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by Friday Okoh
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TEXT: (Joel 2:28) “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions”.

Dream could be defined as a series of thoughts or images, which occurs during sleep. Dream is a vision. Dream is very, very important in the life of every human being.
Believers should not play or be careless about dreams. Because it is through dream God speaks mostly to people; especially to some people that cannot hear Him speaks directly. And also it is through dreams Satan passes through to attack most people.

In the spiritual realm whatever happens spiritually must surely come to pass physically. Be it Godly designed or satanic designed. There are two types of dream life state experiences. They are: Godly Designed dream and satanic Designed dream. Before I evaluate them.Note: In both, human faces (impersonates) might also be used. To the side of Satan that does not mean that some persons faces that were used are all enemies.

Godly Designed dream is the dream that originate from God, the true creator of mankind, heaven and earth and every thing therein. it is through dream God speaks mostly. It was through dream, God reveals Joseph future to him (Gen 37:5-11).

Also, Joseph the earthly father or caretaker of our Lord Jesus Christ was alerted via dream life state by the Angel of Living God to take Lord Jesus Christ (when He was a baby) and her mother “Mary” to the land of Egypt when king Herod wanted to kill Him (Matthew 2:13-15).
In divine dream Lord Jesus can come directly(Holy Ghost).He can also send an angel or Angels directly in their real form or may come in the face of any servant of God(minister).Or, any faithful human being faces, so far the faces to be used are not in sin at point of usage.

Satanic designed dream is the dream that is designed or perpetuated by Satan in order to deceive someone. And if even possible by him Satan to deceive even some elects of God “Ministers” that are careless or not in alert state by watching and praying. Also greater percentage of satanic attacks on mankind comes from in the dream life state. Especially to the people he cannot reach out to via physical attacks or manipulations.

Satan perpetuate most of his devilish attacks on mankind in the dream upon anyone by using some of the under listed means:

Eating/drinking in the dream results to spiritual poison, procrastination, physical laziness, inability to pray properly/longer time when compared to as someone used to pray before .It can also result to sicknesses and diseases, moving object within one’s body,etc.

2. Satan can also attack someone in the dream life state by offering someone demonic spiritual husband/wife and children(Genesis 6:1-8).
Some observations or signs of demonic spiritual husband/wife dream life problems are as follows: getting oneself wet in the dream and by physical observation recognition after waking up; quarrelling with married partner after sexual relationship; getting into orgasm in the dream without any physical human co-contact. Constant sexual dream observations; concurrent repeated getting married in the dream; hatred towards marriage life; inability to enjoy sexual relationship within married partner; inability to maintain permanent relationship with opposite sex, etc.

3. Satan can also attack someone in the dream life state by passing through the vessels of some people that are possessed with witchcraft spirits by him (human agents).
signs or observations of witchcraft attacks are as follows: fighting in the dream with either people or any kind of animals; being pursued by mad people or animals of any kind in the dreams; incubus – being pressed in the dream by an invisible forces or people; receiving of gun shots in the dream life state; receiving of incision in the dream life state and after waking up, you observe physically finger or razor scratches on one’s body; waking up in the morning and finding out that a portion of one’s head (hair) was shaved off mysteriously; occasional eating in the dream life state; inability to remember dreams, etc.

4. Satan can also attack someone by throwing in spirits of rejection.
Signs or observations of spirits of rejection are as follows: Satan sometimes can place evil face mask upon someone face .And the side effect upon someone is that one would start to experience hatred/ lack of love, lack of favour upon someone either from one’s spouse, employer, school, public places, even within the church ,etc. People would start hating such people unjustly. When someone do good to people instead of receiving thank you they would receive insult ,who begged you, etc. Others factors that can aid spirits of rejection are as follows: children from broken homes; children who were rejected because of their sex when delivered; children brought up under an environment of rejection, spirits of rejection can also be transferred through unholy transference of spirits, etc.

5. Satan can also strike by applying occultist influence/attacks upon someone in the dream life state.
Signs or observations of occultist influences/manipulations are as follows: Hallucination – seeing and hearing of invisible beings and voices (negatively against someone);apparition- seeing of disembodied or ghost like forms(negatively against someone); others are: hereditary evil spirits, cultivating likeness of reading occultist books, like: Amorc materials, six and seven books of Moses ,etc. parents involvement in occultism can also affect someone. Taking up to lesbianism/gay, prostitution, pornography (directly or ); claiming non-existence of God are all occultist manipulations; espercially by some scientist.

6. Satan can also throw in spirit of backwardness.
Signs or observations of spirits of backwardness are as follows: writing examinations in the dream frequently without finishing it; wearing of old school uniform or appearing in an old school environment where someone had passed through before (graduated); climbing a high cliff or mountain or upstairs case in the dream without getting to the top/ending; coming down from a high cliff or upstairs in the dream frequently; carrying on heavy loads upon one’s body/head; receiving arrest in the dream; having hand cuff on one’s hands, having chains on one’s legs in the dream, etc.; are some of the signs of spirits of backwardness.

7. Satan sometimes may also like to throw in spirits of death upon anyone; an attempt to see if he can terminate someone life physically on earth by making such a person to die prematurely, far below the actual time God fixed for such a person.
Signs or observations of spirits of death are as follows: seeing coffins regularly in dream; facing burial ground (cemetery)in the dream; receiving gunshots/attacks in the dream frequently; dream of being death in the dream. Seeing death relation(s) or close former associate(s) regularly in the dream; being pursued by wild animals in the dream, etc.

