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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter twenty INTO THE FUTURE
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Jason Patterson: ::looks around the caves confused:: It's strange, but I have seen this before.
Governor: You've been here?
Jason Patterson: Never really been here but it is familiar for some reason...
Gabrielle: ::looks at Jason with a "Huh?" expression on her face::
AJ: ::glances around::
Jason Patterson: Something about the tunnels...

Narrator: Meanwhile...
Kristof: ::continues around a side tunnel and moves quickly deeper into the caves. removes his Plasmagin and wedges it in a crevice:: That ought to keep them busy for a few minutes till I can get the explosives placed.

Damian: Just let those suckers try to get in here - I'll make 'em sorry they were ever born.
Jason Patterson: I know there is a Larger cave just ahead.
Governor: :: studies the print-out map:: Yes, right here.
Gabrielle: Point me in the right direction! Who's going with me again?
Governor: Looks like there is a side tunnel that way, Gabi. And Jason, it looks like the one straight ahead is the one we want.
Damian: ::covers everyone with his multitude of ammo-filled guns:: Go on, everyone. I'll stay here and make sure it's safe.
AJ: Okay, I'm headed down to join the rest.
Meinta: ::leans against the wall and favors her foot, listening::
Gabrielle: Okay, thanks. Mr. and Mrs. Jens, are you ready? ::Mr. and Mrs. Jens nod that they are ready and Gabi continues:: Bye, everyone. I wish I had known you under better circumstances. I'll miss you!
Meinta: Gabi, ::reaches out to her:: God be with you. I'll be praying for you.
Gabrielle: ::embraces Meinta and chokes back tears:: Thanks, Meinta. My prayers stay with you. We will meet again - in heaven for sure!
AJ: ::watches as people move further into the caves::
Jason Patterson: We will come to a tunnel that branches off, then we go right from there. A larger cavern is there with a small cave on the other side- that's where we need to go.

AJ: :: When the last of the evacuees goes past she takes one last look at the entrance:: Damian, are you sure you don't need my help?
Damian: No. you go on with the rest, AJ. Don't mind me. I'm in my element. ::grins::
AJ: ::nods:: Stay safe. ::checks her weapon and heads down the tunnel::

Kristof: ::circles back around to a connecting tunnel and makes his way back to the escaping group::

Estorn: I've got his signal locked in. His tailing the group. We've got to hurry before we lose them in this labyrinth. ::pauses:: The signals stopped. Weapons ready, they're trapped. On my mark, shoot to kill. No survivors. None. ::silently the Redmine assassins move forward, weapons drawn, their red laser sights reflecting off the cave walls. Estorn carefully times his signal...:: Now!

Narrator: Gabi and the Jens' turn to head off down the side tunnel
Gabrielle: ::turns and tells the group as they leave:: God go with you, my friends! Thank you!
Narrator: Mark Jens takes up the lead and they disappear down the tunnel.

Governor: All right, let's get moving.
Jason Patterson: Down the tunnel then turn to the left.
Governor: ::motions for the main group to go down the tunnel::
AJ: ::notices Meinta limping:: Are you okay?
Meinta: Just sprained my ankle.
AJ: ::reaches into her pack and pulls out something:: Sit, let me at least wrap it.
Meinta: Okay, if we can hurry. Thanks.

Kristof: ::The Redmine commandos charge around the last corner with weapons on full auto and fire a few rounds, looking for targets:: Where are they? The signal should be right on top of me...

Damian: ::feels the cavern shake violently, rocks fall all around him, he breaks into an all out run::

Meinta: What was that? Did you feel something?
AJ: ::nods:: yeah ::wraps ankle quickly::
Jason Patterson: Sounds like cannon blast somewhere in the caves.

Estorn: ::Looks up and sees the plasmagin protruding from the crevice.:: That double crossin'... Everyone, back that way. They've gone down another tunnel!

Damian: ::gets hit by falling debris, but he keeps making headway::

Governor: ::twirls around:: Something just collapsed.
AJ: Yes, it did. We need to move ::stands and starts moving again, helping Meinta stand::
Meinta: Thanks, AJ. ::grabs at her plas:: Damian? Everything okay?
AJ: I knew I shouldn't have left him alone....
Meinta: I'm gonna check on Damian. I didn't get an answer! ::limpingly runs back toward where she saw him last::
AJ: ::continues to help people get down the tunnels::
Governor: Meinta? Where'd sh--? ::sighs, turns back to the people straggling by::

Gabrielle: ::ducks and covers her head, huddling close to Mrs. Jens as rocks shower down on them. lets go of Mrs. Jens and pushes her way past Mark:: I gotta get out of here before I lose my nerve! ::starts running::

Kristof: ::stops and listens to the reverberating gun shots and calculates they are heading back to the cave's entrance.:: Gotta hurry...

