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ANGEL ELITE CORPS Something's Not Right In Mortal Town Part 1
by David Ian
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NORMAN (Narrator):
Support and Logistics Profile Entry no. 031106.
7th Elite Corps.
New Transfer Norman Reporting
Subject “Blaze”.
While it is understood that the subject Blaze is most likely from Prophecy Ops, a subject rarely talked about but greatly understood among the squad’s ranks, not much else about her history is known, and only revealed when absolutely unavoidable within the course of her duties.

It is always known that when she accompanies the 7th Elite Fighting Corps on mission that she has intel on some aspect possibly unknown to the squad as a whole, and even our commander Cap gets information and makes strategies on a “need to know” basis. It goes without saying, then, that whenever Blaze accompanies the squad on a mission, it is never “business as usual”.

Case in point #031106. We were given an extraction assignment, our charge needing strength and support to leave a bad part of Mortal Town, dark forces deployed in force to secure the Mundane in a potentially destructive situation. The 7th Elite Squad was dispatched with orders to “extract and retrieve” with permission to use whatever force necessary to break the stronghold surrounding the Objective.

Without word or explanation, Blaze deployed with the unit.

(SFX: Sound of squad marching)

WRATH: (whispered) Gives me the willies every time she suits up with us.

TRUE: I’m always comforted whenever she does. Takes the wildcards out of the picture.

WRATH: Or puts the wildcard INTO the picture, more like.

TRUE: Has anything bad ever happened when she’s gone on mission with us?

WRATH: How about the time we almost got chewed up and spit out by a detachment of Heavy Dark Footsoldiers? Coming back to save our bacon was only optional in her book.

TRUE: But she did. She’s one of us, Wrath.

WRATH: Yeah, well, I wish someone would tell HER that.

NORMAN (Narrator): We wound through Mortal Town through extremely light resistance. Even the Taunters seemed to be avoiding us. You could feel the unease rippling through the squad.

PREACH: It’s like half-day closin’ in the Mundane downtown. Aye, I’ve never seen it so ordered before.

BRIMSTONE: I’d never thought I’d see the day where I’d miss the chaos of the Dark forces. Everything is behaving themselves, it’s eerie.

WRATH: Nothing is normal whenever she’s with us.

TRUE: Whattya think about that, Cap?

CAP: What’s that, True?

TRUE: Do you think they’re acting peculiar because Blaze is detached with us?

CAP: She’s gone with us before without any special reaction.

WRATH: Maybe word’s gettin’ around, ya know?

BRIMSTONE: Yeah, word’s out that we’re the baddest of their bad.

CAP: Preach, look into one of ‘em, tell me what you see.

PREACH: It’s not me first choice t’ do so, but orders are orders.

CAP: You know I wouldn’t ask you to turn your Discernment upon them unless I thought it was important.

WRATH: (muttered) Be a lot easier if she told us what was up.

CAP: Stow that sentiment, soldier!

WRATH: If she has intel that could help us in achieving our objective or keep us becoming wholesale casualties —

CAP: One more word and you’re on report, mister!

WRATH: (reluctantly) Aye, Cap.

CAP: What did you see, Old Man?

PREACH: Other than the usual hatred for us and the Light, there’s something more, Centurion -- an anxiousness, an anxiety of sorts.

CAP: Explain.

PREACH: I canna put much more t’ words, sir. A general feeling of fear, if ye ask me.

BRIMSTONE: Are we the cause of this fear?

PREACH: Of that, I canna say. That we are a part if it, there’s no doubt, but beyond that….

CAP: Well, our orders are clear, troops, and we have an Objective to reach, so let’s move out, but keep your eyes open.

NORMAN (Narrator): We pressed forward to our staging coordinates with much the same unease as before, though no overt attempts were made to distract or hamper our progress. Something was not right on the Dark side of Mundane Town, and Blaze wasn’t giving us a clue, to the continued visual agitation of Righteous Wrath. Finally we halted at our staging point and True and Preach went on reconnaissance while the rest of us waited. Personally, I’d rather be deployed, the waiting is always the worst.

WRATH: (low voice) So, you just gonna watch us get killed, then, is that it?

BLAZE: You’re out of line, soldier.

WRATH: No, you’re out of line! Keeping secrets to yourself and pretending to be one of us. You’re still an outsider, and you’ll always be an outsider.

BLAZE: I can live with that.

WRATH: Yeah, problem is, can we live with that?

BLAZE: You have your assignment, and I have mine.

WRATH: Yeah, well, if it comes down to it, don’t expect me to be dragging you out of trouble when you need it.

BLAZE: No, I won't. You have my word on that.

NORMAN: Recon on the return!

CAP: Yo! 7th Elite Squad, gather up for recon, debrief!

(SFX: running boots to assembly)

CAP: True, what’s your report.

TRUE: Something very odd is going on, Cap, I’ve never seen a deployment like this before.

CAP: Continue.

TRUE: At all four corners of the block there are Sentry Beasts, with multiple eyes and double heads all scanning on high alert. Two Heavy Foot Guards block the main entry way, about eight regulars spread out evenly around the place, and an Elite Officer is walking the perimeter making sure all are staying at their posts.

CAP: Preach?

PREACH: Verily, it’s li’ she said, Centurion, this is not a normal posting at all.

CAP: Same fear and anxiety here?

PREACH: More so, an’ heightened urgency. We’re expected, tha’s fer sure.

CAP: We’ve got our work cut out for us, then. YoNorman—


CAP: Report our position and our situation. I have no authorization to call in for reinforcements, but if the situation gets desperate, you might need to call in for support for our evac.

NORMAN: Aye that.

CAP: The rest of you listen up. Stealth is out of the question with Sentry Beasts on high alert. They are daring us to go up center through the front door, and that’s our option. We’ll have to fight every inch of the way through tough resistance, but we must make it to the Objective for extraction. I expect nothing but the best from the best. We are the Fighting 7th Elite Angel Corps. YO!

(SFX: Swords being drawn)

ALL: Bringers of Light and Might! YO!

CAP: Move out!

End Part 1

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