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by Fenny West
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In the beginning God created the heavens, the earth, the Milky-way, the galaxies. He spoke and it was done. He created the moon, the stars, the oceans the seas, the forests vegetation, animals, fishes, birds, creeping things. He created an environment suitable for man. Then he specially created the Garden of Eden, a beautiful, exquisite, palatial garden of no comparison for man. On the sixth day He, the Most High, created man- the man called Adam in His own image -and placed him in the Garden of Eden.

Later He saw that all the other creatures had their female companion , but man was
alone. So he put Adam to sleep and took a rib from his side with which He created the woman- Eve, and brought her to Adam. Adam was delighted. He called herĒEve, Bone of my bones and flesh of my fleshĒ

God commanded them to look after the garden. He told them they were free to eat of any of the tree but ďthe tree of the knowledge of good and evilĒ. He warned them that the day they disobey Him they would surely die!

The relationship between God and man was very cosy and intimate. God usually visited him daily for a chat and for them to enjoy each otherís company.

As time went by, Adam developed the habit of doing his own thing, going out and leaving Eve by herself. One day while he was out, a strange creature visited Eve. He was beautiful, dazzling, commanding attention and spoke charmingly. He had a sugar-coated tongue. And there was trouble ahead.

Satan: Hey baby, All by yourself?
Eve : Yea! Who are you and where are you coming from?
Satan: You have a long way to go, donít you? You donít even know your neighbours.
Eve: Are you our neighbour?
Satan: I sure am. I just came to welcome you. And show you a few tricks of the trade.
Eve: What ! What do you mean?
Satan: Ah, like I said earlier you have a long way to go. There are many things you donít know about even in this beautiful garden of yours.
Eve: What is that?
Satan: Now youíre talking. Do you want me to tell you something that would blow your mind?
Eve : Go on , Go on! (Eve was now relaxed and enjoying his company)
Satan : Youíre sure you want to hear it ?
Eve: Of course! Come on tell me! P-l-e-a-s-e
Satan : Are you well-fed?
Eve: Definitely! We have everything to ourselves.
Satan: Are you sure? Have you had a taste of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
Eve : Not really.

Satan : I told you, you have a long way to go! Donít you see how lovely it is.
Eve: Oh yea! Itís beautiful! If it looks like this on the outside, I wonder what the inside will be like.
Satan: You want to have a taste?
Eve: mmmm.. I donít think we are allowed to have it?
Satan: Are you not?
Eve: No!
Satan: Why not?
Eve: God says the very day we eat of it we would surely die
Satan: Come on! Give me a break, you are not going to die. Itíll only make you wiser- open your eyes to what God is denying you.
Eve: But we would be disobeying God wouldnít we?
Satan: Look, I have come to help you. I have been here a long time and I know whatís good for you. Tell me. Why would God put the tree there if He doesnít want you to eat from it? Is there any logical explanation?
Eve : No!
Satan: There you are. You have said it. Go on , enjoy yourself and join the company of the wise! Come on ! come on !! Go on!!!

( Eve eats of the fruit and her eyes are open)
Eve : mmmmm. This is yummy. Wow! What a delicacy! (She eats with a smile of great delight on her face )
Satan: winking Ė knowing the damage he has done, smiles slyly. Alright ! I Ďll see you when I see you. I must be on my way. Bye!
Eve : Hey donít go, so soon, Any other tricks?
Satan : Bye Bye! Ö

Adam returns.
Eve runs to greet him.

Eve : Darling where have you been? Why did you leave me for so long?
Adam: I was just getting to know our paradise- familiarising myself with it.
Eve: And did you see our strange visitor?
Adam: Which visitor? God?
Eve: No! Satan.- the deceiver, the adversary, Lucifer- the devil. That was what he called himself. And said he is our neighbour. He was here for a good while.
Adam: What ! how can you entertain strangers in my absence.
Eve: Darling it was for good.
Adam : How?
Eve: Sit down sweet heart and Iíll tell you in a moment.. Do you know that we have been missing out on a lot of things in this garden?
Adam : In what way?
Eve : You know that tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You know itís good looking.
Adam : I know but God said we should not eat of it and that the very day we eat of it we would die?
Eve: Are you sure about that?
Adam: Yes!
Eve : But have you wondered why it is so good looking?
Adam : I know itís tempting, but we have to obey God lest we die.
Eve: Adam my darling, I donít think you heard God properly. Now if God did not want us to eat it why would He put it their in the first place? Is there any logical reason why he would do so?
Adam: I donít know but it is good to obey God.
Eve: Adam let me tell you a secret. Satan came here and taught me a few tricks of the trade.
Adam: Which tricks?
The fruit of that tree will only makes us wise like God. We will not die. ( she shakes her head and laughs)
Adam: How do you know? (still agitated, unsure unwilling and concerned)
Eve: I am a living proof..
Adam: In what way?
Eve: Do you know that I have eaten of that tree and am still alive?
Adam: You donít mean it!. You ate of that tree and you are still alive?
Eve: Yea! Touch me. This is flesh and bone, and bone of your bones. ( She moves closer to him, but he is a bit scared and moves back) Adam! Adam, do you love me?