Damian: ::shields his head with one hand and grabs his plas with the other:: Can you hear me? We have an explosion.
Meinta: ::Peers around the corner, spotting Damian:: Psst.
Damian: Meinta! Get out of here!
Meinta: Come with me!
Damian: This place is unstable... ::runs with her::
Meinta: They're going down the tunnel. Come on!

AJ: ::hands weapons to those that seem capable of using them:: Jason?
Jason Patterson: Here..A.J., what's up?
AJ: Meinta went after Damian.
Jason Patterson: What..!
AJ: He didnít answer her message and she took off after I wrapped her ankle.
Jason Patterson: Is she nuts? They could be in the tunnels any minute.
AJ: I know.
Jason Patterson: How long ago? There is another large cavern up ahead where we can wait.
AJ: Just now.
Jason Patterson: Someone should go after her...
AJ: I can go, I didn't want to leave him in the first place.

Estorn: There! That's the other fork we missed! They have to be down that way. Let's move! This is a free-fire zone. Weapons free, shoot on sight--but check your target. It's dark down here...

Damian: Is everyone safe, back to the big cavern?
Meinta: Yes.
Damian: I still have some ammo. ::checks weapons::
Meinta: Good, you can cover our backs. Come on.
Damian: I've seen a lot of action in my short life, but this is something else.
Meinta: Did you ever get a chance to think about what we talked about, Damain?
Damian: Is that why you came back here? Don't worry about me. I always come out on top. But I've used up about six lives. The next one's the last.
Meinta: I heard an explosion and I wanted to make sure you weren't hurt. I WAS worried about you. ::under her breath:: I still am, actually. You know Damian, Jade gave you another chance. Donít let that sacrifice go to waste.
Damian: Yeah, yeah. I'm no fool. It's just so not me to rely on someone else. Even God.
Meinta: There's not much else to rely on.
Damian: I promise I'll keep thinking about it.
Meinta: ::sighs a little:: You said that last time. But we better hurry. Come on. ::heads back toward the group:: By the way, what was that explosion?
Damian: The bad guys don't like us very much. They've probably got more charges where that came from.

Narrator:The Redmine group begins moving down the passage way toward the escaping group. Their night vision gear illuminating the dark caverns as their red laser sights scan the passage.

AJ: ::hears footsteps and goes back to the cavern. finds Jason:: I think we're being followed. We need to get to a safer location.
Jason Patterson: ::Keeps every one going down the tunnels:: Here we go this is the cavern I spoke of. We can rest up here...
Governor: Hurry, folks!
AJ: Right ::helps guide people out::
Jason Patterson: Governor, get all the people in and seated. We will wait for Meinta and Damian here.
AJ: ::watches the last of the people leave for the next area:: Guess it's time to move on.

Kristof: ::hears the Redmine group moving cautiously behind him. He begins to sprint down a straight passage and gets out of sight just in time as the red laser sights strike the wall behind him. Turns a few tight corners and stops momentarily when he hears footsteps.:: No, don't come this way, they're right behind me...

AJ: ::follows the rest down the tunnel::
Jason Patterson: ::Moves ahead slowly.. looking back for sign of Meinta and Damian::

Kristof: ::comes upon another split in the tunnels as Gabrielle runs into him. He nearly drops the explosives:: SHH! They're right behind me! Quick. let's go!
Gabrielle: ::stifles a scream as Kristof has a hold of her arm and leads her back down the way she just came, motioning to the Jens to follow::
Kristof: ::ushering her ahead and checking his rear, he sees the laser sights moving on the fork in the tunnels. The first Redmine commando appears and the group forms behind them, deciding which path to take.:: Quickly!
Gabrielle: ::in a loud whisper:: Who's right behind us? The goons you sent to kill us all? Or are you planning to take care of that yourself!
Kristof: ::Whispering:: No, I'm with you. I'm going to blow the cave as soon as we're clear.
Gabrielle: What?
Kristof: They're going to kill all of us. Me, included.
Gabrielle: Oh no you don't. You're not fooling me! I've seen this before!
Kristof: Look. Take them your self. ::Hands explosives over to Gabi:: Satisfied? We don't have time for this! Move!
Gabrielle: ::Just about drops explosives as gasps:: You...you're serious! But how....? ::hands the explosives back to Kristof::
Kristof: Run!

