - I just wanted to share the good news with good friends. How about dinner Saturday night, my place, steak, salmon, shrimp, the works. This is worth celebrating!

Brad - We will be there. (He starts to leave) Oh and thanks for sharing, God bless you man and tell Cheryl congratulations.

Brad - I am truly happy for the both of them, they deserve this. They are faithful and committed to the church and it is only God’s way of rewarding them for their sacrifice.

Cala - Yeah, well if you say so. You know this has made me feel so good, how about we celebrate our love tonight. I know I am not the saved woman you wished I could be but I am the wife you know me to be and if there is one thing I know, it is how to please my man. Baby you are worthy of my love. (Cala sings)

You are Worthy

I love the man who loves me
I know that you have needs
I am the one to give you love
To make you feel so free

I thank the Lord for you today
He’s given me a gem
You are the man he called for me
And I will honor Him

For….you….are…worthy of my love
And I will give it all to you
You are worthy, yes you are
Take me now, I want you to
I want to touch the depth of you
And love you endlessly
You are worthy….come to me
I’ll make you feel so free

Scene Fades to Black

Scene 2

Sandi - (the doorbell rings) hey girl, what made you change your mind about the women’s meeting and also to have it at your house?

Cala - I guess getting some good news the other day made me feel like reaching out and doing something nice, that’s all.

Sandi - Well let me hear some of that good news because you have made a complete turn around.

Cala - Wait a minute Sandi, I just invited some nosey women to my house, not changed my life. (Cala starts bringing out refreshments)

Sandi - Well it is only a matter of time. I am just glad to be here, that’s all. You need help with anything?

Cala - No, just get the door when the bell rings please.

Sandi - Sure thing. (the doorbell rings) hi Mother Telle, how are you today?

Mother Telle - Well I don’t know. Having a Christian women’s meeting over at a sinner’s house is not my cup of tea. It makes me feel a little uneasy….if you know what I mean.

Sandi - Mother, I am sure everything will be all right and besides, isn’t this a part of your mission work?

Mother Telle - What else is there to be in?

Woman #1 - Well, she needs to be saved and you are here to witness God’s saving grace upon her life just by this group being in her home.

Mother Telle - Oh in that case, let’s have the meeting. (Cala enters while other women are coming in the door)

Cala - Hi Mother Telle, nice to see you again, how are you?

Mother Telle - Great honey and it is good to see you again I might add.

Sister Kneede - Where is that wonderful husband of yours, out with the deacons?

Cala - Yes he is. Can I get you all something?

Mother Telle – (looking at Sister Kneede) Just a seat if you don’t mind.

Cala - Oh sure Mother, excuse my rudeness. (looking around the room) How are you ladies today? (they answer)

Sister Love - Hi my name is Sister Love, and you are?

Cala - Cala Turne. Nice to meet you.

Sister Love - Same here, ok ladies we are ready to get started. Now today we will be discussing marriage and the unsaved. Is there anybody here who may be married to someone who has not yet received Christ as his or her savior?

Woman #1 - Yes, I am. My husband and I met while in college and although I went to chapel every Sunday he would only go once in a while. I thought that when we got married, he would go more often and eventually give his life over to the Lord, but he has not. My question is, what do I do to get him saved and if he never gets saved, will God punish our household?

Sister Love - Well first of all, there are many people who are in the church married to an unsaved spouse and it does not make them sinners. Secondly, if your husband is familiar with church, maybe invite him to special events such as a concert or a fish fry. Any outing that you know he will like and that is more open. Remember, you can’t get him saved, just put him in places where he is exposed to the spirit.

Mother Telle - Sister, may I say something.

Sister Love - Sure Mother Telle.

Mother Telle - Well since I am a seasoned Mother of the church and God tells me everything I want to say to you that that husband of yours has to come in sometime. He cannot stay out in the cold, meaning this world, for the rest of his life. God ain’t pleased with that, now listen to what I tell you.

