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The Revealing - Shimmering Wall Chapter 5
by Caroline Alderson
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Rebecca has been abducted by Calzan’s goons. Will Commander Talitha Dalton be able to find her in time before they kill Rebecca?
What’s on the other side of the shimmering wall? Will Rebecca be brave enough to find out? Will the demons talk Rebecca into not following her heart?

Shimmering Wall

Talitha Dalton couldn't believe Calzan's goons were able to sneak up on them like that, and abduct Rebecca. They should have been paying better attention. Having an idea of where they took Rebecca, Talitha jumped up, and said. “Let’s go! I have an idea, of where they might be headed! I’ll tell you on the way, Michael.” Taking off out of the door, she didn’t wait on Michael.

Running after Talitha, Michael conjectured what Talitha was considering.

Bounding to Talitha's spacecraft, "Glory", Talitha and Michael ran up the ramp-way, their shoes clomping on the ramp. Hitting the door pad as they went inside, Talitha ran to the pilot’s part of the ship. Sitting down, she keyed in the controls on the onboard computer.

Sitting in the co-pilots chair, Michael rotated his chair in the direction of Talitha. “Okay Talitha, what’s up?”

Punching in the correct coordinates, Talitha set it for warp speed 7.5. Opening up in a bright array of brilliant colors, they shot through space.

Michael fell back against the chair when the ship jerked forward set into warp speed. "Warn me next time, Talitha!"

"Oops, apologies. I was in a hurry." Settling her attention onto Michael, Talitha began, “First, we need to get a hold of one of those cloaking devices like Calzan has. If we had one of those cloaking devices, we could get near Calzan's ship without being detected, Michael.”

"That would be great! But, where do we find one of those?" Michael asked. "It's not like we can go to the techy store and say, Hey I would like to buy a cloaking device. How much?" Michael laughed.

"Ha, ha." Talitha punched Michael in the arm. "Very funny."

Deep in thought, Talitha snapped her fingers! “I recall hearing someone in engineering at ASM (Alpha System Military) talking about stealth apparatuses. I’m going to give him a call and see if he can help us.”

Placing the head set over her ears, Talitha keyed in the accurate numbers. “Hello, Bernie, please. This is Commander Talitha Dalton.”


“Major Bernie?”

“Yes. What can I do for you?”

“I recall you talking about some stealth equipment you had, where you could sneak up on the enemy, or be in the enemy's vicinity, and not be detected.” Talitha lay out to the Major, what she wanted to accomplish.

“Oh yes, I think I can help you with that Commander. Fly on over here, and I will have your ship fitted.”

“Thank you, so much, Major!”

Swiveling toward Michael, Talitha gave him the thumbs up.

Smiling brightly, Michael whooped!


Arriving on Nimbus, a planet out on the outer edge of the Alpha system, Talitha and Michael were greeted by engineers from Major Bernie’s division. A dark stocky fellow approached Talitha, with a notebook in his hand. “I need to access your computer, Commander.”

“Alright. Come this way.” Taking him to the bridge, Talitha stayed with him. Wanting no surprises, and never knowing when someone could be sent to infiltrate them, Talitha kept her eyes on the computer as the engineer was setting it up. Fooling her would prove to be quite difficult if anyone attempted to deceive her. Being well versed in infiltration techniques kept her constantly on her guard.

Michael watched the engineer on the outside attaching the stealth device to the ship, careful to make sure everything was in order, not wanting any slip-ups.

A few hours later, the engineers announced they were done.

The engineer on the computer showed Talitha how to program the stealth device, and how to disable it in case anyone took over the ship, rendering the device inoperable.

Heading back up the ramp, making his way inside of "Glory of the Master", Michael sat down in the co-pilots chair surveying the room with a tricorder to make sure no bugs or other listening gadgets had been hidden.

Running her bug finder program, Talitha had the program the engineer put in thoroughly checked out. If scanning software for locating them had been planted inside, her program would report it in the testing. Everything came up clean, and the stealth device according to stats should work perfectly.

