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Assigment to White Planet 8069 chapter seventeen THE LOST AND THE WOUNDED
by Chat-A-Book Group
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Gabrielle: ::Gabi walks with AJ toward their rooms in silence, biting her lip::
AJ: ::looks around:: It'll be ok
Gabrielle: I know...I think.
AJ: You got the message sent, right?
Gabrielle: I could actually go for a really great nap and dream right about now..
AJ: ::nods::
Damian Raen: :: stumbles through a doorway, bleeding from both arms:: Anyone here... hey...
Gabrielle: Yeah, haven't heard back, not that I expect to.
AJ: Shhhh.. Did you hear something?
Damian Raen: :: slumps against the wall and keeps moving down the hall, getting weaker with each step ::
AJ: ::looks around:: I heard something.. someone.. This way ::leads down the hall::
Narrator: ::Gabi and AJ turn the corner and see a wounded Damian slumped against the wall. Gabi let's out a scream::
Damian Raen: :: Looks up at them:: Jade's been shot.
AJ: Where is she?
Gabrielle: What happened?
AJ: :: checks his wounds::
Damian Raen: She's back there... back in the room... :: starts to collapse:: I think she's... I don't think she's okay...
Gabrielle: ::to AJ::We need to get him to the infirmary. What should we do?
AJ: ::catches him:: Gabi call for someone to meet us in the infirmary.
Gabrielle: ::types furiously into her plas::

Narrator: Meanwhile, Karrina and Mikko gather their things, and get their kids to help them run to every home they can to warn them of the coming evacuation. Karrina gets the sudden urge to pray. She pulls Mikko to his knees with her.

Karrina: Whatever's happening Lord, please...

AJ: :: supports Damian:: Lean on me, let's get you some help.
Damian Raen: :: Losign consciousness:: It was Estorn...
Gabrielle: Estorn?
AJ: ::half carries, half drags Damian down the hall way::
Gabrielle: ::taps her plas:: Got it! They're waiting. What about Jade? We can't leave her!
AJ: Damian, where was Jade?
Gabrielle: ::to Damian:: Is Estorn still there?
Damian Raen: :: Damian doesn't reply::
Gabrielle: Should we call for back-up?
AJ: He's out. Help me carry him.
Gabrielle: ::tucks plas in pocket and puts Damians arm around her shoulder::
AJ: ::walk as quickly as is safe to the infirmary, then kicks the door:: Someone open the door!
Narrator: ::A team of attendants rushes to help with Damian, Aj places him on a gurney and they wheel him to an emergency unit::

Governor: ::receives Plas:: Oh no
Meinta: What's wrong, Dad?
Governor: The hospital just got a call...there was some sort of accident in the guest quarters.
Narrator: ::Gov and Meinta hurry toward hospital, praying as they go.::

AJ: Let's go see if we can find Jade
Gabrielle: Got any weapons on ya? We may need them.
AJ: :: pats boot:: I always have a weapon on me ::pulls out k-bar:: I have more in my quarters
Gabrielle: ::moves lips in silent prayer and takes in a deep breath::
AJ: ::tucks knife back in place, jogs to quarters::
Gabrielle: ::keeps up with AJ:: What do you got for me?
AJ: I have a small pistol that you should be able to use easy enough. :: enters quarters, but notes the trail of blood near Jade's quarters::

Jason Patterson: :: At the loading area, making final arrangements for the evacuation. Sends Plasmagin message to Governer:: Beren, all goes good down here and they can start packing folks out soon..
Governor: :: plases back:: There seems to be some kind of accident in the guest quarters. We are checking it out. Don't have much info yet.
Jason Patterson: I could head that way if you need me to.. I am almost done here.
Governor: Not yet, Jason. Let's see what we have here...

