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Assigment to White Planet 8069 BLOOPERS
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Here are some bloopers and funny comments made during the WP sessions. Parinthises mean that the statements were made in the middle of a session, and that they were not made by the character, but by the author.

Governor: (LOL wiat a minute--we are in the middle of a conversation in the hospital room!)
Mikko Calloway: (no, AJ Kristof, get back here)
Governor: (so. like, where are we?)
Jason Patterson: (< Governor: (thought who was with others? Gov is alone now...)
Mikko Calloway: (DO NOT ask me to edit this week, lol)
Governor: (um, I think it's your line Chris. Jade asked you a question...)
Kristof Wagner: (laughing too hard)
Jade: (oh, now you want me in the kitchen?)
Damian Raen: (hurry up, Jade, and get back over to the gym)
AJ: (LOL -Jade the human yoyo)
Jade: ok, you are suppossed to say "Who's there?"
Kristof Wagner: Who's there?
Jade: (no, you are in the kitchen)
Kristof Wagner: BOO!
Damian Raen: (kristof you are in the kitchen!)
Meinta: (Chris, I think you are in the kitchen...?)

Kristof Wagner: (ok seriously..)
Mikko Calloway: (oh man, we cannot be serious today)

AJ: ::nods:: So how did you get in the first time to see the books?
Damian Raen: We looked underneath. ::drops to the floor, peers under:: See, you can see the binging.
Governor: (I didn't know books could do that, Kyle!)
Damian Raen: (roflshiwmp)

Jade: (what is shiwmp?)
Damian Raen: (ask kristof)
Jade: (oh, nevermind then)
Jason Patterson: ( you prolly dont want to know)
Jade: (1/2 an hour he might get back to me)
AJ: (laughing so hard I'm wetting my pants)
Kristof Wagner: (" so hard i wet my pants")
Damian Raen: (exactly)
Meinta: (now, where were we?! lol)
Mikko Calloway: (been there done that)
Meinta: (it's kinda bedtime for some of you)
Meinta: (hmm, that could be the problem...bedtime)

Damian Raen: (I swear, is there no one esle my age?)
Karrina Calloway: (nope, we're all ancient)
Damian Raen: (anyone want to play a cute 16-year-old white planet girl for me?)
Meinta: (lol--go ahead Kyle. You can be two characters, too!)
Damian Raen: (oh hey, wow, never thought of that.. oooooooooo.....)
Kristof Wagner: (can we be four characters?)
Meinta: (if you can handle it--sure)
Karrina Calloway: (I think you're challenged enough with one, lol)
Meinta: (me, I'm having trouble with two at the same time)
Jade: (rofl - you can't control the one you are)

Meinta: I did a bit of (ooo, what's it called with the little long thingy with a ball on the end of it)
Damian Raen: (a mace?)
Meinta: (no...I don't know why I can never think of the word...they wear white...have a mask)
Damian Raen: (fencing?)
Meinta: (yes! I've always wanted to fence...lol)

Commander Randstat: (hmmm, what's a good UU saying....)
Jason Patterson: (George lied .. Martha did it..?)

Jason Patterson: Ya I could get killed at work and the insurance would pay for it. but i stub my toe any other time and it costs
Governor: my toe nail fell off
Governor: sorry, you said toe...
Governor: I'm in a wierd mood today...
AJ: today?
Governor: it really did fall off, though...
Governor: no
Governor: a week ago or so
Jason Patterson: i am so glad you said that and not me
Jason Patterson: lol
Governor: but there's a half a nail growing under it...
AJ: no I was talking about the weird mood today lol
Governor: why, did yours fall off too?
Governor: lol
Governor: ROFL
Jason Patterson: <<< so was i
Jason Patterson: ol
Governor: oh, do you need to ask?
Governor: can't you tell?
Jason Patterson: no
Jason Patterson: well once it did
AJ: lol
Governor: rofl

AJ says: ok
Jason Patterson says: she still needs to change her name to AJ first
AJ says: I DID
AJ says: You're still Jesus Puppy

Meinta says: (I opened a new window with Karri, but it transfered everyone?)
AJ says: ( yeah a new window popped up with everyone in it for me too)
Gabrielle says: (was I there? and I didn't even know it - my brain does that, goes on holiday but doesn't take me)