Adam : I sure do.
Eve: Now, come on. (she stretches her and towards him. He takes it reluctantly)
She embraces him and offers him the fruit of the tree.
Eve: Adam, if you love me, you will eat of this fruit. After all Iím still alive!
{She offers him again and he eats.
Adam: mmmmm, yummy in my tummy. This is good men! ( musical Ė horror strikes to demonstrate the enormity of what has just been done) Man had committed treason , sold out to the devil. From now on he would be a slave to the devil, enshackled and in bondage to sin and separated from God. He immediately experienced spiritual death, albeit unbeknown to him}
Immediately they both realised they were naked and looked for leaves to cover themselves. They were also afraid for the first time. Then they heard the voice of God. They were even more terrified and ran to hide themselves.

God : Adam! Adam!! Adam!!! Where are you.!
Adam : We are afraid.
God : Why are you afraid?
Adam : I ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
God: What! Why did you?
Adam: It was the woman you gave me
Eve: It was the Serpent that told me to eat?
God: And why are you covering yourselves?
Adam: We are naked. And so we are ashamed.
God : Oh youíve lost your innocence because you have rebelled against Me. Fear has now crept upon you and so is shame and guilt. Your sin has created a chasm between you and Me.
Adam , Adam , Where are you.?


I created you in My image
I created you to have communion with Me.
But now Adam you have sold out
It separation now no doubt.
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you.

Eve listened to the devil
And now you are in bondage to evil.
Adam you listened to Eve.
And so there is rebellion in My house.
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you

I created to have dominion.
For you I had a great vision.
But now youíve turn your back on Me
Ah! Where are you Adam and Eve.
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you

Now youíre in bondage dead in the spirit
youíll sweat and sweat to eat your bread
until the day that I send My Son.
to rescue you from the dead.
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you
Adam, where are you

Adam I love you. (Come back home)
Adam I love you. (Come back home)
Adam I love you. (Come back home)
Adam I love you.

God in his mercy killed the first ram Ė a pointer to the lamb that was to come and take away the sin of this world. The fig leaves would not do for a covering. So God made clothes from the skin of the ram and covered Adam and Eve.

God pronounced judgement on the serpent Ė he would crawl on his belly. The
Son of Man shall come and crush his head while he would bruise His heels. Man would sweat to eat his bread; and the woman would writhe in agony in childbirth.
One day dominion lost would be regained again through Jesus Christ.

In the fullness of time, Jesus-the Son of God was born. He came to buy back man from the clutches of Satan.


Worthy is the Lamb, the Lamb of God
Who takes, takes away my sin
Worthy is the Lamb, the Lamb of God
Who takes, takes away my sin
I give you praise,
I give you thanks
Oh Lamb of God
I give you praise,
I give you thanks,
Oh lamb of God.

Dominion lost by the first Adam
Dominion regained by the last Adam.
Jesus Christ the Son of God
Disarmed principalities and powers

He made a show of them openly
Triumphing over them through the cross
He made a show of the m openly
Triumphing over them through the cross.

Lamb, lamb of God.
Who seats on the throne,
everlasting throne.
Lamb, lamb of God,
who seats on the throne,
the everlasting throne
To You be glory
To You be the honour,
Majesty and dominion
To You be glory
To You be the honour,
Majesty and dominion.

Some body loves you
More than you know
Some body loves you
And that is Jesus Christ

He cares for you
and so he gave his all
He took your shame
To give you a name.

He gave His life
To give you life
He took your sin,
To make you clean.

You must be born again
25. You Must Be Born Again!
(Jn.3:3; Ro.3:23; Acts 9:1-18; Jn.1:12)
Except a man be born again,
He cannot see the Kingdom of God.
Jesus said," Marvel not I say unto you, you must be born again.
Whatever is born of the flesh is flesh.
And what ever is born of the Spirit is spirit. Jn3:3

I remember that day,
that glorious light,
of the Gospel dawned on my spirit
.And that which was separated, was joined to God again.
Alleluia! I was born again.
I say You, You must be born again.
It's not by might not by power, but through the Spirit of God

I say You, You must be born again.
It's not by works but by grace through faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I remember that day,
that I was forgiven
of my sins and delivered from darkness.
And he who was going blind began to see again, translated into the Kingdom of light.


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