AJ: ::tosses gun to gaby:: The safety is that little button there.
Gabrielle: ::takes hold of the pistol and makes sure it is ready to fire:kay, let's go!
AJ: :: grabs a higher powered weapon for herself, checks gun:: Let's go. :: leaves quarters, sees trail of blood on the floor:: This way.
Gabrielle: ::nods in agreement and follows AJ, gulps and swallows back a gag at the sight of the blood::
AJ : Hold it together. Just remember to breath.
Gabrielle: ::nods again, and looks determined::
AJ: ::gets to Jade's door, stops and listens, quietly:: wait here...
Gabrielle: ::takes a deep breath holds gun ready to shoot and keeps watch outside Jade's door::
AJ: :: quick sweep of the room:: Come on in. :: looks around and finds Jade in the room:: Watch the door....
Gabrielle: ::enters hesitantly and her eyes follow AJ to Jade's body:: Okay, is she...? ::Gabi let's the question hang on::
AJ: :: checks Jade:: I can't get a pulse. See if they have someone that can come with a gurney.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi casts a furtive glance at the door, then back to AJ::

Meinta: ::Gov and Meinta arrive at the hospital::
Damian Raen: :: Begins to come to::
Governor: ::to medical personel:: I got a message that something happend...
Medic: Yes, we just brought in Damian Raen with three gunshot wounds.
Meinta: ::gasps:: Gunshots! Can we see him?
Damian Raen: :: looks up, sees the hospital staff all around:: Where's Jade?
Meinta: :: steps near the gurney:: Damian?
Damian Raen: Meinta?
Meinta: Yes. I'm here.
Damian Raen: It was Estorn. I recognized him.

Governor: ::quietly to Medic:: How bad is he?
Medic: His left arm is in pretty bad shape--he won't be able to use it for a while. The right should heal up pretty quickly.
Damian Raen: :: Starts to get up:: We've got to find Estorn
Medic: He lost a lot of blood, but he'll be okay, with rest.
Meinta: No Damian, lay back. We'll take care of Estorn. I saw him, too, that night we talked. I know who he is.
Damian Raen: You don't understand... you don't know who he is

Gabrielle: ::again Gabi furiously types a message-"another wounded, need immediate attention, send gurney to ..." Gabi pauses::What's the room number again?
AJ: Just tell them Jade's quarters, and I don't think they'll need to hurry.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi looks at door and freezes at AJ's words::
AJ: She's dead.
Gabrielle: Oh, AJ, no, she can't be. she was lost! Oh, Jade... ::Gabi runs over to Jade's body, tears falling down her cheeks::
AJ: :: Shakes her head::
Gabrielle: Do we still call the infirmary?
AJ: Gabi, there's nothing that can be done for her. We need to help the living.
Gabrielle : We can't just leave her here!
AJ: We're not. We can wait till they get here with a gurney, but there's a lot of work to be done.

Damian Raen: :: to Meinta:: I know Estorn.. I've known him a long time.
Meinta: Is he after the rocks?
Damian Raen: He may already have them...
Meinta : He can have them for all I care.
Damian Raen: You don't understand... if Estorn has the rocks, and he knows I'm here. :: lying back with a sigh:: Estorn was part of Redmine
Meinta : Redmine. Is that the gang you mentioned?
Damian Raen: :: looks away:: Yeah. :: closes his eyes:: I don't know why, but I might as well just tell you everything...
Meinta: We'll find him Damian. He can't move around this place much without us seeing him.
Damian Raen: Redmine did a lot of smuggling. I was with them, and Estorn was too. We operated out of Delver on ST-63; Me and Estorn and... Nicole...

AJ: Gabi, we can wait in the hall, if it would be easier.
Gabrielle: ::Gabi erases the other message in her plas and sends a new one. message says: Jade dead. Send gurney to room 2B for removal of body:: NO, I'm fine. I really don't want to leave her.
AJ: ::nods:: alright.
AJ: ::looks around the room to find evidence as to who killed her::
Gabrielle: ::Gabi bows her head while AJ looks for clues::
AJ: It doesn't look like it happened here. Hopefully Damian can fill in the missing infomation.
Gabrielle: ::raises her head quickly:: That's right! Oh, AJ, we might still be in danger?!
AJ: We're in danger until we're all in a safe location. We need to find out who did this and why.

Governor: :: plas to Jason and Mikko:: We have bad news.
Mikko: What's up, Beren?
Jason Patterson: :: Picks up message:: What is Beren? We're kind of busy down here. Almost ready though.
Governor: There was a shooting in the guest quarters.
Mikko: Karrina has had the urge to pray, so we've been doing so. Everyone okay?
Governor: Jade Constantine is gone. Damian Raen is hurt but going to be okay...
Mikko: Oh Lord, help us.
Jason Patterson: Gone what do you mean gone... you mean she was the one shot.?
Governor: Damian is talking with Meinta...
Karrina: ::Karrina joins in on her plas:: What can we do to help?
Governor: Pray... ::grimly:: And watch out for Estorn. I think he's the one who did it.
Mikko: Already deep in it, Gov.
Governor: I don't know yet about Kristof.