“Let’s go!” announced Michael.

Starting the ship up, Talitha slowly pulled out of the port, and headed into space.

“Where do you think they took Rebecca, Talitha? Back to the moon at Ventron Penal Colony?”

“That’s what I’m thinking. Calzan wanted to question us, so I am assuming he would have her brought to him, in view of the fact that he wanted all three of us to interrogate.”

Before they warped into the vicinity of the planet, Talitha switched on their stealth device. According to the program, it was working, and no other ships could see them or pick them up on radar. Checking the sensors, Talitha commented, “It will be difficult to detect Calzan’s ship while it’s under stealth mode.”

“I surmised that too.” Tapping his chin, Michael thought to himself… “Maybe his ship puts off anion bursts. If our computer could pick up a trace of that, we might feasibly be able to intercept Calzan’s vessel.”

“Sounds like a plan, Michael! Go forward with getting the computer started on that. I’ll check the hand weapons and make sure they are all filled with ammo and ready to fire.” Excitedly, Talitha sprang toward the weapons room.

Feeling good about their mission to get Rebecca back, Talitha went out to examine the weapons. She was confident that her and Michael could get the men who took Rebecca to extradite her over to them. If they did not release her to them, then they would have a fight on their hands and Talitha knew they would rescue her from her captors.

Picking up a hand blaster, she recalled the first one her dad had given her. Setting aside her memories from her past, she finished putting in order the weapons they would need for Rebecca’s rescue. Holstering her hand blaster, and placing a long dagger in the other holster and daggers in her boots, she then carried weapons back to the front to Michael. In packs that would be attached to their belts, were tiny timed bombs for use in an emergency if they needed to get out of an oppressive circumstance.

Settling back in her chair Talitha handed Michael an assortment of weapons.

Strapping on the weapons, Michael assessed the situation. “More than likely, Rebecca will be held in the same area we were at. I’m thinking this time they will have a guard set to watch, so she won’t be able to escape. Other guards could be stationed as well, ordered to expect a team to come in attempting to rescue their hostage. I would think Calzan would be asking for something, other than to merely question Rebecca. Perhaps he is trying to get weapons from Zoë Academy; worse scenario, he may want to shut us entirely down. Let’s hope he isn’t fancying himself running the place, having it under his personal control. If that’s what he is after, we will have to see that his desires are never reached.”


Joab looked back at Rebecca. She was cuffed to her chair and boy was she mad. She glared at them. If she hadn't been cuffed to the chair, Joab feared she would try to claw their eyes out. They were supposed to get Michael too, but still… they did get the girl. It was better than nothing. Joab was sure Calzan would get the info he needed from her without that Commander around to protect her. Joab leaned over and grinned at Zack all pleased with his cool self.

Zack grinned back, and turned to look at the teen-age girl cadet. "Yup, Joab, we did good. Calzan will pay us good for this one."

"You think? We failed in getting the boy."

Zack shrugged. "Crime is never a perfect practice. You have to go with what you can get. Beside… she will be easier to get what we need anyway, being she's just a little girl."

Joab looked at the "little" girl. "She doesn’t look so little to me, Zack. And she is mad! She should be scared, shouldn't she? A six-teen year old girl, with two bad men? Seems to me that would be frightening. I don't get it. Where's her fear??" He scratched his nose.

"Aw, don't worry about it, Joab. She's faking it. She won't be able to fake it once Calzan starts interrogating her."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Arriving at Calzan's ship orbiting the moon near Ventron Penal Colony, Zack flew into the docking bay. Un-cuffing the girl, Zack and Joab each took an arm and led her out of the ship and docking bay to an interrogating room.

"We'll leave you free for now, missy, so you can use the facilities and walk around. But, don't even think about escaping from this room! There is no way out." Zack informed her, and then him and Joab left the room. Zack locked the deadbolt, and then the both of them set off to find their boss to give him the great news.


