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Anna's Angels
by A. E. Cuthbert
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There once lived a little girl named Anna. Anna was a very ordinary child, living in a very ordinary home somewhere in the suburbs. Anna had a mother and father and a little sister only a few years younger. Her life was full of school, and playing with her best friend, Daisy, who lived a few blocks away. Nothing exciting ever happened to Anna until one summer when she was eleven years old.

Anna was lying in bed one night trying to get to sleep. She often had trouble getting to sleep as everyone in her home went to bed quite early and the house was very quiet. Anna was the sort of person who enjoyed noise and never quite felt comfortable in silence. On this particular night she was sort of talking to herself and very much wishing she had someone to talk to. She thought about her Sunday school class and how they spoke about guardian angels.

“What good are guardian angels if you can’t talk to them?” she wondered. “I wish that I could see my guardian angel and have a little chat with him or her.” She lay back in her bed with her arms behind her head hoping to hear even a car driving by. Then to her amazement she thought she heard someone speaking. At first it was like a distant whisper but it slowly became louder.

“It is your move Joy, and don’t think that I forgot that I took your bishop last night. I see how you mistakenly replaced it on the board. I haven’t lived two thousand and three years to be cheated.”

“Steven”, came a soft high-pitched voice, “I believe that it is your turn and you needn’t brag about your age. Your only four years older than me and I think that if you have lived this long then four years would not make that much of a difference.”

Anna sat up in bed because the arguing voices suddenly seemed quite near and in fact, she came to the shocking realization that they were coming from her very bedroom. Slowly as if moonlight hit in a corner of the room she saw two figures. They both had a very blue tint to them and seemed almost to glow in the dark. That is how Anna saw them so clearly. They were actually sitting near her desk with Anna’s small chess board between them.

“Who are you”, Anna asked out loud, and to her surprise both figures stopped in the middle of their arguments and looked in her direction in complete shock.

“Do you think she sees us”, said the female with her hand still in mid-air with a chess piece in it.

“Of course not”, said the male figure, but there was doubt in his eyes.

“Yes, I can see you”, said Anna “and I can hear you too.”

“Oh my goodness this is quite strange”, said the female.

“And very delightful indeed”, said the male coming forward to sit on the bed. “I think we must be the only angels in which can be seen by their human. It’s remarkable!” Anna’s eyes opened quite wide.

“Are you both angels?” she asked.

“Well of course we are”, said the female sitting beside the other angel on the end of Anna’s bed. “My name is Joy and this is Steven. We are your guardian angels.”

“Pleased to finally speak with you Anna”, said Steve with a rather sheepish smile.

“I’ve never seen an angel before”, exclaimed Anna. “And how come there are two of you, I always thought that each person only had one guardian angel.”

“Oh, no” said Joy, “Humans are much too troublesome for only one angel to take care of, and besides we would get so lonely.”

“Oh”, said Anna, “I guess I never thought of that before. And how come you are blue and not white like all the pictures?”

“That is easy”, said Steven, “what is your favorite color?”

“Blue!” exclaimed Anna. “Is that why you are blue?”

“Right you are”, said Steve. “And a good choice it is too. I have a friend that guards a little girl that loves hot pink.” He laughed.

“Well that is lovely that I have blue angels, “said Anna. “And I am glad that you enjoy my chess board.”

“We just love chess”, Joy exclaimed. “And we get so excited when you accidentally leave your chess board out at the end of the day. We did get tired of Mall Madness, when you were going through that phase.” Anna giggled.

“I will leave the chess board out each night if you like.” They both said they would love it.

“Well I guess I am still confused as to why I can see you both and talk with you”, Anna said after a short pause.

“Yes I have been wondering the very same thing,” said Steven. “I mean most of the time when people see their guardian angels they are in great need or have something very important to do. That seems to be when God allows it to happen most.” Anna’s eyes grew wide. She hadn’t really thought about that or even God until the He was mentioned.
“Is there something important that I should be doing?” she asked almost hesitantly.

“Can’t think of anything really. You Joy?” Steve asked.

“I think if there were something big like that we would know,” she said with a smile trying to calm the nervous look on Anna’s face. “Maybe we are having this conversation because you were lonely and needed someone to talk to.”

“Is that good enough reason to see Angels?” Anna asked.

“Well I can’t say that I have heard of it before but He is very fond of children and will do almost anything He can to make them happy.” Anna smiled. A God that liked children so much didn’t sound so scary anymore.

“None the less I am very happy to have met you both.” Anna grinned. “I won’t feel so scared about things anymore knowing I have my two guardian angels looking after me, especially blue ones.” All three of them laughed.

“Just don’t grow up too fast,” said Joy. “Oh my look at the time, it is way past your bedtime and such a full day of school tomorrow as well. Then your friend Daisy is coming over after school and we shall all have a great day. She has the loveliest guardian angels and we do love spending time with them.” Anna grinned at the idea of Joy and Steven chatting his Daisy’s angels while they played on the swing set outside.

“Will I see you again?” asked Anna yawning as Steve tucked her in.

“I’m not sure when you will see us again but we will always be with you,” he reassured her. Joy and Steve made there way back to the chess game and slowly it seemed that their voices began to fade and the glow around them became more and more dim. Anna smiled at the sound soft sound of them arguing over whose turn it was. Anna slowly drifted off to sleep thinking to herself, “Daisy’s favorite color is purple.”


Anna’s eyes shot open to the sound her alarm clock announcing that it was seven am and time to get up. Her eyes moved around her room searching for some sign of Joy or Steve. There on her desk sat her chess board, perfectly set up the way she had left it the night before.

“Was it all a dream?” she thought to herself. “Well if it was it was a very nice one indeed.” Anna jumped out of bed at the sound of her mother’s voice calling her to hurry to breakfast.

“Just the same I will leave the chessboard out tonight”, Anna said.

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