Sister Love -- I think it would be good if we would not give out opinions rather just speak about our own situations and let that be the testimony.

Mother Telle - I did speak about my situation, my situation is having someone like her in my group with an unsaved husband. Isn’t that my situation?

Sister Love - No Mother Telle, but thank you for your participation. Now is there anyone else?

Cala - Yes, I have a question about being unsaved and married. I am the unsaved person in my household and my husband is now a deacon. Why is it so important for both parties to be saved? Who is God that he can dictate what you do with your own life?

Sister Love - God is your creator and He asks us to be a part of his family and by doing that, we accept Him into our lives. When we accept him, we accept others like him and we become like him therefore loving everyone and doing what we can to spread his ministry.

Cala - Well I know I don’t want to do that. This God you say you serve, he does not keep his promises, at least not to me. So he can stay away from me because I don’t need him or his empty promises.

Sister Love - Why not?

Woman #2 - Girl you better know what you talking about.

Cala - I don’t have time to tell anyone else about God, I don’t even want to hear about God or have anything to do with him or his family or his ministry. (the women are surprised)

Sister Love - Well you are having something to do with his ministry and his family right now by having us in your home. We appreciate that. Maybe God is working and you don’t even know it.

Cala - Well if this is a part of his work, then you all got to go. I want nothing to do with him or his work. Please….I politely asked you to go.

Woman #2 - Is she serious? Are you asking us to leave your home?

Cala - Yes I am. And I would like that to be now if you don’t mind. I knew this was a trap.

Mother Telle - Trap, honey let me tell you something. If there is any trap it is the one Satan is setting for you right now. If you ask us to leave you are asking God’s presence to leave and you don’t want to do that.

Cala - Oh yes I do. Like I said, I want nothing to do with God.

Sister Love - God have mercy on your soul! Honey you are lost.

Cala - Maybe I am, but I will be lost all by myself. I don’t need God. He cannot do anything for me that I cannot do for myself.

Sister Love – Tell me Cala, if I may ask. Why are you so against God? What has he done to you?

Cala – that is just it. He hasn’t. I have been asking God for a baby since Brad and I were married and a year ago, he gave me one, or so I thought just to take it away. My baby, died before it was born. Humh, some God you all serve. And you know what else, he has yet to grant my wish. I know it will complete my family but this awesome God you all serve, is nothing more than a let down to me. So, that is why.

Sister Love – Cala. God is not your genie. He is not a genie at all. He is a spirit. I am sorry to hear about your loss, I am sure it was not easy but whose to say God won’t give you another baby, and whose to say it won’t be soon. But I must say, with that attitude, you may not get a baby at all, not until you change your way of thinking. We may ask for things and depending upon us, God determines whether we are at a place to receive those things we ask for or not.

Cala – I don’t think about much when it comes to God anymore, which is why I want all of you out!

Woman #1 - With Christ you can do all things, without Him, you can do nothing. If it were not for what Christ did on the cross you or I would not be here today. (she starts to push her out) Look you may be pushing me out of your home but there is one thing I have to say.

He is God

He is God in all his glory
He is faithful through and through
He is God, so full of power
Let me share Him now with you
Though he made us all quite different
He still loves us all the same
He is God, my royal Savior
And I love to call His name

Jehovah Jirah, He’s my provider
Jehovah Nissi, He’s my peace
El Shaddai He is my stay
Elohim, He’s here with me
He is God oh how I love him
He is God, my God indeed
Take His hand, he stands there waiting
He is God eternally

Scene 3

Brad - I cannot believe you pushed Mother Telle out of our home honey, I was so embarrassed when I heard that.

Cala - Who cares.

Brad - I care! It is not everyday that you get wholesome people, people of God to come by and spend some time, valuable time with you. It is not everyday that people care about what you are going through. When are you going to wake up baby? Tomorrow is not promised.

Cala - It is for me.

