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Internet's Faith A borrowed Technology
by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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The global collection of networks, these networks connect together in many different ways to form the Internet. It is not new anyway; It is just a taste of God’s communication means to human on earth. How does this sound? I have not seen many of the Internet users physically, yet I have communicated with many through the Internet. Though, far apart by several kilometres we are, I have few friends through net now; I have never seen many of them, yet we get connected through this wonderful interface.

It is all faith; as it is required to please God. It is a type of relationship we have with God though we do not see each other. But you can read this work posted on net. All we need to do is to learn the language and the use of the Internet. Such is necessary while we intend to connect with God.
Thanks for such Technology like this, it is borrowed a technology from heaven.

Such technology was wonderful as usual with other invention since it’s beginning in 1969. I know it must have been doubted and some by zeal must have stamped it impossible but to day, useful. Whatever intentions of internet may be as some have affirmed ignorantly or with bias, it is a borrowed technology from God.

Creating an interface of communication without the physical presence or travelling of human being with an “instant” depending on the internet facilities, you have the message sent, it is a great development , yet a borrowed technology of the developed technology of heaven.

I have sent and receive mails to and from many people had not seen before. Many have sent, receive mails and transact businesses and seal deals with many people through Internet. In some cases with a controlled vision of web camera meetings could be arranged with some people or group of people some where in far away land. Yet we believe, trust and have the faith and there are results anyway as well as deceptions. When good things are copied, it could be down with all good and bad intensions. Such is what Internet has been and the blessing is what we have used it for.

Then why should we question the worship of the living God we do not see when his wonders abounds! The worship of God is through the interface of Faith in God by the spirit of God through the spirit of man. Without this faith, the spirit of God and the spirit of man cannot be connected, that is why it is difficult to please the Lord without faith. Jesus knew part of heaven’s technology will be leased to men when he said john 4;23-24 in his discussion with the woman by the side of the well “ But the hour cometh , and now is , when true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth; for the father seeketh such to worship him. God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. You do not need to see Him while on the surface of the earth, but some glad morning, we shall appear before his throne and join the throng of saints to sing praises to him.

It is evident from history and in contemporary issues, we could have relationship with this wonderful God, communicate with him, Just as we could relate, and talk to each other by the invisible interface of internet laced by codes. Likewise, the relationship with the living father of peace through the invisible interface of Faith laced by the codes of Holy spirit. We can talk, dream dreams, see visions, receive instructions, pray, seek guidance and understand the information from heaven as well as post ours to Him, it is not a one sided provision.

You don’t need to be sophisticated in computer and computer programming to understand the use of the internet to communicate what you want, however, you just need to learn the procedure you need after securing an account from E-mail providers or your personal or company website services. And learn how to login into the account, access the information sent to you via mail and how to send yours with some accessories features provided; you had communicated your mind to a friend you do not know or see in a very faraway and you may not have the means of reaching physically. He or she can access a portion of your mind communicated, if it is true, and give answers to questions you asked, send information for the enquiries made, transact business with you appropriately, strike the deal with evidences and confirmation.

It is unfortunate that quite many people, even those who claim to be Christian do not have account in the kingdom of God. Some have theirs inactivated or some suspended for they had abandoned Christ they profess they serve long ago; as yahoo and would have done and in some cases may deny them access. How could God have forgotten anybody as Every machine on the Internet has a unique identification number called an IP Address, I believe every one also has unique code, that only God understand. By which we could communicate with the Ancient of days. The IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the language, that computers use to communicate over the Internet. We have human languages but only God understand the language of our souls and spirit; and the riddles of communication in our emotions and lives.

A very learned ruler of Jews came to Christ, on a blessed day with the available knowledge in Him and came to Christ having acknowledge the benefits that is in the rabbi and the wonderful teaching and miracles, he must have had a link or with God and his kingdom he concluded, as stated inverse 2 of john 3 .

All Jesus told him is “ get an account in the kingdom” “how you mean”? He asked. But Jesus said “ verily verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God “ John 3:3. it was like a big riddle and Necodemus had to ask more questions and the how was buttressed by the messiah.

“marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again” it sound like an old hymn! But it s not a horn of fact, it is the truth. If you must have account in the God’s kingdom.

When I was first exposed to the philosophy of Internet. It was a wonder anyway. You get your mouse moved and click and click, navigating, sound like a straight forward procedure, yet it is but could be mixed up without understanding that you will have to get account first if you must get e mail address and store some information or keep contact inspite of the distance. You will have to fill up a form, if you need an account with some of these e-mail service providers. Even if it is free, you will need to fill this web form with ID names and password. That is how I got yahoo and hotmail account.

