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Basic Necessities
by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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Saints' Resources Publishing God’s Wisdom and proclaiming His kingdom

Extract from wisdom of ants series

To live, succeed and be happy in accordance to God's plans and purpose, is all hanging on the basic and important necessities that body, gift, talent and abilities will always need for their exploit.

No one on earth can be too spiritual or physically strong to do without these necessities. They are programmed by God as part of provision for human resource that God will always need for his work on earth to be fulfilled through us.

These basic necessities are fundamentals and basically important for any one to succeed and keep succeeding in life. However, their partial observance or excesses will create enough problems that will affect the spiritual, mental and physical performance of any one, no matter the spirituality or intellectual capacity, there will surely be limitation in exploit with relative limitation or excess of the folliwing in all the media of exploit in humanity!
In the management studies, some of these necessities are considered motivational. It will be better to set up questions with which we can approach their importance and effects:

  • What will happens if they are wrongly applied?
  • Why must they be given a moderate attention?
  • What if not attended to at all, any ill effect or rather will such act increase the efficiency of any man; so far he is a supper man?
  • What happen if attended to in excess?
    If we can answer these questions in the light of God's words and wisdom, our nonchalant or extravagance attitude towards these necessities will be checked. The bulk of our expenses are flaming poverty because of the wrong approach to them and some are fainting despite the so-called extra ordinary Gifts, talents, spirituality and intellectual capability, becuase of in appropriate application of these.
    These necessities are

    Quality Food
    God did creat a robotic human (man) who is capable of survival without food. It is a necessity to eat quality food. If you fail to eat with time, your health and life is threatened and your exploit may be cut short. We may now understand why Doctors or parents are worried when their patients or children have no appetite. In fact, there are some medications that cannot be administered to a patient who isn’t feeding at all or well. God has attached the smooth running of the body system to feeding on quality food; He made that provision in the beginning. That is the fuel the body needs to keep constant supply of the energy to any special ability, gift, talent and intellect needed. All these are found of exploring the strength of the physical soundness for their exploit. Though very important, yet its excess is a big crime capable of retarding your growth and exploit rather boost it.

    The uncontrolled habit of eating every junk had eating so deep into the purse of many. They are so indiscipline that they have become unnecessarily over weight, an unnecessary burden to their carriage. It is a necessity to eat quality food to keep soul and body alive and healthy. Excess of this necessity is sinful. Jesus Christ affirmed the importance of this necessity in Mt 4:4-5 as well as confirmed that life does not entirely depend on food; it is only one of the basic necessities. We need to eat to stay healthy and alive.

    Habit of eating every junk is an act of indiscipline. Do not measure enjoyment by what you eat but by what you stand to achieve for the purpose of why you do the eating. Eating quality food is not enjoyment but a necessity. However poor feeding is equally dangerous as over feeding.
    Empty stomach sets the body on rebellion and over weight one will sell your valuable potentials and enslave you to your appetite. Both will make you inefficient despite the grace of your prowess.

    Cloth is a necessity. You do not just jump into the street and nakedly walk about. Every sensible soul will know you need attention. It is abnormal to neglect one necessity at the expense of the other. I have seen men who spend so much on what they wear than on other necessities. I once observed a man who saved very large percentage of his earnings throughout the year to get one particular type of expensive attire for a yearly “show off” event. He had fed so rarely well that he looked so skinning and untidy in the bogus attire.
    However, your presentation in life really determines your promotion. The way you package yourself determines your acceptance in some cases. God instituted dressing purposely to cover Man’s nakedness >“For Adam and his wife, the Lord God made tunics of skin and clothed them” Gen 3:21. God sense in common sense will endorse quality cloth, with all Godly moderation, neat and presentable to cover man’s nakedness. If you give yourself to excess in your dressing, it occupies some important portion God may want to dwell within you! Why must I put on cloth? You need this necessity to look presentable, responsible and reliable. You must be different from demons and fiends. It is one best way sensible people in the society judge your sanity; however God cares how you appear before Him and men. You can not afford to present your self any how in his presence He Cares if you give your self to excesses it occupies some important portion God may want to dwell.

