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Steroidal Sports, Buying the Million Dollar Perfomance.
by Dana Smith
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Having written on this topic before and read much about this, I have one conclusion about it. To say that Barry Bonds ruined or is ruining Baseball is not correct. For the record this stuff has been around since it was created pre-World War II. The Germans took it and made it work for their own use. Has this created a media frenzy? You bet. Too bad more research was not done. If so you would find out the usage of this product is far reaching. It not only is far reaching but the real verdict on the problem of using Steroids is not in yet.

Many professionals prescribe these substances for their patients. In the US today, we are prescription junkies. People who need a pill for this or that. The doctors are falling in line with many people and actually fomenting the use of many things that would of been considered taboo. To wit, Steroids.

It is in this that we must come to the conclusion about the use of such stuff. If it is indeed ruining the sport of baseball. How did Barry Bonds ruin baseball? Was it because he was caught? Because of his usage, right or wrong, we came to know he took the stuff? Do you actually think that he took this stuff of his own accord? That it was nowhere to be found in the locker rooms of the professional athlete? Don't you think he knew it was around from others who used it? If you are just waking up to the fact that this stuff is around, its about time. Because, this kind of junk, if indeed it is junk, is being used by a whole chorus of professionals. One of my other articles on this brings it out. Police officers, firemen, students, kids, and others are using the stuff. It doesn't make it right, just that others do it. It doesn't make it moral or immoral. It is a causative effect of the industry.

Do we blame Barry because we canít keep our own fingers out of the cookie jar of Steroids? How can a nation become unglued because a problem came to light? It did not just happen. Like a Steroid Genie popped out of drug heaven and with a heavy load of Testosterone, wham..There you have a Steroid problem. There is not one person who can seriously look in the mirror and say this nation doesnít have some sort of a drug problem. It is everywhere. Do we then, put Steroids alongside Cocaine and Heroine? Do we lock up those on this stuff? We already have more people in our jails than most nations on earth.

Now I am not defending the use of the stuff. What I am saying is we should not blame one person. Donít blame one sport. The pressure is on in the board rooms of corporate baseball owners to bring in results. This whole thing is partly our fault. We made herosí out of them. We are the ones shelling out mega bucks for overprice beer and hotdogs while we watch overpriced players entertain us. They are pressured into performing. What we see every day of the year are people moving in an industry with plenty of temptation. A player can go from college ball and owing $100,000 to making millions in one season. How can a team pay that much? Only one reason, us. We pay them to do it. We pay them to take Steroids. You donít think so. Whom do you think fills all those ball parks and cheers for a winner? No one likes a loser. That is why losing teams lose money. Winning teams make money. The economics of the sport dictates that the player performs and does it better than the other guy on the field.

In the end, whether it is baseball, football, or some other sport, the verdict is the same. When the player is too old, too hurt, too slow, and too used up, they are tossed away. Very few can actually leave the game without knees giving away, or hips hurting. Maybe a shoulder is out or there is some other physical problem. This kind of thing is just as dangerous as Steroids. Steroids have many professionals who prescribe them and profess their use. Misuse of anything is dangerous. The problem is not only the player, but the public who puts the pressure on. We simply want to be entertained. This entertainment factor is what leads teams to push the envelope. Take them or leave them, the policy must be re-examined. We need to give help to the athletes that are using them and stop the whining about the use of Steroids.

We seem to have that problem, blaming and becoming outraged at something. When Nixon said he wasnít a crook, did you think he was the only President who did something illegal? When Pete Rose bet on baseball, do you think others didnít do it as well? There is always seen in such cases, evidences of ongoing problems. These are usually things that refused to be addressed. They seemed like such a small thing before. But when someone of notoriety does it and gets caught, then itís a tragic thing. Think of all the kids taking illegal drugs? Where are all the media headlines for that? Take for instance the oil shortage problem. Case in point, back in the 70's it hit us hard. Did we do something about it? Sure did. Said the oil companies couldnít drill in Alaska. Said the oil companies could build oil refineries without myriads of paperwork and red tape. In the end they went overseas, because doing business with us was too expensive. Now today we are up in arms that nothing was done. The Same here, Steroid use has been a problem for many years. We just awoke to it. Like the adage goes " I looked for the enemy and saw the enemy was us".

For the Believer in Jesus Christ, however, the answer to a person or societies woes, are the Lord Himself. This is that private, individual experience you have with the Lord of Glory in coversion as a result of your repentance.

With this true repentance and new life, the issues of society can be seen in a new light.

For steroids, or whatever abuse a person has. The answer is within. His name is Jesus Christ.

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