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Dress Modestly for a More Blessed Life
by Tara Meier
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Women, I long to share my secret with you. I see so many women and girls walking around in form-fitting tops and jeans, short skirts and I used to be one of them. I long to share my new secret with you but donít dare embarrass either one of us in public! I long to share the many blessings I believe flow from it. I think my secret can help our marriages to be stronger and help protect husbands and wives from falling less prey to sexual temptation and affairs. It could help us women to feel better about our bodies as we grow older. If I am right it may be like a fountain of youth for us and hinder us from seeking plastic surgery! Perhaps we wonít look older than the men as Iíve often heard said about us if we follow my secret? My secret could protect us females better possibly than a private investigator from being stalked by a sexual predator (I read a statistic that 1 in 12 women are stalked in her lifetime.) I am one of those statistics as well. My secret could protect us more from being sexually harassed and assaulted. I can still remember a handful of times I was grabbed inappropriately while out by strangers. If I had known my secret then, I think I may have been much more protected then.

My secret is to dress modestly! Hidden in the Book of Timothy, God commands us women to ďdress modestly, with decency and propriety.Ē (1 Timothy 2:9) I have begun striving to keep this command, and believe I am reaping some awesome benefits because of it! Iím not so surprised because God promises us ďIf we obey His commands, it will go well with us.Ē (Deuteronomy 6:3)

Please let me share how I am feeling blessed. First, let me tell you I donít have documented scientific proof, and would love to submit this to research. (If you know a way to send my article to medical research, please let me know!) However, I still strongly encourage you to try dressing modestly for yourself, and see the positive changes you notice! Let me share mine with you.

First, my health feels stronger. I had had a heavy exposure to chemicals which made my nervous system feel much more fragile. I became susceptible to tremors and felt much frailer in my posture. At one point I truly feared my neck would break. Thanks to my faith in Jesus, my neck feels much stronger than it did! Since I have started dressing more modestly, I believe my neck and spine feel even stronger. My thighs look and feel stronger to me since Iíve been keeping them covered. Even my little 19 month year old daughter, whose thighs I like to keep covered too has pretty strong looking thighs to me! I believe my feet feel stronger too since Iíve been keeping them covered in comfortable shoes. The improvements I feel to my health lead me to speculate that dressing modestly is good for our health! I fear dressing immodestly is detrimental to our health and may be leading us to have more unneeded health problems. I would love to hear any positive changes you notice at TarainChrist@cox.net.

I notice too some favorable changes in my appearance. I literally feel more lifted off the ground! Iím literally not as much a part of the ďfall of man and womenĒ since Iíve been striving to be obedient to Godís command to dress modestly. My chin line seems higher and more defined to me. I think I have fewer facial lines. In a way, itís like I had a little face lift! Since Iíve stopped wearing sleeveless tops and dresses, my shoulders seem more slender and feminine to me. Certain parts of me seem higher and fuller and lighter to me since Iíve been wearing higher necked, looser-fitting tops. I hope Iím not sharing in too much detail for any of you and please forgive me if I am. My article is intended for women, but if you are a man reading this, I urge you to ask your wife to try wearing modest tops and see the favorable differences the two of you notice! I speculate perhaps we will need less of a ďmiracleĒ bra if we dress modestly! My lower body seems higher to me as well since Iíve been wearing looser fitting skirts and pants. I wonder if we can avoid more temptation for plastic surgery and feel more content with how we look by simply dressing modestly!

My skin on my thighs looks and feels smoother to me since Iíve been covering them. (I always used to notice the covered parts of my bikini areas felt smoother to me than my tanned skin but never thought much about covering to have smoother skin. Wearing a bikini was just a way of the world, but now that Iím convicted about modesty, wearing a bathing suit in a coed environment does not feel modest to me anymore. I notice too I am growing less hair on my thighs since they have been covered. I speculate we may grow less unwanted hair on our bodies if we keep those parts covered. How nice-less painful waxing and shaving! I havenít been willing to give up completely keeping my arms and calves uncovered partly due to lack of clothes and warm weather. Perhaps weíre supposed to wear very lightweight robes as they did in Biblical times that still keep us cool. I have wondered too if we cover our backs perhaps we will have smoother more beautful skin there too.