8. Satan can also possess or throw in marine evil spirits upon any person.
Signs or observations of marine evil spiritual attacks are as follows: constant swimming in the dream; having fellowship/ playing with snakes in the dream; receiving or having strange gifts which source someone cannot explain (by physically observations); thoughts of death or committing suicide; imaging the presence of snakes when alone; stubbornness, disappearance of one’s personal effects; easily irritated, fear of physical water or pool of water ,pride, etc.

9. Satan can also possess someone or throw in witchcraft spirits upon careless persons.
Signs or observation of witchcraft spirits are as follows: flying in the dream; attending meetings at designated places in the dream life state; constant eating with group of persons in a specific places in the dream life state; eating flesh like meat/taking of blood like fluid or water in the dream. Others are: exhibiting excessive stubbornness; always wanting to control, manipulate or dominate others physically, etc.

10. Satan can also throw in spirits of barrenness/infertility problems upon some female persons.
Signs or observations of spirits of barrenness/infertility in female persons are as follows: giving birth in dreams regularly ; concurrent observation of carrying pregnancy in the dream; having sex in the dream; dreaming of menstrual flow before physical manifestation, seeing of ripe fruits, oil, blood or red things; suffering from concurrent miscarriage problems (physically) ,etc.

11. Satan can also throw in spirits of impotency/infertility problems upon some male persons.
Signs or observations of this kind of problems are as follows: frequent love making in the dream whereas physically someone is not frequently meeting with one’s spouse (if married). Others are: may be someone is having erection problem or undergoing treatment of it physically. And in the spiritual (dream life experience always having erection without any difficulty). Seeing a strange woman in dream telling someone that she is carrying someone baby; or saying this and that persons are your children, which I have for you.

12. Satan can also throw in sprits of schizophrenic attacks.
Signs or observations of schizophrenic attacks are as follows: wanting something and at the same time not wanting it; excessive stubbornness ,forgetfulness, confusion, fear, hallucinations, excessive anger, inability to mix with people (inferiority complex) and wanting to be alone without any defined reason; serious addiction to sex, drugs, alcohol, worldly music, etc.

13. Satan can also throw in full brown madness upon anyone.
Signs or observations of full brown madness are as follows: social withdrawal and lack of interaction with people; disorganized speech, hallucination, seeing objects and not recognizing them; paranoid state – they want to kill me, catatonic positions – maintaining one posture position for longer minutes or hours ,etc.

Things to observe immediately after waking up, simply means things that needs to be done after someone have dreamt over night/previously .Or ,if day time/afternoon dreaming.

Here are some latest tactics of Satan today over many people in the dream life state. Often sometime, you will see some people that visit deliverance faith clinic, complaining man or woman of God, I don’t use to dream. Some will complain they don’t know what is happening to them that they dream but immediately after waking up they will just forget their dreams (that was dreamt overnight or previously).

Beloved, I want to tell you everybody dream dreams. Satan is the one that is caging or blocking many people not to be able to remember their dreams. That is why some people used to say they don’t use to dream (Joel 2:28).

Why some that remembers there dream that was dreamt previously; sometimes find it very difficult to re-collect their dreams. We also have some people that are ignorant about this and don’t even care to find out why like that or go for counseling about it. Modern science cannot handle spiritual problems. Spiritual problems can only be handled spiritually by the application of lord Jesus Christ name/Holy Ghost/Jesus blood. For people that belongs to such classes: take the under listed prayer points at the end of this dream topic.

Acceptance/rejection principles: In line with things to observed after waking up(in order for such a dream coming pass; in physical reality, if good. And not to come to pass in physical reality, if bad).

1. On About Dreams Brought By God:
One should pray for God to bring it to pass in time physically (prosperity dream).
And if it is a warning dream from God. One should try as quickly as possible to reconcile with God without delaying. Because ,nobody can battle God, delaying God is very dangerous.

2. On About Dreams Brought By Satan:
One should pray by nullifying such satanic designed dreams with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. When Confused Whether Previously Dream dreamt is either from God or from Satan.
Then one should pray in two ways like this:

Oh God, if so-so and so (name it)dream I dreamt ;before/yesterday/today is from Satan. Oh God cancel it for me with the blood of Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name ,I pray.

And if such dream is from you God; Oh God ,speedily bring it to pass for me in Jesus name (if prosperity dream). And if it is a warning dream from God, pray for His mercy to be extended unto you. And by ending it by saying in Jesus name.
Take this prayer points:

A. Any power trying to deceive me by blocking my dream life observations what are you waiting for, fall down and die in Jesus name.

B. Any road block designed by the enemy of God and mankind, as well as against me/foundation; dismantle off me/foundation/spirit or soul by fire and by force in Jesus name.

C. Oh God give me the gift of discernment of spirits, so that, I would be able to know when you God is acting in the dream life state and when Satan is acting in the dream life state, in Jesus name, I pray.

D. Every curses, unprofitable covenants, unholy transference of spirits and unholy soul – ties that might be confronting me spiritually or physically as a result of all former past bad dreams that I dreamt, dismantle off me in Jesus name.

E. Every of my past good dreams that I dreamt and that are hidden/yet to manifest for my person physically; begin to manifest for me from now and henceforth in Jesus name.

F. Oh God of Host empower me from now on and henceforth over my dream life state. Be it Godly designed by you/warning unto me; or designed by Satan, so that I would be a overcomer in Jesus name.

G. Oh God of Host just as you made Joseph in the Bible as Joseph the dreamer. In this our own generation make me like that in Jesus name.

Prophet: Friday D.Okoh,

Salvation Healing Church,


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Chris Umeweni 08 Nov 2008
I must say this article is an eye opener....more grace dear..more grace.


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