    God do have habitation and it is expected of His image to live in a place and not just any place; but your house is expected to provide you with comfort, such that is enough for you to have chance in time, opportunity to acquire materials and knowledge which you will relevantly feed into your potential to provide your purpose in life.
    Your house member matters a lot in given you these and once these are not available, consultation may be hindered or subsequently reduce your value.

    It does not matter the magnitude of your present house, it must fulfill these obligations: provide comfort necessary for all spiritual, physical, financial and social consultation for necessary increase in value and lastly must be the production center of whom you are created to be on earth.
    Sleep is a necessity and to sleep is not a sin, if done in appropriate time and place. If you deny yourself of sleep for days or weeks, you may find yourself in the island of insanity. Sleep is as important as food. Sleep has refreshment therapy that even quality food cannot substitute. Sleep is a gift according to the Bible. “The sleep of a laboring man is sweet” sleep is a gift meant to revitalize your strength. But excessive sleeping habit is a character of indolent and fools, and it brings into abject poverty. Solomon’s advice is “Love not sleep”. The love of sleep makes a man mean! Though sleep is a necessity but do not make it a hobby

    RelationshipLife is not for an isolated individual. You cannot survive and succeed alone. You will need one or more people to be where you anticipate. To keep good friends in life demands sacrifice. With every good friendship you can have confidence to font challenges of life. A good companion is more than the weapons in the whole state. In some cases, there are friends who are closer to you than your brothers; this relationship of mutual love is a catalyst that can get you going.
    Though you cannot make it alone, you do not need everybody in life either, to attain your height. Any friendship that will make you compromise the words of God is not worth keeping; the only reward you will find there is “Magnificent Regret”. it is a necessity to be in Godly and healthy relationship, if life must be meaningful! But to be candid, you do not need every body in life but your responsibility is to all.

    Money is a necessity. It is necessary and generally accepted medium of exchange. Money is a reward qualifying your labor. It is one of the values used in appreciating your labor, gift and skill. Money is a medium of transacting your endeavor in business and also a good store and measure of value in some cases. The Bible says money is a defense Ecc 7:12, in literary terms, it is understandable, and money is a defense. King Solomon also said “Money answers all things” that is within the sphere of it usefulness and accepted obligation, money is free for use within the world of transactions.
    However, money has limitation, that same limitation is transferred into the life of men that desperately seeks it. Though money is a necessity, its love is a route to all-evil. Money is limited. Money cannot solve all problems in the world. I guess you should take this as an assignment. However, it is a necessity in transaction. The love of this medium is dangerous and has led many into prisons, unimaginable crimes and sorrow and trouble of great magnitudes. Ecc.7: 12, says: For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense. But the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.


    To work in life is a necessity. God has attached the provision of life’s necessities to labor. There is a degree of favor attached to every labour. It is commanded in the scripture, if you will not work then you must not eat. We are made to possess gifts, talents and abilities so that we may convert them through our labour to favour, existence and fulfillment.
    To work is a necessity and to earn a living is a necessity. The lazy man is a walking curse in the world that is been pivoted by labour. It is a necessity for every right thinking human being to work; it is rather better to locate the region of your gifts and abilities and make it the field of your cultivations however let there be moderation in all things.

    Excess of Necessities
    There is one weakness so common in man. We have the tendency to extrapolate our necessary actions to excesses or relax to drudgery. No necessity is designed to give you joy in its excess. Excess of every necessity is a sin. The sin of greed will always encourage excesses. The best counsel a man can receive from greed is the selfish accumulation of necessities in excess. A man’s joy is not attached to the abundance of what he has but the pleasing of the Lord and fulfillment of God’s purpose in life.

    • To do the little where much is required is also very wrong.
    • Every abnormal process will have abnormal production. It is very necessary to put our action to the test of sincerity and set gauge in our motives.
    Obedience to the blessed will of the Almighty gives the joy. Learn to obediently and moderately apply the use of these necessities
    Finally brethren, whatever things are true, Whatever things are pure, Whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is any thing praise worthy meditate on these things, the things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me these do, and the God of peace will be with you. Phi.4: 8

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