Rebecca paced the room she was in. “How long before Michael and Talitha come and get me out?” She wondered.

It had been frightening being caught by those men. She hadn’t been watching behind her, and somehow one of them had managed to sneak up and grab her unawares, from Zoë Academy. Having no idea what they planned on doing to her, she prayed they wouldn’t resort to torture to get the information that Calzan man wanted.

There was no way she could escape. She had no ship to escape in, and she wasn’t as versatile as Talitha in unknown ships, though she might be able to get the onboard computer to fly her to safety, if there were no other alternatives.

Leaning against the wall, still thinking about alternatives, she felt the wall shift. Startled, she leaped backward, feeling the wall give. Staring at the wall, she didn’t see anything different. Slowly, Rebecca touched it with the tips of her fingers. The wall turned blue and shimmered. Taken aback, she touched the wall once more There it was again! “What is that?” Touching it yet again, her hand went right through it. “Huh? What is causing it to do that?”

Leisurely, Rebecca slipped her fingers in, then her hand. Pulling her hand out, she looked at it. There didn’t seem to be any danger. Lifting her foot, she pushed it gently in, watching it disappear, and then brought it back out. Curious, but cautiously, she stuck her face in the shimmering wall, looking around, and saw a blue swirling mist. Pulling her face out, she pondered.

Walking around, she wondered how dangerous it would be to go through that wall? What would lie on the other side? Would Calzan or one of his goons be waiting for her? Where would it lead? She needed a way to experiment, but how? With what?


The demons watching Rebecca panicked, thinking she might be going to escape. “Oh mannnn, don’t go through that wall, Rebecca!” Molof wrung his hands. “Sulok, do something!”

“I’m trying! I’ve tried everything! She’s fighting to block my thoughts!” Sulok whined.

Whispering into Rebecca’s thoughts, Sulok said, “There could be something horrible and scary on the other side. Calzan is waiting for you, or one of his hoodlums. It’s too scary. You don’t want to go through that. You should just wait for your friends to come rescue you. They probably won’t be able to find you. Calzan will be paying attention this time. You will never get away. You are doomed! Doomed! Doomed!”

“Oh yeah, I like that, Sulok. The doomed part was very dramatic! That should work.”


Shaking her head, Rebecca tried to shake off the negative thoughts. She couldn’t give in to fear. “Stay calm,” she kept telling herself.

The scripture came to her. “No weapon formed against me shall prosper. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. No tongue that rises up against me shall succeed. No tongue that rises up against me shall succeed.”

The angels perked up, hearing the word spoken by Rebecca. Flying to her side they stood between Rebecca and the demons. The word was making them strong in her behalf.


Freaking out, the demons whined, “Noooo, not that scripture! Stop saying that! The angels will hear you!”

“It’s too late, Molof. There they are!” Sighing, Sulok watched Murry and Keegon draw close to Rebecca.

“Maybe, she will still listen to us, Sulok. What chance has she got of getting out of here alive, anyway?! Why would God care about her? We can still win!”

“We have to win, or the big boss will have our heads, Molof!”

“That too! We can win. We have to figure out a way to get Rebecca to believe us.”


“I’ve got them! Anion particles are being detected by the computer!” Talitha excitedly punched buttons to ascertain the exact location. Pointing to the screen, Talitha exclaimed, “There! That’s Calzan’s ship! According to the computer, it’s the exact size of the ship we were taken captive on!”

Staring at the screen, Michael deduced, “Hopefully, they can’t detect our anion traces that our ship is leaving behind.”

“No, they can’t, Michael. Our stealth device has a characteristic that blocks anyone from discovering ours. Clever, huh?”

“Indeed so.”

“The engineer said that would be the first thing Calzan would think of if anyone was discovered boarding their ship, with no ship in sight that they can detect with their sensors. So, they invented a blocking program to keep anyone from using the device from being caught.”