I have little cellulite on my legs even though I have not worked out very much since having my baby. I have very few faint varicose veins as well. I speculate perhaps if we cover our legs we will have less cellulite and varicose veins. How nice to be more free from those things! Perhaps too if we keep our stomachs covered we will have fewer stretch marks? I have almost no stretch marks following my pregnancy!

Why are we more blessed when we dress modestly?? Originally, God gave us beautiful bodies and did not intend for us to wear clothes. And I do notice when a woman has a beautiful body she does look beautiful wearing immodest clothes. Iím thinking of the models and actresses on the cover of magazines I see as Iím checking out of the grocery store. I know too I have felt more beautiful wearing a lower neckline with a pretty necklace or wearing a shorter skirt to accentuate my legs. However, when Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, God handed them clothes to wear from that point on. After we fell our eyes were opened to sin, and we could no longer look at each naked without sinning.

God tells us in His Word that ďSin leads to deathĒ. (Romans 6:23) Because He loves us, He longs to protect us from sin and death. Therefore, He commands us to wear modest clothes to protect one another. How does immodest dressing lead to sin? Men (Iím guessing most men) are inspired to lust after a woman more if they see her dressed in more revealing clothes. I can recall lots of gestures and comments I received from men about my figure when I was dressed in a bathing suit or immodest clothes. I even know a man who has a foot fetish and feels turned on by high heels. I wonder if these shoes are immodest. Do we need to avoid these shoes to meet Godís standard of modesty?

God tells us ďAnyone who looks lustfully at a woman has already committed adultery (a sin) with her in his heart.Ē (Matthew 5:28) We can help men to lust less by wearing modest clothes.

Immodest dressing can also lead others also into sins of jealousy and envy. A woman might be jealous and long for your body instead of herís. A man might long for your body instead of the body his wife has. Although the woman wearing these clothes may not be in lust or be jealous or envious, God says ďWoe to anyone who leads another one into sin. It would be better for a millstone to be thrown around his/her neck!Ē (Luke 17:1-2) That is serious motivation for me to do my best not to inspire another to sin!

Iím sad we have to cover our bodies because of sin. As I mentioned earlier, I have felt much more attractive wearing the more immodest, popular clothes, and I like to feel attractive. Even now as Iím noticing my body looks better would like to wear more revealing clothes that make me look prettier. Yet, I donít dare! Itís sadder to me that we are leading one another into sin, which leads to death, by wearing immodest clothes.

I longed to share with you because I care about you and desire to share my blessings. Plus I donít want to be the only one in modest clothes!

Love and Prayers,


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Member Comments
Member Date
Tracy Finney 27 Jun 2006
Tara, I give you so much credit for writing this article. I certainly agree that a Christian woman is accountable to the Lord for how they dress. As a wife of a Godly man, who has never hesitate to expose to me the nature of a male, I certainly know that the way a woman dress effects even Godly men (just look at all the fallen pastors). I may not agree with every detail, but certainly there is a Scriptual bases for dressing modestly. Congratulations for being brave enough to stand on the Word of God.
angela humphreys 09 Jun 2006
What are you on about, who gives you the right to judge women, and it sounds to me like your living in bondage, Christ set us free from bondage. Men will lust after women regardless and there the ones with the problem that needs addressing not women. What if christ asked you to go and minister to loose women in clubs or prostitutes how are you going to do that without condemning them first. sort it out your giving women a bad name.
Anna Gane 09 Jun 2006
Tara, I applaud you for standing up to the world and daring to dress modestly in obedience to the Lord. I may not agree with everything you wrote, but I have high standards of modesty for myself and I know the Lord has blessed me because of it. If only every woman would be willing to dress in a way that conceals rather than reveals!


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