Meinta: ::listens quietly::
Damian Raen: We did a good job... even though it was illegal... but we didn't really care. Then one day, Estorn announces to the group of us.. and there were a lot of us, hundreds of us, it was a huge ring... anyway, Estorn says, he's gonna start a personal business of his own. He says he's gonna get into the importing business, and so he does. I didn't think much of it.. until one day we found out the UU were after us and they had all the inside info and everything.
Meinta: He was a double agent.
Damian Raen: I realized that Estorn was making a huge profit off the UU troops that had come to the area to round us up. He sold us out. The UU bombed our camp before anyone could get out. That was when.. when Nicole... She was trapped in the wreckage, I tried to get her out, but it was on fire, and she was trapped... and the UU were sending in troops, and I had to leave her, I don't think anyone else got away.

Gabrielle: ::looks at Jade almost apologetically, then to Aj:: Maybe we better go now. You're right. We aren't any help to Jade anymore.
AJ: ::nods:: let's get to the infirmary. Safety in numbers and we can check on Damian.
Gabrielle: Right behind you.
AJ: ::leaves with a last look back at Jade::
Gabrielle: ::follows AJ::
AJ: :: jogs to the infirmary, glances down hallways on the way::
AJ: ::enters infirmary::
Gabrielle: Oh, looks like there's a party.

Mikko: I suppose we need to find him before anyone else gets hurt.
Governor: I have security on it. The thing is, only Meinta, Damian, and Astraia can identify him.
Mikko: You mean, the killer?
Gobernor: Yes, Estorn.
Jason Patterson: Beren.. every thing is ready here, we can start moving poeple and supplies out any time.. I have message to the farming dome to gather as much as they can and start packing. Do you need me to help in the search.
Governor: ::speaks in Plas to Jason:: Jason, can you contact Astraia and see if you can get a discription of the mystery man?
Jason Patterson: Will do Beren. ::Pulls out Plas and taps a message through to Astraia.::

AJ: ::follows the voices to where Damian and others are::
Meinta: ::lays a hand on his good shoulder::
Damian Raen: Redmine had other bases, of course, but I never went back and they've been looking for me ever since.
AJ: :: stands in the doorway and listens::
Damian Raen: :: sits up:: and I've been looking for Estorn.
Meinta: Is he alone, Damian?
Damian Raen: I don't know, if he has the rocks, all of Redmine could be coming, just like I thought right from the beginning.
Meinta: ::under her breath:: If he is working with the UU, then we could be in double trouble.
Damian Raen: Exactly.. he's a sell-out, he's got connections with both.

AJ: ::whispers to a passing nurse:: Is he going to be all right?
Gabrielle: ::Gabi is standing next to A.J. listening in, biting her lip, brows furrowed in worry::
Nurse: ::shrugs:: I can't say. You'd have to speak with the doctor.

Meinta: OK, thank you, Damian. With your help we can get them. ::confident voiced, but looks away::
Governor: :: overhears AJ:: AJ, over here.
Damian Raen: But they could already be here... Redmine, UU... anyone.
AJ: :: walks to join the Gov.:: Yes, sir?
Gabrielle: :: stays at the doorway::
AJ: ::looks at Damian::
Governor: He'll be all right.
Damian Raen: :: looks around at the hospital room:: I've got to get out of here and stop Estorn.
Meinta: Damian, the best thing you can do it stay here and help us from here.
AJ: ::looks at Damian:: You're not going anywhere, young man.
Meinta : If you bleed to death on us you won't do us any good.
Gabrielle: ::quietly, in reverence:: Jade would want you to live.
Damian Raen: :: slumps back, staring at the ceiling::
Governor: Damian, I have given that information to our security gaurds. We are on the move.
Damian Raen: I know him... I know Estorn... you've got to let me help
Governor: ::firmly:: Yes, we need you to help. But like Meinta said, we need you well to help.
AJ: Damian, you need to heal first. You're in no condition to help right now.
Governor: You can help right from your bed. keep on telling us what you know, and that will help us do our job.