Pacing his office, Calzan thought of the many ways of torturing Rebecca into giving him the information he wanted. Drugs could work in getting her to tell the truth, unless she had been well trained to hide the truth even while under the control of mind-altering drugs.

Impatient to begin, Calzan strode off down the corridor toward the cells that held the young woman. Having placed the syringe of the mind control drug in his jacket, he entered the cell area, sliding his card over the entry pad. Opening the door to the room with no bars, having put her in there so she couldn’t escape, he stepped in.

Looking around the room, panic leapt in! The woman was nowhere to be found!

His men had combed the room with their scanning equipment, yet they had come up with no explanation of how she had gotten out of the room.

“Well, she didn’t just go through the wall! There has to be some explanation! Find it!” Calzan growled angrily at the men.

Infuriated that he had lost her again, Calzan stomped off down the corridor. How had this happened again? How? Unbelievable!

Picking his hand held communicator out of his pocket, Calzan angrily flipped it open. “Attention all personal! I want this ship combed for Rebecca! The woman could not have gotten far! Find her at all costs, then bring her to me!”

Keying in the landing zone, Calzan checked in. “Has any unauthorized ships left?”

“No, Sir! All ships are accounted for, Sir!”

“Very well! Keep your eyes open! No one is allowed to leave, until I say! Is that clear?”
“Yes Sir! Very clear, Sir!”

“Good! Calzan out!” Snapping his communicator shut, he dropped it back in his pocket.

Mumbling to himself as he walked down the hall, he said, “I’m going to beat the thunder out of that girl when I get her back! How dare she embarrass me like this in front of my men, escaping a second time! How dare she have the courage to provoke me like this! Does she know who I am? I am Dolphus Calzan!” Calzan continued growling to himself, contemplating all the vicious things he could do to her for running again. “Escape from me, indeed! I will show her! Never mess with Dolphus Calzan! NEVER! Rebecca will pay dearly for running away a second time! I will make sure that girl never runs again. I will chain her to the room, when I get my hands on her. Grrrrrrrr!” The veins bulged out from his neck as his thoughts grew angrier toward the woman who had evaded him, yet again. He hated losing.

Making a decision, because she could think of nothing else to do, Rebecca took a deep breath, and slowly walked through the shimmering wall. Inside, it looked like a traverse between blue swirling mists and blue iridescent Jell-O. Walking through the mist, everything seemed like it was going in slow motion like in a dream. At last, approaching the end, Rebecca swaggered out, looking in the region of the area of the ship, to see where she had entered. Nothing appeared familiar to her. Glancing around, she tried to appraise where she might have come out. There were ships about, so surmising it must be a docking bay, she searched for something like what she was used to flying.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rebecca saw someone enter the docking bay. Quickly, hiding behind a ship, not wanting to be caught and taken back to that horrid man, Rebecca held her breath, quietly watching. Hearing voices but not able to make out the words, she strained to comprehend.

After a few minutes, the man left. Wary of the one’s on guard here, she searched for a ship she could pilot. On the corner near the exit to space, Rebecca spotted a shuttle more along her speed. Slowly approaching it, keeping an eye out for anyone who could try to stop her, she checked the outside of it. It was a very sleek, green ship that was along the lines of what she had been training in. Thinking she might be able to pilot it, she looked for the entrance.

Feeling along the door for a pad to open it with, she suddenly heard, “Halt! You there! Stop where you are!”

Startled, realizing someone had spotted her, her eyes wide and frantic, she looked about for a place to run. She certainly could not return to the shimmering wall. They would be waiting for her on the other side. Where could she hide where those men would not find her?

Running up and surrounding her, two men advanced on her with blasters drawn.

“You’re going no where, missy! The boss wants to see you!” One of them barked at Rebecca.

Stopping, with nowhere to dash, Rebecca surrendered reluctantly. Lifting her hands, she indicated she would not run or fight.

The other man grabbed her by one of her wrists and snapped bracelets on her, and then gripping the other wrist, he snapped the other side on, restraining both Rebecca’s hands behind her back.

