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A Thursday in the Life of a FaithWriter and Her Muse
by Amy Michelle Wiley 
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Your alarm clock goes off and you slap at the snooze button, groaning. Why is it going off so early, anyway? You just barely fell asleep, it feels like, since you stayed up into the wee hours of the morning trying to finish your FaithWritersí weekly challenge story before the deadline.

The challenge! You bolt upright and stumble to the door.

Donít get your hopes up. Youíre not going to place. You know that.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Iím not getting my hopes up. Though, you know, I did get a lot of really encouraging comments."

You reach the computer and wiggle the mouse, tapping your foot impatiently while the monitor wakes up. The FW homepage pops up and you zero in on the yellow link.

THE NEW TOPIC IS--what? Thatís last weekís topic! Oh no, they had computer trouble again. You turn your attention to your emails, but itís rather hard to concentrate on them when you have to refresh the FW page after every sentence. You head over to the message board to complain with the rest of the FWers.

Finally! The new topic flashes on the screen and you take just enough note of it to see that itís an odd topic again, before clicking on ďView past challenge winners entries.Ē You scan the list.

Only after the third scan are you convinced that you didnít just miss your name.

It's not there.

You knew you wouldnít win.

"Yeah, well, obviously the judges didnít at all get the deeper message of the story. If they had, it would have been a shoo-in."

The ďdeeper messageĒ was so obscure not even a nuclear scientist could have figured it out!

"At least this weekís story is strong. I mean, look at the ending! Itís a killer ending!"

The guy dies. That's not exactly the same thing.

Sighing, you flip back to your email, checking for any comment notifications. After all, itís been ten minutes since the new articles appeared. Thatís plenty of time for someone to have seen your eye-catching title and left a comment.

No comments.

You check the FW page just to make sure your article is actually there. Hey, it has 4 reads. Surely one of those people loved it and is even now writing a comment. You refresh the browser a few times. See, now it has 8 reads! You knew it was a good title. So...why hasnít anyone commented yet? It has a great ending.

But what about the beginning? I mean, that second paragraph could use some help.

"Oh, I knew I should have changed that part. Itís awful! No wonder no one commented. They didnít get past the second paragraph to see the great ending.

"At any rate, I donít have time to enter this week."

Yeah, you never win anyway.

"Thatís not why Iím not entering! I write because I enjoy it. And besides, there are people who are blessed by what I enter. I just donít have time this week. Iíve got a bunch of other writing projects I need to do."

You check this weekís topic one more time (just to verify that itís an odd topic) and wander off to the shower. Of course, random ideas for the topic you are not going to enter float through your head.

"See, I donít have any good ideas anyway. That oneís stupid, that one half the other people will do, that one doesnít have an ending, and that one--oh!"

That one is an awesome idea.

"But I donít have time to enter this week."

Admit it. Itís a cool idea.

"Okay, okay, itís a great idea. But I still donít have time to enter."

God didnít give you good ideas so you wouldnít write them.

"He wouldnít want me to ignore my other responsibilities just for a challenge story."

Well, if you wouldnít spend so much time on the message boards, maybe youíd have time to write more. But you at least ought to write down that one perfect sentence before you forget it.

"It is a pretty cool thought. I guess just writing one sentence wonít hurt."

Yeah! Now, do you remember how you got to that sentence? You better write the first part down, or the one sentence wonít do you any good.

"Oh, yes, yes, it started right when..."