In about 19 years ago,I saw a banner for a programme which I was determined to attend. I prepared despite all the hindrances and I attended this programme tagged “ Miracle Rally “ on July 27, 1988 at Akure, the Lord met my heart with fresh salvation experience and account was opened , contrary to the previous childhood salvation experiences which I lost as quick as I got them due to many reasons. And till date, the account has been kept activated still. I met the Christ Necodmeus questioned in john 3, through his work on the cross of Calvary and there I got connected with the network of the saints of God.

“ And no man hath ascended to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, been the son of man which is in heaven “ and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up . That whosoever believeth in him should not perish b but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that He ga e his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish , but have everlasting life “ john 3:13-15.

On these platform is the sites that host my account and a once broken connection was re-activated on the cross by the wonderful work of saviour. Which is enduring, dependable, with better covenant. (Heb, 7:27-28,8:5-13 9:23-28) in Christ the saviour of life. It is necessary to log into the kingdom of God but an account must be created.

“ As by filling the form(s) so is by Christ the salvation of God is obtained , which Christ called “born again. “ neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men, where by we must be saved” act 4;12

Though some account creation are free, but it is not automatically created for an anonymous user, you have a part to play in the process of creating heavenly account though salvation is free. You have this part to play, to fill the form at Calvary where you can be connected through the Calvary service provider to God’s internet technology.

Just as you need to identify yourself, you need to acknowledge your sins. “ For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” Romans. 3:23

You will have to confess your sins after you must have repented from them 1John 1:9 and finally accepted Christ into your life. That is all. Christ is wiling to create account for all and you become the user for these heavenly technologies for communication and relationship with God and your neighbours.
At the end of each form you are certainly going be to asked in two or more bottoms, with the terms of service “ and you are expected to click either of the button” I agree” or I disagree” to the terms of services of the provider of the account . your clicking “ I agree” signed you in and that is all you do by accepting Christ into your life, as Your Lord and saviour, accepting the rules of peace of God to guide you hence forth.

Browsing the net has not made you a good internet service user, until you can have an account, a reference through which you can be identified and communicated with and to others with rules provided. You cannot harness most, and good part of the internet opportunities without an account through salvation, it is difficult to harness best of God, Communicate with God, believers and non-believer appropriately with the use of the rules of peace provided in the scripture and that is all about it. it is a not a dumb programmed issue. Your intellect, thinking, will, decision, love, emotion, trust, spirit, soul and body shall be involved. There will be responses and feed back but must be according to the rule of peace provided in the scripture.

There are various types of internet users and they are likened to types of believers or profess believers with respect to the use of interface of faith, through the spirit of God and through the spirit of men in relationship with God and men in and out of the kingdom.

The group A
I met some, while in the research year during M.sc programme. all they needed internet for is get information and it is just because it seems everything is tending to ICT else, they do not want to bother themselves about this. It is all a pile of nonsense to them. They only deal with what they see and what they cannot see is not relevant. They preferred the old stuff, no matter how uneconomical it may be, that is what they do and they prefer doing it that way. Let heaven falls and the angel weep, they are less bothered about the wonders in the information and communication technology.

This is likened to a group of people who deal with what they see and who they do not see could be given a tint of trust and faith out of their sympathetic mercy but he is greatly doubted and that is all about God. It is better for them to serve what you can see, call it idol or gods and goddess. Some of them do not know the scripture and some depend only on the crumbs they gathered during the sharing of bread ( word of God) in the church on Sundays. As long as they pay their tithe and some other contributions, better they are. These category of people or religious worshiper have escorted their souls into limitation and may just push the whole issue of a sound relationship with God to the responsibility of their priest, pastors, elders, deacons an deaconess, Sunday schools teachers are expected to get involved with that nitty gritty while they just concentrate on coming to church or fellowship, pay tithe and offering if not questioned and get involved in other routine but faith in Christ demand more than that, and they may not be able to give this. It is a living and dynamic relationship.

Just as it is not all computer that are in existence at the moment are connected to internet, likewise not all men and women in the world really have a relationship with their creator for whatever reasons they may give or that is unavoidably make them so for the lack of the gospel reaching out to these ones or for the lack of preachers .However, every computer that is connected to the Internet is part of a network and every saints of God are in a net work “ the universal church” the saints of God irrespective of there geographical location and affluence or poverty.