Damian: ::hears approaching commandos; picks up his gun, but fears he's too late::

Meinta: ::hurries into the passage to the big cave::
Governor: Thank God, there's Meinta. ::to Meinta:: Where's Damian?
Meinta: He's right behind me. ::turns:: I thought! Where'd he go? Crazy guy.
AJ: ::slowly moves down the tunnel, hoping to hear the others coming behind her. hears Meinta and the Gov and shakes her head, quietly:: The kid's going to play hero.
Jason Patterson: Meinta are you all right...
Meinta: I'm fine.
Jason Patterson: We need to get out of here.. where is Damian?

Estorn: ::to Redmine:: Split up. They can't be far. I think I hear something. ::Sees Kristoff, Gabrielle, and the Jens with his night vision:: There they are! ::Fires a quick burst, but shoots wide, striking the cave wall. Rock splinters shower the four escaping figures as they round another corner.::

Meinta: What was that?! Damian! ::she starts to hobble backwards.::
Governor: Mienta, stop!
AJ: Meinta, there's nothing more you can do. You're father's right. Get to safety.
Meinta: He was just right there...
AJ: ::shakes her head:: If anybody's going, it'll be me. ::starts to head up the tunnel to see if she can spot Damian. doesn't see anyone coming, but waits a bit longer, gun ready, just in case::

Damian: ::sees charges on the walls up ahead. stops up short and stares:: (insert cry to God or something) ::sprints ahead to get away from the soon-to-be blast and sees Gabi escaping. He hides behind a rock and covers them from the bad guys. stumbles, gets up again and calls out to Redmine:: Okay, you scumballs. Get ready to meet your maker. I'm ready to meet mine.

Kristof: ::hands three charges to Mark:: Ever seen these? Just mash hard against the wall and... ::A shot ricochets between them::
Mark Jens: ::grabs the charges and ducks:: We gotta get the women out of here!
Narrator: The small group finally runs out into an open area and a door way can be see on the far side.

Meinta: ::into plas:: Damian?!
Governor: ::also into plas:: Gabi?
Jason Patterson: Seems the group of them are in trouble. Any word from either?

Kristof: ::under his breath:: Lord, please. There's the door of the export capsule!! Everybody run for the door!!
Gabrielle: ::Gabi's plas buzzes, she see's the message from Gov and yells:: UNDER ATTACK! THEY'RE COMING - HIDE NOW!!!!!

Governor: ::to Gabi:: Where are you? ::under breath:: Oh never mind. God speed!

AJ: ::sits down against the wall, with a clear view of the tunnel, weapon trained down the tunnel::

Governor: Get back in the cave Meinta, AJ. I'll worry about Damian. ::he turns back toward Damian::
Meinta: Yes, sir.

AJ: ::stands and starts pacing, getting antsy::

Mark Jens: ::grabs his pistol and shoots a round back at Estorn and his group:: Ladies, quick, through the door!
Kristof: ::pulls open the door and sees the waiting group just beyond, boarding the ship.:: Thank God.
Gabrielle: ::runs through the door with Mrs. Jens::

Estorn: ::Rounds the last corner, looking cautiously ahead. Sees Damian Slater, levels rifle at him.:: Well, well. Now this is sweet. Damian! How nice!
Damian: Take your best shot, bottom dweller.
Estorn: ::to Redmine:: Ease off, this one's mine! ::Raises laser sight to Damian's chest and puts finger to trigger::
Narrator: BOOOM!!! ::The first explosive charge goes off. Part of the cave falls in behind Estorn and Damian rushes him the best he can, knocking his rifle out of the way. Estorn fires a shot, hitting Mark in the shoulder.::
Damian: ::unloads until out of ammo. Looks behind him at Gabi and her group just disappearing into the spaceship. Turns back to look Estorn in the eye::
Estorn: ::fires::
Damian says: ::weakly:: I would say: see you in hell, you rat. But I won't be there. heh, heh

Jason Patterson: ::Heads back up the tunnel towards the main group:: Down here I found a tunnel that should lead us farther down.. ::Notices a slight bit of light on the walls :: Hey, the rocks here seem to be giving off light..
AJ: :: walks around feeling useless:: I should be up there helping them!
Jason Patterson: We need you more here Captain.
AJ: I'm trained for this. He isn't!
Meinta: ::to AJ:: I know. Believe me, I know!
AJ: ::whispers:: I can't stand this.

