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Radio Interview of a Pastor
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{The Issues and Views of Today radio transcript format first appeared on Suite101.com.}

The following is a transcript of a recent religious radio talk show. The names, show title, and show content have been changed for obvious reasons.

Announcer: Welcome to another segment of Issues and Views of Today, the show that brings you the most significant and profound ideas from some of the greatest liberal and conservative intellectuals of modern religious thought. And now it pleases me to introduce the host of our show, Dr. Hugh Musbeblind.

Hugh: Good evening and welcome to Issues and Views of Today. I am your host, Hugh Musbeblind. Today, my special guest is Pastor Al Waysright. Pastor Waysright is the founder of The Worldwide Church of Submission, and author of the controversial book: Overcoming Rebellion in the Church. Although I have not had the opportunity to read the book myself, I have heard quite a bit about it from Pastor Waysright himself. And now, I'd like to turn it over to you, Pastor Al. Great to have you with us.

Pastor Al : Thanks Hugh. It's great to be here.

Hugh: Well, Al

Pastor Al: Please refer to me as Pastor Waysright, Pastor Al, or just Pastor. I find "Al" to be disrespectful. I am on ordained minister, you know.

Hugh: Oh, I am so very sorry Pastor Waysright. I apologize for being so casual. It's just that many ordained ministers have no problem with being called by their first name. I should have checked with you first.

Pastor Al: No harm done. I too know many ministers who do not expect the level of respect that I demand. Those are the types of ministers that have problems with rebellion in their congregations. That is one of the reasons why I saw a need to write my book: to try and show those officers of the church that they do a disservice by allowing average churchgoers to treat them as equals.

Hugh: So you consider yourself to be above the average churchgoer?

Pastor Al: Only in terms of "role" or "function." It's not that I, as a person, am above other Christians. It's just my "role" as pastor is far superior to their "role" as church member. I've been ordained, you know.

Hugh: Yes, I know. You told me.

Pastor Al: Good. Now that we have that straight, let me tell you why I requested an interview on your show.

Hugh: Sure. Go right ahead.

Pastor Al: I heard your interview with some "so-called" prophet on a recent show. I was infuriated. What made this guy think that he has the right to go around speaking God's word to pastors who have been ordained? I did tell you that I was ordained, didn't I Hugh?

Hugh: Yes you have several times.

Pastor Al: Well you can't emphasize it too much.

Hugh: I guess not.

Pastor Al: I know not. Ordination is what separates me from others who want to have some say in my church. I was ordained by God to pastor my church, and I'm not about to let some self-proclaimed prophet come in and tell me what God is saying. If God has something to say, He'll say it to me. Anyone who disagrees with the way I believe God is leading my church will have to hit-the-road. That's the way my father was with his church and that's the way I am with mine. I'm the pastor, and I've been

Hugh: I know --- I know. You've been ordained.

Pastor Al: Thank you very much. I'm glad you agree.

Hugh: I never said that I agreed. I just said that I know you were ordained to be a pastor. But aren't we all ordained to some service of God? I believe that I was "ordained" - in a sense - to host a radio show. I'm sure that some are ordained to be prophets.

Pastor Al: You're not serious, are you? You actually believe that God would call someone besides a pastor to be a prophet? No one and I mean NO ONE has any right to speak God's word to my congregation except me.

Hugh: Well, I have a little surprise for you, Pastor Al. Since we are not in your church, and since we are on my radio show, I've allowed someone who claims to have the gift of prophecy to call in and ask you a few questions. Would that be OK?

Pastor Al: Oh, sure why not? It will give me an opportunity to put him in his place.

Hugh: Well it's not a "him" but a "her."

Pastor Al: It doesn't matter. I'm ready to put any type of rebellion in its place; even if it is the female type.

Hugh: OK. Here we go with our calller. She doesn't want to give her name.

Pastor Al: Well let's just call her "Tess." That's short for "prophe-tess?" Ha ha ha. Get it Hugh? Prophetess.

Hugh: Yea yea. I get it. Let's go to our caller. Hello, "Tess" are you there?

Tess: I sure am Hugh. And I like that name. It has a good ring to it.

Hugh: Well, do you have a question for Pastor Al?

Tess: Yes. I sure do. Would you like me to prophesy over you pastor? I'll tell you what God is trying to tell you; then I'll tell you what you're going to say about it. Do you want me to do that Pastor?

Pastor Al: Oh, you can try. But God speaks to me because

Tess: The first thing God wants to tell you is that He's sick of you telling everybody that you are ordained. He says that your role as pastor is no more special than any other member's role in the church. You only exalt yourself because you're insecure. If you truly relied on God, you wouldn't need to rely on your title as pastor to feel important.

Pastor Al: Well do you know what God is saying to you? He's saying

Tess: I know what you're getting ready to say. You're going to say that God says I'm rebellious for speaking to you that way. Am I right?

Pastor Al: Yes but I also say

Tess: You also say that if God wanted to say something to you, He'd say it directly to you, and not through some prophet. But the truth is that He's been trying to tell you directly; you have been ignoring Him. The truth is that He wants to lead His church through you, but you're not listening to His voice. You're following your own desires, and blaming it on God. You love being the center of attention and you'll do anything to achieve it. He's been trying to make you aware of your tendency to control everyone and everything around you. You try to control the congregation, your wife, your kids, and your friends. God wants you to lead, not control. And God wants to make Himself the center of attention, not you.

Pastor Al: Yes God wants me to lead but

Tess: But no one wants to follow. Am I right? So you hold on to your authority and label everyone who disagrees with you as rebellious. If someone ever confronts you with a dissenting view, you preach against that person's opinion and use your sermons to defend and justify your own. You have trouble distinguishing the leading of God from your own assumptions and whims.

Pastor Al: Well let me tell you something Miss prophetess. I have many Godly people who know me and realize that

Tess:... realize that you're right in everything you do? Let me guess. You surround yourself with likeminded pastors at some minister's luncheon you call a "prayer meeting." There you can get your ego stroked by other ordained "control-freaks" who reassure you that you're right and everyone else is wrong. They say things like: "The problem is with all those other people, not you. No. It's never you." Then, once you feel better about yourself, you go back to living in denial, and write a book about rebellion in the church. You've always been like that. You have the same ego your father has.

Pastor Al: Your voice sounds very familiar.

Tess: Well it should. Are you going to repent, or do I have to say more?

Pastor Al: OK OK You win. I'll try to do better. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I repent. Please don't say any more.

(The caller hangs up.)

Hugh: Gee Pastor Al. That was some prophetess. I would have never guessed that someone could get you to repent on live radio. She seemed to know so much about you. Was she a prophetess who visited your church before?

Pastor Al: No she's my mother.

Hugh: Oh I see. Well we're running out of time. Thank you for joining us Pastor Al. I hope your book does well and that your ministry

Pastor Al: Oh, shut up.

Hugh: Ummm I think I'll say just say goodbye to our audience and thank them for listening to Issues and Views of Today. Until next time, thank you and goodbye.

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Phyllis Inniss 11 Jan 2007
This interview is so well done. You have made a very significant observation in this article and having the 'prophetess' challenge the 'ordained' pastor was a great stroke. He could fool the congregation, but not his mother. YOur message is loud and clear.


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