Group B
in this group they really got connected sometime ago but their access are denied now they had probably violated one of the terms of service. These believers had probably had the time of grace expired in their lives committing sins without asking for God’s to forgive them. They used to be genuinely converted when young or sometimes ago but are backsliding or they had plunged into one sin and ungodly act, they now find it difficult to come out of it and as such have their access into the account through the platform by which they can communicate with the prince of peace denied except re-activated.

Group C
This group either had forgotten their ID or cannot remember their password. they have lost their testimony or are not sure if they are born again. They probably had comprised or still uncertain for some guilt within them .This group are many in the church and involved in church activities but not with the confidence of salvation. They are afraid, and so may not move near to log in and have wonderful time with father of peace.

Group D
This group have the assurance of faith. They come for the pleasure of the Internet, send and receive mails or chat with friends such is the average believer. They are born again, they know their ID Name and the password. They have clean hearts without condemnation to log inat any moment. They pray, sing; get busy with God’s work in their various denominations. Love the things of God, get one or two literatures to read, make bosom friends of those in the house of faith. performed religious extensions of kindness, they are just nice believer out there, appropriating to the best of their knowledge, the scripture, the rules of peace. Some desire deeper relationships but cannot pay the price and some do not have the resources, facilities and environment to tap into this wonder from their limitation.

group E
This group cannot but use the net. They may or may not have the resources or not, it has become a must for them. They are not there to play, they are serious about it. Some one to meet. A business to transact, a product to target, service to solicit for and information to obtain. This group is likened to believer who always dare to relate with God. They cannot but see something to learn and vision to pursue. They may be pastors, elders, deacons or church members, who are sincerely converted and want to tap into the wonder of the heaven.They read the scripture like bereu Christian, verifying information, comments and notes. They read literatures written by seasoned men and women living or dead, tere is always something to tell God, something to ask, something to submit. A cross to carry, a gain to give to God. they keep giving and keep receiving something from God. they are praying always with utmost trust, sincerity, urgency and frequency. They have dependence for God’s Guidance. And they always grow, because they will always harness the opportunities of close communion with God positively to develop and Minister to other lives; they are great help in the kingdom and church of God.

They develop gifts quickly and God is not scared to give such men and women visions and commit to them some purposes. They are not many, they could relapse also sooner or latter but the more you browse through the wonder of heaven, the more of God ‘s presences you see in your life. These few men and women are mentors to follow. They browse through heaven’s technology daily with faiths, understanding, discipline, diligence, reverence, they crave for knowledge of God, fear God, submissive and with wisdom navigate through the web of God’s wisdom.

Some men call them God’s general, some, Heroes of faith for they are constantly connected from their local areas to God the great knowledge and are entrusted with greatness!.

You may spend hours while you navigate through the net without knowing the time had really gone. You keep getting. More so if you do not have the information needed in time or it is so interesting, you aremaking some discoveries. If there is no bill to drag you out of the net, you can keep on till day is gone. I guess that was the experience of Moses.

His presence is pleasant to dwell and his face is blessed to behold His words to soul is satisfying and visions and revelation keep souls pondering in surprises wondering in the wonder of his wisdom.

All the world cannot understand Mystery in the mercy of of his love, He places the ball of the earth in the draft room and give all the analysis in the construction that the engineers in their throng cannot imitate million of years. He navigates through the universe and give wonderful instruction to his own.
Revealing the known and unknown paths in the small globe, we all dwell, called the earth.

No one given to his presence has ever lack excellence!
If the little moment we do have on the net could in short time get across to some information. What about the little moment we have in his presence. They had brought along our path inspirations and guidance, it is a privilege to find that we are in the web of his wisdom and love. One young man invited me to grace their youth programme. He saw a work of mine on net and decided to contact me, it took us some time before we really met here in Nigeria, but we did. through the net after series of mails. I did not know him but I got the description of his denomination and we finally met.

One beautiful day is coming when I shall met the beloved I have talked with and to through the net, in eternity of Joy. And though few minutes or hours I may have to pray now on earth but it is certain, that I shall have the whole days of eternity communing and serving the God had not seen on earth here. For our hope does not end in this earth.

If in this life only, we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. 1 cro. 16:19

I know “ there are depths of love
That I cannot know till I cross the narrow sea;
There are heights of joy
That I may not reach till I rest in peace with thee.
Draw me nearer, nearer
Blesses Lord
To the cross where thou hast died;
Draw me nearer, nearer
Blessed Lord.
to thy precious bleeding side

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Patricia Backora 04 Aug 2006
That hymn you closed your message with is a real confirmation to me, as for some unknown reason that song kept springing to mind before I retired last night. Thank God for the Internet, and the way we can use it to give and receive edification in the Body of Christ!


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