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A Matter Of Consideration
by alexander coppedge
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Our world has accomplished endeavors/wonders to aid our existence in the life. These efforts commended for the dedicated research and exploration into the unknowns. All said we are faced with uncertainties about the created existence. Our reality awareness of this existence under the deceit never comes to God thought of the creation. The existence awareness we mold and structure define our view outside the given fact of God. Our mind, self-centered aims, relates its view of the existence fact to this life. The ideal like sealing ourselves into a room and proclaiming it’s the existence. The down side of our view as truth is the fact we did not create the existence. The existence in its flow of events made us. We can be no more then students learning the state of the existence. The cities of past times shout about this reality. Knowledge was a key then, as with us, yet something took this awareness. The existence knowledge under the deceit is hidden from us and has to be known about our life. The Bible account of angel bitter debate and God good creation is thought for drink. Angel told of God acts but even they lack the knowledge of the existence. This reality of the Bible is exposed with the creation of the lake of fire. Satan is cast into this state and will not be able to deliver himself out of its reality.

The greatest question to these considerations, Is there a God?

God in the Bible story is the account fact. God not telling the Bible initial genesis story hold a perception. The Bible initial genesis story account in the world of angel defines the existence of this fact. God used angel world existence to create. Science peering eye is the visible reality of God existence in the Bible story. Science logical study surrounding our life is the Bible creation truth of God. Science researches the field of God creation. Science eye into the existence is a revelation of things known in the Bible story of our living environment. Science thought and consideration relates wonders of God creation. The Bible states God formed the essence of the existence. Science and the Bible is able to mold these creation laws to held facts, theories and conceptions for our definition. So without truth God has no existence. The individuals, outside this fact about God, acquired features of the existence are in vain. The Bible creation value will hold truth God witness of your fact about the existence. God in JOB chapter thirty-eight ask him things about the creation. God definitions of the creation existence, as science fact, must have sight and feel. The Lord accounted Job a just man. Rather then stiff neck speculation is the need to gather facts about the genesis creation. God state is in the genesis creation existence and so is angel. Less informed in our, angel and adam, desired interest the logical argument for God is our existence.

We need science research to structure the knowledge of the Bible genesis creation. The Bible genesis truth is the fact of God. Angel statements about God are a witness of this truth. The Bible genesis text about God and science has no creation contrast of the existence. There in the initial fact of the Bible genesis creation story are the details of our existence. The Bible genesis story states God created the heaven and the earth. The Bible initial genesis account states God defined the “heaven”. The “heaven” was a zone which cut the waters low and high of its state. The “heaven” was in the midst of the waters but cut apart from the waters. God prepared before us a table given by angel of this creation story. The waters were the light and the darkness. The heaven divided the light and darkness for our existence. The truth of the Bible genesis creation is not hidden but known. Science, as you, knows the existence of the light and the darkness. Science laws relate the light as heat and the darkness as cold. The split argument has a need to open the mind to the Bible genesis story truth. The spirit is to hear the statement of the Bible story. Let the Bible genesis creation story account see, so you can feel its truth. The Bible genesis of the common view [God, as, angel] is about the waters existence. The Bible genesis creation story will deny/confirm the facts of science. The Bible story states the light and darkness as the realities governing the heaven. Use the Bible story fact and compare it to science genesis creation and know your own existence. You are the expert to define, “Does God exist?”

The Bible genesis state the light and darkness were balanced in our state existence. The Bible genesis common view states warmth as the necessity for our existence. Science laws on cold and heat define either excess destroy other then compose and enhance creation. The Bible genesis creation confirms this fact for balance warmth. The Bible genesis statement declares to each particle of light there is a particle of darkness. The Bible genesis creation common view of waters is the story known fact. God in the Bible genesis story acts on the waters in the words of angel. God is the logical argument in the Bible common view for our creation. God in the existence knows where you are in the reality. God states through angel He put us here. The fact leaves us in this reality of the light and darkness. God live in a zone apart from the light and darkness. Angel lives in a zone apart from the light and darkness. Adam [earth born] lived in a zone apart from the light and darkness. These waters were cut from the heaven existence. The Bible genesis common view of light and darkness, or necessity for warmth, states the existence. God knowledge of the waters is the Bible genesis science of the creation. The research of God through science can see the genesis creation view. Angel believes with faith the soul of adam will share the common view.

The problem is the concept of adam consideration of the life. Adam [earth born] lost is the given fact of God existence. The state of God by us is without its view fact. The logic of the Bible genesis story confronts the issue of this fact reality with the waters. The speculative rationing lie, rather this fact of the Bible genesis account, we know of existence.

God state in the Bible genesis is the truth. God did not have to speck. Gone with this absence of God speaking is the meaning of heaven and the dry “land”. The Bible genesis states heaven as the realities we know surrounding our life. You can not see the truth. God wisdom of the earth genesis creation is the defining thought motivated by angel. God intent was not for angel and adam to be apart, they are family. God, angel and adam in the Bible story account the beginning existence. The question to be considered, Is there an Adam? Ask someone in the street, “What are you?” They will respond “human”. The Bible states God declare the man adam. The term “adam” used in equal states with male or female. God formed the known factor of angel and adam existence of life. God accomplished the act of these heavens, both angel and adam, and beheld it as good. The Bible story stating angel and adam rebelled against God. The Bible genesis to end story warns the reader of these issues of angel and adam.

May we all grow in the wisdom and prosperity of God will,

Alexander Coppedge

Tpac Manager


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