Rebecca was marched to the left and toward a door.

One of the men pulled a communicator pad out of his pocket, flicked it open and started talking to his boss. “Sir? Yes, I have the young woman, Sir… Yes Sir, we are bringing her right to you.”

Calzan gleefully closed his communicator shut dropping it back in his pocket in his jacket. “YESSS!” He shouted! “I have her!” His darkened eyes sparkled with an evil glint, as he contemplated what he could do to his prisoner.

Sulok and Molof were whooping and hollering, glad that Rebecca had been caught and was right now being returned to Calzan. What fun they would have helping him, by giving him ideas on how to torture one of the righteous ones. Oh, they had not had this much fun in a long time.

Giggling giddily, the demons followed the guards taking Rebecca to her fate.


Calzan had them bring her to the interrogation room.

Seeing Rebecca being brought in, Calzan ordered, “Set her in that chair and strap her in. I don’t want her getting away again!”

Pacing in front of Rebecca, he tried to intimidate her. “Someone has now helped you escape twice from these cells! I want the names of whoever it is who has infiltrated my ship and is helping you and your friends escape! I want those names NOW!”

Blinking at Calzan, Rebecca just looked at him, not saying a word.

Anger welled up in Calzan, and he balled his fists, getting more infuriated by the minute. Then, swiftly approaching Rebecca, he tried to coerce her into spilling the information. Placing both hands on either side of the chair she was strapped into, he growled, “Answer me!”

He could see the fear in her eyes as she stared back at him yet; she gave him no answer.. which only served to make him more furious. Fuming mad, Calzan pulled back his hand to strike her, and struck at the woman as hard as he could. Calzan gasped, as his hand struck something not there but – clearly - he could not strike Rebecca.

“What the!” Trying again, Calzan struck with his open hand, intending to strike the woman on her face to knock some sense into her, hoping to produce some results in her obstinately closed mouth. Feeling something blocking him again, he stepped back, pondering the situation.

Growling, unable to touch Rebecca, he yelled, “Charlie get over him and see if you can touch this woman!”

Charlie strode over and touched the woman’s face with his fingertips, and then looked at his boss.

Making a face, Calzan fumed as he realized only "he" was being blocked from the woman. What kind of technology could be made to only shield a person from being harmed by a certain individual? Testing, he reached out his fingertips touching the girl on her cheek.

Rebecca flinched as he touched her, ready for her face to be hit.

“Hum!” Pacing, Calzan walked back to Rebecca and tried striking her again. Again, he was blocked. Some kind of technology was protecting her from being hit!

“Charlie slap the woman across the face.”

“Yes Sir.” Reaching out his hand, he lightly slapped the woman causing her to flinch at the light strike.

“Hit her harder!”

“Yes Sir.” Pulling back his hand, Charlie went to slap the woman hard across her face, and hit a wall.

Seeing the same thing happen to Charlie that had happened to him, he speculated. “It seems Rebecca has some kind of protection device on her which protects her from getting hit. Find it, Charlie, and remove it!”

Searching Rebecca carefully, Charlie found nothing on her person or in any pockets that could do this.

“This is nuts! What is protecting her?”

Rebecca no more knew what was protecting her then the men who were trying to hurt her. She thought, ‘is this You, God? Who else, or what else could it be, but You?’

Each time one of the men would approach her to strike her face Rebecca would flinch in fear that she would be harmed. Each time, some invisible shield would protect her. She imagined that it could be the shield of faith doing this. Was it possible that the shield of faith could protect her even from being physically harmed?? It was like she had a bubble of protection surrounding her and, protecting her from violence. God was so cool!