Brad - Who said? You are not your own person! God is your creator! He made you! He is the one who even now stands with His arms wide open for you, the one who sits here in her own state, lost. What honey do you think you are doing? Why are you so hard against God? What did He ever do to you except love you. I am worried that you think that you control your own life and that is not so.

Cala - What God! Where is he, who is he, and how about this. Why can’t I feel him or see him or even hear him? Is he scared? Shy? Why would I need a God to give me life when if you look at me, I already have a life. When I am sick, I take a pill to get well. When I am sad, I dry my own tears. When I am broke, I work harder to get more money. What is God here for? He certainly isn’t here to give us things. What about happiness, I have happiness. I control me to the point that if I tell myself that I am not going to die, I won’t die. If I tell myself I am going to be healthy, then I will. Even you saved folk know the power of the tongue.

Brad - Yes there is power in the tongue, but you have chosen to use it the wrong way. You are not your own. I can’t talk to you. I just wish you would see that, tomorrow, baby, I want your tomorrow to be more than you could ever imagine. Can’t you see that? I want your today to be full of pleasures and abundance. I am not trying to push you into anything but baby, we both started the same place, broken, bound and torn and one day I found what I had been looking for all my life, Christ. He filled the void I had for so long. He will fill your void as well, if you let him.

Cala – The void I have is called a baby. And he couldn’t even fill that so you know what, not today ok. I am tired of the religious talk. Some other time. I’m tired, I getting ready to lie down before dinner. (she leaves the scene)

Tomorrow (song or mime) Broken Vessels

Sister Kneede - (the doorbell rings)hi Deacon Turne, my name is Sista Kneede. Is Cala home?

Brad - She is in the back taking a nap. I can go get…

Sister Kneede – (touching his arm) No, no. I think what I need you can help me with so we won’t have to disturb her. (She walks past him to sit on the couch)

Brad - Ok what is it?

Sister Kneede - Well…(she sits him down on the couch) I have been having this problem at home and maybe getting advice from a godly man such as you will help.

Brad - Well I’ll see what I can do. What kind of problem are you having?

Sister Kneede - Well Cale, my husband, is such a good man and he loves me but lately he hasn’t been that friendly if you know what I mean.

Brad – Friendly? You mean he has been mean to you or something?

Sister Kneede - No, not mean just not as friendly as I need him to be. (she turns to him)

Brad - Ok, well I need more than that to help you with this. Have you talked to him about this?

Sister Kneede - Sure I have but he keeps saying he’ll work on it.

Brad - Ok then maybe you are being impatient. Give him time and then you should see some change.

Sister Kneede - But I don’t think you understand. I need him to be friendly now. I am not sure I can wait any longer.

Brad - Well surely we are not going to consider divorce so I suggest that you talk to him a little more and see where his attitude is then.

Sister Kneede - Deacon Turne, it is not his attitude that I am talking about.

Brad - Then what are you talking about? (she whispers in his ear while rubbing his knee) ooooooooooooh, that is what you mean by friendly well sista (getting up from the couch) I am not the one to be helping you with that issue, maybe you need to go to the elders of the church or at least the mothers and tell them your problem.

Sister Kneede - But Deacon, I need you…I have been watching you from across the sanctuary and I love how you praise God and sing His praises. It really turns me on. Now you wouldn’t want to keep a lonely young wife waiting would you..(she starts rubbing his cheeks)

Brad - Yes I would. Now I suggest you leave. (he starts to the door) I need to be alone with my wife now.

Sister Kneede - Are you sure?

