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Song of Moses 2006
by Steven Crocker
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The Song of Moses
Hear these words in heaven where my God is enthroned and on the earth where we have our duty. God’s teaching and principles will come from His throne in abundance. His word will empower a great and holy people. Prepare, saints, and announce formally that the Lord, He is God! It is time to regard yourself as His chosen and to obey. All the power in the universe is yours through His Holy Spirit. He is our everything from the moment we wake till sleep takes our mind and body. He remains our foundation, our cornerstone. His work in us has given all the required qualities and properties and is free from flaw. His hand has completed us and we are consecrated to do His absolute will. In Him is the only truth that we will ever find. There is no blemish or imperfection in His majesty. No weakness or error. He is like a stone slab that rests at the base of our faith. He is absolute in His perfection, in His judgements and in His love. Praise God Almighty!
In these times our generation has shown itself to be deliberate and obstinate in their desire to behave in violation of His commandments. They have twisted even their own laws out of shape and out of their intended meaning. They have behaved illegally and dishonestly. They are liars as is their father. Are they stupid? Ignorant? Is this the way they pay back the love and care of the one true God of the universe?” Isn’t it God who allowed them to prosper. Who guarded their borders? Who fought their wars? Who made them what they have become? Keep in mind how He began this land. How the founders were so dependant on Him and realized His might. How every generation gave Him the glory and knew that it was not through themselves that they prospered but by His grace. Ask Jonathan Edwards. Ask A.W. Tozer. They will tell you.
Now, in these times ,God is taken for granted. Even though it is clear that His steady hand guided the ship of state He is ridiculed and forgotten as the One who set our steady course. The people whose very existence and prosperity is dependant on Him are trying to wipe out His very name.
God brought this nation out of nothingness. He carved out cities from a barren wilderness. He guided and taught the people of this once great land. We were the apple of His eye. The great eagle, as our symbol, represents more than just our strength, silly and foolish men. It also represents how Almighty God spread out His wings to protect this land and its people. When we couldn’t stand under our own power His greater power shielded us from our enemies. When we couldn’t walk on our own He carried us. Only our God saved this country from annihilation and only Him did we serve.
God, alone, brought us here to the title of “superpower”. Only God prepared the country with bounty. God by Himself prepared the land for farming. Only He filled the rocks with yellow gold. Only my God prepared the stones that would yield up black gold. He blessed this nation with the ability to feed the world and we grew fat with His excess.
Then we rebelled against the Lord God of the universe. The Body of Christ has become fat and lazy while the rest of our land treats Almighty God and His Son with contempt and loathing. We are denying the foundation of our nation. We have deliberately annoyed and angered the living God! The people of this land have, instead, worshiped wealth and fame. We, as a nation, have tolerated everything that is disgusting to and hated by our Creator.
Americans now makes their sacrifices to tolerance and the almighty dollar. These are our new gods. Ones that our founders and the generations before us would never have entertained. The true God that founded this nation to be to His glory has been forgotten and put out of mind. The greatest power in the universe who formed this nation by His mighty hand has ceased to be though of by the vast majority. He has, already, shown His hatred. He will not be mocked. He will not put up with any untoward treatment of His elect here on earth.
He has said, “ No more will I protect the nation. No longer will I allow their prosperity” He has, already, made the plans for their downfall. Their destruction is already decided. These men and women who have no regard for His majesty. This generation who has discarded their faith. They have invited God’s wrath with their unbelief and arrogance. In their exaggerated sense of their own importance they have incited the anger of the living God. In the pride of their own achievements they have signaled their own end. God in heaven proclaims that He will use His saints. That He will stimulate them and cause them to become hostile to a nation of fools. Ignorant, stupid men and women who deny the very power that brought them here!
The earth and the nation are about to witness the righteous hand of God’s judgement. You have aroused the most awesome power, imaginable, to anger. His judgements will be manifold from the highest to the lowest. He will cause our prosperity to be consumed and the very foundations of our nation will be laid waste. The hurt and injury will be beyond the understanding of most people. His ways are far beyond our ways and His imaginations , far beyond ours. He will use famine. He will use our own inventions. Our destruction will be quick and absolute. My God will use the swords of ferocious men, He will use our own destructive and corruptive nature against us as well as the very substances of the earth.
There will be enemies from without and the destructive nature of our own conveyances. No one will be left untouched except the elect. The end result is that no one will even remember the name, America. He will do this so that His power should be recognized by all involved. Our nation is a nation without the ability to take the advice of the elect. They are unable in their condition to even understand. If this were not so they would listen to the word of God and His emissaries and turn from their evil ways. The elect will be victorious and still the nation will not understand even as they see miracles, everywhere, around them. How could anyone who has neither superior political or military power overcome those that do? God has already answered that question. The foundation of America is no longer there but the elect’s foundation is still where it has been forever. Even the apostate could see it if the would repent.
Their support is the same support that Sodom and Gomorrah had. Lucifer, Satan, the devil exposed. Their support is bitterness and cruelty, shamelessness and impudent disrespect for the living God. Their foundation is acrimonious and it results in only pain and unhappiness. The cup they drink from is filled with corruption as are their leaders They are corrupt and contaminated with the words and thoughts of Satan. Their malice, bitterness and aggression is openly seen. They are cruel and take pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. They consider themselves elite and above the law.
God has seen it all. He has accounted their doings and is ready. To Almighty God, alone, belongs the option of punishments inflicted and retribution exacted for the injuries and wrongs done to His name and the names and persons of His saints. This nation has slid down the slippery slope of their own undoing. The time of their distress is already a foregone conclusion. They will be required to make amends to the one true God of the universe. Their, incomprehensible, stupidity in the face of God requires urgency of action.
The elect will be judged differently. God will keep His servants. When they realize what their inaction and selfishness has brought about they will be greatly saddened and will repent. There is no other option.
When the destruction of this nation is accomplished God will ask, “ Where is their wealth now? Where is this devil that they based their decisions on? Where is the fat of the land? Where is their arrogance and self-reliance now?”
There is no God like our God least of all him who would imitate Him. He kills and makes alive. Praise His name! He wounds and He heals. Glory to God! There is no one like Him and there is no one who can set free those who would oppose Him. Bless His holy Name!
He is the living God who set the universe in motion. He is the God who came to earth to free men and women from their contract with death. When His mind is set on judgement who will oppose Him? When His sword is wetted with the blood of members of the kingdom of Satan who will say He is wrong? He has the ability and the right to process human beings as one would an animal. To His enemies everlasting damnation and to His saints everlasting life. Again, make no mistake, He will not be mocked and has a fitting reward for those who hate Him.
Be sure, America, His arrows will be drunk with blood and His sword will devour you just as sure as day follows night. Even His word will be drenched with those that are dead and captive. From the beginning of His righteous revenge till the end.

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