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Member Comments
Member Date
Donna Carrico  31 Aug 2013
So many thoughts you expressed are exactly what I have experienced. Thank you for putting it into words. The internal conversations were stimulating.
Carolyn Crook 05 Apr 2009
Thant was funny. And true. When I was at school one Thursday I called my husband to check for me because I didn't want to wait until I got home at noon. I love it when someone isn't afraid to be 'real' and show they are silly too!
Chely Roach 03 Apr 2009
Tee hee...too true. Loved this, Amy.
Laury Hubrich  12 Jan 2008
Amy, you need to read this again! You said you had an idea for this weeks' topic but too busy to write:) This is so funny. I thought I was the only one that thought and acted like this! Must be a FW trait, huh?! Funny... Laury
samuel saalwaechter  28 Nov 2006
Your writings, others comments, the number of hits, all very humbling. "Thanks Lord I Needed This." Oh! did I mention, great story, and all the rest will deserved. The closest I ever came was my poem "Satisfied" and that was Weeks after that challange was past. Always a Jof, thanks
Brandi Roberts 30 Sep 2006
This was TOTALLY me back in the ol' challenge days. I should write one just for fun sometime in the near future if I have time :P
Suzanne R 19 Jul 2006
I am proud to admit that I don't fit this profile - ha ha! But that's only because the new topic and results come out at 9pm in my corner of the world ... I've got to make it through a whole day first?!?!?! Crikey! Great writing, as always, Amy!
Trina Courtenay 16 Jul 2006
I right here with ya'll! And I thought I was the only one who did this...looks to me like we all do. lol I jsut it takes a Faithwriter to know a Faithwriter. Thanks for showing us all that were not alone. Trina<><
Ann Grover 14 Jul 2006
Gosh! I must be more addicted than most... I sleep with the laptop on the bed beside me... I wake up without an alarm just moments before the new topic is posted... hit refresh with my eyes closed... and peer through squinted eyes at the new topic.... Loved it, Amy!! We're a strange bunch.
David Story 13 Jul 2006
Excellent! Thanks for being the voice of us all. God bless.
Teri Wilson 12 Jul 2006
So glad to know I'm not the only one!! Very entertaining.
Caitlynn Lowe 12 Jul 2006
Wow! Amazing! It's like reading a story about myself.... You captured the feelings of many a FaithWriters Writers Challenge participant perfectly!
Jesus Puppy  11 Jul 2006
I would have laughed myself to death upon reading this, but the truth of the story was toooo real.. So I am just giggling insanely... ;) And she said she can't write funny stuff... ya right...
Venice Kichura 11 Jul 2006
ROFL, Amy! You must have a video cam in my house. Yep, that's me. You captured us Faith Writers on a Thurs. morning just like it is. Good job as always!
Brenda Kern  10 Jul 2006
Did I write and submit this under your profile somehow and forget doing it? I could have, because it so exactly encapsulates my Thursday truth. Good job, Amy! (or my evil twin personality, as the case may be!)
Pat Guy  10 Jul 2006
wow! Forty-seven reads! Must be good! ;) *sigh* How true dear Amy - but I couldn't be in any better company! Loved it girl!
Karie Spiller 10 Jul 2006
This is so true. You captured my feelings about the challenge entry, but in the end I always submit.
Brenda Craig 10 Jul 2006
Too cool! Right there with ya as I submit to the anti-hinging thread. Must need a life.
Pat Guy  10 Jul 2006
Forty-four reads - no, make that forty-five reads already! Wow! This must be good! ;) Well, yeah, of course it's good! It's every FW's tortuous muse on Thursday! And it didn't hurt at all! I wouldn't want to be in any other company than y'all! ;) Loved it Amy!
Lynda Lee Schab  10 Jul 2006
Been there...thought that...done that! ROFL. Too funny! And much too true! :-)
Rita Garcia 10 Jul 2006
Looks like we're all in great company!
Ann Darcy 10 Jul 2006
Boy, now I feel better! I'm not the only one doing this.
darlene hight 10 Jul 2006
Exactly! That's what I am saying :)
Thomas Kittrell 10 Jul 2006
This is cool. Thomas
Linda Watson Owen 10 Jul 2006
LOL! Amy, this is delightful and oh, so true! Just how DID you get inside my head??!! LOL!
Shari Armstrong  10 Jul 2006
Sigh -ain't it the truth! ;) LOL


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