Brad - Yes I could not be surer of anything. Please….(Cala comes and listens at the bedroom door)

Sister Kneede - Ok, if you say so. But remember, you had a chance to have all of this. (she blows him a kiss and leaves)

Brad - The devil is a lie! (he leaves the room)

Cala – (listening to her thoughts)Wow, I do have a good man and I love him so, but I just don’t know about this God thing. I mean, I want to know him, I really do. But what about my disappointments. I want to do what’s best but….well…it’s just it seems all too scary. My husband, the good man that he is, wants the best for us..and that means a lot. I would like to get to know you God…I want you in my life…I don’t want to be lost and without hope or alone in this walk….I need you near me as well as my loving husband…I need him too…and I know if I am to be the woman you have called him to be with…I have got to make a step in the right direction…just please…can you give me some direction? Please God…..(she kneels to pray while song is being sung)


I don’t know what I’m to do
Though he tells me all the time
All I know is I am lost
With these thoughts that cloud my mind
Tell me Lord what step to take
I don’t want to lose your will
Take my hand and guide me there
Let me know you love me still

I can feel your presence here
As I begin to pray
Lord I need your loving touch
Just to guide me all the way
I can feel the waves of change
Start to make their presence known
I am fearful of the cost
As my thoughts begin to roam

Take me Lord please take me now
I want to do what’s right
Yes I know I fail at times
But you are still my guide

In this cold hard world of ours
I want to recognize….
I can still find peace in you…
With you along my side….

Scene Fades to black

Scene 4

Mother Telle - Honey it is so nice to see you here on this wonderful day our Lord has made, how are you and your husband today?

Cala - We are just fine.

Mother Telle - Really. You don’t look fine. In fact you look like you are confused about something. Can I be of any help?

Cala - Mother Telle, I think you have done quite enough. In fact, it would be great if you would leave me alone.

Mother Telle - Leave you alone. Well honey, I am the Mother of this church and it is my duty to look after those who are weak and those who may need counsel. Godly counsel I might add.

Cala - Well Mother, I don’t need any counsel. Look, I’m sorry. I am just so scared about this God thing. I’m trying to hear what He is saying. Please forgive me.

Mother Telle - Well…He may be trying to speak through those around you, ever thought about that? (they all take a seat)

Choir sings: God is Trying to Tell You Something (theme from The Color Purple)

(song ends with everyone shouting and singing and dancing)

Pastor - Ah yes, isn’t God good all the time. And to know that He, God is trying to always tell us things sometimes through pain, suffering, happiness, strife and confusion but He is always on the job. Ain’t he good. Ah yes He is. Today, I want to use for a subject, It’s Time….To Make A Change. Sometimes in life, we are forced to go through some tribulation, some trials, some good and some bad. But let me say that all things work together for the good of them that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose. We often look at these times in our lives and start to blame others. Some of us even start to blame God. As Christians, we are destined to go through some tough times but if we could just remember who God is and what God can do, we would not feel so alone in those troublesome times. God is Sovereign and Infinite. He is a way maker, a mind regulator, a heart fixer and most of us in here need some major heart surgery. We need some quadruple bypasses. We have been broken hearted, some of us torn between family and friendships and some of us torn between saved and unsaved spouses. It can get pretty rough but God….He is not a respecter of persons. God does not look at each of us to determine if we are rich enough, or fine enough, or evil enough or even saved enough to go through, he just allows it. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. We need to start looking at God as the one who sustains, and not the one who withholds. God is not in the business of withholding anything from us especially when it means a development of character, integrity, and patience. We are not where we need to be therefore God allows things to happen to develop what may be missing in our hearts. I remember when my wife and I were trying to have a baby and the many times we went back and forth to doctors, specialists and so forth wondering about how to do it. We knew the basics of course but in this day and time, there are other ways of getting pregnant if you know what I mean. Come on, help me talk somebody. We tried everything. We read books, we changed our diets, we watched videos, we took classes, everything but…God. We failed in trying Him. All we needed to do was get on our knees and ask God for His divine guidance. Instead we spent money, time and effort doing something God had already given us, His wisdom. Brothers and sisters, God has given us everything we need (pointing to the bible) right in here. It is not a secret. It is no magic formula or genie in the bottle. It is His word and we need to stay in His word if we are to live according to His perfect will. God is just that, God. Look to Him for your answers to problems. Look to Him when things do not go the way you think they should. You know sometime we think we know it all, that we know what to do and how to do it, but let me clue you in on something….you are in the way. We need to look to Him when bills are due. Look to Him when you cannot turn any other way. Let’s learn to look to Him in all things, whether bad or good and watch how He moves in your lives. We must stop treating God like some kind of palm reader or genie in the bottle, God is the one who is, who was, and who is to come. Let us honor Him for His goodness, let us adore Him for His greatness, let us exalt Him for His Godness, and let us worship Him for His awesomeness. God is all you need. Let Him into your hearts today. He will make a significant change if you let Him. No matter what the circumstances, even if you have not accepted Him into your heart, do it today. He is standing there waiting for you to come home. It is where you started and it is where you should finish. Love Him today. What a wonderful change God can make in us when we allow Him to. What a wonderful change! Is there anyone here today who wants to change for God. Who wants to become a part of his family? (Cala walks up to the front to give her life to Christ as Brad follows her)