Jason Patterson : :: Helping to load food good into a Personnel Carrier as the farming group arrives with crates.::

AJ: :: pulls a chair near to Damian's bedside:: Where did they jump you?
Damian Raen : :: to AJ:: It was right in Jade's room.
AJ: Hmmm... It must have been a quick fight then. I didn't look like any struggle.
Damian Raen: :: sighs:: It was quick...
AJ: Do you have any idea where they might have gone?
Damian Raen: :: Thinks:: No... not yet...
AJ: Alright. You rest. I'm going to see what I can do.
Damian Raen: Knowing Estorn, though, it won't necessarily be a hidden place....
Governor: ::looks solemn::
Damian Raen: He'll be right where he needs to be, and nowhere else. He was always confident like that.
AJ: ::gets a strange look in her eye:: He's not going to get away with killing Jade or hurting you.
Damian Raen: He was one of the snipers I used to work with in the gang...
AJ: ::nods:: I know the type.
Damian Raen: He, and I, and Nicole... we were good shots... :: laughs::
AJ: ::laughs:: Yeah, I bet you are. ::carefully slips her pistol under his blankets:: Just in case.
Damian Raen: You know the three of us held off the entire Delver police force once? For about nine hours... it was great. :: Feels AJ's gun under the blanket, and nods to her.::
AJ: Stay safe. It's been great to work with you. Hope to have a few more adventures together. :: smiles and stands as she heads toward the door and gives Damian a salute::
Damian Raen: :: salutes AJ back::
AJ: ::smiles and heads to her quarters::
Gabrielle: ::Steps aside for AJ and follows her out of the infirmary::

Jason Patterson: :: Sends a message to Mikko:: You can start sending people out any time the good have been pack.
Mikko: Roger that, Jason. Karrina and the family are working on it right now. We've gotten in touch with tons of people. Hope you're ready for them.
Governor: ::into plas:: Jason, we need to pick up the pace even more if possible...
Jason Patterson: Have three waiting Carriers set for people now... a forth will be ready in an hour, it will be standing room only but we can get every one.
Governor: Great, fill them up.
Mikko: Great. I'll have people start moving out now.
Jason Patterson: ::Waits at the loading area for the colony personnel to arrive , then shows them where to store personal belongings as they load up for transport.::

AJ heads to her quarters and grabs another gun then collapses on her bed, with gun in hand, staring at the ceiling, and waiting for the message to move out. Karrina and Mikko escort a nervous group of people to the carriers, then go back for more. Meinta Leans against the hallway wall, breathing deeply. And Gabi heads to quarters and stands in the middle of her room as if unsure what to do next.

Kristof: ::Rounding a corner, Kristof sees Estorn down a side passageway and turns to follow:: Let's see what this guy's up to.

Narrator: ::Estorn crosses into a deserted storage area marked "Reclamation Area 15: Authorized Personnel Only". Kristof watches Estorn pass a security badge through a proximity reader and enter a door. He follows just in time to slip in behind him. Estorn is speaking into a plasmagin.::

Estorn: Start the transport. We're on schedule.
Narrator: ::Kristof continues to listen carefully to the conversation.::
Redmine: What about your contact? Is he cooperating?
ESTORN: The old man? He has no choice. He thinks he's going home after this is all over. He had his chance a long time ago. The UU has given me "descretion" to deal with him as necessary. Yhey told him his sister was still alive, but she's been dead for five years. You should see this puppy. He'll do anything to get home. He'll go home, allright. In a body bag.
Kristof : ::Kristof is staggered by the new revelation. Whispers to himself:: I don't believe it! After all this time---I have...nothing. Nothing.
Redmine: Confirmed. We are enroute. We'll touch down at the rondezvous we discussed. You have everything ready. The payoff will be unimaginable...
ESTORN: I don't know. I've got a big imagination. I'll be ready. I've got a few details to workout first. ::Ends communication and returns Plasmagin to his cargo pocket::

Narrator: ::Kristoff slips back out the entrance and walks quickly away. He returns to sickbay and sees the bloody mess. Quietly talking to himself.::
Kristof: I can't do this. I don't think I can do this anymore.

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