Jason Patterson says: (Ok I am lost where were we)
Gabrielle says: (leave it to us to get off track and then lose the track completely)

Jade says: (I'm dead. I'm dead. Woohoo, Im dead)
Karrina says: (Where are Damian and Jade, btw?)
Jade says: (Jade is in hell)
Jason Patterson says: ( So pleased to die there you ungodly heathen...lol )

Damian Raen: Ha ha ha, I am here!
Damian Raen: But I must eat dinner!
Damian Raen: So I soon will not be here!
Damian Raen: Ha ha!
Damian Raen: Hopefully I will be back by 6:00!
Damian Raen: ...and I'm back!
Damian Raen: Dinner in record time!
Damian Raen: Um... where is everybody?
Damian Raen: Oh wait... I'm a klutz... we're not doing it here tonight! Arrrgh!

Meinta says: what happened to your nature pic, Kyle
Damian Raen says: as far as I know, nothing happened to any of my pics.. ????
Damian Raen says: my computer is no doubt taking over the world again
Meinta says: you just have an MSN guy
Damian Raen says: hmmm
Karrina says: mr. green'
Damian Raen says: well, whatever
Meinta says: Sat. you had a road once and a soccer ball later...
Damian Raen says: what? you mean it's just cycling through random pics?
Meinta says: lol
Damian Raen says: I haven't touched it lol
AJ says: lol
Meinta says: really? Rofl
Damian Raen says: yeah, not at all
Meinta says: that's funny
Gabrielle says: I'd have a serious chat with your computer. I've heard holding an axe during that chat is quite effective.
Damian Raen says: lol
Damian Raen says: or a glass of water

Karrina says: I can be an angelic vision
AJ says: ooo
Damian Raen says: you can?
Damian Raen says: Lol
Karrina says: ummm not in real life
Damian Raen says: oh, rats

Karrina says: he could ask God to save him briefly, then die
Mienta: Wouldn't it be better if he asked God to save him permanently? :-p

Meinta says: ok, sorry, I kinda got off topic there....
AJ says: have we been on topic enough to be off topci?
Damian Raen says: speaking of topics, have you heard ....lol
AJ says: heard what?
Damian Raen says: it was a joke changing the topic again
AJ says: ah lol hehe
Meinta says: oh
Damian Raen says: not very funny, I know
Meinta says: sometimes you are...
Meinta says: but not that time
Damian Raen says: it was downright PUN-ishable

Meinta says: so Karri, you are willing to do Damian?
Karrina says: uh, I'm not good with shooting up people
Jason Patterson says: ooo come on
Karrina says: oh alright. coach me
Jason Patterson says: you can do it...::hands Karina a gun::
Kristof says: *squeeze* the trigger
Jason Patterson says: just aim and shot
AJ says: and then say "BANG BANG"
Jason Patterson says: in the other dirction
Karrina says: cool
Kristof says: and fall out of your chair writhing on the floor
Kristof says: ready, set, ???
Meinta says: bang! bang!
Meinta says: ooops, wrong person, sorry
AJ says: hehe

Karrina/Damian says: I have cats - low maintenance
Jason Patterson says: they just bury theirs in the couch
AJ says: or ON my bed -while I'm in it
Karrina/Damian says: nawww, mine go out
AJ says: wish we could do that -
Karrina/Damian says: what, pee in the bed?
AJ says: Yup
Kristof says: now that's something you want passersby to read...

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Member Comments
Member Date
Lauren Bombardier 06 Jan 2011
Heheheheeee....I haven't read these before! This is my favorite: Meinta: I did a bit of (ooo, what's it called with the little long thingy with a ball on the end of it) Damian Raen: (a mace?) Meinta: (no...I don't know why I can never think of the word...they wear white...have a mask) Damian Raen: (fencing?) Meinta: (yes! I've always wanted to fence...lol)
Tammy Johnson 18 Jun 2006
This makes me miss you all so much! I want another project with the weekly commitment - it was the highlight of my week ... well, when I remembered. He he. (I really think we need a Secrets of the Ice II.)
Brandi Roberts 28 May 2006
Hahahah you guys are awesome... I was ROFLSHIWM ehhehe... I think this is the best part of the book! (Mind you I haven't read chapters 12-20...)


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