Damian: ::grabs a knife from his boot and, with a last ditch effort, stabs Estorn::
Governor: ::rushes around corner:: Damian?

Gabrielle: ::Mrs. Jens screams and starts to run toward her husband. Gabi grabs her:: Stop! Kristof will get him!
Kristof: ::drags Mark into the outport and slams the door shut just as the cave begins to collapse, sealing the door behind him. They are free to board the ship for Earth at last.:: Whew!
Gabrielle: ::to Kristof:: Is that a ship for earth? I mean really the ship? Am I really this close to going home?
Kristof: Sister, you have no idea. Yes.
Gabrielle: ::looks at Kristof and smiles a huge Gabi smile:: I don't know how to thank you! We wouldn't have made it without you!
Kristof: ::Breathing hard and beginning to sob at the thought of finally getting off this rock and heading back home.:: If only I had someone to go home to... My sister. They told me she was alive, but then I found out she died years ago. I've outlived my whole family.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi reaches out and puts her arm around Kristof:: How long has it been since you've been to earth?
Kristof: 85 years.
Gabrielle: ::gasps and looks at Kristof in disbelief:: You're over 85 years old?

Narrator: In the cave Damian struggles to get a word out, but all he can do is lay there stiffly and smile.

Governor: :: Shoves Estorn's body aside and kneels beside Damian:: Damian, son?
Damian: ::head lolls to the side::
Goveror: ::gently lays Damian down, closes his eyes::

Jason Patterson: Wonder where the Governor is... hope he finds us..
Governor: ::enters the cave:: Here I am.
Meinta: Where's Damian?
Governor: ::glances down:: He's in peace.
Meinta: ::breaths in sharply. Looks down, then into her fatherís eyes:: Youíre sure he made things right?
Governor: ::nods and gives her a tight hug::

Narrator: Kristof makes his way to the flight deck and starts the engines. He looks at the navigation system and engages the autopilot coordinates for...Earth. The ship slowly begins to lift and glide up out of a long tunnel to the surface. Suddenly the ship breaks clear and the smoking destruction below can be seen by all.
Gabrielle: ::gasps again and mutters:: Hope they made it.
Kristof: Good riddance, you frozen wasteland...

Gabrielle: ::notices her plas has a message from the Governor and types back:: Homeward bound. Kristof is with us, we owe our lives to him. Mark shot, but should be okay. Are you okay?
Governor: ::into plas:: Thank God you are safe. We, ::hesitates:: We didnít all make it, but weíre all okay.

Kristof: ::double checks the ships coordinates and navigations systems and then moves back to help with Mark.:: Easy, now. Let me introduce you to my little crystal friends...

Jason Patterson: ::moves beyond the cave into the passege beyond:: There is water here and the rocks give off more light ahead... seems a larger cavern is just up ahead a short ways... can we make it there?
Narrator: Following the tunnel down ward, Jason finds the light of the walls growing more, until he finds he can turn off his lights. Soon Jason and the main group come to a small stream of water, icy cold but flowing free through the tunnel.
AJ: I wonder if it's safe to drink?
Jason Patterson: ::Takes a handful of the cold water and tastes:: brrrrr... cold but tastes good.
AJ: ::kneels and drinks:: Yes, it is good. Just don't drink too fast.
Mikko: Streams of living water. It's just like God.
Karrina: ::walks up and takes a sip as well::
Jason Patterson: True. The air seems warmer here too.

Narrator: As the WP group follows the tunnel down ward, light and warmth grow steady from an unknown source.. soon it is nearly as bright as day.
AJ: ::squints a bit in the light::
Meinta: ::shivers with excitement::
Narrator: A slight breezes seems to be blowing through the tunnel as the group comes out into a cavern the size of a small valley. Across the area can be seen grass and small shrub-like trees, in the distance even larger trees fill the scene. The distant sound of voices drifts down the tunnelÖ
Governor: :: puts an arm around Meinta:: Come on, folks. Let's go see what's ahead.

The End

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Member Comments
Member Date
Tammy Johnson 14 Feb 2007
Ya'all ready to do the sequel?
Amy Michelle Wiley  19 Mar 2006
I can't believe this is over. Wow! What a ride!


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