Choir sings: A Wonderful Change (Mother Telle looks over at Cala and Brad, Cala starts to cry in Brad’s arms)

Brad - Honey, are you really ready to make a change?

Cala - Yes Brad I am. It is time that I did this, not for you or anybody else in here, but for God. It is about Him you know and I want to be about His business. Thank you Brad for believing in me and not letting me go. I love you. Thank you God for another chance.

Mother Telle - Baby is there anything I can do for you now? Did you hear what Pastor said up there today?

Cala - Yes Mother, I did. Look I owe you an apology for how I have been acting. I guess I did not want to change for fear of being controlled and giving up my ways and me. Mother Telle, I love this man God has given me and from this day forward, he will never question that love again, you hear me.

Brad - I love you too baby. (he hugs her)

Scene 5

Brad - This is nice honey, just you and me spending time alone. I never thought that this day would come again. But I am glad it did.

Cala - I am too. Honey, I am so sorry for treating this marriage the way I did. I guess when I lost our baby, I blamed myself as well as God. I know now, it was all in His plan.

Brad - It’s ok. It’s over now and we can move on with our lives and maybe include more lives into it while we are at it huh?

Cala - Of course. (the doorbell rings) I wonder who that could be? (opening the door) Well hello, what brings you all here?

Sandi - We are so excited about you and your newfound salvation. We wanted to come over and celebrate if that is all right.

Cala - It is more than all right…come on in.

Brad - Mother Telle, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. I know that it was hard at times but you stuck in there.

Mother Telle - Honey let me tell you something. Just like God, I am like a rock in a weary land. I loved you just enough to try and I knew that if I tried hard enough, God would do the rest. I tell you, He is a good God, yes He is…

Cala - If we can get everybody over here, I have an announcement to make. Honey I know that after 5 years of putting up with me, you have had your good and bad days. I also know that one day you wanted me saved, and look at me now, here I am saved and ready for what God has in store for me. But with all of that, I know deep down in my heart that you wanted to start a family, and with the loss of our first and I want you to know that I am ready to try again.

Brad - Baby, you mean it. You are ready to start a family, you mean it?

Cala - I better because in about 7 months, you will be a daddy. (they all start to rejoice)

Brad - Oh baby, I am…I don’t know what to say right now…(he starts to cry)

Cala - I do, God I thank you for the change you have made in my life…..oh yes, a wonderful change for the better! (they continue to rejoice as song begins to play)

Come and See

As I look outside I can see the Lord
He is fresh every time I draw near
With His arms open wide I run right to His side
Where I’m safe, settled down, and secure

Bless the Lord oh my soul, Bless His honorable name
How I want just to touch of His face
Every time that I pray He takes me through the day
He is Lord full of power and grace

Come to me…says the Lord
Come and read…of my word
I am Lord, I am all that you need
Come and rest in my arms and feel safe from all harm
God in I, I in God, you in me

Take my hand...it will guide
Feel my heart …from inside
All I want is to fill you with love
I have placed in your heart things this world can’t tear apart
God in I, I in God, you in me

Written by Playwright Robin Stevens
Revised 10/27/04
Copyright 2004©

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