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God and Man
by John Paily
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God and Man
The Cycle of Evolution and Involution

By John paily

The concept of God is time immemorial, yet it is the least explained and understood. In the modern scientific world where his enquiry has created more questions than he has solved man is confused more than before and is more attracted to God and forms a sitting duck to any one preaching about God and forming a religion.

If you look back and evaluate God and man from History, they seem to be two opposites, which are one and inseparable. The ancient knowledge tells us that the only way to know God is Faith. It is beyond mind and its comprehension. They seem to exist in two planes and incapable of direct communication in ordinary state. An attempt to know Him through mind is like a drill when the drill moves through the matter the matter moves out opposite way. His effort ends fruitlessly. The reality would have passed Him when he realizes the Truth.

Man being positioned to the left or the right of the whole is incapable of perceiving the whole or the center. But a quest to know Him or the Truth exists always with him. When faith falters mans mind gets disturbed and fear sets in and his mind intelligence sets out conquer the opposite thus stressing the center and the whole to some critical point of deterioration and death. The great ancient knowledge system thus speaks of Law and Justice and the Art of Living, never the art of conquering, amassing and corrupting that the modern world is specializing.

But God being the center and the whole seems to be capable of perceiving the whole and communicates through selected people at critical times. The lesser individuals who heard the chosen got attracted and have ended up in forming religions and those multitude of sects, cults and diverse practices of worship. The essence of the original substance communicated deteriorates as it changes hand in the Wheel of Time and defeats the original purpose or objective. The purpose of God and His communication seems to get defeated against TIME and its flow.

It is interesting to review the history of God and His incarnation. History speaks of Gods direct intervention in the war for Justice and Truth. There are three such notable cases, one is Lord Rama, the Second is Lord Krishna and the third is Lord Jesus. Jesus said He will come again in the form of spirit to lead us to the Kingdom of God and this will be accompanied by Judgment. This aspect seems to have been stressed through Prophet Mohammad. One must note Jesus made the "highest sacrifice" without questioning, with absolute Faith to the Father. He preached Compassion, Forgiveness and Love, asked His followers to spread the Good News and lead people in His path from death to Life, but 1000 year latter Christianity was virtually ruling the west amassing huge wealth and power, brandishing God as Punisher creating fear psychosis among people than projecting Him as Savior. Prophet Mohammed came around this period. 500 years later the birth of modern science took place questioning the Church and its doctrines.

There appears some form of intellectual evolution and differentiation in the whole process but the fundamentals remains the same - to bring Justice and install Truth. Lord Rama incarnated to defeat the Lord of the evil, who virtually gained power to rule the whole world. The epic Ramayana differentiates the Good and evil [Devatas and rakshas], A third category was involved in the epic, which have features of a man and a monkey [Vanara]. The great war of Ramayana is preceded by Lord Rama's mediation and participation in a battle for justice between two brothers Vali and Sugreeva depicted as family of kings ruling the Vanaras. The army of the victorious Sugreeva, the younger help, Lord in His war against the rakshas.

When it comes to Mahabharat again the Lord is found as friend and guide mediating between two brothers in a ruling family for Justice and takes part in the war for restoration of Justice and Truth. Here, however the distinct external demarcation between the rakshas, Devatas and mankind is Lost. There were only two elements the good, bad and the God [the Judge]. The left right and the Center.

The third incarnation God as Jesus Christ appears Critical and Unique. There was no war for Justice and Truth, in spite of the fact that injustice and untruth had only grown from the previous time with intellectual evolution of man and deterioration of his faith. One must note that all the Great scriptures says that the stumbling block between humanity and God is the mind of humanity. The Bible tells us there was not one man left on earth whom God could call good. The darkness had engulfed the His created world. How can God Judge when there is no Good and Bad? The very Institution called Justice Collapses here. The very existence of God and the Created world meets its death here. In scientific terminology the universe tends to Gravitational Collapse. The Secret of Origin should exist in How God meets this death. The Secret of Creation, Origin, perpetuation of this universe now points to the Calvary and the beauty of Christian philosophy.

[Note - I am not propagating any religion, I speak to you the science of nature and its existence. I discovered God through denial, scientific enquiry, in the process I was initiated into Faith- the knowledge. I have tried to speak this truth to you by speaking the fundamental design and principle of nature. The site elaborates on it]

There was a mediation of unique type at Calvary. It was the only successful mediation. The other two failed because human inferior "self" in its ignorance failed to hear the words of superior "Self" guiding the whole. There was war and huge destruction. Student lost His teacher, Mothers and Father lost their Son, Wife lost her Husband, younger Brother lost his Elder Brother and vice-versa. In short the foundation life was disturbed. The warrior Arjuna out of his Essence and Strength - the Love, sees this future and begins to falter and Lord Krishna then Reveals the Secret of existence to him to pursue the war for upholding Justice and Truth.

When it comes to Christ there is a turn around in the very picture of God. We carry a picture of God that is the most powerful and ruling. It takes the position of Judge and the Father and ruler of a family. But in Jesus' preaching we see the Feminine aspect the Compassion, Forgiveness, Love and the Secret of Conceiving, Carrying, Creating and Giving Forth and Perpetuation of Life. The Ruler and Judge seem to have disappeared into the darkness of the womb of the mother to create so that life perpetuates.

The message of the History of God, man, Time [intellectual evolution] shows one simple Truth, opposition is essential reality and one should accept the opposition and respect it. Non-respect of it leads to war, and war leads to suppression and any thing that is suppressed in a contracting world becomes highly powerful with time and leads to greater war and destruction. What becomes important here is the knowledge of the boundary but man fails to know the boundary. Since time is nothing but intellectual evolution, the war grows and takes more and more destructive shape. In simple terms intellectual advancement endangers the very existence of the universal system. No wonder God Forbid man from eating from the tree at the center. War can never be a permanent solution. It can never conquer Time; it can only advance Time [intellectual advancement with fear as its root] to bring potentially more destructive war. So the time has to be initialized before it takes potentially destructive magnitude.

The Logic now is simple God should act to create new time and initialize it before death strikes. It should reproduce a new out of the old. Capture of time and time initialization is an evident process in all-biological system. The essence of the Father enters the womb of the mother mixes to create new out of the old and delivers. This basic secret of conquering Time seems to be enacted though the Sacrifice of Calvary and it is going to end with His Second Coming. Large majority of Christian community looks to Second Coming with fear. But to me it's a time of joy on the way. How can God who is epitome of Love ever punish and Judge. Yes when He reveals we all will repent and Judge ourselves and get initialized- We fall

Calvary changed the phase of contraction and turned into expansion. Every man was given free will to express and seek what he wishes to seek. Intellect got free will to grow further. In spite the Lord showing the path to life the way to arrest time, man lost faith and continued expressing his mind centered life and expression of negative intent [conquering and corruption] created bigger and bigger vortexes in which he is today hopelessly got caught and withering in pain and misery. All the weapons he invented to protect himself is pointed towards him and is threatening his very existence, yet he is struggling to find bigger weapons to offend and is taking corrupt ways to conquer. History tells us that all the attempts of most powerful technological force of the world were failure, yet mankind still hangs on his mind to save himself. In spite of the call from with in and from all corners of the environment he has continued to cause inevitable Universal Quantum Collapse; Shame on Christian leaders who failed to act through Christ and His ways. The climate and the whole nature around is changing the intelligence of every atoms, ants and everything on this universe is aware of it except the intelligence of humanity who is the cause for it. The survival now simply exist on the Expression of Love of the Father, the Revelation and Retrieval of all the prodigal sons.

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