Rebecca prayed that somehow God would direct Michael and Talitha to finding her and rescuing her. She didn’t know if she could make it out on her own. If they decided to keep her strapped to this chair, she would never be able to get to the shimmering wall again. She wondered if the shimmering wall only went to the docking bay, or if it was a random thing, and could take her anywhere on the ship. If it could, she might end up somewhere she could hide at, until Talitha and Michael could find this ship. The ship was cloaked, and their ship wasn't. That would prove difficult to find an invisible ship. With the technology that was out there, and with God's help they would locate her, Rebecca was sure.


Jeremy, alias Jacen, put the final touches on his program to facilitate the shutting down of CIN. They were preparing a ship for their getaway from the planet. Once away from the planet, Stephen Lightfoot would be a tremendous threat to the Alpha System. Starting to have doubts about letting this man leave the penal colony, he kept tinkering with his program. He had planted a tracing device on the ship, that none of them would ever detect with their outdated equipment. Needing to somehow place a tracking device inside Lightfoot’s skin, so it could not be removed or detected, Jeremy had been working hard to invent the perfect sensor. He would need to be able to keep an eye on and follow all of Lightfoot’s movements from the time he left the planet. There could be no exceptions. Jeremy could not let Lightfoot out of his range. He would need to track his every movement with his sensory tracking apparatus.

Still not having found out Lightfoot’s plans other than the planned escape from the Penal Colony, on the planet Ventron, he had planted untraceable bugs in the main room and barracks. Whenever he was at the computer, he had a program he had specially invented that he could start which would monitored what was said, thereby letting Jacen listen in. Only thing - he didn’t dare run the program when he was away from the computer. If Lightfoot saw the program running and saw through Jacen’s intentions, Lightfoot would have him eliminated. The stalker was becoming the stalked. Jeremy smiled to himself at his humorous thoughts.

Jeremy had also written into the program a special way for the sound to project from the program straight through to his ears. Coding had been implanted that created a sound wave specially formulated to only go into Jeremy’s ears, by a sound beam. Even if someone else were in the room, only he would be able to hear what was being said through the spying devices. At the moment, the motion detector was switching down the program, so he would not be caught if someone entered the room other than him. That safety feature could save his life.

Jeremy enjoyed the spying part of this operation, but at the same time, it niggled at the back of his conscience, that if he were caught he would be killed. Shaking the thoughts away, he knew that was a dangerous line of thinking. He had to keep his mind on the task at hand. Nothing could go wrong. His expertise would agreeably have to be enough…

Jeremy headed back to the barracks to sleep, as it was night. Light from the moon played across the floor. Slipping into the barrack, he sat on the bed pulling the covers over him. Tomorrow would be a big day. They were testing the program to see if it would shut down CIN (Central Isolation Network). The ship was just about ready to take off. Only a few adjustments needed to be made to the engine. Shielding had to be checked. Dolphus had smuggled the specifications of the cloaking device over the net to them, but they hadn’t had had all of the parts they needed to make it work. When they made their getaway from the planet, if all went well and CIN was successfully shut down, then they would meet up with Calzan’s ship, and the rest of the parts would be added on to make it work. If they were seen for long the detection device would alert ASM to their escape, and they would likely be caught and sent back. There could be no mistakes. He wasn’t sure how long it would take ASM to be alerted that CIN was malfunctioning before they got on it and reactivated it. By that time they would need the ship outfitted with invisibility or they would show up on ASM’s scanning equipment.

ASM wanted Lightfoot to escape, but only high personal knew about this escapade. Most of ASM would not know, and would assume it was an escape and come after them, with blasters blazing. Not a pleasant thought, Jeremy surmised.

Bumping "Glory of the Master" up next to Calzan’s ship, Talitha thought, both ships being invisible would make this a tricky maneuver in light of what they planned to do. Attaching a tunnel from their ship to a hatch in a discreet area of the ship, she checked the computer to make sure it was tight, then disengaged the drive, and shut the ship’s engines down. Ready to disembark and make their way onto Calzan’s ship, they made sure they had all the gear necessary to rescue and retrieve Rebecca from those people.

Copyright © 2003 No Fear Here Ministries – Caroline Alderson

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