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by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind called Euroclydon. And when the ship was caught, and could not bear up into the wind, we let her drive. And running under certain island which is called clauda, we had much work to come by the boat: which when they had taken up , they use helps under-guiding the ship and fearing lest they should fail into the quick sands, strait sail, and so were driven. And we being exceedingly caused with a tempest, the next day they lightened the ship; and the third day we cast out with our own hands the tackling of the ship. And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope that we should be saved was then taken away. Acts 27:14-20.

Life to a group of people, like Paul’s experience is like a ship on the ocean; subjected to sailor’s and nature’s control. The ship of life is of geographical location: continent, country, district, state and town. At another time, represent group of people: ethnic, race, class, organisation and family. These are the ships on a very large sea of life. The calmness on the sea is the peaceful situation, but when the storms blow across the sea, they give perturbation of states, these are problems, which degrees on the occupants of the ship may differ.

These storms may be let loose from leaders’ foolish actions, enacted laws, adopted policies and principles. These may also result into rebellion and the ship boils. Some other times, it may have been caused by the wicked activities of men: Achan’s sin troubled the whole Israel, Ahab and Jezebel brought lots of displeasure to his country. David let loose God’s judgement on innocent citizen and Jonah’s act of disobedience brought losses and threat to the ignorant occupants of the ship.

“O my people, they which lead thee cause the to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” Isaiah 3:12

Ships of life have categories of occupants: captains and attendants, great and small, strong and weak, rich and poor, old and young tossed up and down in the troubles of life. The storms are in various categories: spiritual, physical, emotional and social storms. Problems evolve from spiritual and physical activities.

Relationship between men will generates some and the weakened emotion is seriously troubled by these problems. It is not strange; champion goes through the storm, storm named “Champion”.
These storms often capitalise on the occupants’ ignorance. These could haul down the flag of freedom and melt many peoples’ courage. They could be natural disaster like flood, earthquake, and hurricane. These storms often drag many innocents’ souls into the grave without any courtesy of notification. The gravity of the disaster may render the experts confused for many days or years.

The captains’ (leaders, instructor and counsellor) ignorance and self-will are dangerous; such may dare a head-on collision with another ship: country against country, tribe against tribe, group against group, and family against family. In this case, multitude of souls and many resources are fed to the angry storm. The quality of good leadership determines the degree of peace to a group but “Good leaders seem to be a scarce commodity today” Hanz Frinzel.

Gifts and talents waste away and goals disintegrate with their visions under a bad leadership.
“Lo, this only have I found that God hath made man upright but they sought out many inventions
Ecc. 7:29.

There are many inventions that are channels of troubles. The atmosphere of life is polluted and the sorrows of past mistakes cloud our days. Most often, not only one person, many neighbours, relative and generations may have a share of one person’s mistakes.
But I have found a perfect peace and anchor in the saviour of life hear. what J.B. Coats said in his song
In lands a far
Across the deep
While off we sleep
Destruction falls
On rich and poor
Yet, I have God
This much is sure.

Disasters are sure on the sea of life. Not all ships are safe for sailing. The famous statement of James Madison is– “If men were angels, no government would be necessary” but men are not angels, some men must lead the journey. However their wisdom, integrity, fear of God and understanding of the journey will definitely determine how safe the journey will be.

How safe is your journey and how sure are you? Who bears your burden and whose yoke you bear? How fruitful is your effort and how blessed is your labour? The cause of man’s problem is because of many conflicting opposites.

As there is natural, there is the spiritual. These are demarcated by great gulf of mystery. Light is demarcated from darkness and night from day. Often time, the manifestation of any event in the natural is a concluded issue in the realm of spiritual. Light’s realm cannot accommodate all possibilities in the darkness. The point of agreement between wickedness and righteousness is not possible, if, that point is something else called falsehood. Life is more spiritual than physical.

In view of this, men of every generation and dispensation had sought to know what could have been responsible for man’s ordeal. With the spectacle of ignorance, they traced control of earth to some spiritual beings. This gathers lots of suspicion and superstition and men were enslaved to serve many spiritual beings called gods and goddesses, in various display that accommodate wickedness, insanity and obscene practices. There were discoveries that these gods and goddess have power above that of human, can wreak havoc and they can be appeased by sacrifice; this involve shedding of blood.

It subsequently occurred to man that there is God who must be appeased through some gods and goddesses, the idea of a mediator was conceived. This ignorance is dispersed across the whole world with different beliefs about God and gods. But it was generally accepted that there would be need for a sacrifice to appease God and a mediator to stand in the gap for man’s peace with God.
“Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin Heb. 9:22.

As it is certainly sure, that every problem in life has origin likewise their solution. Where did things went wrong? After heaven and earth were made, there were subsequent creations of many creatures. God that must be appeased made man. A rebellion took place, Lucifer popularly known as devil tricked man and he violated God’s law. Justice circumstance effected spiritual death on the violation of this law.
But God is known by His enduring mercy, love, kindness, and patience and longsuffering. The real God has not relented in this. Over the years, He brought many institutions of laws to reshaping the bent nature of man, which always tends to deviate from God.

As man tendency to violate the rules of life instituted by God increases from generation to generation like a baton in a relay race so also is man’s troubles.
Different types of sacrifices have been adopted ranging from animals to human beings through a mediator. Since a sacrifice and a mediator are needed. The obligation of purity of sacrifice to the true God can no animal fulfil, neither can any human being, because all have sinned. A pure sacrifice and mediator will be necessary to appease God. God is not in any way interested in routine sacrifice but rather once and for all. God’s love did constrain him, He cannot leave man in this terrible situation; He must help them out and He gave us the gift of life that is the saviour – A better sacrifice and a supreme mediator.

Gift Of Life.
I do not have to prove him by science and myth. He is real. The saviour of life had to face all men are facing. He was born like every little child by an espoused Virgin Mary. He developed like every little baby sharing the ordeal of humanity.
Our first parent violated the rules of life; consequence of violation was on them. We were born into the same trouble and graduated in them. Christ shared the peril of violation of our parents and graduated into them and finally attained the trouble-hood – The penalty. He must screen mercy and hang his hand to bring down consistently the hands of wrath – He must deliver us. But He was the only qualified and acceptable sacrifice and a better and supreme mediator, who has no substitute.

“Neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men, where by we must be saved.
Act 4:12

He is the solution to every endeavour on the surface of the earth; the only way, truth and life.

Mercy’s Plea
So fellow dwellers of life, we have no excuse to abandon the precious price paid for us. It is written. “God created man in his image thus there is freedom of choice in every new chances we have. For all have sinned, all have violated the law of God. Time and life are extra time, new chance, to welcome our repentance, but if we neglect so great an offer, Death is a termination to the privilege of life.

If you fail to make use of this chance of time, you may be knocked-out (Dead) then shall arouse the shout of your opponent’s fans, as you are hopelessly carried into the grave to face eternity of sorrow. If Christ is rejected here, it attracts the bill of Damnation – New chance of hope is repentance from offences committed (sin) and no other time could be better than now Christ is the supreme sacrifice and a better mediator. Believe him, confess the offences and forsake them, then you are truly in God’s mercy. Jesus is the saviour
Without dispute, and messiah with love’s mission. Receive Him and be converted (Amen)

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