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The Missing Star Chapter 2
by kevin castle
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Chapter 2

“So you want to hear about my story?” Abigail asked. “Well, let me think of where to begin.”

My life up until high school was pretty normal. I had loving parents that raised me. My family wasn’t poor but not rich either. We were right in the middle, though everything about me said I was better than the middle. It’s not that I’m ashamed of the middle class; I just always wanted to be a step above the norm.

I was a single child so I was always first priority when it came to my parents. They didn’t spoil me; though at times I wish they had. They had their rules and regulations, especially about dating. But what is a teenage girl supposed to do when she is Miss Teen of the Universe. I’ll get to that in a second.

All the guys were always after me. It seemed like everyday I had someone leave me a stalker note. With a glance and a smile I could stun any guy temporarily. The scary part of high school was the fact I had my own fan club. I’m sure there were a few guys who had altars of me in their bedroom or closets, hidden from the rest of the world. I really didn’t like all of the attention, just some of it.

Being the center of attention made life extremely difficult. I couldn’t even go to a public bathroom without someone being there to take my picture or an autograph. Thankfully I had enough sponsors and had done a few commercials to hire some bodyguards. Their names were Hammer and Jack. They were brothers born into the mafia family but got into debt. They were fairly tall and built like machines. They were looking for work and one day I ran into them. We got to talking and I asked them to be my bodyguards. They were hesitant until I showed them the money they would be making. They hurriedly agreed.

They were effective bodyguards. They had a look that could scare the bark off of a tree. No one dared to mess with me. Sadly, even some of my friends were scared to come around. I had to talk to them on the phone most of the time. One time, a boy had come a little too close so Hammer grabbed a steel pole and turned it into a pretzel. I never saw the boy again.

We became friends shortly after I hired them. When you’re around someone so much, it just kind of happens. My parents were a little weary the first time I came home with them but I reassured them that this was the best thing for me and I was paying for it myself. We talked about it and decided that for the time being it was the best thing possible.

We would stay up all night sometimes talking about the past. They had done some illegal stuff, which I can’t talk about, but in a round about way they were pretty nice guys. If they were born into another family they would have done something else like bodybuilding or boxing.

Right after high school came the Miss Teen contest. All of my friends said I should join. Actually, I wasn’t much for competition but I saw the benefits it would bring to my long-term goals so I decided to join. First, there was a contest between the girls in each city, which I easily won. My city had all the normal girls that I had seen throughout my high school life. Nothing special. Then there was the competition between each city in the land. This is where I met Elixa, my first mortal enemy.

Elixa was not your normal beauty girl competitor. It was rumored amongst the other girls that she had cheated to get this far. Most thought that she had paid off the judges in her city but I thought it was something else. That would have been too easy for her. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in her city and she certainly wasn’t the most talented. What she did have was brains and a desire to win by any means. I could see it in her eyes.

I knew that she had cheated but I couldn’t figure out how. I decided to do some preliminary work on her during the competition. She grew up in Juxtose, about one hundred miles north of Cambro, which is where I lived. She was quite wealthy because of some lawsuits her parents had won; which led to everyone thinking she had paid off the judges. Her desire to be number one infiltrated everything she did. She would always cut in line and come up with some brainy excuse, confusing even the albert einstein of the class. She had drawings of her ruling the world on her notebooks. She wanted to dominate every situation and become number one.

Why she had entered the beauty contest, no one knew. People thought it was for the fame but she was more methodical than that. I thought for sure she was up to something else. During my investigation of her it seems like I got too close for comfort.

We were waiting around for the last stage walk in the coffee room. The girls and I were talking and Elixa asked about my age. I told her what I tell everyone else but she somehow knew I was lying. She must have been doing some preliminary work as well. She must have known I don’t like being asked that question.

I became furious and left the room. All the girls came to comfort me but I just told them to leave me alone. I really didn’t want to hurt them; anything would have set me off at the moment. I calmed down and took a nap. Then we did the last stage walk, but Elixa wasn’t there. In fact, she had disappeared. No one could find her. The local police came and investigated the whole place. They found blood in her changing room and placed me as the number one suspect. There was a big trial that got the media’s attention. Hammer and Jack had testified for me as well as my parents. The police had a motive based on the mini-fight we had, but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict me. They had no body and no weapon.

After all the drama the competition committee let me stay in the contest. I won the competition and eventually won the Miss Teen of the Universe contest. They closed the case but because of her I was branded as a murderer. No other suspects were found worthy of being fully investigated. I will always hate her with a passion. She ruined my long-term goals and my plans. I know she isn’t dead yet; I can just feel it.

Because of the contest I had gotten quite a lot of money and was able to move out on my own. I sadly said goodbye to my bodyguards. No one would come around a supposed murderer. We still talk on the phone every once in a while. They are back in the business again and doing fine.
Life was going pretty normal until one day I was going to the market…

“We’re at the house.” Moab interrupted. “Hurry up and unlock the door, I have to go to the bathroom.”

They stood in front of a single story house that dug into the side of a hill. The house front was green to match the hill with some dandelions lining the edge of the house. Round windows shed some light into what looked like the kitchen and living room. If you weren’t looking for the house, you could end up missing it. It blended in perfectly with its surrounding.

“You always have to go to the bathroom. You’ve got the tiniest bladder the world has ever seen.” Uzar stated. Abigail searched her pockets for the keys, pulled them out and unlocked the door.

“Well, I can’t help it. I’m a snake. I was born this way.”

“I can’t help it. I was born this way.” Uzar repeated sarcastically.

“Don’t you guys ever get tired of fighting?” The narrator asked as they walked into the house.

“Nope.” Uzar said. “That’s how we communicate.”

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